Jul 10, 2020
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  • The people are always not happy 🙄

    SleaxoSleaxo17 hours ago

    Aranza Rosales EscobarAranza Rosales Escobar2 days ago
  • she need the hate be she fit charle dmillow i think that hou you spel her name

    Hailey LopezHailey Lopez2 days ago
  • Addison deserves all the hate that she's getting she legit said the N-word 👉🏽👈🏽😃

    Malia WilliamsMalia Williams2 days ago
  • Yes

    Isaiah BrownIsaiah Brown3 days ago
  • Ok im deleting my tiktok its so confusing who do I belive yup im deleting it now

    Annabel MarinAnnabel Marin3 days ago
  • anna oop sorry to tell you this but you got hate pages like alot because well one of zoe fandoms calls zounutes on my fyp said they hate you because you trying to cancel zoe but i now you well never do that she also said to shut your mouth but don't listen to your ugly haters stay strong never listen to hate i now you don't hate zoe because you are smart caring kind loves your fans so much so that all i have to say

    Samuel PortilloSamuel Portillo3 days ago
  • Nessa looks like chase's sister like honestly she does

    Gabrielle Marie Eugenie GGabrielle Marie Eugenie G4 days ago
  • Wait a second I saw Zoe in the chat🥺

    GwennyDarlingGwennyDarling5 days ago
  • Y cant the fans just leave there LIFE alone and GO on with THERE life not just KEEP on the DRAMA going. 😑

    Møchî RaiseMøchî Raise7 days ago

    geetalikalitageetalikalita8 days ago
  • Am I the only one who saw zoe's comment on charlis live 1:55

    charli damilocharli damilo9 days ago
  • Ok o love all of them but they need to solve there problems and be happy Addison is a very pretty and nice girl she is a really good dance I won’t go on them but this need to be done 😃😃😖😖

    Gabreial ChristianGabreial Christian9 days ago
  • Hi

    kayla kreykayla krey9 days ago
  • Am I the only one that saw Zoe coment on Charli's live

    Zoes YeetZoes Yeet10 days ago
  • Yes

    Jan CorpusJan Corpus10 days ago
  • 👁️👃👁️ uh ??!

    It's AmahleIt's Amahle12 days ago
  • Yen

    Emelin MolinaEmelin Molina13 days ago
    • 🥰🥰🥰

      Emelin MolinaEmelin Molina13 days ago
  • wait wait wait zoe laverne said "dont cry"? haha zoe shades charlie so much how lovely sarcasm yall

    Sara JerzakSara Jerzak13 days ago
  • nessa and chase deserves itt

    Ivy DatuinIvy Datuin14 days ago
  • The crying seem so fucking fake Charlie is a master manipulator

    CRCR15 days ago
  • HUNNNNNnnnnyyyynnyNnnyyyyyYyyYyyyYYYyYYYYYYY

    Monika PoplawskaMonika Poplawska17 days ago
  • Tik Tok needs Jesus Lmfao

  • I'm not good with cheaters what the f**

    Dio TDio T20 days ago
  • Charil is 16 years old she say sory for no reason why did she say sorry she didn't need to tho Like what? But I love charil hehehe♡

    stawberry armystawberry army20 days ago
  • Tbh i hate dis😵itz horrible,dis wrld is stupid now

    Caleb ChettyCaleb Chetty20 days ago
  • y’all i forgive addison bc 4 years ago she was 12 i think bc she’s 16 i think so

    siimply lxndxnsiimply lxndxn21 day ago
    • @jayda huntley oh ok

      siimply lxndxnsiimply lxndxn13 days ago
    • No she was 16 when she said all of that ignorant sh*t. Addison is an adult

      jayda huntleyjayda huntley13 days ago
  • I don’t want them to get hate he kissed Nessa when him and Charlie where not dating so he could they where not together.And why they coming at nessa 9year old brother like what the heck and I fell bad for Addison because I don’t like when people hate only if they do something wrong like wrong.

    Makayla VolpiMakayla Volpi21 day ago
  • No they are good people

    Placidia JacksonPlacidia Jackson22 days ago
  • well nessa is probably not needing to get hate

    pawnpawn22 days ago
  • oh yh more drama with you me and the lama

    pawnpawn22 days ago
  • Yea! The need the hate!

