Addison & Bryce CALLED OUT By His EX?!, Charli SHADED By BY WHO?!, Danielle Cohn NEW Content House?!

Nov 6, 2020
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Addison & Bryce CALLED OUT By His EX?!, Charli SHADED By BY WHO?!, Danielle Cohn NEW Content House?!
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    Viana FerrariViana Ferrari17 hours ago
  • Idk what to say. It’s just- 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    BTS in my bloodBTS in my bloodDay ago
  • Connor literally looks like I could push him around in a stroller. 🍼 👀

    Nina F.Nina F.Day ago
  • 3:59 hahahhah

    Shamila RafiqShamila RafiqDay ago
  • i’m not supporting connor or whatever his name is but aren’t u like 14

    zara memiczara memicDay ago
  • I think she wasn't trying to start a darama! I mean the tiktoker came for her by doing that tiktok

    Junaid ButtJunaid Butt3 days ago
  • Hey Anna Can you say hi? It’s my birthday tommorow!

    Julie RodriguezJulie Rodriguez3 days ago
  • 1.8M YAS queen!! Slay.

    thatOneAnimeBaethatOneAnimeBae3 days ago
  • just get tony lopez to join the bay house

    Icy DesignsIcy Designs5 days ago
  • I- The hype house- original The byte house/squad The sway house The bay house 😭🤠💀😗-

    Lonely GhøstyyLonely Ghøstyy6 days ago
  • Can we just all be nice to each other and stop trying to cancel everyone lol

    Amaya ChandlerAmaya Chandler7 days ago
  • I like the memes she puts in there or those little videos they are so funny love them!

    LadybugsLadybugs9 days ago
  • Next it’s gonna be Coco Quinn and her little friends making a house.

    Teehee TeeheeTeehee Teehee9 days ago
  • Bryce and Addison should stop playing with us and get back together

    kj lolkj lol10 days ago
    • Nah they should not get together

      PellaPella10 days ago
  • i would have reply to elle by saying... the fact that you took the time to comment is incredible the fact that he had a glow up when he dumped you is incredible the fact that he got a better girlfriend who treats him right is so incredible :) the fact that his new girlfriend doesn't look like a clown is incredible

    Jailah BrownJailah Brown10 days ago
    • Your the girl in all these❤️

      PellaPella10 days ago
  • SHES 16 damn

    Bohanen ShawBohanen Shaw10 days ago
  • You can make a house with ppl you KNOW and close with but ppl who never meant you before....

    Butterflys_ wingsButterflys_ wings10 days ago
  • how is peach doin tho I see shes a meme now ;-;

    cAlL mE niNicAlL mE niNi10 days ago
  • Addison turned off comments on all vids lol

    RonGaming 06RonGaming 0610 days ago
    • @Pella imagine replying to a comment a day later just stfu it’s over now

      RonGaming 06RonGaming 068 days ago
    • @RonGaming 06 Imagine assuming I play Fortnite 🤣😐

      PellaPella8 days ago
    • @Pella as if I’m 8 stfu I bet ur like 5 go play fortnite ur not on my lvl to be talking to me

      RonGaming 06RonGaming 069 days ago
    • @RonGaming 06 nobody even cared to reply and like shut up 8 y/o

      PellaPella10 days ago
    • @Pella and also who is we u r the only person

      RonGaming 06RonGaming 0610 days ago
  • Wait why’d Addison turn off ALL her comments on TT?

    A Random HOOMAN ;-;A Random HOOMAN ;-;10 days ago
  • I’m just confused why Addison rea turned off her comments 💀

    HD SynHD Syn11 days ago
  • OMG the bay house like LMAO

    Kelebogile PhoswaneKelebogile Phoswane11 days ago
  • When I saw the notification I was like “TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEAAAAAAA@

    Leyla MohamedLeyla Mohamed11 days ago
    • So funny

      PellaPella10 days ago
  • "I will date who I want" girl that's illegal .

    Amber Marie GraceAmber Marie Grace11 days ago
  • I didn’t really like Addison and Bryce but if they wanna be together and happy together just let them be....

    Ruby GuillenRuby Guillen11 days ago
  • Ok, I may get hate comments for this but why is it always huge news that a tiktoker or an influencer starts dating another tiktoker like- it's none of yalls business like yeah that's cool and all congratulations but why are we making this all a huge deal?

    KovuiiBloxKovuiiBlox12 days ago
    • Ikr

      PellaPella10 days ago
  • i think danielle is 16 years old i searched it up

    Giselle GuzmanGiselle Guzman12 days ago
  • the bay house is a weird name for a house, maybe it's because I think of bay sounding like bae (I know they sound the same but that's what I think)

    Celeste Villagomez EdvalsonCeleste Villagomez Edvalson12 days ago
  • It’s really not Conor Zoe probably manipulated him

    Renaa GraceRenaa Grace12 days ago
  • I think the only peaceful tiktok house is Shulv house, like if you agree.

