Charli D'amelio CALLS OUT Zoe Laverne After THIS?!, James CHEATS With JADEN?!, Larray CALLED OUT

Nov 3, 2020
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Charli D'amelio CALLS OUT Zoe Laverne After THIS?!, James CHEATS With JADEN?!, Larray CALLED OUT
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  • hahahahahahaha anna oop

    Anya BackerAnya Backer16 hours ago
  • I thin she should

    aubrie Woodsaubrie WoodsDay ago
  • honestly anna oop just stop please like this aint cool

    Annabelle McGovernAnnabelle McGovernDay ago
  • 1:48

    Jennifer MarshallJennifer Marshall2 days ago
  • when life gives you lemons make lemon tea out of it

    Niah RacerNiah Racer2 days ago
  • Zeo is just mest up

    Denique RobinsonDenique Robinson2 days ago
  • james: giving info also james: no, no info

    • melanie crazy •• melanie crazy •3 days ago
  • I will always love Zoe I Don’t care what she Dose but I love both of them so

    The De La Rosa FamilyThe De La Rosa Family3 days ago
  • I- am *speechless* - JADEN CHEATS ON *MADS* WITH *JAMES* *CHARLES* !!!!! WHAT THE LITERAL F***

    Abbi KnuthAbbi Knuth4 days ago
  • at this point zoe should just go to jail and quit socia media and ,mind her business

    tiktok_.trendstiktok_.trends5 days ago
  • Why does Zoe want to put shade on Charlie D'amelio like wth 😑 😕 1st she kisses a 13 year old now she is putting shade on Charlie

    CK PlayzCK Playz5 days ago
  • I can’t believe Zoe has fp 💀

    Pierce HeatherPierce Heather5 days ago
  • Zoe needs to be canceled period

    Ana SanchezAna Sanchez6 days ago
  • bro can Zoe just STOP RN

    Aryiah SchumacherAryiah Schumacher6 days ago

    Keira SharifKeira Sharif7 days ago
  • Hey yo on the real Zoe should be banned and go to jail and Charlie should kick off tik tok as well and they should be blocked by USworlds stop being view hustlers and grow up real talk I’m out

    KraZZy wolffKraZZy wolff7 days ago
  • zoe got canceled bc she’s a predator

    T.ealeafT.ealeaf7 days ago
  • What’s up with zoey and little kids😂??

    Reyenne T.Reyenne T.7 days ago

    Mitesh JoshiMitesh Joshi7 days ago
  • Honey but no no sorry but no

    Nelson PinedoNelson Pinedo7 days ago
  • Honey Chile please my God so many ticktocker skip bus everyday.

    Nelson PinedoNelson Pinedo7 days ago
  • Like Charlie needs to chill out ok like this tea is making us go crazy i love it but chill with the tea girl

    Nelson PinedoNelson Pinedo7 days ago
  • omg omg what if it's noen🤭🤭🤭

    Gacha_Ar!1026c EmaniGacha_Ar!1026c Emani8 days ago
  • @jamescharles 💀 ok sis we see the character development pop off 🧚🏻‍♀️

    Natalia MNatalia M8 days ago
  • ...

    Hayley BridgersHayley Bridgers8 days ago
  • Zoe’s never sorry 😘

    Kaylin O'DellKaylin O'Dell8 days ago
  • “I was just mad” Chile anyways

    Kalin SkinnerKalin Skinner8 days ago
  • Don’t tell them to stop partying let them get corona 🙂👍🏼

    Aiko ChanAiko Chan8 days ago
  • Bruh. Y'all just letting COVID control y'all lives. It's a party oh well. That's there fault. Not your guy's business. The fact y'all are all like "stay inside " Blah blah blah is so irritating because COVID is going to be around like the flue. It's never gunna go away. Y'all expect us to stay inside for the rest if our lives? Yeah. No. Get over it. It was a party. It wasn't even that big of a deal. I know y'all ain't dragging them even though most y'all hang out in large groups as well. Get over it and mind your business. And zoe. I've tried to stick up for you but now I'm done you are just making every possible way to hurt your ego and everything you don't deserve the hate. But you need to focus on yourself and get off of social media.

    Ariana mspAriana msp8 days ago
  • if Zoe didnt mean it then why is she doing it multiple times??

    jjjj8 days ago
  • *the zorats need to stop*

    meckensie mmeckensie m9 days ago
  • Can we just appreciate how unproblematic Loren gray is?