    キュウリさんキュウリさん23 days ago
  • People are so rude 😡😡😡

    Jorja AveryJorja Avery24 days ago
  • How come that nessa could have been the bigger person and not let chase kiss her???

    Charlez BlacksheepCharlez Blacksheep24 days ago
  • i don't think she soud apologies because she wasn't the one that was cheating with him hi is so stupid

    Emma CorreaEmma Correa24 days ago
  • And Hannah and her boyfriend are really she wasn't date him with

    Chris GermanChris German26 days ago
  • charly stop do not gril dot let you down

    Karla GuerraKarla Guerra27 days ago
  • i saw zoe in her live 3 months later: cHArliS sO CLosE tO bEatINg mE

    BellasalwaysawesomeBellasalwaysawesome28 days ago
  • Addison is not deserve the hate just the two cheaters

    Cloudy SunCloudy Sun28 days ago
  • NO

    Nicola KirkerNicola Kirker29 days ago
  • Addson is a good person

    Nicola KirkerNicola Kirker29 days ago
  • Do not feel bad ❤❤❤

    Nicola KirkerNicola Kirker29 days ago
  • none of them should get hate

    C&C VlogsC&C VlogsMonth ago
  • You shod minded your bissni

    Kiara AyalaKiara AyalaMonth ago
  • Y should she say sorry for thing that chase did

    Amida JallohAmida JallohMonth ago
  • No i think you disever the hate

    Maryelene RamirezMaryelene RamirezMonth ago
  • o gosh look peopple be hating on addison for appolagizing like wtf im black im black and wat peopple do worse then that and there comming for addison peoppel be hating for no reason go read or somthing stop hating on and 19 year old peoppel be having to much time on there hand god

    RacheedaRacheedaMonth ago
  • Pause at 1:56 can u guys see Zoes comment🥺

    Val borrasVal borrasMonth ago
  • Did anybody else see that Zoe in the live commented

    BreadBreadMonth ago
  • no they shouldn’t be getting hate I know it was the wrong thing to do but honestly I bet most the people throwing shade at them have cheated before everyone is human and we should stick together instead of picking one over the other :)))

    Skye DohertySkye DohertyMonth ago
  • Yez

    Win NaingWin NaingMonth ago
    • And adizs no

      Win NaingWin NaingMonth ago
  • Stop the hate it is mean and it hurts people y’all know that people have feelings to right?!?!

    Enter NameEnter NameMonth ago
  • Don't HATE an ADDISONREA 😠😠😠😠😠

    Anastasija LazarovskaAnastasija LazarovskaMonth ago
  • Yes

    lulzim anikjilulzim anikjiMonth ago
  • Omg

    Yucari TorresYucari TorresMonth ago
  • 👉👈

    Jana NasreddineJana NasreddineMonth ago
  • He kissed nessa beacuse her name is lil sharty lil huddy :/

    Sofia TejadaSofia TejadaMonth ago
  • Why are people mad at addison when she is taken a break for like a week!!!!!!!!!!

    Brooke SanchezBrooke SanchezMonth ago
  • they deserve the hate!i felt that way last time but i got over it yes the queen of tik tok is not gonna apolagize lil hoodie and nessa should be!i hate them now!

    Cookie catCookie catMonth ago
  • hot tea today gurl!

    Cookie catCookie catMonth ago
  • i cant not be the only one who saw zoe comment on charlis live when she was saying sorry to the 2 clowns :( umm

    Amanda TorrezAmanda TorrezMonth ago
  • Did u just say Ure a Charlie Stan? Please don't be a Stan. Its the worst thing you can be. PERIOD.

    J SchwalbJ SchwalbMonth ago
  • I actually dont watch like this things but i watch ur vids lol

    chxlqi_smooxiechxlqi_smooxieMonth ago

    Celina Lopez LougeCelina Lopez LougeMonth ago
  • Honestly nobody deserves to have 1+ mil people hate you no matter what you did it's their personal life that should bot be on the interbet.

