Bryce Hall CALLED OUT After SHADING Ariana?!, Danielle Cohn's Mom EXPOSED?! Malu EXPOSES Ryan Garcia

Nov 13, 2020
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Bryce Hall CALLED OUT After SHADING Ariana?!, Danielle Cohn's Mom EXPOSED?! Malu EXPOSES Ryan Garcia
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  • u said malu name wrong

    Destiny SanchezDestiny Sanchez42 minutes ago
  • I hate the fact that tiktokers think there up the celebrity status level😐

    Park JiminPark Jimin55 minutes ago
  • yea dani back at it again

    Vagos girlVagos girl3 hours ago
  • ariana didnt even say bryces or addisons name or anyone elses they just knew it was them so they got mad about it

    Vagos girlVagos girl3 hours ago
  • I see tik tok is dramatic but like they famous for what?! Tik tokers are so problematic lol they are problematic cause they are still going out and ain’t wearing a mask... how does he still have a fans cake Ariana is A-listers lol chillie anyways

    The Next Step_Disney_ActingThe Next Step_Disney_Acting4 hours ago
  • Bruh literally Bryce Hall said that Ariana Grande is saying this for clout when Ariana can literally buy Bryce and the whole tiktok community like lmaoooo😂😂😂😂 and after that he was like "stream positions" Like wtf do u think u can get ur 8 year old fans back by saying "stream positions" Like 😒😒 whatever (no hate to 8 year old kids😅)

    Sania MathewSania Mathew12 hours ago
  • I feel like Bryce is just hating for no reason she’s speaking facts some tiktokers are acting like miss rona is real

    Latisha WilliamsLatisha Williams13 hours ago
  • Ariana is speaking straight FACTS no printer 😂 she is right

    Hailey HaylockHailey Haylock14 hours ago
  • ok yall cant frick with ariana, shes world wide famous and a lot more famous than yall. she is one of the top popstars in the world. like sis- shes broken so many records, and yall are throwing shade NOW? oh please..she wasnt wrong at all.

    glxssy livvyglxssy livvy18 hours ago
    • @salty milk you aint wrong -

      glxssy livvyglxssy livvy14 hours ago
    • the cringe contained in this comment is just baffling

      salty milksalty milk14 hours ago
  • Who tf does Bryce think he is? Ariana Grande, an A-LIST CELEBRITY, doesn’t need to attack him for clout. She isn’t a clout chaser lmao she has all the clout she needs. Bryce needs to sit tf down.

    Mia TorresMia Torres19 hours ago
  • Tbh everyone has to mind there own business fr because it doesn’t involve you idk why people care about their lives, it’s just dumb yk, no hate or anything

    Yaya CrackheadYaya Crackhead20 hours ago
  • The myth gets that if you say the USworldsrs name 3 times you get pinned. anna oop anna oop anna oop

    Anime Weeb 26Anime Weeb 2622 hours ago
  • tiktokers: pademic? never heard of it

    kitigun !kitigun !22 hours ago
  • Bryce HONEY it was necessary because if a random person said that yeah they would be chasing clout but that's a celebrity who said that so that's different ;-;

    Queen EsterQueen Ester23 hours ago
  • Captions:Tick tockers girl bye-

    Milky on tea.Milky on tea.Day ago
  • Bryce, Ariana has a whole career. Before her singing career she starred in the shows Victorious and Sam & Cat. All Bryce did was make dances for a living, so honestly he shouldn't be coming for a celeb that was speaking facts. I dont know why people are coming at Danielle Cohn for the dumbest things. Why are they getting mad that her mom has all her accounts or well they think. Honestly I don't know how yall is upset but like I'm fine. Also there also gonna get mad because she Doesn't know her nationality come on now. All I got to say about malu is you go girl because you didn't know he had a wife and had kids he kept that truth from you just to make you look bad and for you to also get hate. Ryan is a jerk and hopefully his wife dumps him. His wife deserves better, someone that will treat her with respect. If Ryan was really loyal he could've stepped up and said "I have a wife and 2 kids with a baby on the way" but noooo he just wanted to keep it a secret 🙄 so malu was victim here.

