Addison Rae Is FURIOUS After LEAKED Messages, Bryce SHOWS UP At His House! Cynthia Saying WHAT?!

Jun 12, 2020
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Addison Rae Is FURIOUS After Leaked Messages, Bryce SHOWS UP At His House! Cynthia Saying WHAT?!
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  • I'm glad that tiktok is getting banned on November 12 or 13 now all them tiktokers will pay more attention to the fans without tiktokand the ones that actually at least have instagram and less drama so Anna oop might actually have to start checking other apps.

    Vyna GonzalesVyna Gonzales3 days ago
  • ■ ■ ● ● pick 👀 ● ● 👄

    RbloxGurlGalingding♡RbloxGurlGalingding♡6 days ago
  • im late to the video but, why would she try to cover her mouth if she ment snicker? theres no way i could possibly forgive her expecially if she wasnt sorry and continued to lie about it smh (yes im black so dont come for me)

    MillieMillie9 days ago
  • Where tf is sebastian acting tough tho? Bryce is tripping

    J SchwalbJ Schwalb10 days ago
  • So she says the n word says I said snicker than to show proof goes to an entirely different lyric that says snicker 👁👄👁

    MissSydneyMissSydney11 days ago
  • SnIcKeR

    MissSydneyMissSydney11 days ago
  • let me make some shit clear if you are NOT black you don’t have an opinion on anyone saying the N word there is no sticking up bro this is pathetic ! 🙄 i know it’s weeks later but y’all are still responding to other comments and this is a serious issue ! 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Yslgba #Yslgba #16 days ago
  • Why does Bryce think he tough ? He ain’t periodtttttt

    XxKinjalxXXxKinjalxX18 days ago
  • At least cynthia knows how to care for a bunny

    Edmond the bunnyEdmond the bunny27 days ago
  • gen z is scary

    Jemima Goody-OgwamaJemima Goody-OgwamaMonth ago
  • okay first of is not even the hard r so theres no way is snicker also why did she cover her mouth?

    Adriana UlloaAdriana UlloaMonth ago
  • Ok besides the point the thumb nail

    Queen_FaithQueen_FaithMonth ago
  • Did have to say the n woder in a song like why omg so much drame

    Keyonna WynnKeyonna WynnMonth ago
  • Me looking for that one comment talking about how that's not bryce in the thumbnail:

    ButtercupButtercupMonth ago
  • Yassssss

    Jessica CarinoJessica CarinoMonth ago
  • Esss

    Jessica CarinoJessica CarinoMonth ago
  • Should saw face

    Flora AaronFlora AaronMonth ago
  • Why is she talking about all these dramas when it isn’t or is her business

    Ashley _x _ perezAshley _x _ perezMonth ago
  • Why would Cynthia try to “cover” her mouth if the word was snicker

    H QuillH QuillMonth ago
  • Maybe these famous people just want to be on ur channel

    Chrizreen ChloeChrizreen ChloeMonth ago
  • me only watching one video gets addicted

    Little PxstleLittle PxstleMonth ago

    liana hardenliana hardenMonth ago
    • also i didnt mean for that to be all capital my thing was on caps lock apparently lmao

      liana hardenliana hardenMonth ago
  • When you’re comment has the most likes but it isn’t the top comment: 👁💧👄💧👁

    NoraNoraMonth ago
  • I love your vids ily ❤️

    Jose FloresJose FloresMonth ago
  • Me: enough Anna oop for today! Anna oop posts a video at the exact second, me:😏

    Diversity ʕ•ᴥ•ʔDiversity ʕ•ᴥ•ʔMonth ago
  • Ok no hate but why did Cynthia cover her mouth when saying the n word and said it

    Mele fisiihoiMele fisiihoiMonth ago
  • Ur annoying

    T _9T _9Month ago
  • i kinda want a face reveal

    Jo DefrancaJo DefrancaMonth ago
  • I didn’t even see her mouth move to that. I’m black so don’t say I can’t say anything about it.

    Skye MSkye MMonth ago
  • Addison is completely right on this one. Those messages are private. They should have never gotten out. Because after things like that happen the whole internet knows what those texts say. Which is not ok because it is a private conversation.

