Addison Rae ACCUSED & BULLIED For THIS?!, Zoe Laverne CANCELLED AGAIN?! Madison Beer x Ariana Drama

Sep 24, 2020
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Addison Rae ACCUSED & BULLIED For THIS?!, Zoe Laverne CANCELLED AGAIN?! Madison Beer x Ariana Drama
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  • madison has gone through so much hate all her rumours she has de bunked them yall are still coming at her like wtf i wrong with yall

    SlayGamingSlayGaming8 hours ago
  • Can the person who made that fake ballot not do math is she is 20 now she would have been 16 soooo

    Trinity BatchelderTrinity BatchelderDay ago
  • i dont even care about zoe at this point she just dont care so don

    Pasilyx xPasilyx x2 days ago

    Vlera SpancaVlera Spanca2 days ago
  • The fact that Addison is almost in every anna oop video is so sad.I’m not even a fan of her but like the hate needs to stop🧍🏻‍♀️Y’ALL CANNOT LET HER WEAR WHAT SHE WANTS NOW?WTF

    Ethereal ꨄEthereal ꨄ3 days ago
  • No one: awww poor addison☹ Me: AWW POOR ADDISONN😭😭

    Squad GanggSquad Gangg3 days ago
  • i- the legal voting age in america is 18 so how could she vote 4 years ago when shes 20 now

    Milan JohnsonMilan Johnson3 days ago
  • It's really not that hard to not say the n word, I am black and even I don't say it.

    sb5prettycutenesssb5prettycuteness4 days ago
  • i mean addison shouldn't be dragged for being republican she supports who she supports and i personally don't like trump but you shoudn't get hate for who vote for

    tiktoktiktok5 days ago

    yeet on my teetyeet on my teet5 days ago
  • Does it really matter that she "voted for Trump"? I mean, no, i dont like trump, but its not cool to hate on someone because of there political believes or whatever. So yuh... Bai!

    StinkyUnicorn234StinkyUnicorn2346 days ago
  • wait but didint ari copy mariah-

    Comfy Hannah robloxComfy Hannah roblox7 days ago
  • How do you edit on your thumbnail to make the celebs look sad?

    Dangelo WilsonDangelo Wilson9 days ago
  • Plz report on Beyoncé!

    Brady Tha ManBrady Tha Man9 days ago
  • Would we really hate her if she supported Trump? Y’all need to stop hating on ppl for political reasons 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

    Isa annIsa ann9 days ago
  • What’s wrong with supporting Trump??? You’re saying it as if it’s a BAD thing!

    Isa annIsa ann9 days ago
  • Its the fake news for me

    Mariah JonesMariah Jones9 days ago
  • the bad bleep can wair what she wants

    The Asher SistersThe Asher Sisters11 days ago
  • Bruh doesn’t Zoe realize that your mouth doesn’t need to close to say the n word. I’m nit saying she said it, I’m not saying she didn’t say it, I’m saying her logic is flawed.

    Mia TorresMia Torres11 days ago
  • whether she was able to vote or not, theres honestly nothing wrong with being a republican. idk why shes always hated on, shes so sweet :(

    evelyn graceevelyn grace13 days ago
  • Face reveal🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Ciairra CothronCiairra Cothron13 days ago
  • I’m happy that she’s just shut down the rumors😌💅🏽

    Heiress TurnerHeiress Turner13 days ago
  • I feel so bad for Addison Rae and Madison beer

    Treasure LoveTreasure Love13 days ago
  • "Marriage should be between a man and a woman" Ok Danielle had the right to come at her

    ShaylaShayla14 days ago
  • I swear I so believe that 2020 is like we are living in hell

    Snøw flakeSnøw flake14 days ago
  • Dani shoulda shut up about that- ppl have their different opinions about abortion.

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget14 days ago
  • Bro Addison dead ass gets attacked for no reason- I’m not rlly a fan but I don’t dislike her either. She’s very talented and pretty to me - but the hate she gets is ridiculous

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget14 days ago
  • Wait... I'm so confused cuz she (Zoe) didn't lip sync the n-word???

    Rachel Does StuffRachel Does Stuff14 days ago
  • not all republicans support trump

    Bitanya DawitBitanya Dawit15 days ago
  • Republicans literally freed the slaves, and Dems literally started the k k k ... oof

    Dani Mother of DragonsDani Mother of Dragons15 days ago
  • Okay hate that Addison is getting ain't okay. It didn't matter if she voted for Trump or anyone. An opinion is an opinion stay mad. Okay but zoe like her mouth was open you didn't see any movement when it came to the n word. And Danielle did nothing wrong it was an app all the did was play around with it NOTHING wrong with it. And she did nothing wrong but say facts in the comment section

    Ariana mspAriana msp15 days ago
  • Zoe Is racist she Made a video asking a black person if it’s okay to say the n word cause she says it

    They call me Keisha HeheThey call me Keisha Hehe16 days ago
  • The tea is boiling 🥵 again ☕️

    Marazah10 RobinsonMarazah10 Robinson16 days ago
  • can someone tell me what the « N word » is....😅

    Margaux LondonMargaux London16 days ago
  • Omg why can’t ppl vote for Donald trump I mean I don’t like him but it’s her opinion

    Gabriella GrahamGabriella Graham16 days ago
  • Y’all! Leave Addison alone! She can support anyone she wants! Wow y’all are really that bored smh!

