Avani GETS CALLED OUT For Saying A SLUR?!, Nikita Dragun BULLIED For THIS?!, Olivia Ponton CAUGHT?!

Sep 4, 2020
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Avani GETS CALLED OUT For Saying A SLUR?!, Nikita Dragun BULLIED For THIS?!, Olivia Ponton CAUGHT?!
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  • Hi

    Its meIts me5 days ago
  • I wish it was 2019 because there was no dram or anything like that but no 2020 you had to put tea in the pot come on we don’t need this GET OF OF TIKTOK

    Sky StatenSky Staten5 days ago
  • This isn’t juicy anymore it’s just a bunch of Petty ppl fighting with each other 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😝

    World of JazzyWorld of Jazzy5 days ago
  • everybody is soooo sensitive

    lucy vazquezlucy vazquez5 days ago
  • 1.) Who else STANDS her. 2.) When you realize you have no idea what’s going on because your on DracoTok...

    Chloe AckerleyChloe Ackerley6 days ago
  • omg nikita cant stay outta drama!!

    Jailynn HustonJailynn Huston10 days ago

    cutie Queencutie Queen10 days ago

    cutie Queencutie Queen10 days ago
  • I don’t really like nikata but do not hate on her for being trans!!!!!!!

    Alina MamedovaAlina Mamedova13 days ago
  • Bro Avani aint even say it

    •unknøwn høney ••unknøwn høney •14 days ago
  • I don’t like Nikita but to the people who are misgendering her that’s disgusting. I don’t like Nikita but you don’t see me being transphobic. It is never okay to misgender someone

    jayda huntleyjayda huntley15 days ago
  • why would they make a tiktok trend it its offenseive

    robyn nunyarobyn nunya15 days ago
  • you can see that avani said THING dont watch the video once and say "she said the D slur"

    Mackenzie PatrickMackenzie Patrick16 days ago
  • Why are you not on famous birthdays

    Delanee PannellDelanee Pannell16 days ago
  • No one: The whole tic tok community : canceled

    Sour Candy anaSour Candy ana18 days ago
  • The d slur is another word for the f slur

    Monkey VlogsMonkey Vlogs18 days ago
  • I don’t get why people are canceling people for the sound but who ever made it a trend they should be canceled

    Sofia RamosSofia Ramos19 days ago
  • uh im lesbian and so is the second owner of this account and we will have to UNSTAN avani gregg, since she said a slur!

    Only JadeOnly Jade24 days ago
  • I feel bad for Nikita its her life not ours

    Fida ShammaFida Shamma24 days ago
  • nobody: avani: bearly opens mouth Tea pages:OMG SHE SAID THE D-SLUR

    14k dxmb14k dxmb24 days ago
  • That video that he did about Nikita dragon I’m commenting it’s throwing shade for me

    Shamarie JonesShamarie Jones25 days ago
  • Me: d slur.....(might knowing what it was) Also me: d word..

    Katerina AndrianakosKaterina Andrianakos25 days ago

    Zeeneth MusicZeeneth Music26 days ago
  • Honestly the girl that was talking crap about oliva when she like no we’re in there blank like girl u crazy she wrote she was with my boyfriend at the lake house PERIOD.

    Jazmin MartinezJazmin Martinez27 days ago
  • Isn’t the d slur just the d word for guys thing

    Margaret BowmanMargaret Bowman27 days ago
  • everythings a slur now. the d word is stupid

    uii Outuii Out28 days ago
  • Do the veagen teacher

    modifyedmodifyed28 days ago
  • We stand with LARRY

    Natasha MendozaNatasha Mendoza28 days ago
  • yeah the dance avani did is from musically its not new

    kaydeezyxokaydeezyxo29 days ago
  • THIS NEEDS TO STOP (NO HATE) soon tiktok will get baned and we will all be in are room crying.