    Rakeema HemansRakeema HemansDay ago
  • ur voice is overrated

    zara memiczara memicDay ago
  • Actually I believe Danielle my dad is also Arab and I don't think her mom wrote that

    Mina AshidoMina AshidoDay ago
  • Ariana is one of the people on the list of celebritiey boo she could buy your career and your house but bigger.....and that the fact Bryce should had got kicked.. and..bye..BRYCE HALL 👁👄👁

    Am I YouAm I YouDay ago
  • Tf does Ari need clout for? Hun she is QUEEN compared to Bryce. Not Bryce thinking he can shade Ariana and get away with it 😭👐

    yoususnglyoususnglDay ago
  • Uh i think ariana was talking abt the party that The Weeknd went to and the other celebs. i think she doesnt even know that tiktokers had a party omggg 🤡🤡

    Thirza HelmusThirza HelmusDay ago
  • I don’t get why people like Ariana it’s not like she’s the queen of everything

    Kelly MKelly M2 days ago
    • She is one of the largest inspirations in the pop industry. She is mostly popular for her excellent songwriting and bop songs. She is also titled as most famous woman in the world and also the third most beautiful woman in the world. She also starred in the Nickelodeon sitcom, Victorious as she played Cat Valentine. She also starred in a tv show called Scream Queens. People like her because she is inspiring as well as heartwarming.

      salty milksalty milk14 hours ago
  • Sense they got a couple million they think they the shit like sit down clowns

    unicorn roseunicorn rose2 days ago
  • Heck that’s so embarrassing

    BTS in my bloodBTS in my blood2 days ago
  • ari isn't even worried about this tiktok drama lmao. she can break these tiktokers in one snap LMFAO.

    Mairis KohnkeMairis Kohnke2 days ago
    • @salty milk its true tho lmao. even if you arent a fan of her (like me) you gotta admit she could end their careers in a second

      khuram mahmudkhuram mahmudHour ago
    • ok ariana fangirl

      salty milksalty milk14 hours ago
  • These tik tokers are messing with a CELEBRITY

    Selin MIRAPSelin MIRAP2 days ago
  • ariana has 200 million followers on Instagram, and bryce just has 7 million followers. That’s just fucked up haha,

    LevieLevie2 days ago
  • Ariana doesn't need clout. Ariana is a celebrity, TikToker's aren't.

    dreamsdo cometruedreamsdo cometrue2 days ago
    • oop

      salty milksalty milk14 hours ago
  • no words

    examira xexamira x3 days ago
    • 😶

      examira xexamira x3 days ago
  • Bryce..... your going up against a literal QUEEN/GODDESS! This is a fight you are going to LOSE! Your best bet is to retreat dude.

    Colorful CloudsColorful Clouds3 days ago
  • Ariana dose tik tok too and those was tok tokers chioe not hers

    Alaya SmithAlaya Smith3 days ago
  • Now Tik Tokers thinking they better than celebrities 😭

    Sparkly AllysaSparkly Allysa3 days ago
  • It’s VERY true idk why these tik tokers are calling her out, like being safe is more important like whaaaa-

    Weird HumanWeird Human3 days ago
  • He needs to calm down all he does is 15 second dances ... Then what

    Mamothibi ThoahlaneMamothibi Thoahlane3 days ago
  • this 'tiktoker' coming for an A-list when he isn't even on z-list. lol. "beauty fades. dumb is forever!" -Bianca del RIo

    uuuupppssieuuuupppssie3 days ago
    • mk

      salty milksalty milk14 hours ago
  • Guys pls stop hitting on Bryce too much. He is still a human and and can make mistakes, btw Ariana has a lot of followers and can’t loose them fast.

    Lexiplayz !Lexiplayz !3 days ago
  • Imagine attcking the person who called out your wrongdoings, so ignorant and stupid, these tiktokers can relate

    Hunter JericaHunter Jerica3 days ago
  • TikTokers she is trying to save u like seriously???!

    Emma_PlayzEmma_Playz3 days ago
  • How does nationality define someone tho !!!🤦🤷, Tik tok's getting to toxic rn.

    Dina KateDina Kate3 days ago
  • I think the videos hot more views coz Ariana was mentioned not him, no shade but.. ...

    Dina KateDina Kate3 days ago
  • Why are people mad at chile-

    Juicy Rat pissJuicy Rat piss3 days ago
  • Can someone try to ban tiktok and bring back musicaly like damn I can't take this bullshit no more like StOP BeING TOxic it's not that fucking hard

    YoU KnOw BtS ?!YoU KnOw BtS ?!3 days ago
  • When the annoying loud kid says “I’m not the only one tho 🙄”

    Jessica KrealJessica Kreal3 days ago
    • ur the annoying loud kid

      salty milksalty milk14 hours ago
  • lol all these tiktok”influencers” think that they are a celebrity or sum. while Ariana Grande is ACTUALLY a celebrity.

    ava kava k3 days ago
  • Ok so how is ari clout chasing she has more followers then he will EVER have

    Ava MilesAva Miles3 days ago
  • What did Dixie and Addison say about Ariana ???

