Charli D'amelio SHADES AVANI?!, Lopez Brothers CALLED OUT!, Zoe Laverne EXPOSING Cody Orlove!

Jun 24, 2020
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Charli D'amelio SHADES AVANI?!, Lopez Brothers CALLED OUT!, Zoe Loverne EXPOSING Cody Orlove!
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  • i personally really dislike zoe, but that was just horrible

    harpharp2 days ago
  • I dont think its true

    Michelle HMichelle H9 days ago
  • And we thought tony was bad uhh I shouldn’t be watching this I’m a kid I’m scarred for life 😂

    Pink gamer robloxPink gamer roblox15 days ago
  • ok just to say thAT zoe was abused and it is real because she also said that on her live! zoe doesnt lie! no hate towards anyone

    Ghala MohamedGhala Mohamed17 days ago
  • Do the tea on you

    Valeria VidalValeria Vidal19 days ago
  • ok other than the tea that went down i can never watch any of anna’s videos without a cetaphil ad lmao

    luxlux19 days ago
  • And i thought ondera was the only normal lopez brother

    beary bearbeary bear20 days ago
  • Stan bts there not problematic 😌

    Gacha_Roblox_babies KpopGacha_Roblox_babies Kpop20 days ago
  • 0:15 anna dont even.

    auverlinaauverlina22 days ago
  • wait how tf could danyella say that they did it for attention- girl. danyella hasnt been on any socials besides vsco for a LONG time. danyella has attempted before and her dad took all socials away from her and zoe hasen't talked to danyella in forever. also danyella loves zoe VV much and would NEVER say anything similar

    Shelby RallsShelby Ralls23 days ago
  • The Zoe thing was about Cody pranking her and ruining her makeup

    Kylie SprungKylie Sprung23 days ago
    • Also she drew the bruises on with makeup

      Kylie SprungKylie Sprung23 days ago
  • Has anyone watched Hannah Stockings video about her maybe dating Ondreaz???? Like I ship them lol 😂

    Sedona Allen-BrodeurSedona Allen-Brodeur23 days ago
  • I honestly feel bad for Lopez- Like- That was deep... If someone asks you that question you decline and run to the nearest adult... cuz- Ra** Is terrible.

    Gabby Gacha U-UGabby Gacha U-U24 days ago

    hai uwuhai uwu27 days ago

    J SchwalbJ SchwalbMonth ago
  • Anna, you should make a vid about the person that called you out for secretly hating Addison Rae

    frenchbxgettefrenchbxgetteMonth ago
  • her doing a face rewal and being 9

    carolecaroleMonth ago
  • I have tea with me im ready good its flaming lol

    andrew4ever1 robloxandrew4ever1 robloxMonth ago
  • P

    Emily 102Emily 102Month ago
  • I stand LGBTQ plus community but like y’all are getting a little too sensitive..

    Tiny WolfTiny WolfMonth ago
  • Stop supporting charli always ur making other ppl look bad

    Jane MadokJane MadokMonth ago
  • Me to cody : that's the fastest statement I heard but almost every tik toker has actually apologized

    coconutmilk chocolatecoconutmilk chocolateMonth ago
  • Wait sorry am I blind that is not Charli she would of had a verified check mark ✅ so they can stop shading her now smh💛

    it’s anait’s anaMonth ago
  • sis, you aint slick.... when you showed the clip about "ondreaz's tweet about his uncle..." it was in your notes...not ondreaz's tweet

    Nadia SantosNadia SantosMonth ago
  • It was photoshopped because she was verified then

    john smithjohn smithMonth ago
  • its pronounced as zoey

    Aleyna VangAleyna VangMonth ago
  • Why does the thumbnail not look like Charli ;-;

    Riya JosephRiya JosephMonth ago
  • But didn't sister James Charles sex abuse a bar tender

    Tegan AtkinsonTegan AtkinsonMonth ago
  • NOTICE HOW CALEB FINN ISNT IN ANY OF THESE, caleb is the most UNPROBLEMTAIC person on tiktok

    FlqwsxmeFlqwsxmeMonth ago
  • They tweet was fake beacuse she wasn't verified

    Richard CastagnaroRichard CastagnaroMonth ago
  • ...

