Bryce Hall CALLED OUT After SHADING Ariana?!, Danielle Cohn's Mom EXPOSED?! Malu EXPOSES Ryan Garcia

Nov 13, 2020
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Bryce Hall CALLED OUT After SHADING Ariana?!, Danielle Cohn's Mom EXPOSED?! Malu EXPOSES Ryan Garcia
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  • she didnt say your name did she and shes not chasing for clout she is saying facts -. - and you need to accept it lol

    Zafer IlhanZafer Ilhan2 days ago
  • Ari 's net worth: 180 million $ Bryce Hall's net worth: 2 million$ Ari could buy him 90 times, and this delusional idiot thinks, she is using him for publicity

    Taylor Swift loverTaylor Swift lover3 days ago
  • good for him

    Owen BiehlerOwen Biehler3 days ago
  • Leave Ariana-chan alone.

    Twisted SakuraTwisted Sakura11 days ago
  • i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    olivia heavenolivia heaven12 days ago
  • Ya know the queen is right, you "tiktokers" really couldnt wait a few months to go somewhere like ya'll are not famous influencers who get paid to dance... Yall need to be CANCELLED

    JynChloeJynChloe12 days ago
  • Ho-leigh crap omg re-leigh, this is super full with *TEA* 🍵😩

    King_FlaireKing_Flaire15 days ago
  • “Clout chaser” . EXCUSE MEE??? Ma gurl Ariana can buy your whole life , including your miserable and useless beings such as … ( y’all know who)

    Sister iDVSister iDV16 days ago
  • Ariana effing grande needs a marketing move? u ok boy?

    Sania SaqibSania Saqib16 days ago
  • Ariana is an A-List celebrity. Y'all really think she'd have time to bother with some tiktok drama. She's too busy getting more fans and more money. Thats what it takes to be a celebrity, deal with it Bryce.

    Butera BeautyButera Beauty17 days ago
  • Like not to be rude but like I used to be a fan of Ariana grande

    Mallory EstesMallory Estes18 days ago
  • Chiile she could buy you ALL she ain’t need your twelve year old clout

    Miller :PMiller :P18 days ago
  • I love ari!! She is speaking facts!!!

    Aaliyah and AnastaziaAaliyah and Anastazia20 days ago
  • Bryce hall Ariana Grande is more famous than you

    genna gemgenna gem22 days ago
  • Ariana Grande trying to gain publicity??? Lmaoooo y'all is Bryce okayy?💀💀

    Angelina SkyAngelina Sky24 days ago
  • Not TikTokers thinking they celebrities 😭😭💀shameeee

    Angelina SkyAngelina Sky24 days ago
  • Imagine saying THE Ariana Grande is chasing clout. Like ummm Bryce that's what you doing hun💀💀

    Angelina SkyAngelina Sky24 days ago
  • Ariana is talking like the older sister, will she really is older than them and she did her part well.

    Angela KateAngela Kate28 days ago
  • Lol

    Aualea playzAualea playz28 days ago
  • Gurl Ariana Grande is a 👑queen, sorry but like she is right there is a ✨world✨ wide pandemic that is killing millions like dUh

    Sameeha AslamSameeha Aslam29 days ago
  • Ya ari is LITERALLY SPEAKING FACTS like wha-

    irene wilcoxirene wilcox29 days ago
  • Even Trina Vega wouldn't want to work with Bryce for a platform which means that your platform is that shit. Also Bryce, Ari could literally buy your whole career.

    Akshita SatapathyAkshita SatapathyMonth ago
  • B**** if YOU ask me. I said “this annoying @@@ hole literally just did THAT,” Ariana is a CELEBRITY she is better than u and you fam Bryce Hall.

