Ariana Grande CALLS OUT TikTokers After THIS?!, Charli COMES OUT As BI?!, Addison & Bryce CONFIRMED

Nov 2, 2020
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Ariana Grande CALLS OUT TikTokers After THIS?!, Charli COMES OUT As BI?!, Addison & Bryce CONFIRMED
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  • "I can't be the only one who has had enough of these tiktokers partying during the pandemic" Nah man, I'm just tired of these tiktokers. Period.

    Fairy BluFairy Blu18 hours ago

    Isla GilmourIsla Gilmour19 hours ago
  • Some people in my school would assume that my childhood friend was a lesbian because, she hangs out with boys, wears boyish clothes and is sporty but that really made her uncomfortable and the reason she's like that is because girls in her class are just not her type of friends, she also hates wearing girly clothes and likes loose shirts and loose pants, so its really disgusting to assume someone's sexuality just by looking at them. (no hate to anyone ^^)

    LulubithLulubith22 hours ago
  • The funny thing is that after a few months they broke up 😑

    Bokuto’s bestieBokuto’s bestie5 days ago
  • And that's why I'm never gonna become a celebrity.

    Spiderboyspiderboy IslitSpiderboyspiderboy Islit5 days ago
  • wow, blue, purple, and pink?! obviously bisexual 😐

    mi’ladymi’lady5 days ago
  • so if i dye my hair blue pink and purple, yall finna say im bi, WOW

    Yolisa FreemanYolisa Freeman9 days ago
  • Ngl ariana and billie spittin facts.

    ZeleuxZeleux10 days ago
  • hi

  • Omg u r the best person to hear a gossip from ..the drama u put in it😍😍😍

    Aparna PrakashAparna Prakash18 days ago
  • Uh just because Charlie listens to girl in red and more doesn’t mean you can assume her sexuality, I listen to girl in red too but I’m not lesbian or bi dude.

    -Purple-Ayami--Purple-Ayami-19 days ago
  • why the fuck do people care so much about celebrities sexuality, like leave them alone gosh

    Rita MateusRita Mateus19 days ago
  • I think Ariana and Billie are right we should where a mask and stay socially distance until the pandemic is over cuz some people don't what to have covid or get sick. Who is with me.👍

    nikole morrisonnikole morrison19 days ago
  • Im confused why ari and billi is calling out like what if you got called out from just going out

    Simply BubblesSimply Bubbles20 days ago
  • Omg i hhat ari

    Simply BubblesSimply Bubbles20 days ago
  • I hate when people break up and get back together remember u broke up bc it didn't work just move on and find other people I hope they don't hurt their fans for a second time bc it happens

    1 Effect1 Effect20 days ago
  • Why did u bleep bisexual? 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Donna-Maria FarrellDonna-Maria Farrell20 days ago
  • Ariana ain't lyin' when she says tiktok sucks

    Butera CafeButera Cafe21 day ago
  • Who seen this like 5 months later and the news are braddisons break up

    Lena OttenederLena Otteneder21 day ago

    Manzoor KanrooManzoor Kanroo21 day ago
  • I listen to girl in red and I’m not bisexual- also IMAGINE BEING CALLED OUT BY THE BILLIE EILISH AND THE ARIANA GRANDE

    nxlla.cnxlla.c21 day ago
  • everyone forgot covid like it nothing

  • Okay, just came here for ariana. But before i go, i just wanna say stop assuming sexuality of a person. Like whats wrong with y'all? Its her life and space she will say if she wants to. And if she doesn't, just respect that. Why do y'all need to know anyways? I mean You people really don't have anything to do huh?

    Shatabdee SaikiaShatabdee Saikia22 days ago
  • I know its OOT, that gurl who wearing pink hijab is from Indonesia and she's really talented *just saying

    LianaLiana23 days ago
  • Tik tokers are obviously cringey , no denying

    AfshanoorulainAfshanoorulain24 days ago
  • Omg , IMAGINE being called out by THEE Ariana Grande AND Billie Eilish , I would DIE

    bugaboo_kittybugaboo_kitty24 days ago
  • They are both such talented artists and this made me respect them even more. The fact that they had to cancel concerts due to COVID-19, yet these irrelevant tiktokers can’t help themselves from going to their useless parties. 😔

    Malina ShresthaMalina Shrestha25 days ago
  • The only unproblematic tiktoker and influencer i know is loren gray. a queen indeed. ✨

    Jason GapuzJason Gapuz28 days ago
  • Bille:calls them put Me:lol😂😂😂😂the mouth😂😂😂

    Buli NandiBuli NandiMonth ago
  • Are u in barahs this is embarahsing

    ʚ Aurvela Cafe ʚʚ Aurvela Cafe ʚMonth ago
  • Hi

    Cassie SiguenciaCassie SiguenciaMonth ago
  • Some of these tiktokers really be acting like they own the place like those 2 Northridge girls in karaoke dokie.

