Ariana Grande CALLS OUT TikTokers After THIS?!, Charli COMES OUT As BI?!, Addison & Bryce CONFIRMED

Nov 2, 2020
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Ariana Grande CALLS OUT TikTokers After THIS?!, Charli COMES OUT As BI?!, Addison & Bryce CONFIRMED
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  • Wdym. All charli’s fans are kids.

    bsbsbsbs7 hours ago
  • But didn't Ariana just post a music video.

    Renee XonaRenee Xona14 hours ago
  • I thought I was the only one noticing her hair color 😳😳

    Moody PurpleMoody Purple20 hours ago
  • I knew it

    Moody PurpleMoody Purple20 hours ago
  • ok so let me make this clear for everyone even if you dont do it DO NOT EVER AND I MEAN EVER ASSUME SOMEONES GENDER it is highly offensive

    Serenity. o.Serenity. o.22 hours ago
  • Bruh Really Just Ariana Grande? she Really Called Them Out?

    Ana AcevedoAna Acevedo22 hours ago
  • I don't get it if you're a girl you guys are still calling mind your own business girls its Boys partyinng

    tayla holahantayla holahanDay ago
  • Blue purple and pink are just colours 😂😂😂 those colours are also my favourite colours it doesn’t mean she bi. 😂

    Izzy and FinnIzzy and FinnDay ago

    Sofia AstleySofia AstleyDay ago
  • Why does everyone assume that just because she liked those colors she is now bi. Like stop with talking about her sexuality!

    Katie PertzbornKatie PertzbornDay ago
  • Ok but do you know who did come out as bi? Nessa 👏🏼🤩

    Brianna ZBrianna ZDay ago
  • the fact that Bryce thinks this "shade" was a marketing move kills me... she doesn't need any promo, she's ARIANA GRANDE. like girl, get a life

    Grande WorldGrande World2 days ago
  • People should stop judging others about their sexuality and start accepting the fact that we are all different. There is nothing wrong with being bi💙 I am and I'm proud about it💜

    Ashley PotgieterAshley Potgieter2 days ago
  • i get ari and billie because they shouldn't be partying during a pandemic. yea, you wanna go out and have fun. but it puts yours and others lives at risk.

    Mairis KohnkeMairis Kohnke2 days ago

    Malaika KamilahMalaika Kamilah2 days ago
  • she’s talking about everyone in general. not just tiktokers

    chargersaddichargersaddi2 days ago
  • Even if she is bisexual why does it matter that's how she wants to be that's how she's created stop judging

    Nasir KasimNasir Kasim2 days ago
  • Brice hall and Addison are cute I don't care what you say.

  • imagine ariana grande and billie eilish calling u out- y'all should be hiding in ur airforces

    kityyphobickityyphobic3 days ago
  • I would delete my account if I got called out by Ariana grande and Billie Eilish

    Toilet paper ArmyToilet paper Army3 days ago
  • Me admiring how good that tea looks at the beginning: 👁👄👁

    Syrin HassanSyrin Hassan3 days ago
  • Can we have a face reveal???

    Linnia HydeLinnia Hyde3 days ago
  • I love watching these videos. Keep making them!

    Linnia HydeLinnia Hyde3 days ago
  • Imagine the *EMBARRASSMENT* of being called out by non other than the *queens* *Billie* *Eilish* and *Ariana* *Grande*! They're absolutely correct! I mean come on people!!!! 😠😠

    Abbi KnuthAbbi Knuth4 days ago
  • Heyy you can't judge anybody's sexuality by their outfits and hair colour and all stuff

    drishti ghoshdrishti ghosh4 days ago
  • Why are you using all these black cut scenes for your jokes? Find your own humor.

    Gabriel MichaelGabriel Michael4 days ago
  • tiktokers really think they did somethin by calling out celebs..