    Meer AzizMeer AzizMonth ago
  • Bruh she didnt even mention Tik tok and i doubt she even knows who they are!!!

    fan robfan robMonth ago
  • Honestly I think all the drama is unnecessary but... I watch your videos because they are entertaining

    Kk GavinKk GavinMonth ago
  • oh so he SHADES ARI NOW woooooooooow RUDE ARI BE LIKE BISH. YOU really thought XD

    Dhara PatelDhara PatelMonth ago

    Hijabi FerdjaniHijabi FerdjaniMonth ago
  • Ari probably dosen't even know who bryce hall is, these tik tokers acting like "celebrities" NEED to be cancelled. idc.

    flying tacosflying tacosMonth ago
  • OMG if someone actually is shading Ariana like lmao she can literally buy your careers and SHES not wrong like wtf

    Taiga SomethingTaiga SomethingMonth ago
  • Bryce seriously needs an ego check and a therapist, like honey! Ariana could literally BUY you and your whole career, stay in your place

    AnneliseAnneliseMonth ago
  • the second hand embarrassment i get from this guy is through the roof 🤚

    Júlia GalizaJúlia GalizaMonth ago
  • the second hand embarrassment i get from this guy 🤚

    Júlia GalizaJúlia GalizaMonth ago
  • They r just mad bc Ariana is right and they don’t want to say it

    Jachary Chev_bessonJachary Chev_bessonMonth ago
  • Come for Ariana and I come for you, like she doesn’t need clout she IS clout

    Lisa LeadenhamLisa LeadenhamMonth ago
  • Why am I seeing dis?! 🤦🏻‍♀️. It's just the way Bryce act I feel ssoooo disgusted! 🤢🤮

    Mitha aka RareMitha aka RareMonth ago
  • Can you do a face reveal pls you are amazing 🥺🥺😊

    angel zaghloulangel zaghloulMonth ago
  • If you ask me Bryce hall wants clout from Ariana

    Angelica ViantAngelica ViantMonth ago
  • heyy girll you should do a zoe larvane vid i need the teaa

    sidney angelsidney angelMonth ago
  • Miss Ariana was spitting facts and they know it + it wasn't like saddle ranch was gonna disappear or something y'all could have waited

    im2spicyim2spicyMonth ago
  • Where did Bryce attain the NERVE, the GALL, the KIDNEY, the LIVER, the SPINAL call Ariana Grande a clout chaser? The AUDACITY to put the words clout chaser and Ariana Grande on the same sentence?? Wow, he ain’t afraid of anything...

    Aphelele NgcoboAphelele NgcoboMonth ago
  • I mean Ariana ain't wrong, so why do tiktoker's have to feel offended by it, tf!!

    Esther AdetutuEsther AdetutuMonth ago
  • Yikes...Bryce Hall,What have you done?!

    Sweet PsychoSweet PsychoMonth ago
  • not coming for ariana grande, REALIZING it’s ariana grande, and then tries to become bestays with her-

    Lucas HaugLucas HaugMonth ago
  • ariana has more publicity then all these tik tokers tf she need clout off bryce name for when she’s famous as fuck ! this girl wins awards and everything all y’all mfs do is dance on an app

    Official CaiteOfficial CaiteMonth ago
  • Bryce: She is a clout chaser( low- key ashamed) Me: Excuse me but she is a Celebrity and you are just a influencer. Ur not even on her level, all you can do is just dream about it

    DeAsia ShiversDeAsia ShiversMonth ago
  • Ariana made it not to hard TF 20 year old they should no how to act.