    Akshita SatapathyAkshita SatapathyMonth ago

    Asta TamašauskienėAsta TamašauskienėMonth ago

    Asta TamašauskienėAsta TamašauskienėMonth ago

    Asta TamašauskienėAsta TamašauskienėMonth ago
    • @Elon Musky hello i am realy sorry my little sister juisd my acaunt

      Asta TamašauskienėAsta Tamašauskienė15 days ago
    • @Asta Tamašauskienė I’m not speaking though...

      Elon MuskyElon Musky15 days ago
    • @Elon Musky hi can you pls shut up too

      Asta TamašauskienėAsta Tamašauskienė15 days ago
    • Look who’s Obsessed 👀

      Elon MuskyElon MuskyMonth ago
  • Lol idk but does it matter if charlie is bi?

    •Bxby_Pastel ••Bxby_Pastel •Month ago
  • idk why thay did not think shade was not going to come for having a party

    Jason KernsJason KernsMonth ago
  • Is it just me or did she say Allison instead of Addison lol

    Anna’s GardenAnna’s GardenMonth ago
  • How are they influencers when they teach kids to go out to parties in the middle of a pandemic.

    Paula SilvaPaula SilvaMonth ago
  • Imagine being called out by THE Ariana Grande AND THE billie elish 💀

    Lindsay MasonLindsay MasonMonth ago
  • she's straighter then straight tt tho-

    poke pond soundspoke pond soundsMonth ago
  • You spilled the tea for me

    Bangtan 4lifeBangtan 4lifeMonth ago
  • Me noticing now the title now should be Bryce and Addison are officially done over completely broken

    A R-GA R-GMonth ago
  • imagine being called out by ARIANA FUCKING GRANDE

    Barča FořtováBarča FořtováMonth ago

    operation forkoperation forkMonth ago
  • Why do people care if tiktokers come out as bi they are people like us they have lives to

    Briana VendettiBriana VendettiMonth ago
  • *_Promiscuous what?_*

    SunarylSunarylMonth ago
  • btw i hate bryce idk why but i hate him

    Sarah seowSarah seowMonth ago
  • Stop assuming Charlie sexuality y’all ain’t scientist 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Tine TaefuTine TaefuMonth ago
  • If you guys didn’t know, Charli’s favorite colors are blue pink and purple so I’m not surprised she died her hair those colors . No need to assume luvs 😘

    crafty amicrafty amiMonth ago
  • They broke up 💆🏾‍♀️

    miriam primomiriam primoMonth ago
  • In this video most of the comments and you Explain the difference between an influencer and a celebrity

    Kk LoveKk LoveMonth ago
  • How about instead of being judged on outfits we should be kind to other people. She died her hair big deal doesn't mean anything

    Emily BunnEmily BunnMonth ago
  • Ariana Grande is MOI bitch🖐️😌

  • HI!!!!!!!!

    Iewennokwas HuffIewennokwas HuffMonth ago
  • Before tik tok musically was not a toxic app just laughing and hanging out now is so inappropriate and verified creators thinking they are the best

    Angelica ViantAngelica ViantMonth ago
  • Bro if her fans are calling her sexuality disgusting y’all are not even fans just stop and quit it real fans support her 😒✋

    MybakaMybakaMonth ago
  • These little untalented children in tiktok rlly tryna start beef w Queens who actually work hard and have real talent

    Shanon kaurShanon kaurMonth ago
  • I love how people assume Charlie is bi from her hair colors and overall just appearance, but shout at and attack anaoop for *knowing* Adisson and Brice are dating bc hey were literally *kissing*

    Bts ArmyBts ArmyMonth ago
  • Duh you shouldn’t like what

    Jesus MendezJesus MendezMonth ago
  • Yes u should def still Lableing charly no

    Jesus MendezJesus MendezMonth ago
  • All this tea makes me want some Iced Tea

    Aliyah Angmor-TeyeAliyah Angmor-TeyeMonth ago

    A r i a n a X B T SA r i a n a X B T SMonth ago
  • lol i hate those cringe tiktokers, but why does demi gets bothered by them changing their clothes ?? Lmaoo

    Alicia BeaulieuAlicia BeaulieuMonth ago
  • Partying during a pandemic is bad enough but for them not to have masks on makes it even worse. Like come on.

    Does Kevin love Jacob or Beyonce?Does Kevin love Jacob or Beyonce?Month ago
  • If tiktokers want to get covid then have it we warned you!