    Mirryn heheMirryn hehe4 days ago
  • oop

    KhadijahKhadijah5 days ago
  • Bro leave braddison out of this bc if they want to keep the dating privitly its fine dont get in there bussines🙄😒🥱

    Sandra RodriguezSandra Rodriguez5 days ago
  • if charlis is bi its fine do u even support if you dont that is fucken discuting i sending this to tiktick lets see if anna oop gets off haha🙄

    Sandra RodriguezSandra Rodriguez5 days ago
  • Demi ur not the only one who cringes 🥺

    Caleb CoereciusCaleb Coerecius5 days ago
  • Bruh, my fam is always judging me from the way i look -,-

    Chizuru MizuharaChizuru Mizuhara5 days ago
  • Today's juicy recap was fun🥰😁

    Kiana Perry-WilsonKiana Perry-Wilson5 days ago
  • Sounds funny😂

    Kiana Perry-WilsonKiana Perry-Wilson5 days ago
  • first of all tiktokers are irrelevant and shouldnt even be talked about. they are so problematic. And at this point they have become toxic and ignorant, but im here for it because my school went online so no more drama there 😐Second of all Charlis sexuality is NOBODIES business.

    Its VaedaIts Vaeda6 days ago
  • Y’all are now I’m just gonna start assuming Charlie sexuality but not talking about other people sexuality about wearing those type of clothes listening to that singer whenever you wanna call them in her hair like go get a life for

    Softballperson 123Softballperson 1237 days ago
  • Shut the hell up Anna just stop talking about them going out and partying it is their life and their decision leave them alone

    Softballperson 123Softballperson 1237 days ago
  • Is anyone else confused about demi lavado? Lol

    Nessa PNessa P7 days ago
  • You know you screwed up when a REAL CELEB comes after tiktokers lol

    Nessa PNessa P7 days ago
  • Nah this is embarrassing

    IsAslheyyy GachaaaIsAslheyyy Gachaaa7 days ago
  • You don’t have to look gay. She just likes girl in red and like the style she’s wearing gosh!

    Jimmys MomJimmys Mom8 days ago
  • Why are people worried about Charlie Demilioworrie about your self

    Olivia HoppeOlivia Hoppe8 days ago
  • did she name anyone? no so keep her out of drama

    Ariana Grande’s coffeeAriana Grande’s coffee8 days ago
  • Oh shut up Demi at least they don’t do heroin

    X xX x8 days ago
  • These so called “high audiences” Bryce said the tik tokers have are just a spec of Arianas entire 206 million army of supporters, they are not the same so how about they start acting like it.

    spicyspicy8 days ago
  • Ariana in 2017: Aint no left tears to cry Ariana in 2020: Aint no tiktokers left to expose (Aint a hate)

    Yandere Amara ClairYandere Amara Clair8 days ago
  • Honestly it’s none of Charlis viewers (yes viewers not fans bcus if they were actually fans they wouldn’t be doing this) business honestly they rlly need to keep their opinions to themselves and if she is she might be embarrassed so stop basically forcing her to come out I am rlly happy for addi and Bryce the hate is ridiculous The partying situation with the influencers I don’t think it’s that embarrassing to be called out by a rlly famous celeb. We r all ppl no matter how many ppl know our name. Just my opinion on the tea leaks 😘😘

    chapstickchapstick8 days ago
  • Am i seriously the only one confused and concerned about this relationship? Like just think about it, addison is obsessed with him and its toxic! Bryce cheated on addison in the beginning(not the BEGINNING but yk what i mean) when addison was already depressed about the hate she was getting for her appearance and just hate in general then he left her....a few months go by and all of a sudden there back together but then not even 2 months into the relationship bryce cheated on her at the party, but it wasnt really confirmed that they were broken up, until he cheated AGAIN and they finally broke things off nowwwww al of a sudden again their back together.....she needs to seriously recognize her worth!