    Nicole NesbitNicole NesbitMonth ago
  • Make a video on specter and his ex

    Paris MulliganParis MulliganMonth ago
  • this is weird but i want Chinese food

    thegreatragu Lewisthegreatragu LewisMonth ago
  • When i saw ari ya know i clicked straight away

    Viviana SantiagoViviana SantiagoMonth ago
  • PLEASE Bryce is lucky that Ariana even knows he exists 🤣🤣🤣 He's just salty someone called him out😂

    I need a life TeheI need a life TeheMonth ago
  • There is NO way they could ever be any more PROBLEMATIC-

    pwytonnnpwytonnnMonth ago
  • Malu and Danielle are the MOST problematic Tiktokers I’ve literally seen. It’s just sad :/

    CookieeeCookieeeMonth ago
  • I don’t know why Tiktokers are coming after Ariana Grande. Their supposed to be influencers and all day everyday they argue. Ariana just stated facts about not going out during the pandemic. They were risking their health just for that. (No Hate). :)

    CookieeeCookieeeMonth ago
  • Ariana do be speaking facts though

    Grier LariveeGrier LariveeMonth ago
  • It still annoys me how Bryce said “especially that she called out a specific group when other people are doing it.” Bryce she called you guys out because your supposed to be “influencers” when all you influence is to go out during a deadly pandemic. Ariana called you out, except it

    MiaMiaMonth ago
  • Bryce needs to calm down he never does wtf-what’s wrong with the world and Ariana says “to wait for the panthamic” bitch it’s never gonna end Bryce:she is buying her followers and she is using her fans for clout she would never no one can buy anyone get that in your head for once

    Alondra Aragon VazquezAlondra Aragon VazquezMonth ago
  • Addison and Dixie said things I thought it was just Bryce

    Yogurt CentralYogurt CentralMonth ago
  • Oh my God how meant to say Bryce not rice

    Janette CamposJanette CamposMonth ago
  • huh, why does addisons name putted in this wtf

    luvv uuluvv uuMonth ago
  • Okay so this is my opinion okay? "bRyCe hAlL" look disgustang omagaddd

    •chriztney••chriztney•Month ago
  • Ariana chasing clout? lmao, she's a nickelodeon STAR, a SINGER, Bryce is NOBODY compared to her, He thinks he's all over her head lmao, she's having breakfast at Tiffany's , writing checks and songs. 🤍

    Pov safetynetPov safetynet2 months ago

    •Kz••Kz•2 months ago
  • why do these TikTokers think that they are celebrities ari does not need clout she can buy their whole career tf 😤💀

    Mi-yon LowellMi-yon Lowell2 months ago
  • PLEASEEEEEE ari has WAYYYY more clout then tiktokers 💀😭😭🤣 also i didn’t know about bryce until the drama lmfoaoajdjdbdbr 💀

    WoahsummermarieWoahsummermarie2 months ago
  • what is there to clout chase- LOL ur clout chasing bro

    Tenzin ChoekyiTenzin Choekyi2 months ago
  • Willy wonka is real ? Omg im gonna get alot of chocolat :D

    Hiba SadikiHiba Sadiki2 months ago
  • I feel tiktokers are no more normal .. like even the least problematic at least have one or two stuff like bella poarch

    Zainab HussainZainab Hussain2 months ago
  • theese tiks tokers want drama lmao like can't yall just stop making drama espically with the QUEEN ari she can buy your whole career a whole celebity verus a influencer hmmm

    Maddison RoseMaddison Rose2 months ago
  • gurlll i tot bryce looked cute now im changing mindsss

    DipDatChip 030DipDatChip 0302 months ago
  • wtf bryce, ariana is 100 times more famous than you

    C ValentinoC Valentino2 months ago
  • Waittttt, can i have the EXACT name of the vid or Ari saing that pleaseee! If someone know please reply

    Tory SantillanTory Santillan2 months ago
  • Wait does Bryce know that Ariana’s net worth is more than his whole family (including ancestors) she can buy your whole fame. Trying to gain publicity!?

    MiyukiiMiyukii2 months ago
  • When we can see a face reaveal

    NikkiNikki2 months ago
  • ✨im just saying most of aris songs are popular dance challenges on tt that they dance to so......✨

    fantasiafantasia2 months ago
  • hi anna what is the edting the app u use

    piper.rworldpiper.rworld2 months ago
  • Hes just gelous he did this with Billie.