    Sophia GilreathSophia Gilreath17 days ago
  • y’all leave addison alone leave wtf

    shahla alnafeashahla alnafea17 days ago
  • Wait Addison Rae couldn’t vote for trump 2016 she was only 16.... which isn’t voting age.... 😱

    Cherry VlogsCherry Vlogs17 days ago
  • And I'm only 14

    Rylie GuidariniRylie Guidarini17 days ago
  • I voted Trump

    Rylie GuidariniRylie Guidarini17 days ago
  • I just realized ur purple fit🤍🤍

    Hermon HailuHermon Hailu17 days ago
  • can people please let tiktokers breath

    Amina AwadallaAmina Awadalla18 days ago
  • ok 1, why we gatekeeping clothes I- and everyone can say "yuh" in music its EVERYWHERE

    Nour MelloukiNour Mellouki18 days ago
  • Sorry but I don‘t like madison . I don’t unterstand Why She Wants to copy Ariana 🤐

    Aesthetic GirlAesthetic Girl18 days ago
  • I feel bad for bad bleep 😢 she doesn’t deserve this

    Noor Al-SuwaidiNoor Al-Suwaidi18 days ago
  • I dont know why people care of addisons opinions. Jeez just jEeZ its like a random person could vote for trump, and no one would care but on tik tok everyone does jeez.

    Little Sim MasterLittle Sim Master19 days ago
  • Yay Cancel Addison because yes I have no clue what tiktok is .m

    Sava Rub 2.0Sava Rub 2.019 days ago
  • ♡ T e a ♡

    Jessica KromeJessica Krome19 days ago
  • i used to have an fp of zoe-

    UwU RobloxUwU Roblox19 days ago
  • Madison is copying ariana

    Lynea and her familyLynea and her family19 days ago
  • But twas cool 4 Bryce hall to say the Nword cuz everyone done it on musically tall are toxic hypocrites

    moulder X filesmoulder X files19 days ago
  • Can people have options so what she likes trump

    K and LK and L19 days ago
  • ariana: eats burger maddison: eats burger random person: ShE iS cOpYiNg ArIaNa!!!

    funny meme'sfunny meme's19 days ago
  • I am drinking tea

    BusterrrBusterrr19 days ago
  • Can we stop with the drama

    Therxck AyeTherxck Aye20 days ago
  • bro just because you are republican doesn't mean you like trump you just vote for him because you have to, bc he is a representative for stuff i guess istilldontliketrump

    lee minholee minho20 days ago
  • Zoe need to STOP making videos bc she is always getting cancelled and to think she the QUEEN oh please the ahd always will be the QUEEN is Charlie

    Paulina EscarcegaPaulina Escarcega20 days ago

    harpharp20 days ago
  • Why are everyone like literally just going for Addison??

    Elen HarutyunyanElen Harutyunyan20 days ago
  • Omg

    Unicorn Neriah LoveUnicorn Neriah Love20 days ago
  • Zoe: *clearly says n word* Zoe fans : iT wAs A mIsTaKe

    Leni RoseLeni Rose20 days ago
  • Zoe girl please stop- I now you want to be like a star BUT GIRL STOP

    martin cruzmartin cruz20 days ago
  • Ok, even if Addison was a trump supporter, true fans would support her decision anyways, everyone has their own opinions but the media cant respect that.......hate on me if u want but this is how i feel about this

    Jessa SimpsonJessa Simpson20 days ago
    • Jessa Simpson I completely agree

      resw 923resw 92320 days ago
  • not yall coming for ariana saying she copied pigtails lmao my mom wore pigtails oh she's cancelled for copying madison GIRL BYE- 💀💀

    shiva zzzshiva zzz20 days ago
  • With addi about how she dresses addi can dress how ever she wants it’s her life no one can control her outfits btw I’m a sunrae!🥺 I think hate should stop like all the rumours about people bc skme are not true🥺😌❤️

    Alexia WigwamAlexia Wigwam21 day ago
  • People are so dumb by the time Addison was 18 trump was already the president all I can say is people be gullible

    Aaliyah JohnsonAaliyah Johnson21 day ago
  • People are so dumb. Being republican doesn't mean you like Trump. TBH I very neutral so I really dgaf who is President. Anyone but Biden and Trump would be a good President

    Momo YaoyorozuMomo Yaoyorozu21 day ago
  • I'm a big hater of addison but like just dont drag her for things she didnt do

    chqrrycolachqrrycola21 day ago
  • *Honestly zoe is a Drama queen qwq*

    •Itz Dawn••Itz Dawn•21 day ago
  • I’m not a fan of Addison but when trump was first going for president she wasn’t even old enough to vote people really believe anything

    UnbeliebubbleUnbeliebubble21 day ago
  • the only person that i won’t mind shading someone is dixie to griffin.