    Jonathan DimailigJonathan Dimailig12 days ago
  • the fact the “ BaY HoUsE” has under age members, ummm Daniel Cohen need to stop thirsting for attention. Just go to a party or sum

    Maya BurnsMaya Burns12 days ago
  • Tbh I don’t think Addison and Bryce dating again is bad, unless it turns very toxic ( like Dixie and Griffin ) but I do think people who throw shade are being toxic. Just let people live their lives and I’ll let you live yours. PERIOD

    Maya BurnsMaya Burns12 days ago
  • that 18 year pold kid could get lock up for dating danielle because shes 14 wtf

    Brianna BarkerBrianna Barker12 days ago
  • danielle is way to young to make houses and she needs to enjoy her childhood not trow it away for a big woman look like what does be going true her head i love u by the way annna oop

    Brianna BarkerBrianna Barker12 days ago
  • its like the forth time they broke up and made up back like wth i ship them but make a decision and stop playing us

    Brianna BarkerBrianna Barker12 days ago
  • Last time I saw this many people got dragged was the lazy scandal

    jisoo Fanpagejisoo Fanpage12 days ago
  • A 14 year old with her ... own ... house... 😀 bruh what how

    lexitaffy_ yaslexitaffy_ yas13 days ago
  • Charli’s far less problematic than Zoe. Zoe is just off the charts problematic and not in a good way either 😌

    Pearl JoslingPearl Josling13 days ago
  • Can we only stan THNAF?

    Midnight VenusMidnight Venus13 days ago
  • addison and bryce??? nah they are just friends who make out now and then. toooootally normal

    Grace LeGrace Le13 days ago
  • Fr tho what house is next, Gryffindor?

    Chanel Lee LipeChanel Lee Lipe13 days ago
  • BRADDISON, periodt.

    aleksandra xxaleksandra xx14 days ago
  • hehe she’s irr-elle-vent

    sarah xsarah x14 days ago
  • not to justify the hate towards addison and bryce, because it isn’t justifiable, HOWEVER we all know they NEVER address shit and they love going through their shit publicly, and they never clear anything up at all. people are tired of the BS, the back and fourth and no explanation, they just let the rumors run like crazy and at this point i’m convinced they like/want it (the visibility not the hate). i think all they had to do is say, yeah we are together, or no we are not dating, or we’re together but not dating, you know just ANYTHING so people will shut up, but no..

    Amanda CavalliAmanda Cavalli14 days ago
  • I’m literally 12 and look 10 years older than Conner. How is he 13??

    Hannah BehlingHannah Behling14 days ago
  • I think they really should keep their relationship private if they want it to work out

    rei hinorei hino14 days ago
  • the "intro" lmaoo you nailed it

    rei hinorei hino14 days ago
  • Now Zoe Laverne is on all Anna Oop is videos lol💀🤡

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton14 days ago
  • Danielle IS 16 FOR YOUR INFO (not trying to be rude just stating facts) (also not being mean to you Anna)

    Brooklyn DowneyBrooklyn Downey14 days ago

    Ace GriffinAce Griffin14 days ago
  • connor looks like hes 7 sis someone needs to drive him to school so he can learn all about triangles and squares. plus its way past his bedtime smh

    gabbygabby14 days ago
  • I liked tick-tock or‘s but like calling out arianna like what the hell-

    amazingxemmamazingxemm15 days ago
  • Drama Queen. Zoe ❤️

    Akshat TandonAkshat Tandon15 days ago
  • Bryce and Addison be like** letsss simp ;)

    Akshat TandonAkshat Tandon15 days ago
  • off topic but Connor low-key looks like a seven year old

    Jada GibsobJada Gibsob15 days ago
  • My toxic friend supports Zoe no wonder she really toxic

    itsveronaraeitsveronarae15 days ago
  • Addi and bryce should keep it priv because people are so ..... you know

    its_andrea 0313its_andrea 031315 days ago
  • #1 addi and bryce stop dating oh and elle go away #2 i could care less about char because she probably won't get cancelled #3 dani what is wrong with you...

    Miko - SanMiko - San15 days ago
  • The bay house, lmaooo the clownery

    Isabella MarieIsabella Marie15 days ago
  • I am about to beat Zoe’s ass 🤣

    Isabella MarieIsabella Marie15 days ago
  • Okay I’m just confused by now. Y’all have been saying that Dani is 14 for years. She should at least be 16 by now 😀

    Emily NachisooherEmily Nachisooher15 days ago
  • "isn't it past your bedtime?" IM DEAD BYE-

    Km RoupeKm Roupe15 days ago
  • U are just making everything worse i think everybody should leave Bryce and Addison alone

    Sierra BakerSierra Baker16 days ago
  • Ok first of all how can this 13 year old talk whan he is dating a 19 year old

    David JacksonDavid Jackson16 days ago
  • I'm done with the Tiktok houses and I'm here for the Hogwarts houses LMAO- *I'm Hufflepuff hi*

    You fool I was not the imposterYou fool I was not the imposter16 days ago
  • it gets worse and worse ughh

