Bryce RESPONDS TO Sway House Getting SHUT DOWN, Danielle Cohn ADMITS AGE, Cynthia CANCELLED

Aug 21, 2020
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Bryce RESPONDS TO Sway House Getting SHUW DOWN, Danielle Cohn ADMITS AGE, Cynthia CANCELLED
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  • am older than danille like what ..................................

    dianadiana3 days ago
  • this Cynthia bish is disrespectful I might not be Latina but my BSF is so this girl better fix herself or ima need someone to for myself

    CxmfyKenzCxmfyKenz9 days ago
  • 2 years ago she said she is 14 when in fact she was 12

    CheeseboyCheeseboy10 days ago
  • ok im latina and honestly its really and i mean really disrepectfull to me but thats my opinion

    Beich MaraBeich Mara11 days ago
  • Hii

    Unicorn Neriah LoveUnicorn Neriah Love16 days ago
  • I think that it is a little disrespectful but where is the apology?

    Miriam OrtegaMiriam Ortega19 days ago
  • Im latina and this is SO disrespectful.

    Giu’s ChanelGiu’s Chanel19 days ago
  • Is. Sad because I am Latina

    ELISA ParadaELISA Parada21 day ago
  • I have to replay clips of Robert Shehans gorgeous face to pull my self away from this crappy crap. .....

    Gabriella BrooksGabriella Brooks24 days ago
  • Is it just me or does cynthia all of a sudden look like a blonde Madison beer?😬🙄😒

    Alayla cookieAlayla cookie25 days ago
  • Poor sway:(

    KeepCalmAndDreamBigKeepCalmAndDreamBig26 days ago
  • So, let me get this straight. Cynthia was being cancelled just because she was dancing to a Spanish song, even though she wasn't like Tina? I don't know about you, but the Spanish language originated in Spain, and most Hispanics speak the same language after the Spaniards from Europe came to the Americas. I don't understand why people get offended to someone dancing to a song in the different language.

  • 3:58 fellow latina here i vote disrespectful 😌

    Jazmin ArguetaJazmin Argueta27 days ago
  • Umm they can throw a party without music 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and they have a pool

    ItzEmmaItzEmma28 days ago
  • I hate tiktok lol musical. Ly is better

    kayla l channelkayla l channel28 days ago
  • I am latin. in my opinion it is very hurtful

    PlankxPlankx29 days ago
  • I’m Latina I don’t get it?? What’s wrong with the video????

    Ashley OrozcoAshley OrozcoMonth ago
  • "at party house" i'm sorry-

    Zainab NasarZainab NasarMonth ago
  • as a Latina myself I don't feel attacked because lots of people that aren't Latina or latino are doing this dance :)

    Isabel SpoonerIsabel SpoonerMonth ago
  • cyntina girl jus looks dumb 😭

    Ary MartinezAry MartinezMonth ago
  • I haven’t watched this girl in almost 3 months lmao

    astelviaastelviaMonth ago
  • I'm not even siprised any more

    Wessel Le GrangeWessel Le GrangeMonth ago
  • 3:32 i’m latina and i don’t think that’s shaming. she was just dancing to a song in spanish.

    Emma SolowieiczykEmma SolowieiczykMonth ago
  • im latin and that girl is so dissrespect full im so madddddd

    Maribel GomezMaribel GomezMonth ago
  • Unpopular opinion: tik tokers only date eachother for clout there's thousands of people out there they could like but they just happen to choose another tik toker. Smh

    Unfinished SentencUnfinished SentencMonth ago
  • Lol the sway house and the hype house are basically divorced parents fighting over Tayler holder

    シQuotesシQuotesMonth ago
  • Cynthia Parker literally needs to be cancelled already, like I’m Latina, and there’s been so much beef with her and her problematic ways, CANCEL HER ALREADYYY

