Charli & Addison Gets CALLED UGLY & HITS BACK!, Dixie RESPONDS To Ex-Classmate, Tony EXPOSED..

Aug 19, 2020
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Charli & Addison Gets CALLED UGLY & HITS BACK!, Dixie RESPONDS To Ex-Classmate, Tony EXPOSED..
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  • I now realized that this was posted on my bday LOL

    kingflashkingflash38 minutes ago
  • “Legends”lol

    Trap goooseTrap gooose15 hours ago
  • Who should DIE (Like Peaches) (comment haters)

    Wonderland powerWonderland power15 hours ago
  • If you have rolls know that’s a goood thing because that means you eat enough and you have a good diet... if you don’t have rolls IM NOT trying to be mean but.... if you don’t have rolls then it means you have to eat more it’s not healthy for you.... YOUR GORGEOUS JUST THE WAY YOU ARE😍😍🥰🥰😘😘😘🥵🥵

    laurielyslaurielys17 hours ago
  • “I feel really bad for her............... anyways ‘

    Gabriella` BinfaGabriella` Binfa17 hours ago
  • Saying “ew you have rolls” is basically saying “ew you have a stomach”

    FirestarCat PersonFirestarCat Person17 hours ago
  • Oh and think before you speak

    Isaiah BrownIsaiah Brown18 hours ago
  • It's lying in front of your teacher for me

    Isaiah BrownIsaiah Brown18 hours ago
  • “Dont call us ugly because ugly starts with U” - Min Yoongi 💜💜

    jaydee's teajaydee's tea22 hours ago
  • I just fell down a rabbit hole of watching your videos and I love it

    3kitty_kat33kitty_kat3Day ago
  • Why would people hate on Dixie? That was in high school. She’s out of school right now and the drama was in the past. Get a hold of you life.

    Kitty CattyKitty CattyDay ago
  • Tony should stop I don't wanna see him going to jail But really he really need to go to jail to learn his lesson but Rn I hope he stops and be the real Tony I know Bad Tony:Ima hit on 16 year old girls Good Tony:loving fans, being kind, making videos for Fans, loving That's Tony I want a good caring Tony.

    Comobabi LyxnComobabi LyxnDay ago
  • I'm scared for Charlie😨I acctuly met her but I did not know who she was😊I was just trying to go to the beach but I couldn't. So many people were there

    Trevor PietrzykowskiTrevor PietrzykowskiDay ago
  • not gonna cap, I’ve always wondered what’s the purple thing under her eyes...

    ItzScratchy : DItzScratchy : D2 days ago
  • You should do a face reveal

    Makenzie KupfnerMakenzie Kupfner2 days ago
  • Noooooo what the actual HELL why are the queens getting HATE

    Franklin FamFranklin Fam3 days ago
  • Some random dude: **calls addi “fat”, and says that they’re glad they aren’t “fat” ** Me: If ur calling that fat and u not, then u must be a twig 🥱💅

    BrUh -_-BrUh -_-3 days ago
  • R u a dunkin?!?!?! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Gab's Food and CateringGab's Food and Catering3 days ago
  • Love the voice effects lol I know it’s off topic.

    Jasleen DelgadoJasleen Delgado3 days ago
  • People are haters and dont know how to shut there mouth

    VICKY MAEVICKY MAE3 days ago
    • I meant shut

      VICKY MAEVICKY MAE3 days ago
  • yoooooooooo tony is DISGUSTING like i want to throw up

    Amberlyn Diaz AlbaAmberlyn Diaz Alba3 days ago
  • not tony peaches

    Roblox girl222 22Roblox girl222 223 days ago
  • If you love Anna oop Let’s hit 2 million!!” 👇🏻

    MickeyMickey4 days ago
  • Lmao all the haters must be feeling dumb oh yeah haters who hate on people who don’t deserve it are just like Tony Lopez LMAO I mEaN aM i wRonG bOth DisGuStInG aNd nO goOD tO lOoK aT the only difference is that he doesn’t make alt accounts to hate or hide behind a screen or delete accounts after hating 😅

    Gamer roblox ᥴꫝꪮᥴꪮGamer roblox ᥴꫝꪮᥴꪮ4 days ago
  • Can anyone tell me why Dixie is even famous

    Ruby XynexRuby Xynex4 days ago
    • But u can’t bully her form something she likes

      Samuel LermaSamuel Lerma4 days ago
    • Bc of all the kids who simp for their body and fame

      Samuel LermaSamuel Lerma4 days ago
  • Its so funny how that guy called Addison fat, this man does not know how much "SIMPS" Addison has even myself I find Addison attractive like tbh 6:59 Dixie is speaking strait facts XD

    HallowPlaysHallowPlays4 days ago
  • I love you I get all my t here because it is realistic

    Michelle UnobukwuMichelle Unobukwu5 days ago
  • I’m sad they should keep their hate comments

    Mariela ChavezMariela Chavez5 days ago
  • On the Tony Lopez thing texting and sexting has to go both ways it was not just him dont get me wrong but I dont like what he did but but for him to get to that point is she has to have been texting back so people you can't put the whole blame on him

    sincere raysincere ray5 days ago
  • Bruh my grandparents are 17 years apart and the 16 yr old and tony is 4 yrs

    Vanessa VanTineVanessa VanTine5 days ago
  • Omg TikTokkers seriously have to go to jail!!!