    Dragon FireDragon Fire2 months ago
  • Imagine being a tiktoker and getting called out by a celebrity and then the celebrity not even mentioning you but you attack a CELEBRITY while your a tiktoker who got famous cuz they dated Addison Rae and also does he realize we did not support the tiktok because of him it was cuz we agree Ari is not thinking bout him

    End ElloEnd Ello2 months ago
  • LOL i mean like malu is kinda right its ryans fault that he cheated but why did malu said yes interesting...

  • Bryce is just a meathead who's jealous that Ariana has more talent in one blood cell then he and the rest of the Hype House have collectively.

    Jaydin Webb-CatoJaydin Webb-Cato2 months ago
    • say it louder like how does doing 💃🏻 all day make u important/relevant

      strawberrypockystickstrawberrypockystickMonth ago
  • Not ari Having more TIKTOK FOLLOWERS with just promo tiktoks for her 2 singles.

    Hello.Hello.3 months ago
  • I dont like Danielle but idk what she did wrong here

    jade moonjade moon3 months ago
  • Go off Ariana you tell em gurlllll

    XxwolfpupgamingxX Couch potatoXxwolfpupgamingxX Couch potato3 months ago
  • Lmfaooo ya really treat celebrities like there Gods there humans just like the rest of us🤚🏽😂

    Jocelyn TapiaJocelyn Tapia3 months ago
  • OK and what do you want me to do about that Danielle is litrally 13 years old

    Ryan uwamhenyeRyan uwamhenye3 months ago
  • Oh boy hunny- If you drag Ariana watch out for the Arinator fam 😌

    Serendipity_ føxSerendipity_ føx3 months ago
  • Tiktokers need to stop trying to drag in the Ariana Grande Butera because they can’t even compare to her she could literally buy their whole career.

    Serendipity_ føxSerendipity_ føx3 months ago
  • Not tiktokers acting like celebrities🙄 ✋ Your JOB is tiktok shutup.

    krystyna starskrystyna stars3 months ago
  • Why can’t they just leave Ariana alone PLEASE she can litterally buy Tik tok lmaooo

    FridaFrida3 months ago
  • lol why would he thought that ariana is doing that for clout like hello? ariana is already famous.

    Jaspher ArimadoJaspher Arimado3 months ago
  • Bryce and arianna r both right But Bryce: she didn’t point fingers

    CayCay3 months ago
  • Ariana grande's ponytail cost more than tiktok itself and he thinks hes better than her?

    jalymar ruizjalymar ruiz3 months ago
  • Where is the freakin lie??

    Shamina FerdousiShamina Ferdousi3 months ago
    • I don’t think Ari need any publicity from these TIKTOKERS?

      Shamina FerdousiShamina Ferdousi3 months ago
  • Danielle's "proof" still isn't proof because you can log out of insta and have another string of accounts without it popping up when you click the thing that shows you accounts.

    KateKate3 months ago
  • HOoOoOoOOnyYyYyYY do you REALLY think that ARIANA GRANDE herrrr self is trying to get clout from a TICTOKER dudddde like seriously we alllll know who is really searching for clout

    kenzy Mohamedkenzy Mohamed3 months ago
  • Btw Ariana is already a celebrity yaaaaal

    Lina and Luna NebohLina and Luna Neboh3 months ago
  • not me liking danny now bc of how toxi she is 👁️👄👁️

    Tori AlbertsTori Alberts3 months ago
  • Not you defending malu she has said the n-word on multiple occasions.

    Naomi CarterNaomi Carter3 months ago
  • Literally ari can buy them all 😂

    ੈ Classy Kayla ੈੈ Classy Kayla ੈ3 months ago
  • Why would bryce hall make fun of queen ari

    jimenajimena3 months ago
  • I’m afraid of been a influencer and everything a do they criticize me OMG so scary 😣😣 PEOPLE aro so toxic.

    Franny Guadalupe GuadalupeFranny Guadalupe Guadalupe3 months ago