    Zharia SimmonsZharia Simmons8 days ago

    Cesa LivingstonCesa Livingston8 days ago
  • Imagine making up stuff about people just to attention

    Dolphin BlueDolphin Blue9 days ago
  • Omfg so what if she has the colors I thought it looked cute so why the hell you going on about it her outfit she wear omg she can wear what she fucking want its her clothes not yours

    Malika isaacsMalika isaacs9 days ago
  • I’m probably the only one that doesn’t really ship Bryce and Addison lmao

    Carmen RiddleCarmen Riddle9 days ago
  • It funny how your queen can Turn into enemy doesn’t she go out and get stuck with paparazzi l. O l 😒

    Annalee GarciaAnnalee Garcia10 days ago
  • Yalll know it’s piping hot when Ariana herself calls them out 😳

    Universe GachaUniverse Gacha10 days ago
  • I’m gonna need you to learn the definition of drag

    LayGoCrayAllDayLayGoCrayAllDay11 days ago
  • Did anyone else hear that she said Alison instead of Addison on 5:36

    Tamara TabechiTamara Tabechi11 days ago
  • Is there anything wrong with being bi dude it's not a bad thing if anything it's cool. And we shouldn't be assuming someone's sexuality anyway like that's just plain rude

    Hazel JenningsHazel Jennings11 days ago
  • Yeah like, why are people labeling Charlie? She will talk about it when she's ready or she might not because it's a personal thing she might not be comfortable sharing with the internet.

    Libby ChapmanLibby Chapman11 days ago
  • charlie has a straight face and body when she dances and it's horrifying. I hate the way she dances and she is a CELEBRITY for that???? Like how?? Dancin like a stick.

    Sunshine .eSunshine .e12 days ago
  • :0 they should be proud cuz they been called out by queens 💅👑

    shiroshiro12 days ago
  • Some tea

    Ashley MilamAshley Milam12 days ago
  • Demi has left me confused

    M CM C12 days ago
  • In my opinion, I don’t get why some TikTokers are “famous”. They’re literally just doing little 15 second dances 🤦‍♀️ TikTok is TOXIC AF

    Infinity LifeInfinity Life13 days ago
  • imagine getting called out by ariana grande and billie eilish.. i’d be so embarrassed 💀

    i'm cooli'm cool13 days ago
  • This tea is, HOOOOOT!

    Cam RollandCam Rolland13 days ago
  • Brad Mondo made Charli's hair pink. Not her fault.

    Reese BeachamReese Beacham13 days ago
  • She literally called them off🔥

    howltaehowltae13 days ago
  • yall the pink was not her choice it was for a yt vid go watch on her channle than come call her out

    Reham AlomariReham Alomari13 days ago
  • you go worry bout all this drama while i just sit back and think of fnaf theorys while wating for secrity breach to come out. *sips lemonade*

    It's Aahana .MIt's Aahana .M14 days ago
  • You know you wrong when Billie and Ariana Grande call you out

    makayla andersonmakayla anderson14 days ago
  • Just because she dyed her hair blue, purple, pink doesn’t make her Bi. Stop labeling people

    𝑆ℎ𝑎𝑤𝑛 𝐶𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑆ℎ𝑎𝑤𝑛 𝐶𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑟14 days ago
  • Why the tiktokers mad about getting dragged for partying as if they didn’t do anything wrong smh

    Arianator Time !Arianator Time !14 days ago
  • *not only were her fans judging her outfits day by day* WAITTT HOLD YOUR HORSES THEY AINT NO FANS THEN-

    • A k a r i •• A k a r i •14 days ago
  • i mean its just hair colors DONT mean she is gay like WTF is rong OK she like those colors she can wear them and if she is GAY why is that a problem and btw she wos ALSO a coupel(S) whit BOY(S) like TF

    Marwa KhattabiMarwa Khattabi14 days ago
  • Yuh

    Luis Rodriguez-MendozaLuis Rodriguez-Mendoza14 days ago
  • I’m bi and proud 💙💜💗. 🥰

    Brianna PeñaBrianna Peña14 days ago
  • Idk who but they said you were being racist

    Ivan RuizIvan Ruiz14 days ago
  • Anna did you know someone canceled you

    Ivan RuizIvan Ruiz14 days ago
  • People assuming charlis sexuality by her hair color is like running up to a five year old wearing clothes with rainbows on it calling them gay 👁👄👁 y'all NEEEEEED TO STOPPP

    PhoebePhoebe14 days ago
  • Billie eilish and Ariana grande and more celebrities calls some people out that means it’s a big problem… anddddd actually I am with them cuz it’s wrong to party in this time like com’on it’s dangerous

    ღ coco_chan UwU ღღ coco_chan UwU ღ14 days ago
  • You will know it’s a big problem when ARIANA herself calls you out…!!

