Charli D'amelio SHADES Her LOOKALIKE?!, Hype House INTRUDER Back AGAIN?!, Noah Beck DRAGGED..

Jul 23, 2020
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Charli D'amelio SHADES Her LOOKALIKE?!, Hype House INTRUDER Back AGAIN?!, Noah Beck DRAGGED..
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    cutie Queencutie Queen16 hours ago
  • jenny talks so mature its crazy

    bribri20 hours ago
  • I honestly think they did that makeup thing for the ppl whom wear makeup

    Audrina MunozAudrina MunozDay ago
  • I’m a self made million air I was the first man to walk on the moon 😏

    Millie CrossickMillie CrossickDay ago
  • now we can’t simp smh

    hoty lorenhoty loren2 days ago
  • 😬😬 okay. 😂😳 you really fight back to some silly stuff

    kylam doankylam doan3 days ago
  • i swear all the hate and drama going on is just crazy like litter kids r getting hate that is 7 or 8 this is so crazy

    Sadiya DahirSadiya Dahir3 days ago
  • 2 months later “noah and dixie are dating?!?”

    XxSunnyDragonxXXxSunnyDragonxX6 days ago
    • Lol

      Rebecca LadueRebecca Ladue6 days ago
  • Anna:y'all grab your popcorn its tea time Me:YES SISTERRRRRR

    Kendra BrownKendra Brown6 days ago
  • kinda dumb ngl why would they hate just for makeup ppl hating that are dumb smh

    Kristina QuindeeKristina Quindee7 days ago
  • Lol

    Monika PoplawskaMonika Poplawska7 days ago
  • Period

    Monika PoplawskaMonika Poplawska7 days ago
  • Its makeup

    Monika PoplawskaMonika Poplawska7 days ago
  • Makeup what the F

    Monika PoplawskaMonika Poplawska7 days ago
  • HunnnNnnnYYYYYyY.

    Monika PoplawskaMonika Poplawska7 days ago
  • Omfggggg noaahhhhh!!! Ok I got sum to say 😁 When chase simps: meh no one cares 😑 When ANYONE from hype house simps: and...? Who caresss!!! When sway house boys simp: OMFGG EWWW YOURE SO GROOSSSS OMGG STOOPP *THROWS HATE* When another famous boy Simps over hype house exes: *SCREAMS* NOOOOOOO *UNFOLLOWS* *UNLIKES* *THROWS EVEN MOOOREEEE HATE*

    Amellia RoarkAmellia Roark7 days ago
  • You talk so gen z haha I love it

    Do DoDo Do8 days ago
  • well there dating so it ended well

    Britany ArteagaBritany Arteaga8 days ago
  • Can y’all normalize boys being nice?!? like you ask boys to be nice then say omg he’s simping over every girl 😔

    Jordan FitzgeraldJordan Fitzgerald8 days ago
  • Stop talking about Charlie because it’s not cool

    Marlo AydelottMarlo Aydelott8 days ago
  • "I'm a self made millionaire" and I'm ariana grande's bsf "Jus use protection " gurllll u is 12 wa you know bout da??

    Damara kidarDamara kidar8 days ago
  • Who’s here when Noah and Dixie are dating

    John DorantesJohn Dorantes10 days ago
  • Hmm, I feel like Jenny’s mom is a Karen.

    indygirlieindygirlie12 days ago
  • Who’s here when Noah and Dixie are dating lol

    Hannah NgHannah Ng12 days ago
  • They want to be. Rich but they are not like SHUT UP

    Zaira Lopez-VelasquezZaira Lopez-Velasquez12 days ago
  • Like and comment if you hate the mom and cild

    Aroni RahmanAroni Rahman13 days ago
  • Hey no simp October

    Mr playerMr player14 days ago
  • Who else ships Noah and Dixie? Like if u do!

