Charli D'amelio GETS DRAGGED For SAYING This?! Griffin DEFENDS Braddison From HATER?!, Vinnie Hacker

Nov 18, 2020
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Charli D'amelio GETS DRAGGED For SAYING This?! Griffin DEFENDS Braddison From HATER?!, Vinnie Hacker
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    Jâněllê's CornerJâněllê's Corner9 hours ago
  • All this about some snails?

    TORI TTORI T13 hours ago
  • I feel bad for Vinnie, it’s quite stupid how fast people switch up and how dumb they can be. You really want me to ask my new friend if they support trump? That’s not how you start a friendship and I know all of y’all don’t go running around asking your friends if they support trump if they support kkk. Like bitch please. How y’all gonna sexualize and fangirl over vinnie then cancel him for every single thing you see but not cancel other people. Cancel culture is so toxic, like if you’re gonna cancel an influencer for going to a party then I suggest you cancel every single influencer that was at the party too. You’re not gonna pick 1 person to hate on, it’s either all of them or none of them. Be equal. Always talking about equality and dumb shit so be equal.

    kuromiiikuromiii22 hours ago
  • There's so much drama going on RN. I literally have to catch up on 7 of her vids!!! I used to need to catch up on 13. Not like they are bad or anything tho.

    LittleLunaLittleLunaDay ago
  • Tiktok before:❤💗👌🎀💐 Tiktok now:😠😣😱😷💀♥

    Liyana AlveenaLiyana Alveena2 days ago
  • "The ________ community" WHAT COMMUNITY if its sum bad just explain what is this (btw not hate just wandering what's that)

    i- uhhi- uhh2 days ago
    • i think its the kkk

      Ellie ThompsonEllie ThompsonDay ago
  • She turned into a kind queen to a mean queen

    ChipxChipx2 days ago
  • bruh vinne hacker supported what comuntity ?? like she keeps blleping it out like how am i supposed to know?? just say it

    JuliaJulia2 days ago
  • which community did she say?for vinnie

    joyyyjoyyy2 days ago

    Lia :3Lia :32 days ago
  • They never sai dthey didn't apprciate her followers it would've been cool to hit a milstone a year after another

    Sizzle SisterAvaSizzle SisterAva3 days ago
  • Did he just compare his situation with mental health😭😭😭☠️

    axnireaxnire3 days ago
  • im sorry what community is she talking about lol

    alexandra kennyalexandra kenny3 days ago
  • Welp she has 100.9million followers now 😅😂

    Ruth BambaRuth Bamba3 days ago
  • I think Quinn's video was about that cringey thing Bryce did with his arm soo, if it's 'cause of that, same.

    Pilar Gonzalez OliveraPilar Gonzalez Olivera3 days ago
  • Lol they really dont know how to take a joke, why dont they just complain to theyre mommys

    Eliza VanbibberEliza Vanbibber3 days ago
  • The D’amelios could have edit all of that out of the video and non of this drama would have happened💀

    F your chicken stripsF your chicken strips3 days ago
  • Supporting trump doesn’t mean ur racist, Trumps not even racist he luvs everyone!

    Abri HoagAbri Hoag3 days ago
    • *Cough* *cough* what did he sayyyy 🤦🏾‍♀️

      Ruth BambaRuth Bamba3 days ago
  • We want vine back

    yan de guzmanyan de guzman3 days ago
  • bro...tiktok is toxic asf

    yan de guzmanyan de guzman3 days ago
  • he’s white ion care he just mad LMAOO hate white people

    Abby FuentesAbby Fuentes3 days ago

    Virginie-Marie DiagneVirginie-Marie Diagne3 days ago
    • exactly how did she mean that?

      vspeditsvspedits2 days ago
  • i hate her.

    kia :3kia :33 days ago
  • What was Vinny canceled for again because she just said “......... community “

    Emily OrtegaEmily Ortega3 days ago
  • "And guys- *gets an ad* Chromebooks-*skips*"

    Joselyn GarciaJoselyn Garcia3 days ago
  • there famous for stilling a dance right(I WISH I WAS 2016 AGIAN)

    Aesthetic VibezAesthetic Vibez3 days ago
  • What community is he supporting??

    ClaudClaud3 days ago
  • quen was ✨j o k i n g✨

    Belva FiankoBelva Fianko4 days ago
  • This is what I don’t understand how she literally cried boo hoo and and did all this extra stuff when she broke up with him cause he cheated her then gets back with him okkkk when it happens again don’t expect attention

    Firefly&me QueenFirefly&me Queen4 days ago
  • The “what” community?

    Caitlin NixCaitlin Nix4 days ago
  • I’m sorry to ask but what’s kok ?