    Eryn AlmondEryn Almond9 days ago

      Abbi KnuthAbbi Knuth4 days ago
  • Yeah zoe is mad

    Shakyrah PeatShakyrah Peat9 days ago
  • i just want to say I LOVE what your doing, because it keeps me on the loop of stuff but... ITS THERE LIFE, IF THEY WANT TO GET THE CARONA DONT TELL THEM OTHERWISE. like you dont get to tell people what to do! no hate, like if you agree:) | | V


  • i think larray is telling the truth because we all know that if they would’ve known it was a party, nikita wouldn’t have been dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie. she would’ve been full glam sparkly dress.

    Jamie RedmondJamie Redmond9 days ago
  • zoe’s time to shine is over

    Ur MomUr Mom10 days ago
  • I bet zoe won’t say those things to charlis face lolz

    i marixxii marixxi10 days ago
  • At this point if these tiktokers don’t take it seriously they gonna make the virus stay longer and I’m sure most people want it to be over

    Roblox_foxy_ butterflyRoblox_foxy_ butterfly10 days ago
  • Zoe needs to grow up she’s so immature and then she goes on live and says she didn’t mean it she clearly did can she just go to jail or a mental asylum already I’m so tired of her

    Roblox_foxy_ butterflyRoblox_foxy_ butterfly10 days ago
  • I remember TikTok back in 2018. It was fun... NOW, iTs ToXiC

    i might be crazy but i aint trippini might be crazy but i aint trippin10 days ago
  • How many bad things that have happened in 2020 👇🏾

    Brookelyn BakerBrookelyn Baker10 days ago
  • See charlie is nice because she puts alot of effort into her work and charlie didnt want to be a part of the whole thing while Zoe is doing it all for attention and stopped when she realized she was losing followers

    I Animate TerriblyI Animate Terribly10 days ago
  • See but like Zoey don't get that it don't matter how long the message is, juts how heart felt and how much people like you '-'

    Lesly’s Lost LosersLesly’s Lost Losers10 days ago
  • Anna are you a Charlie d'emilio? Cause I'm getting that vibe from you😗?

    kiki motikiki moti10 days ago
  • I swear Anna likes to lie for likes and views she made a video that dixie and Noah broke up and its not even true 😂

    Katherine RiveraKatherine Rivera11 days ago
  • She should and she always cappin after cappin like girl just shut the hell up already

    Sinaklia UhamakaSinaklia Uhamaka11 days ago
  • That video of James Charles doing the renegade still is as funny as it was when he posted it

    Xx_gacha. queen_xXXx_gacha. queen_xX11 days ago
  • Sorry but Larry is my king

    Kayenat EbadiKayenat Ebadi11 days ago
  • Hehe

    Nina Elba ErazoNina Elba Erazo11 days ago
  • Uh-oh

    Nina Elba ErazoNina Elba Erazo11 days ago
  • What do you expect tik tok is toxic

    Salma AbdiSalma Abdi11 days ago
  • Shut up people just don’t even talk abt this

    Lulu’s WorldLulu’s World12 days ago
  • Lol

    Ava girl MarcusAva girl Marcus12 days ago
  • I never really liked Zoe ngl

    sophie animationssophie animations12 days ago
  • if we just love or like zoe mabye she will become a better person

    hanulfhanulf12 days ago
    • no.

      K1RBL3K1RBL312 days ago
  • ngl charlis true colors are coming out

    ruby roseruby rose12 days ago
  • No wonder Cody broke up with Zoe she probably crazy😳

    Jaylah BojorquezJaylah Bojorquez12 days ago
    • bro they ended it cuz he’s 13? and she’s 19.

      K1RBL3K1RBL312 days ago
  • he didnt party tho 😅😳😃

    theolxtheolx12 days ago
  • Let them go to party’s if they get sick than I don’t care there fault 😌💅🏻

    Pickle 11Pickle 1112 days ago
  • 𝕃𝕠𝕝 𝕚 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕪 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕘𝕖𝕖𝕫 𝕫𝕠𝕖𝕪 𝕤𝕠 𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥

    BL UEBL UE12 days ago
  • Z*e just joulese

    Jaylani VingalJaylani Vingal12 days ago
  • Shes not a queen

    Mah MahMah Mah12 days ago
  • I love how larray addresses everything like after 2 days or less while everybody else takes like a month to do that

    Human HumanHuman Human12 days ago
  • Zoe only said sorry cause she got caught

    Arianna UnUArianna UnU12 days ago
  • Nikitas a boy lmao

    Abby MeadeAbby Meade12 days ago
    • she’s a girl.

      K1RBL3K1RBL312 days ago
  • I haven’t seen this many people get cancelled since the lazy scandal of 2018

    jisoo Fanpagejisoo Fanpage12 days ago
  • Yes

    Ava EarlyAva Early13 days ago
  • Zoe also dated a middle school kid or some shit

    D U M B J A YD U M B J A Y13 days ago
  • But Zoe has one good thing in her, she never gives up. I’m not a Zoe Laverne supporter by the way!