    Skye MSkye MMonth ago
  • The song CLEARLY said 'Give a BLEEP bout a BLEEP' bro no one is getting fooled luv ❤

    PvmkiinMxddiiePvmkiinMxddiieMonth ago
  • Who else is binge watching Anna Oop? Cause I am-

    sarah tamersarah tamer2 months ago
  • The music at the beginning makes my heart go boom-boom👁️👄👁️

    馬鹿Misaki馬鹿Misaki2 months ago

    Cindy TarusCindy Tarus2 months ago
  • i freaking HATE cynthia

    rose halerose hale2 months ago
  • the problem happened between addison and sebastian! wtf does bryce wants?????

    rose halerose hale2 months ago
  • Why does every one of her page the tik tok faces a stretched or face tuned like alot

    Cassidy LimCassidy Lim2 months ago
  • *me laughing at the drama while at weeb tiktok*

    your momyour mom2 months ago
  • He really take it too far Bryce honeeeeey u lookey I not in ur country boyyyyy this shit going to be good

    Levis vlogsLevis vlogs2 months ago
  • Everyone has been waiting for wHeN wIlL tHeSe TiKtOk BoYs LeArN?!?!?!?!

    Cyber WolfCyber Wolf2 months ago
  • Yes Addison was right to call seb out beacuse that’s messed up. ):

    Cherry VlogsCherry Vlogs2 months ago
  • Now I have a bigger reason to hate Cynthia parker

    Abby K.Abby K.2 months ago
  • Ok tiktok and the hype house 🏡 is just a big app and house for drama🙄 ugh when are they gonna get over it

    Raven PinchonRaven Pinchon2 months ago
  • Did these people hit there head cause they acting ssstttttuuuubbbiiiiiddd PERODT

    Hailey BlankenshipHailey Blankenship2 months ago
  • sebastion……...

    yumekowaifuyumekowaifu2 months ago
  • The tiktok Community has so many dramas jesus

    Joenn ChuaJoenn Chua2 months ago
  • U haven’t made a video about if charli damelio smokes or not

    cqrrotcqrrot2 months ago
  • Bryce's Tweets Backfires at himself tho

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy2 months ago
  • I don’t like this side of TicToc but the tea.

    Bones MimsBones Mims2 months ago
  • Ngl I don’t think Cynthia did anything she just kept her mouth open for the word she didn’t say it. Idk that’s just my opinion

    NadddNaddd2 months ago
  • If she thought it said snicker why did she cover her mouth?

    Sandra SmithSandra Smith2 months ago
  • If she said snicker why she cover her mouth when she say it?

    Seren DozierSeren Dozier2 months ago
  • Addison go !!!!!!!!!😋😋😋😊😊😊😊😊🤩🤩girlllĺllllllllll

    HRH PrincessHRH Princess2 months ago
  • Ok I am a black person an it ok for a white person to say the n word as long as it said to a black person in a bad way

    fe kempfe kemp2 months ago
  • Who cares if she said the nigger its just a damn song

    Itz linda GachaItz linda Gacha2 months ago
  • 2:28

    Nicolacia CostaNicolacia Costa2 months ago
  • Bruh does IT rlly matter if someone says a word👏🏽🤦🏼‍♂️GET OVER IT

    IG-Sir VictorIG-Sir Victor2 months ago
  • lmaoo no one ever heard of sebby before he dated danielle cohn smh

    Kendall HawkinsKendall Hawkins2 months ago
  • Honestly I don’t really like Sebastian

    Pearl JoslingPearl Josling2 months ago
  • Does Sebastion really think he would win a fight against Bryce?! Bro you gotta be nuts.

    MeighanRose ForestiMeighanRose Foresti2 months ago
  • So the song says real ass snicker hmm that said sus

    Cailyn JeanCailyn Jean2 months ago
  • The internet is toxic PERIODT

    Kajsa JahanshahiKajsa Jahanshahi2 months ago
  • Like its a song calm down🤦🏼‍♀️she was just singing its fine tbh ngl

    ainsleyainsley2 months ago
  • am i the only one who cant keep a straight face??????????