    Nicole GrossNicole Gross29 days ago
  • Ok so I'm I want to go know if a girl can't hang out a.boy who has a girl friend jelly much 😝

    ItzEmmaItzEmmaMonth ago
  • one time i got hate for commenting something i got lots of hate i looked at my comment i spell it wrong and still got hate no matter how many times i said sorry "i spell it wrong i hope you know it was a simple mistake im sorry" i sound like a problematic tiktoker so i went live got tons of hate then said"i dont wanna end up being problematic i told everyone so many times i did not mean to type that pls stop hating i fuck up but i wront do it again" did it stop NO so i block got rid f all hate comments and moved on!

    adriadriMonth ago
  • I hate nikita only beacuse she always tans herself like

    beary bearbeary bearMonth ago
  • Honestly, I really wanna go back to Musically because of these popular tiktokers.

    Ace JostesAce JostesMonth ago

    Talia DejesusTalia DejesusMonth ago
  • Anna oop: gurl, someone educate this man for being transphobic Me: gurllllll you are educating him the f outtttt 💅

    xXHanana_BananaXxxXHanana_BananaXxMonth ago
  • Has a member of the lesbians we do not want avani we will pass her on to the trans 😌

    izzy girl Williamsizzy girl WilliamsMonth ago
  • Saying the d slur is not a slur

    Saudia WorldSaudia WorldMonth ago
  • It’s starting to feel like every word is a slur

    OverthefuckinggardenwallOverthefuckinggardenwallMonth ago
    • @jayda huntley i wasn’t sure if it has always been a slur because it was a word to describe a lesbian that dresses “masculine”

      OverthefuckinggardenwallOverthefuckinggardenwall15 days ago
    • What do you mean? The d slur has always been around. And it’s offensive

      jayda huntleyjayda huntley15 days ago

    clalistaclalistaMonth ago
  • I might not like Nikita but at least I’m not transphobic🥰

    lemonade manlemonade manMonth ago
  • Anna : the d slur Me : writing in google d slur meaning and still not understanding gosh i dont understand nothing

    RacheedaRacheedaMonth ago
  • its the lips for meeeee

    Ayanna CollinsAyanna CollinsMonth ago
  • What the hell is the “D” word. Like why is everyone making slurs now 😒

    Skxnny On 2kSkxnny On 2kMonth ago
    • The d-slur is Dyke and it’s not a new word, the first time dyke was used to describe lesbians was 1921 in an article called “the fairy and the lady lover” and in the 1950s it was turned into a slur against the lesbian community, so everyone isn’t just ‘making slurs now’

      LuLu29 days ago
  • Olivia literally has the EXACT SAME face expressions as everliegh rose when their both dancing 💀😭😹

    Brianna GallegosBrianna GallegosMonth ago
  • i do NOT know what the d slur even IS but i know what it means can someone tel me

    EllaTheGamerEllaTheGamerMonth ago
  • your basically the online paparazzi gross

    Tidy Britney's family affairsTidy Britney's family affairsMonth ago
  • I mean we’re not perfect 🤓

    Ugly_ahh_toe IdiotUgly_ahh_toe IdiotMonth ago
  • but nobody will talk about how avani literally drew and anti cross on her face.... i just hope she didn’t mean anything

    haniahaniaMonth ago
  • Y'all slamming Avani but at least she apologized. No one forces Adison to apologize. Wtf y'all dumb.

    J SchwalbJ SchwalbMonth ago
  • i thought it was 'thang' and what is the d slur omds

    Official Rubyy xOfficial Rubyy xMonth ago
  • Am I the only one that yells at the screen and talk about them

    Logann SwayLogann SwayMonth ago
  • Guys what the fuck is “THE D SLUR” and why y’all mad tf

    lukey 4577lukey 4577Month ago
  • Me not knowing what a d slur is;{

    Rachel Does StuffRachel Does StuffMonth ago

    OOF DexOOF DexMonth ago
  • This is a very problematic channel-

    Sophia MichelleSophia MichelleMonth ago
  • Olive oil again?

    Ruby DubyRuby DubyMonth ago
  • whats a D SLUR

    Zeinab MohamedZeinab MohamedMonth ago
  • olive oil lmfao.