    Electron FNElectron FNMonth ago
  • when you played that audio of zoe begging for him to let go i almost started crying. like i don’t care about her or anything regarding her but i know how much it hurts and she sounded so innocent and hopeless

    Jaylen hahaJaylen hahaMonth ago
  • Okay but, that doesn't look like charli in the thumbnail-

    AngelieAngelieMonth ago
  • aww man the uncle-

    Mila D'amelioMila D'amelioMonth ago
  • as a person who's going through mental, verbal and emotional abuse from my dad, it horrifies and angers me so much that zoe laverne did all that for attention. it makes me feel even sadder because she could fake a bruise and people believed it when verbal and emotional abuse leaves no scars, and people don't believe me when i say it 😔. zoe laverne is over party.

    the writer’s cornerthe writer’s cornerMonth ago
  • 👒🧢👑⛑ 😀😃😄😁 👗👕🥻 👡👖🥿🩳 👛 👟👝

    Giselle ChavezGiselle ChavezMonth ago
  • i hate how you favorite charli like theres proof and receipts but its fake but when its another creator its real

    HappyHappyMonth ago
  • y’all remember when we used tiktok for fun 😀 that’s why i’m on lgbtq+ and kpop/anime tiktok now-

    xuliqhtxuliqhtMonth ago
  • Its the 💫shading💫 for me

    Ayziy robloxAyziy robloxMonth ago
  • You are may favorite place/person to catch up on all the drama

    Chicken NuggChicken NuggMonth ago
  • Can we all appreciate the editing Anna does and not hate either it’s real or not?? But dang the editing doe i’m a gurl but still, DO NOt CALL MEH A GUrL😁

    Lynx FNLynx FNMonth ago
  • cody:did i abuse her? lol no. moving on

    _luvjiminie_luvjiminieMonth ago
  • If charli shades avani avani should hate char plus avani has Amelia

    Melody CalderonMelody CalderonMonth ago
  • Someone obviously set up a camera for the to “fight”... something about that is still sketchy.

    sleepylillysleepylillyMonth ago
  • Whwn it come to Skai Jackson she is like "omg this girl is so problematic" even tho she is tring to save the black community but with charli "Oh not my gurl charli" when SHE was clearly shading avani Gurl if u wanna take side be fair with it. Let this be a lesson to ya

    Esther AlukoEsther AlukoMonth ago
  • Charile De Amillo Addison Rae Avani Ondrez Lopez James Charles Cody Orlove Zoe Lavenre

    Elliott BeddowElliott BeddowMonth ago
  • This is litereally the only tea channel I will watch :))

    Nicole HartNicole HartMonth ago
  • You're only offending Ave and adss Soo maybe you can make good tea but you don't make it you are only love Charlie Soo do one good and don't just love Charlie

    Deress FonjaDeress FonjaMonth ago
  • ZO

    K.iera.h XK.iera.h XMonth ago
  • tiktok is getting darker and darker 2

    zara foreverzara foreverMonth ago
  • Y'all think everybody is so perfect well were not people make mistakes so STOPPPP

    MochiMochiMonth ago
  • Literally why do people come at Charli for the dumbest stuff like dude she liked a comment it means nothing! and you CANNOT sit here and say she was in the wrong when thousands of people like hate comments on everybody everyday but they are not cancled for it... Ondreaz is WAY to sweet to do that Im not gonna lie i can see Tony doing that but yet he still didnt just bc you see something once with no actual proof that didnt happeneed DONT believe it.... As for Zoe i have never been a fan of her, yes i relize she can do what she wants but to vape infront of your platform when you know there are multiple kids watchubg you kind of is not it and people will judge you for it ... Next she said the N- word and clearly she is white so she had no place in saying that, Next SHE FAKES MULTIPLE THINGS FOR ATTENCION!!! She is not it AT ALL and needs to be CANCLED CANCLED... Thank you and remeber just my opinion!

    Addison AllenAddison AllenMonth ago
  • Ugh NoT mY gIrL ChArli

    Naturally PerfectNaturally PerfectMonth ago
  • noooooooooooo

    Sofia MitchellSofia MitchellMonth ago
  • My opinions: Shading: it was a long time ago, but y’all can’t just cancel Addison for it- Okay so why are people making up sexual assaults for clout-

    Rhea ShuklaRhea ShuklaMonth ago
  • Why do you hate everyone but not Charlie that’s not fair 😑

    Hala OsamaHala OsamaMonth ago
  • Shouldn't Anna be verified tho? I'm confused.

    TeetoTeetoMonth ago
  • Ugh I was starting to like James Chales again

    Alaska PartidaAlaska PartidaMonth ago
  • Tik tok is drama REAL DRAMA

    7F 20 Sprisha Pandey7F 20 Sprisha Pandey2 months ago
  • So charli and Dixie are problematic 🤭

    Audrina CastilloAudrina Castillo2 months ago
  • I loveee this video but whyyy charli :(

    nosh2pnosh2p2 months ago
  • I hate how people create false rumors about influencers just to get clout or even if they are just jealous. Like it stupid and childish

    Bit MillerBit Miller2 months ago
  • OK so I don’t mean to sound rude but Daniela didn’t mean they were doing the abuse for attention she meant throwing the rock at the window for attention because if somebody threw a rock at the glass the glass would’ve been inside the house not outside this is one of the reasons I don’t follow you and I don’t mean to sound problematic but make sure you know the actual backstory