    LyraishaLyraisha5 days ago
  • I dont get why people think were supposed to be perfect...Like yall hype ppl up them yall say they are "overrated" And then yall body shame and hate on them and saying "you dont have any talent" when yall hyped them up...Like stop,can people just live their live without any hate? geez.

  • *I actually have belly rolls sooo... STOP*

    Haley GraceHaley Grace6 days ago
  • And Dixie shouldn’t be attack with no proof like you said tbh

    I love cookies NyaI love cookies Nya6 days ago
  • I think the fact that Charlie and Addison are famous haters want the fame or they r just being h**s

    I love cookies NyaI love cookies Nya6 days ago
  • What do bullies get by calling someone ugly 🤔🤔 NOTHINGGGGG

    Marishka RamsundarMarishka Ramsundar6 days ago
  • Me when i hear Tony dating again: BYE B*TCHES😽

    Minire MazrekuMinire Mazreku6 days ago

    Fnu AminaFnu Amina6 days ago
  • Addison is not fat for one Dixie I believe Charlie does actually not where 40 pounds of make up so yeah there my opinon😌🙂😀

    Kymberly HagadornKymberly Hagadorn7 days ago
  • Sorry you had to go through that dxixe

    La'Chaunda ColemanLa'Chaunda Coleman7 days ago
  • What the heck Tony is disgusting!!

    Aubrey GoshkoAubrey Goshko7 days ago
  • I'm a fan of Addison rae as a fan of addison rae and all of the real fans of Addison we should not say anything that can hurt others feelings

    Laica BermasLaica Bermas8 days ago

    tim pereztim perez8 days ago
  • Dixie I love you and I’m so sorry

    Tyler StanfordTyler Stanford8 days ago
  • NO WAY! jesus how didint i know this sooner?

    LyxleeCloxdLyxleeCloxd9 days ago
  • Dixie you go

    Heather Lee-BowensHeather Lee-Bowens9 days ago
  • Addison hates her self

    aliviah sarazinaliviah sarazin9 days ago
  • Once

    aliviah sarazinaliviah sarazin9 days ago
  • Addison passed out

    aliviah sarazinaliviah sarazin9 days ago
  • Yeees Dixie... I love Dixie and if I could do something about this I totally would

    Francesca GuttadauroFrancesca Guttadauro10 days ago

    Aela bashaAela basha10 days ago
  • I remember I had a REAL SEIZURE and NO ONE BELIEVED ME when I was right in front of my class. Everyone was saying I was pathetic, a faker. When I had to stay in the hospital, everyone believed me after. Turns out I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks. Tho I did like staying with the nice nurses, but the food are horrible :> Technically it wasnt horrible food, I was just fed with spaghetti all the time :/

    DonutPlayzRobloxDonutPlayzRoblox10 days ago
  • Dixie its called a convulsions and you couldn't have had 400 coming from someone who does have them and am a nurse and paramedic

    Andrea VintageAndrea Vintage10 days ago
  • I never liked tony

    Fafa GafariFafa Gafari10 days ago
  • send tony to jail

    Jordan JonesJordan Jones11 days ago
  • They should fing fight back

    Jayden SimonsonJayden Simonson11 days ago
  • Nooooooooo. Noooooool

    Dayana BalbuenaDayana Balbuena11 days ago
  • OK that person that said delete your tik tok is jealous cause she has many likes and followers

    Analia BritoAnalia Brito11 days ago
    • oh and Addison Rae is absoulty NOT fat bring yall big bellies and snap the haters away!

      Analia BritoAnalia Brito11 days ago
  • What movie did that come from in 4:15

    Jaquone BurtonJaquone Burton12 days ago
  • can you not put the scary music

    April ArqueroApril Arquero13 days ago
  • You know what PEOPLE should be canceled if you ask me🙄😑✌🏽

    Queen Aesthetic.Queen Aesthetic.13 days ago
  • Stop calling people ugly because y’all Are Jealous in your wouldn’t want nobody to call you ugly I’m just tired of it I’m tired of everybody get real life y’all stop Hating It’s the least you could do to go to heaven don’t you want to go to Heaven if you do like this comment and get your life together so you can go

    A'Naiyah JonesA'Naiyah Jones13 days ago
  • dixie sounds like a man

    jenjen13 days ago
  • why you gotta hide behind the screen

    LauraSantiagoLauraSantiago13 days ago
  • I love ondreaz he is soooooo unproblematic

    Tamera TaylorTamera Taylor13 days ago
  • tat dude who called addison rae fat, bend over and see YOUR rolls to notify you that rolls are normal.