    Carla lAyCarla lAy4 days ago
  • omggg when will people learn the difference between nationality and ethnicity 🙄

    Alina ScotsmanAlina Scotsman5 days ago
  • Dude what???..your name not even iconic as her Her name is ARIANA GRANDE(iconic asf) Starbuck name their coffee by her. Srsly get you're shit together She is a A-LIST CELEBRITY and you just a fukboy tiktoker She can buy your life

    Deeja HashimDeeja Hashim5 days ago
  • Bruh it was Ryan’s fault, he didn’t tell Malu that he was married with a baby on the way. People look for ANYTHING to create drama with lmao. Like chill with the drama y’all it was Ryan’s fault, and there’s evidence too!

    Stacey CareyStacey Carey5 days ago
  • Oml can people sometimes leave Danielle alone tho- “It WaS hEr MoM!” Like shut up and mind your own business huns 😌

    Stacey CareyStacey Carey5 days ago
  • Bryce and Willie Wonka acted like the we’re fricken more famous then the one and only Ariana, and A- LIST CELEBRITY!!!! Like hunni no.... your not even close to being as famous are her

    Stacey CareyStacey Carey5 days ago
  • Wait didn't she said that she from Spain ??! And now she saying my dad is Arab?! Yoo she's literally the biggest liar I have never seen

    HKHK5 days ago
  • ariana? a clout chaser? ariana grande? the fuck is he talking about?

    Alexandra CAlexandra C5 days ago
  • umm childdd anyways sooo

    Robert CephasRobert Cephas5 days ago
  • ariana shading them to gain popularity AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA WTF IS WRONG WITH U?

    Mitzi LlanitaMitzi Llanita5 days ago
  • Imagine ARIANA GRANDE is chasing clout by shading tiktokers LMAAAOOOOO

    emmy _llyemmy _lly5 days ago
  • This guy is never going to change

    random personrandom person5 days ago
  • Bryce hall can go now Ariana earned her place as a celebrity, making music, acting on TV and more All bryce did was probably did pull off his shirt to get girls attention to get famous So Bryce before you act hard maybe realise how stupid you sound

    FpFp5 days ago

    NikkiNikki5 days ago
  • Anna honey Danielle Cohn does not have fans like what fans!?

    Ella EstradaElla Estrada5 days ago
  • she made a complete clear apology/statement, they think her mother does everything after she tries to clear. smh.

    giagia5 days ago
  • bryce...hunny. pipe down.

    giagia5 days ago
  • Y’all act like Ariana grande is a whole goddess I’m a fan but she is not a goddess

    Imani SnowImani Snow6 days ago
  • sorry even putting Ariana and Bryce next to eachother on the thumbnail is hilarious..they're miles apart 😊

    Gayathri MohanGayathri Mohan6 days ago
  • Honestly I think that Danni's mom controls her and gets her into drama I think she doesnt know abt certain stuff

    C WTC WT6 days ago
  • I just wanna drag these "influencers" who basically piss people off on purpose

    mcshawner suttonmcshawner sutton6 days ago
  • Ariana Grande is like a top celebrity she’s like 1, 2, 3, place

    Jeremiah HooksJeremiah Hooks6 days ago
  • Ariana Grande.. spoke truth

    Jeremiah HooksJeremiah Hooks6 days ago
  • How is Ariana a clout chaser when she was famous before all of them like wtf😂

    ii_ Fanniii_ Fanni6 days ago
  • the fame is really getting to their heads

    W WangW Wang6 days ago
  • Love your videos but you are too dramatic for me and make a HUGE deal about things that aren’t that big! NO HATE! love your vids! 🤍😁🤍

    Trinity MillerTrinity Miller6 days ago
  • Ariana has a big name, she won't need a little teenager giving her peanuts lol

    Retuks20 PRetuks20 P6 days ago
  • I don’t respect malu cause of all that shxt she did but they shouldn’t have called her a home wrecker, that’s not her fault

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget6 days ago
  • Dani and her momma lowkey need to stay off social media ..

