Charli D'amelio CAUGHT SCAMMING Her FANS?!, James Charles & Dixie ACCUSED Of WHAT?!, Zoe EXPOSED!

Dec 19, 2020
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Charli D'amelio CAUGHT SCAMMING Her FANS?!, James Charles & Dixie ACCUSED For WHAT?!, Zoe EXPOSED!
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  • God loves you and will never stop loving you! John 3:16 tells us how much God loved and loves us.

    Mary WattersMary WattersDay ago
  • She literally said he is racist but then spells the N-word with the ER at the end what do I smell racist SHE IS 100 percent White

    Tobycat doggyTobycat doggyDay ago
  • 8:37 Trisha hanging out with her 60 year old friends💀🤣

    Shiloh PlaysssShiloh PlaysssDay ago
  • Yeah you spill the tea but you do it in the nicest,sweetest and least problematic way

    Lena ThorpeLena ThorpeDay ago
  • My dad is finding it hard to pay the bills we need 15 grand and I wouldn’t pay that for a jacket

    Malaika ImranMalaika ImranDay ago
  • anyone else see a cooment saying and i oop at 5:55

    Aliyah kAliyah k2 days ago
  • zoe: hE's rAcIsT sis arent you the one who said the n word 657374739294765 times?

    Sabrina BojczukSabrina Bojczuk3 days ago
  • 7:57 she is actually disgusting not James she is just what that everyone to know her

    Ariana's fansAriana's fans4 days ago
  • love how zoe’s calling addison ‘addison raecist’ when she’s the racist one.. honestly i’m embarrassed for her she acts like a child, even connor more mature than her.

    E L I A N AE L I A N A6 days ago
  • Um Anna when are u gonna get exposed?

    Harlem GarzaHarlem Garza6 days ago
  • I always wonder this. Why do famous people HAVE to do bad things? Like do they want more attention, or are they just.. NOT TO BE RUDE but.. not so smart..? 😐

    •Asashi Chan••Asashi Chan•7 days ago
  • the fact anna can give us tea everyday shows how toxic the app is getting

  • zoe being problematic is the understatement of the century

    M i r aM i r a7 days ago
  • Me praying for tik tok drama so i can pay my bills sent me 😭

    cameleon I'm getting my Milly oncameleon I'm getting my Milly on8 days ago

    Kawaii GamerKawaii Gamer11 days ago
  • Why does 50% of all ya play roblox

    ingrid duqueingrid duque11 days ago

    Ansley MaynorAnsley Maynor12 days ago
  • I can’t Lie I follow Dixie Charlie James Charles I’m a 12-year-old girl and that’s rude how She’s talking all that smack but look at her

    DarkRed Rage25DarkRed Rage2512 days ago
  • I mean Charlie’s fans are dumb so they deserve to be call dumbkins

    Adopt me LoverAdopt me Lover12 days ago
  • People are home mad that Charlis the most famous person on TikTok, if they were really that worried about the jacket being overpiriced they would have canceled the 1000+ people who Promoted it

    pluviophilepluviophile13 days ago
  • ✨ BUT ✨

    Nina JovčeskaNina Jovčeska13 days ago

    Hayden PottsHayden Potts13 days ago
  • Liar there is no Dixie

    Kent FarnsworthKent Farnsworth13 days ago
  • Every tiktok drama u GeT money U all be rich I thought it said spamming her fans

    Kent FarnsworthKent Farnsworth13 days ago
  • (This comment is intended as a joke.) Basically anna, You get a knife and cut off they're lips then get a needle (for sewing) and sew on the zipper then ba da being ba da boom da zipper is on :D

    einin mcdonnelleinin mcdonnell13 days ago
  • I’m sorry but she kept saying “BUT” very loud😂

    Fatima ContrerasFatima Contreras13 days ago
  • 2:12 that annoys me tho bc like even if the coat was expensive were yall even ganna buy it and also it makes sense if she promotes expensive stuff she gets more band deals but idk yall find little thing just to get her cancelled

    BeccaBecca13 days ago
  • Me who doesn’t have tiktok: 👁👄👁

    YourDailyDoseOfDespairYourDailyDoseOfDespair13 days ago
  • ZOE STAP! Zoe just wants clout for being problematic. Addison is so unproblematic and addison seems like such a genuine person.