    Inaya KhatunInaya KhatunMonth ago
  • Please mind your own life

    Its gacha maker GirlyeshaIts gacha maker GirlyeshaMonth ago
  • Actually i'm sibscribing, this girl spill some tea so good

    MeiMyuMeiMyuMonth ago
  • em-bah-rah-singh

  • Y’all remember in 2015-2017 when everyone did rainbow things, so they’re gay now like wtf is going through these TikTokers fans-

    gabo :Dgabo :DMonth ago
  • they still cute t

    Katherine CrogierKatherine CrogierMonth ago
  • Those tiktokers are NOT influencers THEY ARE CHILDREN

    Blackpink fan I love every four of them equallyBlackpink fan I love every four of them equallyMonth ago
  • Just imagine being called out by A CELEBRITY OMG 😱 I WOULD FREEEEEAAKK. Like gurl A CELEBRITY sheesh I would be sooooo embarrassed 😞 THE TIKTOK IS JUST A 🤡. And my parents my me delete tiktok bc of drama and predators like TONY LOPEZZZZ😂

    Ariana LeoneAriana LeoneMonth ago
  • *I'm really tired of these tiktokers* (like wth they don't follow the rule dude I'm so embarrassing of these. like imagine if you called a celebrity just want to go to party dude I would be so *embarrassed*😥

    *_Otyphia_**_Otyphia_*Month ago
  • If charlie wangs to come out she will

    HelloHelloMonth ago
  • Petition to get these crusty, musty and dusty Tiktokers to listen so we don't all die of COVID-19

    •blueberry tea••blueberry tea•Month ago
  • Why did was bisexual cut

    Destiny lolDestiny lolMonth ago
  • Ariana is right I mean like we’re in a pandemic.

    maddie grangermaddie grangerMonth ago
  • Maybe the tiktokers know that they and everyone else don't have COVID, so they go out and party.

    Francesca GuttadauroFrancesca GuttadauroMonth ago
  • i litteraly watced miss addison rae NOW THERE DONE

    Nicole NesbitNicole NesbitMonth ago
  • Girl not tik tokers being draagged by ari

    Chinita GChinita GMonth ago
  • I think they should stop saying Charlie is -bi.But either way if she's -bi she shouldn't care about what other people say.And guys,just because u are fans and made her famous doesn't mean u should tell her what to do.She is also a human and should be respected for her decisions

    Reatile PhakoeReatile PhakoeMonth ago
  • keep ariana out of YOUR drama 😻

    alice lexiealice lexieMonth ago
  • imagine being called out by ARIANA GRANDE and BILLIE EILISH second hand embarrasment i would hide and never go on social media ever again.

    Arianna GonzalezArianna GonzalezMonth ago
  • i’m obsessed with her vids now

    ElleElleMonth ago
  • Omg also brad did her hair she did not pick it :/

    Random _ edits 11Random _ edits 11Month ago
  • Have fun dying from the party sorry but I'm getting mad

    Krizielle Mae Aleija CaelKrizielle Mae Aleija CaelMonth ago
  • As much as I don’t really like the D’Amelios and all, assuming people’s sexuality isn’t right- just because of “little hints” doesn’t make them LGBTQIA+. Like, imagine walking in the streets with a plaid full sleeve around your waist and jeans and people them calling you queer. Not very cash money if I do say so myself. Besides, the flag would be backwards-

    Sumi AhmedSumi AhmedMonth ago
  • THE DRAMA!!!💀💀💀

    Deirdre XDDeirdre XDMonth ago
  • Yo ariana grande drag them

    twillight midnighttwillight midnightMonth ago
  • if she's is bi she's bi some people should get over it.

  • "I choose my own destiny" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Choon KhooChoon KhooMonth ago
  • what does bi mean lol?

    xXxSunflowerzxXx xXxplayzxXxxXxSunflowerzxXx xXxplayzxXxMonth ago
  • this is why i prefer some celebs over influencers

    Enter your usernameEnter your usernameMonth ago
  • BAHAA my name is allison and when you called addison rae allison i was so honored ✨✨

    creambrrycreambrryMonth ago
  • I really can't believe they go in a party without social distancing and not wearing maskes like wt* just because they are famous?!. Literally Ariana Grande Followed the Rules unlike this Tiktokers. Like what the actual FRUIT?, ARIANA AND BILLIE IS A CELEBRITY! A CELEBRITY!. Ariana Stayed Home! Unlike this Tiktokers, who just partying and imagining they would not get hate because they're famous🙄.

    ItsYourGirl MelodyItsYourGirl MelodyMonth ago
  • why is he showing the mideil finger

    BabalwaTubeBabalwaTubeMonth ago
  • Yo i think mah girl Ariana is right this deadly pandemic is really dangerous ya'll should STOP going to parties

    raina hamiziraina hamiziMonth ago
  • Just because Charlie listens to someone’s music and dresses like a tomboy doesn’t mean she is bi........ like what? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Alysha VegaAlysha VegaMonth ago
  • Ttttg

    Victoria MaclansanaVictoria MaclansanaMonth ago