    Andrea Tsz-Yin WONGAndrea Tsz-Yin WONGMonth ago
  • Ok but why is every word becoming offensive nowadays like what can we not say anymore

    #WINDI Ship#WINDI ShipMonth ago
    • just dont say slurs sweeite-

      Tidy Britney's family affairsTidy Britney's family affairsMonth ago
    • And it used to be normal af the jealousy luv! 😘

      Wait what ?Wait what ?Month ago
  • o ian kno the “ d slur “ was a thing 😭😭😭 .

    natasha kenaninatasha kenaniMonth ago
  • Remember when Tik Tok was wholesome?

    yesyesMonth ago
  • Tbh although nakita is problematic I still like her. She just needs to chill wi ty the party’s.

    GreenWiccanGreenWiccanMonth ago
  • everyone: avani is so unproblematic omg stan 🤩🤩 *avani says slur* the same straight people: guys it’s fine she just made a mistake 🥺🥺💕💕 *lesbians rn: 🧍🏻‍♀️*

    lottie fernlottie fernMonth ago
  • dont like avani disrespectful.

    Hehe HeheHehe HeheMonth ago
  • Song lyrics are fair game to all races and sexualities. I get some people don't agree, and you are allowed to have your incorrect opinion. It's a self contained piece of musical art and is intended for the audience to sing along, to sway in rhythm, to unify the masses into a one entity. Infusing songs with certain words then claiming no other race/orientation/gender group is allowed to participate is utter nonsense. That's seriously the definition of discrimination. If a word or phrase is harmful, don't litter your work with them then distribute it to every major platform housing 100's of millions of people. I've never had a black friend chastise me while jamming together. To the sane portion of the populous, intent matters, memorizing their story, syncing to their rhythm. Symbolizing support to the artist and to those who can't not focus on skin color, their race.

    schwiftschwiftMonth ago
  • Whats the d slur

    Silver SkyeSilver SkyeMonth ago
  • listen i do not respect avani for saying the d slur, but she actually addressed it right away and apologized on lots of different platforms. avani was strong for saying that but she didn’t know, and was mature addressing it.

    LeiannaLeiannaMonth ago

      LeiannaLeiannaMonth ago
  • K but like everything is offensive these days and it makes tiktok toxic not even the trends just people being hungry for drama so they just say things are offensive when they are actually normal words but whatever

    nine tilronine tilroMonth ago
  • tiktok logic; "omg theyre hanging out!! lets all say theyre dating!!!!"

    BunbunGehtoBunbunGehtoMonth ago
  • So she talking about people getting hate But why is she not talking about herself getting hate I seen 50+ vids hating on her No hate just saying

    • I have never seen hate towards

      Nimesha SalabieNimesha SalabieMonth ago
  • Can someone tell me what's the d slur?

    Brittany ToledoBrittany ToledoMonth ago
  • That’s a musically song luv

    EsthxllaEsthxllaMonth ago
  • Also there are people that are going to hate on Nikita and people like her bc it not normal tho , so don’t get too dramatic on this , there are people who getting hate for their religion and being killed for their race . 🙄🙄

    Jana Mohamed BadawyJana Mohamed BadawyMonth ago
  • Idk why being famous is a good thing it just brings drama and toxic people, let people live their life , and It normal all that happened in social media

    Jana Mohamed BadawyJana Mohamed BadawyMonth ago
  • The littlest things do so much

    Vika FontanaVika FontanaMonth ago

    Kara StuartKara StuartMonth ago

    lindsey lehnlindsey lehnMonth ago
  • Yall Chile 1.she lip sunched that 2.she didn't know the lyrics So why would u cancel her abt that? Yall are acting like ur not making mistakes in ur life

    damvoni editsdamvoni editsMonth ago
    • Lip syncing a slur is still bad ❤️

      sky !sky !Month ago
  • I thought jake was with tana-

    Himiko Kinnie lolHimiko Kinnie lolMonth ago
  • I’m with Avani on this what the F$*# is the “D” slur

    AngleGaming 101AngleGaming 101Month ago
    • Dyke is the d slur its another word to describe a lesbian

      A _robloxgirlA _robloxgirlMonth ago
  • At this point just completely cancel olivia aka olive oil

    valeria carlosvaleria carlosMonth ago
  • I know so many lesbians who call themselves “dykes” y’all are so sensitive 😭. Who said it was derogatory. Y’all really make things up just to cancel ppl😭😭. It’s literally not homophobic at ALL. Tf...