    Olive CervaOlive Cerva14 days ago
  • All I’m thinking about is the thumbnail Charlie’s face look not right

    Darcy WatsonDarcy Watson14 days ago
  • I will chose zoe eny time just not trisha paytas

    Anari BurgAnari Burg14 days ago
  • Omg, I knew nothing about TikTok and my cousin shoves TikTok in my face every day I started watching anna oop and now I'm the cousin how nows all the tea.

    jackie villajackie villa14 days ago
  • Zoe needs to stop. She is a teen not a child

    Quintin LoweQuintin Lowe14 days ago
  • i dont know about tiktok rn but im staying with youtube for now :')

    xkvttyxkvtty14 days ago
  • “Zonuts” ok am I just nasty or could that be taken wrong 😭

    Aleyna BeickerAleyna Beicker15 days ago
  • I don't think she deserved the backlash

    Xara T.VXara T.V15 days ago
  • Zoe fucking Laverne: new drama tv series streaming only on netflix

    laila mostagirlaila mostagir16 days ago

    Jiya KHANDELWALJiya KHANDELWAL16 days ago
  • Ana can you make a face reveal plss

    daria elenadaria elena16 days ago
  • zoe be like: “ yea i’m bi but i would NEVER kiss a girl for anything “

    hxzelhxzel16 days ago
  • Zoe can not be speaking about someone being racist when she literally has said the N word more than I have and I am black.

    Elfrida NwafobaElfrida Nwafoba17 days ago
  • Anywaysssssssss Zoe’s new fandom is called honuts

    Bill CesarBill Cesar17 days ago
  • 3:46 zoey had 17.6m followers before the gr00mer drama and now she has 17.7m like what the actual fuck

    Lindsey BlackLindsey Black17 days ago
  • Trisha paytas a 32 year old is coming for a 16 , 19 and 20 year old🤔 Let’s just think about that for a second 🤔 NO HATE TO ANYONE BUT... Is that what this generation coming to😭 It’s sad😭 - words from a random 13 year old girl on the internet 🦋🦋

    Makatendeka MariMakatendeka Mari17 days ago
  • She rlly tried to make drama about Addison Rea, btw I'm so proud of Addison for staying out of drama 😌

    Athena WintAthena Wint17 days ago
  • Zoe be like "hes racist" but then like zoe said the N word like bi*** shut up

    maeby viimaeby vii18 days ago
  • No cap zoe deserves to get her platform removed asap

    byaan yahyabyaan yahya18 days ago
    • FAXXX

      Madeline NguyenMadeline Nguyen18 days ago
  • My cup is overfilled....

    Sam VidalSam Vidal18 days ago
  • Im honestly just done with Zoe...she should just get a reality tv show

    Babe StilinskiBabe Stilinski18 days ago
  • i hate trisha paytas but what she said about the damelio sisters was hella true

    TwilightRBXAltTwilightRBXAlt18 days ago
  • addison in the back: **sips tea**

    TwilightRBXAltTwilightRBXAlt18 days ago
  • I thought Zoey was so innocent then I saw your videos

    Sheena RamirezSheena Ramirez18 days ago
  • Trisha should shut up like wtf

    Addison ArblesAddison Arbles19 days ago
  • Zoe Is purposely "leaking" her audio just to hide her face and not take responsibility and be the victim.

    Mia FarrisMia Farris19 days ago
  • Zoe “ he’s rasist” “he says the n word” then why tf are u still with him

    Asia’s LifeAsia’s Life19 days ago
  • Since when was Zoe bi?

    HeyHey19 days ago
  • Donkin and zonuts 😭😭💀🤚i can’t!😭😭🤚

    Tropical BreadTropical Bread19 days ago
  • Zoe: "he's racist" me:ya right your worse

    GENS VLOGGENS VLOG19 days ago
  • bruh i saw charlies tiktok jacket i thought it wz a blanket lol

    Honeyy divaHoneyy diva19 days ago
  • At this point the entire tiktok community is toxic

    Basically janeaBasically janea19 days ago
  • TRISHA WHAT??😀 she did not call James disgusting , girl look at u

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget19 days ago
  • $1500 JACKET?

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget19 days ago
  • But didn’t Zoe say the n word... LMFAOJWHQHQHQ

    ariel armentaariel armenta19 days ago
  • could literally go to Burlington to get a coat for 20/19 dollars-

    S l o w e rS l o w e r19 days ago
  • Dumbkins💖

    Grace EGrace E20 days ago
  • Ok anna did you know addison and Bryce hall are brothers

    Bros play adopt meBros play adopt me20 days ago
  • 1:56 don't disrespect millie like that 😭

    Billie eyelashBillie eyelash20 days ago
  • 1:40 lmao i cant stop laughing 😭😭😭😭

    Billie eyelashBillie eyelash20 days ago
  • Honestly the zoe laverne drama could be a Netflix show called THE ZOE LAVERNE DRAMA

    Lucy ConnollyLucy Connolly20 days ago
  • AND zoe posted a pic of him driving saying 'he's so cute 🥺' on her snap

    Larray fp LarrayLarray fp Larray20 days ago
  • The groomnuts instead of zonuts

    yiyi chenyiyi chen20 days ago
  • Gosh, Tik Tok is SO toxic! Actually the social media is toxic! l___l

    Scarlett MoonlightScarlett Moonlight21 day ago
  • Social media makes the problems problems. In other words. MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND THERE WOULDN'T BE ANYTHING TO SAY

    baby Quinnbaby Quinn21 day ago
  • It’s that the Abby lee dance company?