    CC _FAM!CC _FAM!16 days ago
  • At this point i dont ship bradisson

    rey1979rey reynosorey1979rey reynoso16 days ago
  • I think Dani was 13 3 years ago she even looked it if you watch her old music videos but she's 16 now because she has a tattoo u may think how'd she get it well if she's from Florida the legal consent age to a tattoo is 16 she doesn't even look 13/14 she looks more developed and a bit mature to be 14

    kishanda hamptonkishanda hampton16 days ago
  • I’m using my school account but plz talk about PIPER ROCKELL for her toxic relationship and mother and for not acting her age like gurl

    Liyah JuniorLiyah Junior16 days ago
  • Isn't it passed ur bedtime or sum 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Koni MAKWARELAKoni MAKWARELA16 days ago
  • Omg

  • Poor Bryce and Addison. It’s so hard to keep their relationship private and then when it goes public everyone is trying to make it toxic

    Shanzey ShaikhShanzey Shaikh16 days ago
  • Lol I think Connor should be with Danielle Cohn however you said it sorry I can’t spell -

    Ivonne LopezIvonne Lopez16 days ago
  • I live for the videos!!! But the real tea is who r uuuuuu!!! I wanna know!!!!

    Anoushka TaylorAnoushka Taylor16 days ago
  • i feel bad for Connor :(

    ewe laingewe laing16 days ago
  • 2 years ago Danielle Cohn was 12 YEARS OLD???!!!

    sofia ksofia k16 days ago
  • Yeah

    Doddo LouisDoddo Louis16 days ago
  • She said what was she thinking 🖕

    Doddo LouisDoddo Louis16 days ago
  • We see

    Doddo LouisDoddo Louis16 days ago
  • 😳😳😳😳😳

    Doddo LouisDoddo Louis16 days ago
  • I’m twelve and Connor looks younger than me- 💀

    Izzie GonzalezIzzie Gonzalez16 days ago
  • Tbh, it’s kinda sad how there is enough drama for her to make a video a day (No hate or anything, I love your videos!)

    PumpGirlEvaPumpGirlEva16 days ago
  • Connor, shouldn’t you be hanging out with Piper Rockelle or something?

    Sister AngelSister Angel16 days ago
  • If we were not in a global health pandemic I wouldn’t see the problem with Danielle creating that house but since she disregarded the importance of isolating herself, I don’t support it in ANY way.

    Lulu JacksonLulu Jackson16 days ago
  • Hannah Rylee & Millie BB are the unproblematic

    Shannon LoveYouShannon LoveYou16 days ago
  • Did I miss the chapter in the book of 2020 cause I don’t remember the GLOBAL PANDEMIC ending can y’all plz tell me what page these idiots are on

    Jenny BugJenny Bug16 days ago
  • Like why can’t it be like musically-

    Addison Rae fan pageAddison Rae fan page16 days ago
  • The fact that Anna oop post almost everyday of drama/toxic things on tik tok shows how bad tik tok and sad it is 😞

    Addison Rae fan pageAddison Rae fan page16 days ago
  • Bryce and Addison could be friends with benefits! You never know what people be doing behind closed doors.

    Tareq PounallTareq Pounall16 days ago
  • I’m surprised she has her own house my sis is older then her AND she is still living with mah family?! Like hun you have been in ENOUGH drama Btw...........

    Isabella HoadreaIsabella Hoadrea16 days ago
  • This is how we all know all the tea 🤷‍♀️

    Awesome LyricsAwesome Lyrics16 days ago
  • why do people make tik tok so toxic and it makes me want to delete. i don’t understand why we can’t be chill

    Kenzie WatsonKenzie Watson16 days ago
  • lamo

    Makayla SmithMakayla Smith16 days ago
  • :me trying unwrap my lollipop and it won’t work and then when it work and I start watch me almost choking gets anxiety

    trvstyxtrvstyx16 days ago
  • Conor looked like a 4 year old lol 😂😂

    Queen SHQueen SH16 days ago
  • God loves you and will never stop loving you! Repent of your sins and want to give your life to God. ❤❤❤🙏🏾

    Mary WattersMary Watters16 days ago
  • ughhh when is this going to finally finish? and wait is she really 14 years old. 🤹‍♀️

    Harry PotterHarry Potter16 days ago
  • what the hell you're just jealous Bradison is literally the best you abused him now move on like girl stop bringing the past into the future . lmao

    Harper JohnsonHarper Johnson16 days ago
    • she didn't do anything. she literally only said "The fact that u spent ur time making this is incredible" don't get me wrong, i love braddison, but stop dragging her for nothing. her and bryce both moved on.

      babyimsleepybabyimsleepy15 days ago
  • okay but conner is fine😏. it’s okay, i’m 13 😘

    Mackenzie ButlerMackenzie Butler16 days ago
  • Girl is 16 looking like a 28 yrold 😂😑

    Drealcasanyaworld *_*Drealcasanyaworld *_*16 days ago