    Mia PaulinoMia PaulinoMonth ago
    • girlie- lesbians have a right to say it they are LESBIANS its a homophobic slur therefore if you arent lesbian ya cant say it

      Tidy Britney's family affairsTidy Britney's family affairsMonth ago
    • @Manny F yes just yes do your research its a homophobic slur

      Tidy Britney's family affairsTidy Britney's family affairsMonth ago
    • Dyke was used against lesbians so they can say it lmao.

      pooppoopMonth ago
    • firelady phoebe no 😂 just no

      Manny FManny FMonth ago
    • Please do your research because this is such an insensitive thing to say. The d slur has beyond terrible history and was made to make fun of masculine or androgynous women.

      sky !sky !Month ago
  • I actually like Nikita so this makes me disgusted at another level than most of u!? Also I think ppl always accuse TikTok err ...like most of the time they r apologising making us misunderstand and most of them r not even THAT problematic and simply receive hat....I mean peaches is the one who deserves the hatred of the entire world (IMO) Edit: *only TikToker

    Hiba ajazHiba ajazMonth ago
  • omg I legitimately thought nikita was a natural girl ...... no hate

    Ambrielle MoiseAmbrielle MoiseMonth ago
  • Avani can’t say the d slur but the singer can?

    MarnanMarnanMonth ago
    • They need to keep the same energy

      Manny FManny FMonth ago
  • Y’all, please help meh out, I’m new to TikTok and just trying to understand WHAT THE FRICK is going on...why do people hate Nikita?

    Kaitlyn HutchinsonKaitlyn HutchinsonMonth ago
  • I didn’t even know what the d slur was a

    FaithxNalaFaithxNalaMonth ago
  • For those who don't know what the "d" slur is, it's a word that is a derogatory name for lesbians and it's terrible.

    Breanne O'ReillyBreanne O'ReillyMonth ago
  • The song Avani got cancelled for i Lowkey have heard that song so many times and I actually was clueless that it was a slur even in the song like no cap it’s sounds like hit like the night like I’m not even trying to be funny I actually thought those were the words I didn’t even know what the D slur was

    Cherry BlxssomsCherry BlxssomsMonth ago
  • 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂

    moulder X filesmoulder X filesMonth ago
  • ok so i think Olivia like blackmails anyone who exposes her...

    MissBobaMissBobaMonth ago
  • What's a d slur

    Aye.Itz.Serina RodriguezAye.Itz.Serina RodriguezMonth ago
  • Musically was never this horrible

    MeliMeliMonth ago
  • I don’t like Nikita and she is so inappropriate. I think I am going puke 🤮 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Maya BatzriMaya BatzriMonth ago
  • I love nikita plz dont hate on her videos

    Ana AndjelkovićAna AndjelkovićMonth ago
  • y’all are so dramatic ... omg the “ D” slur LMFAOOOOO

    Arely PeraltaArely PeraltaMonth ago
    • @jayda huntley i am lesbian 😂

      Arely PeraltaArely Peralta15 days ago
    • Answer quick? Are you lesbian? The d slur is extremely offensive towards lesbians, people legit use it to degrade them. It’s a real slur. Just like the f slur is used to degrade gay men. So shut up, it’s a slur and she was rightfully called out. People weren’t being dramatic, she said a lesbophobic slur. Yes Ik she wasn’t aware it existed but they called her out for good reason

      jayda huntleyjayda huntley15 days ago
  • um out of all tiktokers getting canceled they didn't canceled byrce hall oh yeah he is still softish even he made a song ;(

    Candace ClayCandace ClayMonth ago
  • No wonder Nikita always brings up transphobia- it’s constant in her life. A lot of ppl be like “why does she always bring it up” welp this is why 😬

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetMonth ago
  • I thoughts “dyke” was just a term for lesbians that dress more boy like. Cause I have friends like those - and I thought they were referred to as “dyke” or “stud” or sum like that. I’m so confused 👁👄👁

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetMonth ago