    Michelle OrtizMichelle Ortiz21 day ago
  • Idk why that other people didn’t get hate for the jacket BUT I know why Abby didn’t. She has an older aged crowd. The company sent Abby screenshots of that jackets and with a price the price tag was £29.99 she posted the tiktok the found out that the company’s screenshots were fake with the fake price. I’m not sure if this happened to anyone Elsie but I just wanted to clear that up.

    Louis Tomlinsons BaeLouis Tomlinsons Bae21 day ago
  • some people make up fake rumors and its soooo annoying

    Amanda GibsonAmanda Gibson21 day ago
  • “Zonuts” more like Zonuts🙄 If you don’t understand: Zonuts is there name and I said more like zonut because I’m referring to “do not” EX: Zo-Nut forget👁👄👁

    Brittney AshcraftBrittney Ashcraft21 day ago
    • ? Same thing...?

      ʚ strawberrycaku ɞʚ strawberrycaku ɞ19 days ago

    KomaedaKomaeda22 days ago
  • She only said dumbkins cause people were hating on her

    GeminisCookieGeminisCookie22 days ago
  • I kind of feel bad for them but some of them did diserve the hate😶

  • no-one: absolutely no-one: me: searching up "how to put a zipper on someone's mouth"

    Emily IrwinEmily Irwin22 days ago
  • I feel like Zoe's actually asking for it at this point. 😑, btw being bi isn't a trend beb 😘😘

    Sofia ValenzuelaSofia Valenzuela22 days ago
  • Guys do you know how much I hate Zoe and peaches

    XX unicorn Blossom XXXX unicorn Blossom XX23 days ago
  • We stan Anna

    Gracie MayGracie May23 days ago
  • Ok Trisha if h going to call out James to own responsibility THE TAKE YORE OWN ADVICE cus on a I Deleigh you always choose drama which one is it either USworlds or off this app and stop being racist and causing a big fat drama well you’ll just receive hate because I can doesn’t make sense at all as you really need to back off of a TickTock or‘s you’re just mad like I am much more famous than you and sometimes you always make up stuff just feed to your little felines friends BTW no offense felines so yup Trisha learn some responsibility and James actually does have responsibility Because he doesn’t hate on other people and bring them down and he doesn’t spread drama everywhere all he’s doing is just teaching how to do make up like is it that wrong Trump supporter like what did James ever do to u All he does is do make up can you do the same exact thing like in my mind James does it way better so Trisha get your raggedy but Out this app and that’s on . Peace out 😒😒😒🎭✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️😁😁😁😐😑😑😑😑😑

    Aiyana WoodsssAiyana Woodsss23 days ago
  • Omg no Offense zoenuts well um should it be Trisha is zoeees mom they both love drama 🎭

    Aiyana WoodsssAiyana Woodsss23 days ago
  • The StAr Of tIkToK needs to just STOP

    PaigePaige23 days ago
  • Ok trisha ligit just wants to find any little bit of drama and makes it in to a huge deal and her saying u just put the finger on ur lip in a dance when the n word comes up but theres vids of her doing the dances with the n word and useing the finger 🙄

    Sophie ByrneSophie Byrne23 days ago
  • what abt zoebuts she should stop accusing other people and speak for herself bc she said the N word

    Alice FosburyAlice Fosbury23 days ago
  • THE TEA🥵🥵

    mokka palamokka pala23 days ago
  • Am i the only one confused about how she came out as bi??? 5:33

    Sammy AnandSammy Anand24 days ago
  • Lmfao they are the dumbkins

    Lyrica BrownLyrica Brown24 days ago
  • I honesty don't think she should get hate

    Candice WatanabeCandice Watanabe24 days ago
  • "zodumps"

    Bill MallinBill Mallin24 days ago
  • Honestly at this point i’m not even gonna bother EVER thinking that Zoe Lagroomer is ever not going to be in a scandal or part of drama. We will just have to get used to it 🥱

    SimplyCreamSimplyCream25 days ago
  • Netflix new show called Tiktoxic staring tiktokers hosted by Anna oop

    Hurley GravesHurley Graves25 days ago
  • can the next video be about sssniperwolf

    number123number12325 days ago
  • Ehhh can somboddy just let pat and Zoë go to jailllkll !!!!!! They are soooo anoyinggggg LMEOOOOOOIII❤️

    sanne groensanne groen25 days ago
  • zoe laverne just wants to make drama she just wants to have more and more fam even tho she a groomer

    Sheridan NicklesSheridan Nickles25 days ago
  • Zoe just stop

    Emmy ColsonEmmy Colson25 days ago