    AlmondmilkyAlmondmilkyMonth ago
  • Yes ,they deserve more

    chine btchine btMonth ago
  • why is this youtuber litterer saying everything im thinking? Lokey this girl is awesome

  • Yes they absolutely do chase and nessa went behind charli’s back

    KataraKataraMonth ago
  • wtf

    Jordan SanchezJordan SanchezMonth ago
  • chas no nessa yes hayte

    Jordan SanchezJordan SanchezMonth ago
  • I wantface reveal

    Carmela CuevaCarmela CuevaMonth ago
  • idk why some people think it’s okay to be bad people just because they have fans they think will back them up in these type of situations. like these people finna continue the drama and no one’s gonna like em.

    calli slowedcalli slowedMonth ago
  • 1:57 zoe just said stop crying

    Zoha BaigZoha BaigMonth ago
  • Did anyone see that that Zoe was in the live cause I did.

    Huynh PhamHuynh PhamMonth ago
  • I spilt my cup of tea in me in this and it was really hot

    Sophie EarlySophie EarlyMonth ago
  • When you put the video in slow motion you sound like sssniperwolf

    Ramisha GamingRamisha GamingMonth ago
  • No

    Alaine RochesAlaine RochesMonth ago
  • Yes

    Alaine RochesAlaine RochesMonth ago
  • Zoe was in the call..

    RosePlaysRobloxRosePlaysRobloxMonth ago
  • not Zoe being on chars live

    DinavuDinavuMonth ago
  • Ya they do get hate no charli

    Ariana YTAriana YTMonth ago
  • Charli do not deserve thies😡

    The Queen FamThe Queen FamMonth ago
  • Does anyone not relize that DIEGO MARTIR was on her live Peaches "boyfriend" Like omg Oh and ZOE LAVERNE

    Foxy PlaysFoxy PlaysMonth ago
  • I hate nessa

    Paahi WaretiniPaahi WaretiniMonth ago
  • No Addison is my idol and Charli

    Aaliyah BenguitAaliyah BenguitMonth ago
  • Ngl- charli is so mature that she apologizes for doing nothing..

    Rachael Plays9Rachael Plays9Month ago
  • it's no sense doing all of this because it's not cheering up people it's make in people say more things ok now stop only fighting and start loving each other I have friends and all of them is like family to me ok. so you all could stop fighting okay there's so much drama going on with you guys so stop oh and I hope you see this if you do follow me on tik tok mariahlewis888

    Mariah LewisMariah LewisMonth ago
  • Listen all of you people you guys need to stop fighting okay there's so much drama going on like come on man listen if who need to stop cheating on who or who calling out secrets or exposing secrets stop ok you all is like family so stop doing all theses stupid stuffs because more talking is not going to fix anything ok thank you.

    Mariah LewisMariah LewisMonth ago
  • Come for me idc...but I dont like Bryce

    Kora MarieKora MarieMonth ago
  • I think they don’t deserve the hate but like at the same times they should apologize in my opinion

    Amelia WillprechtAmelia WillprechtMonth ago
  • Ok I get it that they were hating on her little brother but seriously I think Charli deserves better than what she is getting I think Nessa should apologize to Charli and just say the truth

    Maya BatzriMaya BatzriMonth ago
  • I hate when an add pops up on this channel-

    CloudyCloudyMonth ago

    Valeria LumbrerasValeria LumbrerasMonth ago
  • Charli handled it like a QUEEN. She's the most mature 16 year old I've ever seen.

    sister shooksister shookMonth ago
  • Yes the deserve alot until the apologize to Charli till now 🔥

    Catherine DsilvaCatherine DsilvaMonth ago
  • 1:55 when tf was Zoe on that live-- Thought she hated Charli.

    •gσσdвчє••gσσdвчє•Month ago
  • I think people need to know that when they date someone that is famous I guess there will be people hitting on them and they can’t control that so like???

    Totally TTTotally TTMonth ago
  • what is charli even apologizing to them-

    watermelon juulwatermelon juulMonth ago
  • Sorry everyone I still stand Bryce hall

    Dallas PopeDallas PopeMonth ago
  • 7:22

    Mrs_someoneMrs_someoneMonth ago