    Alexia WigwamAlexia Wigwam14 days ago
  • They don’t even wear makeup their just doing it for the money? You are aware money makes the world go round right? It’s a fucking business first y’all drag her for vaping which is something literally almost half of the world does including myself YALL really try to blow things out of proportion for nothing

    Khyaira DanielleKhyaira Danielle14 days ago
  • "get your popcorn ready" *has braces*

    noah schnappnoah schnapp14 days ago
  • 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾

    10k baddies10k baddies16 days ago
  • :) :D § ± Hello its me :)

    Luīze LipiņaLuīze Lipiņa16 days ago
  • That boy is dumb his friends girlfriends are Addison and Dixie Damelio stop Simping on your friends girls ok

    Cloudy CuteCloudy Cute16 days ago
  • Why does she break into houses

    Cloudy CuteCloudy Cute16 days ago
  • Charlie and Dixie don’t deserve hate

    Cloudy CuteCloudy Cute16 days ago
  • Y’all know they wear foundation and others just for nice looking skin-

    Tiari _editsTiari _edits17 days ago
  • got my my popcorn ready giiiirrrrrl!

  • Ok but who else died at the nikacado clip

    Lucy Virginia genckLucy Virginia genck18 days ago
  • 1:26 so relatable

  • Yea but griffin cheated on Dixie tho

    Caitlyn OsborneCaitlyn Osborne19 days ago

    ibxbblyyi :pibxbblyyi :p19 days ago
  • The D’Amelio sisters are not for hate

    Charlie BearCharlie Bear19 days ago
  • I see so many people having so many like's why can't I?

    Galaxy StarGalaxy Star19 days ago
  • I am that girl that broke in Ann LeBlanc J.K GET YOUR SUFF together LMAO

    Brooke SanchezBrooke Sanchez20 days ago
  • American teenagers act way too mature for their age

    Ezeani ChideraEzeani Chidera22 days ago

    Leidi Mary Laica CastilloLeidi Mary Laica Castillo22 days ago

    emeraldqueen playzzzemeraldqueen playzzz22 days ago
  • Bruh I knew she was mad crazy she looks like it🤦🏻‍♀️ and don’t come at me I’m not white 😭 Im Native American Im sorry but she looks crazy😚 in middle part 😬 ya her she looks mad crazy 😌😶 and oof Noah 🤔 maddddddddddd teaaaaaaaaaaa🍵☕️ simpingggg so y’all forget simpinggg September like 😭🤔😬 this is mad tea .,.

    Loveponygi CatoriLoveponygi Catori23 days ago
  • Griffin cheated anways.

    beary bearbeary bear23 days ago
  • the last one... BRUH LMAOO. DID NOTTT AGE WELLLLLL. seems how, you know? griffin actually cheated on dixie and now noah and dixie might be dating? im lmao

    Shelby RallsShelby Ralls23 days ago
  • So if Jenny is a “millionaire” the why can’t she buy a belt

    Kpop _ Multi99Kpop _ Multi9924 days ago
  • "Im a self made millionaire" and Bakugou exists and we're dating XD

    Rishika ChakravartyRishika Chakravarty24 days ago
  • I’m having Oreos

    Cristina PolancoCristina Polanco25 days ago

    Aubrey Playz - Roblox ✓Aubrey Playz - Roblox ✓25 days ago
  • When Jenny's mom is more uglier than my kindergarten doodles...

    Franny TheCatFranny TheCat25 days ago
  • anna: " i litteraly try to like comments to make it feel like people are being noticed, YaNnO?"

    Nahomi AntenehNahomi Anteneh25 days ago
  • This is how many times Noah has been shipped with someone. 👇🏻

    Safari RobloxSafari Roblox25 days ago
  • I was actually eating popcorn while watching this 😂

    Safari RobloxSafari Roblox25 days ago
  • Dixie doesn’t have a boyfriend they were friends

    White RosesWhite Roses25 days ago
  • Jen & her mither NEED to get off the internet....out of everyone in your.videos they piss me off the most. They actually make me sick.

    Leah MannLeah Mann26 days ago
  • Is it just me or does noah beck look a lot like noah centineo?? Hmmmm.....idk...maybe?!

    Matilde JaraMatilde Jara26 days ago
  • No they dont

    Zainab M SafieddineZainab M Safieddine26 days ago
  • her lookalike looks like a witch xd

    OOF DexOOF Dex27 days ago
  • I love wen she put nick avacado in there 👏👏👏

    Enesa BernaEnesa Berna28 days ago
  • Uhhh....when I saw the comment of Jenny’s and it said following lemme tell u I ✨s c r e a m e d✨

    prezley haleprezley hale28 days ago
  • Ok we get that you are a Self made millionare

    Mariah QuarlesMariah Quarles28 days ago
  • You don't understand it everyone gets hate, no need to always portrai them as Victims🤦🏻‍♂️