    Jason PresteguiJason Prestegui4 days ago
  • do none of them has shirts

    Kamakshi ThakurKamakshi Thakur4 days ago
  • what in the straight tik Tok

    SmoorshindenoSmoorshindeno4 days ago
  • Nobody: Anna Oop: And... you guys... this is some hot tea

    Bree AmstrupBree Amstrup4 days ago
  • We should all unfollow her on the December first you heard it here first

    Haleigh RainsHaleigh Rains4 days ago

    LizLiz4 days ago
    • K?K

      LizLiz4 days ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Laila Pauline SLaila Pauline S4 days ago
  • It's a goal.. a milestone GET OVER IT she did nothing wrong she obviously cares about her fans

    TajimeTajime4 days ago
  • Isn’t quen and Addison friends???

    Emily BridgetteEmily Bridgette4 days ago
  • People why? They were having a good time and laughing I think it was a joke and goals?

    XxmilaplaysxX GameingXxmilaplaysxX Gameing4 days ago
  • Im sorry but when Quinn reacted to their video, im pretty sure it was a JOKE and she didnt mean it offensively.

    Morgan MaloneyMorgan Maloney4 days ago
  • the rock has 204 mil on insta sooo..

    cvpcake hollycvpcake holly4 days ago
  • Doesn't anyone understand she's just making a joke omg 🙄

    unicorn lover ice cream loverunicorn lover ice cream lover4 days ago
  • Can someone answer this question for me, why the fuck do people take jokes so seriously?

    Andrew WhiteAndrew White4 days ago
  • I swear quen makes one joke and it’s like ‘omg she’s so rude’ like stfu and chill☺️

    Madison TaylorMadison Taylor4 days ago
    • fr

      Emily PEmily P4 days ago
  • Bruh literally when I saw the quin video she wasn’t getting hate. Literally everybody was agreeing.

    IgoinmeetingIgoinmeeting5 days ago
  • umm quen and addison are literally best friends she was just crying because she was losing her best friend. I mean you can literally go onto addison's tiktok and see them dancing together and hanging out. bahahahaha

    Sam mmmSam mmm5 days ago
  • Congratulations on 100m Charlie

    Kimberly MeshackKimberly Meshack5 days ago
  • The what community

    Sofia FernandezSofia Fernandez5 days ago

    makaykay Makaykaymakaykay Makaykay5 days ago
  • All she want was even numbers

    Adinah LoganAdinah Logan5 days ago
  • are people just forgetting about the fact that the damelios cheated in the mr beast influencer trivia? like there’s so much evidence that they cheated and yet no one ever talks about it. i don’t believe they should be getting canceled for this but it’s ridiculous on how everyone has ignored this subject

    olivias randomolivias random5 days ago
  • when i think of juicy hot tea, i think of who’s dating who or who broke up with who. NOT THIS WTF

    c a t h yc a t h y5 days ago
  • Tik tok is soooo toxic😂😂😂😂😂😂 Why tik tok ? Why😭😭😂😂😂😂, I need to go on likee now!! Tik tok is way over my league😂😂😂😂😂

    Fantajah RichardsFantajah Richards5 days ago
  • Let me hide behind my fluffy computer chile😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 3:34

    Fantajah RichardsFantajah Richards5 days ago
  • Whats k?k ?

    Lavinia KaypitiLavinia Kaypiti5 days ago
  • Who tf is vinnie hacker anyway his name sounds like a supervillain straight outta powerpuff girls

    toxic goattoxic goat5 days ago
  • me watching this when she hits 100.1 million: smirk*

    Lana Mukhled Nimer Alsaqer ICSBR1Lana Mukhled Nimer Alsaqer ICSBR15 days ago
  • Me watching this video My mom:yeah.. we also need some shampoo--

    amal ebrahimamal ebrahim5 days ago
  • I literally have like 5 followers and Me saying to my followers Omggg ty ty jsjsms wna

    amal ebrahimamal ebrahim5 days ago
  • Can you stop making tea about Tik tokers. Someone who does a cringe dance should not be what we are talking about. Get me some OG star tea.

    Lisa jamesLisa james5 days ago
  • she did not complain she said it would be cool if she hit 100 mill on the same day as she hit 1 mill i year ago

    Mariem TaouilMariem Taouil5 days ago
  • Doesn't mean she's being rude

    Lola GarnerLola Garner5 days ago
  • Who here just reading the comments while the videos loading just to see what her fans say about the tEa ☕️💞

    Adriana MosesAdriana Moses5 days ago
  • 😂😂

    Kiana Perry-WilsonKiana Perry-Wilson5 days ago
  • the commiunty ..... what commuiunty idk

    Alice LiddelAlice Liddel5 days ago
  • lmeoooooooooooo

    Marwa KhattabiMarwa Khattabi5 days ago
  • She wasn’t complaining lmfaooo it would be awesome if she reached it within a year

    Chloe xChloe x5 days ago
  • Nobody me: Wondering what she meant by the something community

    • im so confused too

      Poppy CombePoppy Combe3 days ago
  • musically was a better place for the TikTokers before anybody got Cancelled or toxic.😔

    Shush ShushShush Shush5 days ago
  • Honestly that's sad to be complaining like that. I mean 99mil people love you and your upset while some people out here struggling just to get on a for you page let alone actual real world problems. Whatever tho it's not my name or my business and not my followers dropping

    Unknown UserUnknown User5 days ago
  • I love Quen. it was just a harmless joke. Get over it.