    NetbloxNetbloxMonth ago
  • Dan has been 14 for years 🤣

    ______________________________________Month ago
  • Bruh famous birthdays literally says she's 14

    Cash CartiCash CartiMonth ago
  • Bro I’m literally Latino Nikita offended Mexicanes NOW LATINOS HuNiiiiii OVENTUALLY EVeRYONE WILL Be CANCELED lOl 😝

    MalfoySunklnMalfoySunklnMonth ago
  • Danielle here looking like a 19 year old And me her AGE 15 LOOKING LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD what is life

  • I like how I come here to see what type of drama happens on straight tik tok

    hisoka standddhisoka standddMonth ago
  • 3:35 don’t mind me imma watch this tomorrow btw luv your videos 🥰

    Bellaiskool2 .-.Bellaiskool2 .-.Month ago
  • Sometimes idk half of the people talked about bc I'm literally on all sides of tiktok except ya know....... But I'm always here for the✨tea✨

    That_moment_when_iThat_moment_when_iMonth ago
  • She said did I admit it no 😂 girl 14+5=19 and 14+6=20 u just exposed urself 😂😂😂

    Kaylyn_ VibezKaylyn_ VibezMonth ago
  • Im late but that thumbnail does not look like bryce at all

    FortheAvocadosFortheAvocadosMonth ago
  • as Latin myself that is disrespectful bc that is not the proper way to treat a dance and if you are ganna dance to Latin music please dance respectfully not like you are a zombie

    Dayanara TorresDayanara TorresMonth ago
  • Everything u do offends soemone. There’s been plenty of videos I’ve seen that’s rascit towards white ppl and no one says anything .

    Shaelyn AlyssaShaelyn AlyssaMonth ago
  • I’m Latina this is so disappointing

    Arianna MirandaArianna MirandaMonth ago
  • Thefu** I'm latino

    Sophia RodriguezSophia RodriguezMonth ago
  • So people can’t dance to music?! You all are so pathetic and will need your safe spaces when you get to college. The real world is going to be a very cruel reality check for all of you.

    M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤Month ago
  • Plss make the sway house not have internet anymore🤦‍♂️

    《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKE《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKEMonth ago
  • Jaden looks so cute 🥺

    Charmaine IP [10C14]Charmaine IP [10C14]Month ago
  • Doesnt bryce look weird AF in the thumbnail, just me?

    everybody loves meeverybody loves meMonth ago
  • Mean

    Melissa I want that phone MorganMelissa I want that phone MorganMonth ago
  • im latina but tbh i dont see it as that disrespectful

    Karen MartinezKaren MartinezMonth ago
  • Thank god

    Prince SotomayorPrince SotomayorMonth ago
  • your starting to annoy me annaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Elyna OsmanElyna OsmanMonth ago
  • I'm latina....and tbh I dont find cynthia's tiktok disrespectful and neither should many makes no sense to be offended and not know anything from latino culture or roots.. but for those who are educated and know latino culture have their rights to he offended

    chikie rubychikie rubyMonth ago
  • i am latina and thats disrespectful

    Adamari Salceda TijeroAdamari Salceda TijeroMonth ago
  • I’m part of the latinx community and what she did was not right. For the non-latinx people defending her, get a brain. It’s not your culture so don’t say it’s not offensive. She basically made fun of the way we dance. I’m not sorry that she’s getting hate, I’m sorry that she was dumb enough to post that.

    Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopooBigpeenqueen peepeepoopooMonth ago
    • @Professional_Idxot I know I’m just saying that she shouldn’t make fun of someone else’s culture.

      Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopooBigpeenqueen peepeepoopooMonth ago
    • @Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopoo of course not. Its not the end of the world

      Professional_IdxotProfessional_IdxotMonth ago
    • @Professional_Idxot are you joking?

      Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopooBigpeenqueen peepeepoopooMonth ago
    • Don't be rude 🙄

      Professional_IdxotProfessional_IdxotMonth ago

    Kerri-Ann PinnockKerri-Ann PinnockMonth ago
  • I’m Latina and she was so disrespectful to our culture

    Lovely BubblesLovely BubblesMonth ago
  • Manifestion worked bitchhhh

    vasiliki kavvvasiliki kavvMonth ago
  • I'm Latina and this is so rude!

    Haydie MoonHaydie MoonMonth ago

    Maria PasxalakiMaria PasxalakiMonth ago
  • ikk this video was from a while ago, but the fact that i'm a year younger than dani...

    ella snethenella snethenMonth ago
  • I hate Cinthia I am Latina am I love to dance any type of dance but mostly Mexican I hate her

    Jose RodriguezJose RodriguezMonth ago
  • can you let people the on privacy 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💔💔💔💔

    Giovanny BahenaGiovanny BahenaMonth ago
  • She ether 👁👄👁 14 Or Cant do math 🙄

    Yanae WilliamsYanae WilliamsMonth ago
  • Wait where is the Cynthia Parker video and I recently looked on her tiktoks and everyone just forgot abt it-

    please stoppplease stoppMonth ago
  • Why is no one talking about how the thumbnail is not Bryce like lolll

    Doughnut Plays! Roblox!Doughnut Plays! Roblox!Month ago
  • danielle 14 has tattos

    Gabrielle SantosGabrielle SantosMonth ago
  • Click so quick when I saw that Danielle cohn finally told the truth

    SunnyHoneyVibesSunnyHoneyVibesMonth ago
  • I'm latina and yes its offensive 😭

    iiRoblox AshiiRoblox AshMonth ago
  • I’m Hispanic and I don’t see the big deal, like I don’t even know who this girl is and if she wants to embarrass herself trying to dance she can but I don’t think it’s something to be majorly pressed about

    Valeria AscencioValeria AscencioMonth ago
  • I feel so offended I am Latina The TikTok wasn’t even funny I hope she never does something like this again Can you at least learn how to dance That’s not even the right dances That us Latinos and Latinas do Get it right sis Like if you Latina or Latino 👇🏽😳

    Dalexa EncarnacionDalexa EncarnacionMonth ago
    • I do not like it when other people make fun of other cultures

      Dalexa EncarnacionDalexa EncarnacionMonth ago
    • Sorry I was really mad when I wrote this comment

      Dalexa EncarnacionDalexa EncarnacionMonth ago
    • @Kerri-Ann Pinnock I mean you don’t know. I’m offended. What if she was mocking our culture. I mean we won’t know until she says exactly what she was doing in the video. In my opinion it looked like she was making fun of the dance. Until she says that she was genuinely trying to do it right, I’m not forgiving her.

      Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopooBigpeenqueen peepeepoopooMonth ago

      Kerri-Ann PinnockKerri-Ann PinnockMonth ago
  • Me to the sway boys: Well karma is a b*tch

    iiSkyleriiiiSkyleriiMonth ago
  • lol I liked the Sway House. But I understand what ur saying and they deserved that.

    Sarah YearySarah YearyMonth ago
  • Like how u said she doesn’t have to tell us let her live her life dum asses

    Aiyana NavarroAiyana NavarroMonth ago
  • I'm Latino and she is be disrespectful

    Cami LovesRobloxCami LovesRobloxMonth ago
  • Mayor: I have cut off de electricity 😀 sway house: nOW MY TiKToK LIgHtInG WOnT BE GOoD 😭

    valerie bristervalerie bristerMonth ago
  • 4:00 not offensive. Not offensive to me, a Mexican, at least.

    Jordyn LopezJordyn LopezMonth ago
  • bruh im latina and she didnt do anything wrong. people are so dramatic

    Antonia EspinozaAntonia EspinozaMonth ago
    • @Antonia Espinoza how do you know that exactly. What if she was making fun. If she wasn’t and she comes out and said she wasn’t trying to, then I won’t be offended. If she comes out with an apology later then you’ll be in the wrong.

      Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopooBigpeenqueen peepeepoopooMonth ago
    • @Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopoo no it didnt they were just having fun.

      Antonia EspinozaAntonia EspinozaMonth ago
    • It looked like she was mocking the dance

      Bigpeenqueen peepeepoopooBigpeenqueen peepeepoopooMonth ago
  • They really said lights out 😂😂 I’m sorry I had too

    Ma’asi’s world 1Ma’asi’s world 1Month ago
  • i like when people like to learn new dances from my culture but she did it in a mocking way and didn’t take the time to properly do the dance

    Fernanda AFernanda AMonth ago
  • I'm not latina but I don't think it's disrespectful.. she is just dancing... but she's bad at it anyways

    Alicia LivernoisAlicia LivernoisMonth ago
  • Really Cynthia I like you for a second but Nah next

    Roodjina JosephRoodjina JosephMonth ago
  • I’m Latina and, it really is disrespectful. Like baby, at least know how to dance it..

    Alisson MaldonadoAlisson MaldonadoMonth ago
  • It’s a Average age to get a tattoo is 18?!

    Orisel HidalgoOrisel HidalgoMonth ago
  • How does A 14!! YEAR OLD HAVE TATTOOS

    Orisel HidalgoOrisel HidalgoMonth ago
  • That’s actually mad me cry ... I’m half Puerto Rican and that’s sad

    London LopezLondon LopezMonth ago
  • Why tf can’t she just just act her age 👁👄👁

    Dimah AlhamediDimah AlhamediMonth ago
  • Danielle is only 4 years older than me wow, the worst part is that she’s dressing like that

    •Shayla Barnette••Shayla Barnette•Month ago
  • me forgetting about Cynthia Parker: 👁👄👁

    GuCCi fLip FlOpsGuCCi fLip FlOpsMonth ago
  • Me knowing that I’m older than Danielle Cohn 🤐

    Atsumu //nicole\\Atsumu //nicole\\Month ago
  • Bruh stop making trends if u don’t want them to do them like bruh

    Adaora McafeeAdaora McafeeMonth ago
  • the last one upset my whole famliy sence where mexican

    blxu_clxdyxblxu_clxdyxMonth ago
  • Omg I’m so over the COVID stuff, it’s so annoying.

    Drama QueenDrama QueenMonth ago
  • So it was the black community then the Christian community then the Indian community now the Latin community?????????? Wth Tiktokers

    Snow PlayzSnow PlayzMonth ago
  • She has a tattoo though 😭

    ʙɪʟǫᴜɪs ᴋᴀʀɪᴍʙɪʟǫᴜɪs ᴋᴀʀɪᴍMonth ago
  • So uhm- is this Danielle's mom doing this?? Or is it just her👀

    Aika ByunAika ByunMonth ago
  • They ahould leave it to us the latin comunity because people who are not latinos dont have the right to say it was not desrespectfull

    Edgar MercadoEdgar MercadoMonth ago
  • im not fan of cynthia, actually im a bit of the opposite but she wasn't mocking anything,

    christie falzonchristie falzonMonth ago
  • dude im latina

    Alivia LopezAlivia LopezMonth ago
  • And this is why i stan madi and albert :) they get into NO drama and thats what you want, good idols.

    Ella CleggElla CleggMonth ago
  • im polynesian(hawaiian) and society is CONSTANTLY disrespecting our culture; the plastic leis, fakey hula, etc. we are just such a small community that no one seems to acknowledge us.

    bribriMonth ago
  • Why pack a trend of its offensive

    Natalie LawsonNatalie LawsonMonth ago
  • ok i am LATINN andddd thats beyonddd DISRESPECTFULL

    Andrea GomezAndrea GomezMonth ago
  • Dude dani is 16!!!!

    Jade NovcaskiJade NovcaskiMonth ago