    YunipeaYunipea21 day ago
  • WeLLLLLLLLL StOp HaTe PuT ThE LoVe HaS To HAVE THE LOVE UPPP PEOPLE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zaira Lopez-VelasquezZaira Lopez-Velasquez21 day ago
  • ok but like uhm who cares whether you vote for trump or not?! its their opinion not ours so like uhm?!? yall our generation is becoming so toxicccccc.... ngl i really hope they do take tik tok down from the U.S.A......................

    Jasmine's WorldJasmine's World21 day ago
  • ✨it’s clout chasing for me✨

    Teddy BearTeddy Bear21 day ago
  • zoe never resaid the n word oml

    Brooklyn RossBrooklyn Ross22 days ago
  • Omg, just because someone is republican doesnt mean they support trump- y'all need to CHILLLLL

    Anais MocanuAnais Mocanu22 days ago
  • 1:46 can we just talk about that transition

    Jasmine SamuelJasmine Samuel22 days ago
  • Can people just support someone and not get hate for it?? Just asking

    Natalie's WorldNatalie's World22 days ago
  • Oop

    Mariah CabereraMariah Caberera22 days ago
  • leave people alone

    Jade ReddyJade Reddy22 days ago
  • She was not even old enough to vote 4 years ago. People are just so bored

    I sing different songs by different artistsI sing different songs by different artists22 days ago
  • Can you do a tony lopez update? Idk what happend to him.

    Josefa SaavedraJosefa Saavedra22 days ago
  • Poor Addison

    SĥøţøŢøðørøkíSĥøţøŢøðørøkí22 days ago
  • Ok I don’t like Zoe much, but she did have her mouth closed.

    TxddyuwuTxddyuwu22 days ago
  • Let’s talk about how everyone thinks Addison shouldn’t be in a movie

    avery snideravery snider22 days ago
  • why why why do people vote for trump ugh am done

    Veronica PenaVeronica Pena22 days ago
  • Stope hating on ADDISON

    Livy CurtisLivy Curtis22 days ago
  • Ur litte4ly my favo youtuber

    de wenkiesde wenkies22 days ago
  • omg what does it matter if addi likes trump. it’s her choice istg. idgaf if we have different views. cant we all act like adults

    Lexee BenkleyLexee Benkley22 days ago
  • Zoe genuinely seems like a nice person but it is her choices that messed it up

    ᴄʟxᴜᴅʏ_ʜᴇᴀʀᴛꜱᴄʟxᴜᴅʏ_ʜᴇᴀʀᴛꜱ22 days ago
  • 4:50 I don’t agree with abortion. You made a choice and you should deal with the consequences. Unless it’s from rape or where it harms the mother. I still wouldn’t like it but I get it then.

    Edit NameEdit Name22 days ago
  • 0:59 I don’t think she GOT HERSELF into that drama.

    Edit NameEdit Name22 days ago
  • I really feel sorry for addi

    Triston negasi NibbsTriston negasi Nibbs22 days ago
  • First of all Addison Ray shirt is hot and fired and it's called fashion for the haters no hate

    Tiffany BarnesTiffany Barnes22 days ago
  • Omg even if Addison supported trump people are allowed to support who ever they want in the election and shouldn’t be hated for it and bullied into a different opinion.

    Alise TeerAlise Teer23 days ago
  • So lip syncing is singing now?? Tf

    Caitlin HayCaitlin Hay23 days ago
  • I think Zoe was telling the truth that her mouth was just open when the n-word came

    Mace's Rainbow WorldMace's Rainbow World23 days ago
  • 1-I think the people should stop shading Addison cause she a person who wants to have a great life but she cant because of the hate shes geting and if I was Addison I would just say the truth and tried to do something right and SHUT THE DRAMA DOWN

    jauwe milnejauwe milne23 days ago
  • Tik tokers seems to loveee having drama 🙄

    Debo DeboraDebo Debora23 days ago
  • I think everyone is picking on madison out of jealousy she does not copy Arianna lol

    Andrea VintageAndrea Vintage23 days ago