    AntoinetteAntoinette5 days ago
  • Its not nice of Charlie to complain iam happy with my 9 followers

    Dida games gamingDida games gaming5 days ago
  • Random question. What was the k word she blocked/bleeped out? Cuz idk

    Lazy Aesthetic GirlLazy Aesthetic Girl5 days ago
  • bruh CHARLIE only got famous bc she stole the renegade like go get a life 🤦🏽

    Kam holmesKam holmes5 days ago
  • Quen is friends with Addison, she playing..

    Mad Wavy MiaMad Wavy Mia5 days ago
  • and i think we should move on from griff what he did was bad but not as bad as what tony and zoe did butt griff is getting more hate than them idk really

    Hiva NajafiHiva Najafi5 days ago
  • she didnt complain about that she had a goal and thats ok

    Hiva NajafiHiva Najafi5 days ago
  • Am I the only one that hates Addison

    Grace KabaluGrace Kabalu5 days ago
  • But the thing is that she never complain about not havin 100M, she just said "it would be gret if i hit 100m in exactly a year"

    Emilia MolinariEmilia Molinari5 days ago
  • 😔😔, I just wish they didn’t upgrade musically. There is no drama when you are just moving your head to a song

    faith danielsfaith daniels5 days ago
  • I don’t see nothing wrong in what she said???🤨 y’all just too toxic tf🙄🙄

    Patrick PimientaPatrick Pimienta5 days ago
  • What does Vinnie support?

    Akira BarnesAkira Barnes5 days ago
  • y'all need to stop the drama because it is out of hand like stop 😒

    Janice SmithJanice Smith5 days ago
  • Why people talking about Noah becks neck like what about Bryce halls 😂😏

    Sk8ter GirlSk8ter Girl5 days ago
  • Griffin needs to stop

    Sk8ter GirlSk8ter Girl5 days ago
  • she wasn't complaining she does care about her followers obviously she was just saying it would be cool if she hit 100 million exactly a year after she started tiktok idk why y'all are making such a big deal out of it

    Aubrey LeonardAubrey Leonard5 days ago
  • wait so griffin really "her behavior is disgusting"like- toe pics?

    PeachyKeen ROBLOXPeachyKeen ROBLOX5 days ago
  • Ok but how does she get sad pictures of TikToks?

    WatermelonHibah 101WatermelonHibah 1015 days ago
  • leave my girl quen alone

    Iman KovaciIman Kovaci5 days ago
  • I'm not saying what some people say or do is okay or not, but people really need to stop reading into shit too much or getting involved in things that aren't any of their concern, tiktokers and the comment section alike. Please think about what you say or do and how it might affect others before u post it because it could affect someone mentally in the long term cos what u think is a harmless comment can hurt people. thanks

    Ilz TvIlz Tv5 days ago
  • The real life gossip girl (not hating) ily

    Anastasia EkelofAnastasia Ekelof5 days ago
  • first of all people kept shipping braddison and saying that they should get together and now that they are together you guys are hating like you guys wanted them to get together!

    Isabella LopezIsabella Lopez5 days ago
  • Bruh, literally our teacher told us about the k*k, and I got educated enough to actually not listen to anyone that joined the thing. I'm polite enough to be that stupid...

    tripxverknifetripxverknife5 days ago
  • What do they mean with K*K, Kkk or something else? I'm sorry I am really stupid sometimes 😅

    Midnight VenusMidnight Venus5 days ago
  • I thought it was about her feeling uncomfortable with Bryce showing off his muscles😂 like tbh addi and Bryce's vid was cringy but cute👌

    Little OrangesLittle Oranges5 days ago
  • Dude im not hating on a minor but Charlis kinda dumb! DUDE this girl has gotten too far like dude u have 99 million... million MILLIONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has to appreciate it and not say their just numbers like these young people who love u so much and give u a follow are just numbers like wtf she got to be in a movie just cuz she danced yes... DANCEDDD on tik tok. I dont get it?? "SMH" Im sorry that i called her dumb but shes a normal person not a STAR... and people also need to stop treating her like a princess i know u think she is a princess blah blah blah... and... she wants to "quit" tik tok or sumin cuz she gets called out for wearing bikinis? There are people who have much worse hate than u do honey.... BYE!

    Daphne shookDaphne shook5 days ago
  • What community is she talking about??

    Helena EcheverriaHelena Echeverria5 days ago
  • If you want a n a o o p to do a face reveal⬇⬇⬇ like

    Junita TinsleyJunita Tinsley5 days ago
  • Omfg ANNA STOP MUTING WORDS!!! Vinnie supports the what community???

    Nylah CoffeyNylah Coffey5 days ago