    Kishabel NetworkKishabel Network2 months ago
  • Ik she lying saying she thought it said snicker XD

    blink foreverblink forever2 months ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks Anna is Charli

    Keenisha BoomerKeenisha Boomer2 months ago
  • So the n-word is a trend it was a term for white peaple to call Black slaves that’s why only Black only can use it

    Heaven McLeanHeaven McLean2 months ago
  • cynthia didnt say the n word her teeth were together

    Nicole RiadNicole Riad2 months ago
  • I’m black and that girl should not have tried to cover it up sis ain’t slick she knows what the word is she try to act cool and pretty when dumb and ugly for saying a word offensive to my race 🥱🤘🏽

    Shi_The_WeirdoShi_The_Weirdo2 months ago
    • Oop I meant to put the ✌🏽

      Shi_The_WeirdoShi_The_Weirdo2 months ago

    Abiodun SalamiAbiodun Salami2 months ago

    Abiodun SalamiAbiodun Salami2 months ago
  • hahahahaah snicker girl you ait fooling me

    Abiodun SalamiAbiodun Salami2 months ago
  • bruh Cynthia didn’t say the n word. some people just try to get attention. and she ain’t askin to get canceled💀y’all just messed up for thinking she actually said it.

    hello kittyhello kitty2 months ago
  • Feel bad for Addi

    Brandon WBrandon W2 months ago
  • This is some hot Indian ginger tea Ooof 🤪🤪🤪🤪

    Navya .MNavya .M2 months ago
  • Omg i forgot my popcorn and tea😭 Its okay, ill just pause this and get my food😇

    SiimplyPandaaSiimplyPandaa2 months ago
  • If she thought it was snicker why'd she cover her mouth? 🙄

    Alexes OnyeyiriAlexes Onyeyiri2 months ago
    • Ikr

      Lina MenendezLina Menendez2 months ago
  • “snicker” really😭🤦🏽‍♀️ that’s the best she could do?

    hello mellohello mello2 months ago
  • No he didn't

    Darnell GeorgeDarnell George2 months ago
  • “it literally said snicker” yeah right when on earth would it say snicker, some of there big influencers need to realise we’re not stupid and we can see your lips moving and we can spot lies 💀

    Tayla powellTayla powell2 months ago
  • “It said snicker” who tf is going to write “give a f**k bout a snicker” 😑 sis, you ain’t fooling us.

    Luna is a simpLuna is a simp2 months ago
  • SNICKER. Sounds about white

    AshAsh2 months ago
  • If i ever accidentally said the n word i would say sorry 10m times!!!! Not just pretend it was a whole different word - jeeeeeezzzzzzzz! Like if u agree

    The eggbox PeopleThe eggbox People2 months ago
  • Lol at 1:53 that boy next to sebastion is that boy from fuller house

    Ahou KalanawiAhou Kalanawi2 months ago
  • I think that addison did the right thing and was very mature (my opinion)

    isabella laraisabella lara2 months ago
  • Honestly tik tokers are trying to get canceled NOW!!!! I agree sis

    katy lakekaty lake2 months ago
  • if u weren’t a channel i would have no clue about drama

    Laylani MaldonadoLaylani Maldonado2 months ago
  • Cynthia lied, search up the song "act up" In the first or second line it said the n word.

    BlankBlank2 months ago
  • Honestly I could watch Anna Oop all day long. And... I do! But then I watch Alex Warren so yeah!

    McKenna MalfoyMcKenna Malfoy2 months ago
  • If cynthia thought it was snicker she wouldn't have lipsinged it or covered her mouth PERDIODT. Just learn from your damn mistakes boo!

    Neusa DelgadoNeusa Delgado2 months ago
  • Me: *gets my yandere on* Anna: Bryce Break in somebody’s house Me: *me in my mind: Then why did I get my yandere on -.-*

    Moon ChanMoon Chan2 months ago
  • ok. now i NEED a Face Reveal-

    Annie Fr GamingAnnie Fr Gaming2 months ago
  • Who are these people like seriously stop making these white people famous

    Kat MoiseKat Moise2 months ago
  • Ye she was right for calling him out

    Rosa AldazRosa Aldaz2 months ago
  • So so ur telling me that she though that the city girls said “real ass b*tch give a f*ck bout a snicker” I- I have absolutely no words for that because it makes no sense

    Kendene FullyloveKendene Fullylove2 months ago
  • 4:08 when will theses tik toc boys learnnnn

    Khadija.m. aljasmiKhadija.m. aljasmi3 months ago
  • There's alot of tik tokers drama on tik tok

    Suha EmadSuha Emad3 months ago
    • Youre telling me-

      Artic CreamPuffArtic CreamPuff2 months ago
  • Sis ur the best at spilling the tea ☕😌✌💅

    TropicalPinkyTropicalPinky3 months ago
  • Can I pls ask wat is the N word I'm in the Philippines and I don't really know wats happening😅

    G A C H A _ L I N D Z E YG A C H A _ L I N D Z E Y3 months ago
  • Do what is happening with Howie M... he’s being held captive!!

    Mia JordanMia Jordan3 months ago