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget6 days ago
  • Um the only person that shaded ari was Bryce, not yall bringin Dixie and Addison up- they didn’t rlly shade her

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget6 days ago
  • Everyone’s talking about Ariana and Bryce Hall. I wanna know what y’all think about this whole Malu and Ryan drama

    Miss MysteryMiss Mystery6 days ago
  • 👀🤯🌸

    Lisa_643Lisa_6437 days ago
  • is it me or did she say 𝒸𝒽𝒾𝓁𝒾

    iiLEXIiiiiLEXIii7 days ago
  • She is an A-LIST CELEBRITY and he is a TIKTOKER like... 🤡🤡🤡

    Kristen CourtKristen Court7 days ago
  • & she's not wrong

    katina inakatina ina7 days ago
    • Yo

      Sadie HartSadie Hart7 days ago
  • Why do you add different people in the thumbnail

    Hxney ClxudsHxney Clxuds7 days ago
  • oooOooOooOoO spill the tea sis

    Ashwini MohanAshwini Mohan7 days ago
  • Ik that someone who sold they soul didn't nun like u have no behalf on this ty. 🥺💫

    McKenzie ChurchMcKenzie Church7 days ago
  • Why y’all shading Ariana? She ain’t even wrong tho😭

    Dance K LifeDance K Life7 days ago
  • You need to have some extreme confidence to SHADE ARIANA GRANDE.

    frenchbxgettefrenchbxgette7 days ago
  • why tf would ariana chase some clout like bro she literally has like a billion fans 💀

    trager_ juicetrager_ juice7 days ago
  • Bryce Hall doesn’t even have the audacity to shade an A LIST celebrity-

    Marley EvansMarley Evans7 days ago
  • Wait a goddamn second. Who on Earth gave these tiktokers the impression that ARIANA GRANDE. let me repeat, ARIANA GRANDE, needed THEIR clout??? That they were at her level??? She’s an actual celeb. Tiktokers are just the ppl who weren’t talented enough to get famous the good old way “She’s just a clout chaser. Targeting me and my friends” It has nothing to do with clout. It’s about the fact that u and ur friends are apart of the reason families have to get the message that they lost someone dear to them. Hate to break it to u luv but Ariana is an A-List celeb. U and ur friends’ fandom is a bunch of 12 year olds. Ariana is at this level and you.... You’re at this level.

    S h n i t z l eS h n i t z l e7 days ago
  • Danielle means ethnicity not nationality💀

    JJ7 days ago
  • "she's not wrong" SO FOLLOW HER WORDS!! and seriously?! why would you be chasing clout when you are higher then these tik tokers who so badly want to be celebrities

    M I R A̷ ̷C L ETMM I R A̷ ̷C L ETM7 days ago
  • not TikTokers thinking that they are even on the same LEVEL of Ariana 😳 . (no hate tho 😛)

    theerealkyiaatheerealkyiaa7 days ago
  • not tiktokers thinking their big and shit when celebrities want nothing to do with them lmao

    Memoona HassanMemoona Hassan7 days ago
  • It’s Tro-va-o not Tra-ve-ho

    Michelina AndraeMichelina Andrae7 days ago
  • Sorry Anna but you sound Stupid your nationality is what country is your citizenship is American but I am half Swedish half Mexican BY ETHNICITY when Danni was talking about her ” Nationality” she really meant her ethnicity

    Michelina AndraeMichelina Andrae7 days ago
    • Yeah. I was confused too

      Australian RedditorAustralian Redditor7 days ago
  • the fact that they think there famous and powerful enough to hate on her lmaoooo there all little kids

    JuliaJulia7 days ago
  • Why would a TikToker miss with a celebrity doesn’t make sense for me 🙂💔 and also why is her dad arab WHY?

    Reema KReema K7 days ago
  • Ariana is a celebrity and have work and concerts and music to shoot and still stayed at home and these tik tokers that have no life partying and going to restaurants like not just Ariana just shaded them even billie

    ღ coco_chan UwU ღღ coco_chan UwU ღ7 days ago
  • And I thought Bryce wasn't problematic lmao I'm dumb as fuck chile

    L e x i eL e x i e7 days ago
  • She wasn't calling out a specific group. Bryce basically just exposed himself and others by saying she was calling them out, when she didn't even say anybody's name lmao. She wasn't wrong, and she doesn't need to chase clout because she's already an A list celeb

    Elvire RedElvire Red7 days ago
  • Bryce ik u not talking IK U NOT TALKING 😤😤

    Brittney KirlandBrittney Kirland7 days ago