    LavrnsvspLavrnsvsp2 months ago
  • “What now she’s replacing avani” and that’s Shading? That makes no sense like what? Plus we never came at Addison we just were shocked but barely said anything.Theres a difference

    Kayla PowellKayla Powell2 months ago
  • zonuts be like *dUnKinS aRE ThE MoST PRoBLeMAtIC* ayy Zoe fandom your fandoms a option too if you didn’t know!!

    milk teamilk tea2 months ago
  • Is it just me wondering what her camera roll looks like

    Alice VlogsAlice Vlogs2 months ago
  • Ain't it funny that 2 years later she brings it up about odreas and only does until he gets famous smh

    Elite RubyElite Ruby2 months ago
  • Hi

    Love EmmaLove Emma2 months ago
  • Its fake cuz a that wasnt her profile pic a month ago.

  • Yall know she is pissed when she curses in a part of some video

    Dude WhatDude What2 months ago
  • No. The comment was EDITED.

    firstdixiefirstdixie2 months ago
    • ya

      Rocky WagnerRocky Wagner2 months ago
  • Pov: im here from tiktok

    Kayden KoppKayden Kopp2 months ago
  • I'm about to go off Charli did not shade avani it's fake there's proof there just trying to get clout what the heck is going on I'm am getting mad 😡😡😤

    daisy bunniesdaisy bunnies2 months ago
    • k

      Rocky WagnerRocky Wagner2 months ago
  • Avani and Charli are still friends or made uo

    ghostphir aghostphir a2 months ago
  • Her when Charli does something: I really hope this is a joke 😭 her at anyone else: we all saw this coming anyways luvs “inserts meme”

    SimplybonnieSimplybonnie2 months ago
  • Nobody should have this much hate like we are all amazing people ok

    Stephanie GutierrezStephanie Gutierrez2 months ago
  • I love ur new format for videos!

    rasp_bearyrasp_beary2 months ago

    yoda yodayoda yoda2 months ago
  • I AGREE with JAMES! why does everyone believe everything anyone says? most are false accusations. people can post anything on the internet nowadays

    Loiselientje pientjeLoiselientje pientje2 months ago
  • charli is verified right? why is there no sign after her name then?

    Loiselientje pientjeLoiselientje pientje2 months ago
  • sees the title^ me nah matbe clickbaitt??

    Midnight CryingMidnight Crying2 months ago
  • there’s an app called picsart ❤️

    lilylily2 months ago
  • Anna opp you are one of my most favorite youtubers and you deserve more than 1 million love u🥺💗

    Maryam AsfaryMaryam Asfary2 months ago
  • Oop

    Kool AidシKool Aidシ2 months ago
  • Ok I take back what I said that tony should be like ondreaz buh.....DAMN I was wrong again

    Annie GAnnie G2 months ago
  • *um*

    Jillian BeanJillian Bean2 months ago
  • Charli's username is not verified.... thats fake my love❤

    Nanela CutieNanela Cutie2 months ago
  • I believe Charli and I want Zoe to stop Exposing people!!!!!!!!!

    Laurie StillLaurie Still2 months ago
  • They should just delete all social media

    Cupcake SweetCupcake Sweet2 months ago

    Alaaxte SolivaqaantAlaaxte Solivaqaant2 months ago

    Sakura BlossomSakura Blossom2 months ago
  • Please say Zoe's name right, it's pronounced "Zoey" but it's spelt like Zoe...

    Chuu ψChuu ψ2 months ago
  • Those bruises are from old she actually fell in the shower and got the bruises and now she’s showing it again to make Cody look bad, but I stan Zoe and much others.

    Pbjcharliii ‘Pbjcharliii ‘2 months ago
  • BTW read my name

    5k subscribers without any videos5k subscribers without any videos2 months ago
  • Zoe didn’t get sexual Assaulted he was pulling her arm so he so he could say stuff to her or something

    axiriaaxiria2 months ago
  • Charli could never, She would never!

    Chris EdwardsChris Edwards2 months ago
  • No hate but why does Anna bleep outworks that aren’t bad like??????BUT AGAIN NO HATE.

    Valerie WallaceValerie Wallace2 months ago
    • Because of USworlds guidelines I think

      Rhea ShuklaRhea ShuklaMonth ago
  • I honestly love how the person who posted the hateful comment wont get ANY HATE AT ALL WHATSOEVER but Charli will get loads of hate for LIKING A COMMENT!! I cant even

    Emma LedetEmma Ledet2 months ago
  • Wtf is wrong with your thumb nail that is not charli

    Cecilia MorenoCecilia Moreno2 months ago
  • U can hear the pain in Zoe's voice

    Katie ThomasKatie Thomas2 months ago