    Cam RollandCam Rolland13 days ago
  • I feel like zoey just lying to fricken get more fans

    Hayato studio ZzzHayato studio Zzz13 days ago
  • I feel like Tik tok is kinda the app that makes slot of drama then other apps

    Hayato studio ZzzHayato studio Zzz13 days ago
  • I mean I’d be mad too if i was on a app for more then 3 years and got half the fame a girl who just got on the app like 5 months ago but bitch I wouldn’t like hate her,you should be happy you still have ‘fans’ Zoe.

    Dude Wtf am I doing here?Dude Wtf am I doing here?13 days ago
  • I have to admit I think Z*e is pretty but I don’t support her

    heymgizzeheymgizze13 days ago
  • Wow girl the tea today

    Autumn SkyAutumn Sky13 days ago
  • At this point tik tok is never gonna get any better.

    kirbertsmicrophonekirbertsmicrophone13 days ago
  • Bro Zoe needs to grow up she is an adult now and charlie is still a minor like wtf leave the kid alone

    Idk Why You Is Here But OkayIdk Why You Is Here But Okay13 days ago
  • Why does Zoey look 13

    EmmaEmma13 days ago
  • Zoe's queen

    Billie WestBillie West13 days ago

    ItsAlexaItsAlexa14 days ago
  • Can you do a face reveal at 2M PLSSSSSSSSSS

    Angelica PersaudAngelica Persaud14 days ago
  • When it's almost 5 AM, you haven't slept, you have to get up for zoom classes in 5 hours and you're watching 1 week old drama videos.

    GiveMeSomeSpaceGiveMeSomeSpace14 days ago
  • Stop giving Zoe clout

    Kyla Aria-Lynn AustadKyla Aria-Lynn Austad14 days ago
  • Anyone just hate her😅

    Arfa OusmanArfa Ousman14 days ago
    • Some times she kinda dramatic sorry

      Riley MRiley M14 days ago
  • Why does Zoe look like a 10 year old???😂🤣

    Sabita LigalSabita Ligal14 days ago
  • I clicked this video faster than James can say “hi sisters!” Last week lol

    Adna AbdiAdna Abdi14 days ago
  • i DiDn'T mEaN wHaT i SaId MISS GURL EW

    Rishita NossamRishita Nossam14 days ago
  • Zoe should be cancelled

    Parissocute 10Parissocute 1014 days ago
  • This is why I love being in Harry Potter tok etc there’s no drama just everyone supporting everyone :) if anyone wants to talk comment

    Malak MalfoyMalak Malfoy14 days ago
  • Yasssss jamesssssss

    Carlo RijkersCarlo Rijkers15 days ago
  • Tik tokers daily routine: •Wake up •Start drama •Start drama •Start drama •Start drama •Go to sleep •Repeat

    Izan HuangIzan Huang15 days ago
  • Bruh, like, what's up with all these tiktoker's cheating on other tiktoker's??? Like be grateful that you have them.

    Meagan BarbacMeagan Barbac15 days ago
  • k zoe f*cking laverne, we get it. you wanna be noticed bc you're losing followers blah blah. You reign has ENDED.

    ellervy playsellervy plays15 days ago
  • My toxic friend likes Zoe and now I know why she sooo toxic on text she literally caused drama because I didn’t kno what “Chile” meant god wish I can just delete her 🤦🏻‍♀️

    itsveronaraeitsveronarae15 days ago
  • I feel bad for mad's ugh I am a big fan of James but doing that is sooo over the topppppppppp

    Iandara setentadarochaIandara setentadarocha15 days ago
  • Your videos is takedown

    david fatfatboy11david fatfatboy1115 days ago
  • Ugh Zoe should just leave tick rock

    Lucy KirkhamLucy Kirkham15 days ago
  • can you talk about the amanda cream cheese and pepper lady

    Ana RAna R15 days ago
  • Zoe thinks that doing anything is fun in games in till it back fires on to her than she thinks that saying sorry will fix everything and people will support her

    VideoStar TutorialsVideoStar Tutorials15 days ago
  • ok am I the only one that thinks that she shouldn't be like talking about Zoe when once Anna said that "she was just here to spill the tea!" yea I get that she has her opinions but like if your not going to do what you say don't do it! that's just a my opinion

    Macey SanchezMacey Sanchez15 days ago
  • Basically, I think Zoe is mentally unstable. She needs help she thinks turning off her comments or setting it to her fandom is gonna make her a good girl.

    A&M GangA&M Gang15 days ago