    WONTON 346WONTON 34613 days ago
  • How can people hate on suck kind hearted people? Messed up!

    Aaira MishalAaira Mishal14 days ago
  • why does she not have the seizures still now -.- why does she not have proof. gimme dat proof dixie 💅🏻🤲👏

    Kylam DoanKylam Doan14 days ago
  • Yes you are right

    Londdyn Hill HorsesismyLifeLonddyn Hill HorsesismyLife14 days ago
  • and i dont like tony

    Samantha MullinsSamantha Mullins16 days ago
  • yo i would get the all the fandom we will jump the haters

    Samantha MullinsSamantha Mullins16 days ago
  • You keep me updated almost everyday thx

    Christine AjayiChristine Ajayi16 days ago
  • you are REALLY spilling the TEA!

    pretty niolepretty niole16 days ago
  • You are soooooooooooooooooooooo correct! I love your point of view gurllllllllllllllllllll!

    Alayna ChanAlayna Chan17 days ago
  • They should end the hate in standing up for themselves because they're beautiful and sweet and they should not get hate . Love addison and Charlie 😍😍😍😝

    Cecilia MlengaCecilia Mlenga17 days ago

    Timothy FogartyTimothy Fogarty17 days ago
  • the pain in dixie's voice :(

    Timothy FogartyTimothy Fogarty17 days ago
  • Dixies classmates watching this:👁👄👁💧

    Ariana Gacha!Ariana Gacha!18 days ago
  • They're cute and beautiful

    Naomi Zoe Delos ReyesNaomi Zoe Delos Reyes18 days ago
  • This Is A vErY rEaL tHiNg

    h hh h18 days ago
  • People hate on everyone for no reason at all. Like if I wear a blue shirt. “OmG sToP bLuE iS tHe CoLoUr oF tHe FlAg”

    Amber-RobloxAmber-Roblox18 days ago
  • I hate some people🙄

    Oceangirl TyOceangirl Ty18 days ago

    Zaira Lopez-VelasquezZaira Lopez-Velasquez18 days ago
  • 1 its not like charlie is going to just wears makeup to make someone happy she might just be doing for her self confidence 2 addison is far from fat trust me and 3 tony never actuly had sex with her so tecnicly he dose not need to go to jail and it wouldnt even be jail it would be prison so all of thease people need to get there facts strate and stop takeing something some one said thats so small and making it so big and twisting words and everything esle its not funny and motsof them are still kids so theres not reason for you to hate and ther humans two and its sad that im only 13 and more matur then most of the people on socal media. also sorry i spel,ld some things wrong im in a hurry.

    Zaylah TeetsZaylah Teets19 days ago
  • Who cares if they wear makeup or are "fat". Even if Addison was fat she would be just a gorgeous as she already is

    Aspyn IngramAspyn Ingram19 days ago
  • Bruh how is Addison fat she is beautiful like bruh

    KatieKatie19 days ago
  • People who call a person ugly are always THE UGLY GIRL behind the screen

    kiki bayykiki bayy20 days ago
  • He could’ve shown a yearbook.

    indygirlieindygirlie20 days ago
  • Haters : "Ugly Remove ur 40 lb makeup" Me : Sis,Noones PERFECT everybody knows that,And Sis just fyi your mind is full of LOGIC

    joanna may lopiojoanna may lopio20 days ago
  • Y all know there's a difference between thick and fat

    Joshua ChapandaJoshua Chapanda20 days ago
  • the beginning tho-

    다니엘 마디 슨daniellemadyson다니엘 마디 슨daniellemadyson21 day ago
  • Dixie never faked it.

    Stella KolbeStella Kolbe21 day ago
  • The poor girl had that?! Btw I’m talking abt Dixie I feel so bad.

    Naomi RiceNaomi Rice21 day ago
  • An I oop

    Naomi RiceNaomi Rice21 day ago
  • What's with the body shaming!? I don't understand why would you want to bring a person down is it for your own I entertainment or to get a lil fame?.

    Lea ALea A21 day ago
  • Tony got a whole obsession with minors sad huh lol 😂

    2nd Twin Williams2nd Twin Williams22 days ago
  • Why are people against Dixie

    Nadica PandevaNadica Pandeva22 days ago

    what whatwhat what22 days ago
  • How u gonna call someone FAT now that's TOXIC

    ItzMe 101ItzMe 10122 days ago
  • tbh i wanna see tony on beyond scared straight . if yall know that show

    Simba contehSimba conteh22 days ago