    ღ coco_chan UwU ღღ coco_chan UwU ღ14 days ago
  • Ho

    Derek ChatmanDerek Chatman14 days ago
  • I love how she was talking about Ariana and then an ad popped up of ppl dancing to an Ariana song 😹✨

    - Bxtch -- Bxtch -14 days ago
  • I told you that Bryce and Addison won't NEVER EVER stop simping over each other. duh. people. O_o

    Akshat TandonAkshat Tandon15 days ago
  • the thing is tiktokers aren't the only one partying, it's a general statement not jus specifically to tiktokers

    NiyahNiyah15 days ago
  • they mean that people who color their hair rainbow are all using colors of LGBTQ+ community flag to give signs? wow.....what a logic!!!

    Samikshya KCSamikshya KC15 days ago
  • Why are all people hating and do not mind what there doing in the lives...Thats there live not our we cannot control what they are doing

    Ryzel Lianna IsabedraRyzel Lianna Isabedra15 days ago
  • Oh I agree with Ariana Grande because that the virus is very dangerous

    Journee JohnsonJournee Johnson15 days ago
  • i just think people should worry about themselves.... like if you KNOW that somebody is in ""drama"" why go to it... just leave it alone... worry about yourself...not others...

    Kalaya JacksonKalaya Jackson15 days ago
  • You can listen or wear anything you want wether you are apart of the lgbtq+ community or your straight

    Brooke OliveBrooke Olive15 days ago
  • it’s just straight up rude and insulting to call and assume people are LGBTQ+

    rhiannonrhiannon16 days ago

    Oluwanifemi FamilolaOluwanifemi Familola16 days ago
  • been here since she hit 300k 🤗

    CrazyGacha2CrazyGacha216 days ago
  • Tbh I don’t think Charlie was trying to send any messages by dying her hair the colors of the bi flag. To be completely honest with you my favorite colors for the longest time we’re blue purple and pink, and I only realized a few days ago that it’s the color of the bi flag, but that has no affect on my sexuality. I’m straight and I just like those three colors, it doesn’t mean anything.

    Kailee BinghamKailee Bingham16 days ago
  • I stg the kiss between Bryce and Addison looked awkward as hell

    Seth O' BrienSeth O' Brien16 days ago
  • This is not hate but, It’s SO RUDE to assume someone’s sexuality by HAIR. With this big platform?! I’m sorry but this is disappointing.

    Izzy PepinIzzy Pepin16 days ago
  • I don’t like how ppl are assuming charli’s sexuality. She’s just dressing up how she wants, it doesn’t matter the stereotype. Even if she was bi give her time to explain on her own and don’t make her nervous

    The F.B.IThe F.B.I16 days ago
  • why do they care that shes bi? thats a basic hair color yo no one dares to say her bi if someone did alot of time i wil kill you

    Cookie Star UwUCookie Star UwU16 days ago
  • As a Sapphic, I get so embarrassed when LGBT people always assume people are also LGBT because they listen to a certain artist who is.. like i’m sorry are you fucking kidding me? AN ARTIST ISNT RESTRICTED TO A CERTAIN TYPE OF PEOPLE IDIOTS, they’re simple artists to release music for ANYONE SMFH!! This aso goes with outfits too like y’all are literally practically OUTING people and not caring at all about finding out or considering whether it’s even SAFE for them to be coming out in the first place.. THEY COULD LITERALLY be trapped with homophobic and abusive people GUYS.

    stfubitchassratstfubitchassrat16 days ago
  • STOP ASSUMING HER SEXUALITY ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS also bradison is cute but technically it’s not confirmed until they say their dating but no I’m not hating I really hope they’re back together

    Jenny BugJenny Bug16 days ago