    J SchwalbJ Schwalb28 days ago
  • funny that Griffin was angry and he knew that he cheated ..buh he can chill anyways there just~a couple of besties~

    NehmzNehmz28 days ago
  • And that's on queen sh*t

    Aralynn BigskyAralynn Bigsky28 days ago
  • tiktokers literally cant be friends without getting shipped-

    unknown xunknown x29 days ago
  • They obviously don’t deserve the hate like so they are doing it for money but you would do the same

    Charlimelioo EditsCharlimelioo Edits29 days ago
  • ok so like on the thumbnail chars lookalike is her sister >:( •⩊•♪♪↞௹ just the facts

    Hannah RoesHannah RoesMonth ago
  • :0

    Siiimply. CloudsSiiimply. CloudsMonth ago
  • “0h l0rd again?”

    Naveah AvilaNaveah AvilaMonth ago
  • I wanna talk about Noah my ibff has a crush on him and he's simping over our idol addison and bc of that she might change her account to a Noah and Dixie account she still doesn't know that he's also a simping on addison poor BFF I'll make sure to talk to her

    Starbucks ParisStarbucks ParisMonth ago
  • This channel is how I become a cool kid 😎 ✨💗🥰

    IceeSwirlzIceeSwirlzMonth ago
  • love you so much dixie you to dixies sister hahahaha

    rhea evasrhea evasMonth ago
  • I’m happy that Charlie D’amelio stepped up for herself and said that she’s done with her chores

    Bella RoseBella RoseMonth ago
  • Girl I'm already eating my chicken ocrrrrrrrrrr

    Honey Boo0921Honey Boo0921Month ago
  • When she said “get ur popcorn readyyyyyy” I actually went to get popcorn 🍿

    iidonut -iidonut -Month ago

    Maria Martinez PerillaMaria Martinez PerillaMonth ago
  • I wish she would do a face reveal on live!??

    Maria Martinez PerillaMaria Martinez PerillaMonth ago
  • Here to say Noah ain’t done nothing wrong and being a “simp” literally means being a nice person when was it a crime to like someone? Has he acted on it? No! You legit can’t help who you like I don’t get why it’s even a big deal at all you literally make him sound like such a bad person

    Emily NotleyEmily NotleyMonth ago
  • Idk if I get hate for this but I support her not her mom but her

    Makaela DoddMakaela DoddMonth ago
  • the only man i like is draco malfoy

    Professor StantonProfessor StantonMonth ago
  • at this point noah joined sway to try and take all the sway boys ex's

    michellemichelleMonth ago
  • i honestly don't blame noah for simping, i do too

    Matilda TullosMatilda TullosMonth ago
  • It’s so discussing that people are hating Charlie and Dixie for launching a makeup brand I don’t know why they are launching but I am sure that they are not doing for money

    Anezah WaiiAnezah WaiiMonth ago
  • I think the hot tea is burning my mouth by now

    Biscuits 1Biscuits 1Month ago
  • way wot charli wap dasc

    daisy cervantesdaisy cervantesMonth ago
  • Charli look Ellie Ellie is older chile-

    Jerrie ColineJerrie ColineMonth ago
  • im confused cause wasn't they just saying that she's ugly and wears to much make-up but now wanna say she don't wear make-up😒🤔

    Ta'Miyah PinderTa'Miyah PinderMonth ago
  • Do u know what, do u know that girl and her mum that sneak in the hype house and that girls mum is f*cking rude.

    Breonilae IOANE-MASEIGABreonilae IOANE-MASEIGAMonth ago
  • "WeRe SeLf-mAdE miLlIonArEs" yeah and im happy stfu child

    Teri McKenzie CampbellTeri McKenzie CampbellMonth ago
  • Ellies family are the WALMART version of Charli and Dixies😭

    Teri McKenzie CampbellTeri McKenzie CampbellMonth ago
  • Wait at 7:43 it say 4s🤩 .

    Guechsiv soGuechsiv soMonth ago
  • Noah is a BAD addition ✌️ i dont read my responses so go ahead and disagree i really dont give af

    Madison DavisMadison DavisMonth ago
  • so buy and not is

    Ophelia MoyeOphelia MoyeMonth ago
  • hi

    Ophelia MoyeOphelia MoyeMonth ago
  • he prob seem unbothered bc he was cheating on dixie

    ニッキーN I C K YニッキーN I C K YMonth ago