Charli & Dixie CALLED OUT For Being HYPOCRITES?!, Nessa SHADES Charli AFTER THIS?!, Mattia BODYSHAME

Jan 4, 2021
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Charli & Dixie CALLED OUT For Being HYPOCRITES?!, Nessa SHADES Charli AFTER THIS?!, Mattia BODYSHAME
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  • i don’t want to be a hypocrite towards the pandemic situation but i did travel to hawaii with my family this month for a week. it was a very expensive trip and we didn’t want to cancel it. however, we were social distancing from everyone, we had gotten covid tests 2-3 days prior to the day we left for the trip, we were wearing masks every time we went out (except on the beach), we were sanitizing and we didn’t bring people that we don’t see on a regular basis. what they did seems to be the exact opposite because they brought people they probably don’t see everyday and who even knows if they sanitized or kept their distance from other people? they’re also privileged tiktok celebrities so they have the right to get away with whatever they want and it’s saddening.

    delirious emodelirious emo20 hours ago
  • Nessa Queen 😌

    Marlene NunezMarlene Nunez4 days ago
  • Nickis baby isn’t fat he is just fed well also mitta is just jealous that his parents didn’t treat him the same also it’s called baby fat babies Ned to be chubby so they can grow in to their body 🤦🏾‍♀️

    hi ya like foodhi ya like food4 days ago
  • OK miss Charlie! Preaching about social distancing but have you ever seen her 6 inches away from someone? AND THEN SHE GOES TO THE BAHAMAS?! Influencers must think they get a first class ticket out of this pandemic while the rest of us are ACTUALLY SUFFERING not being able to see people!!! AND STOP ATTACKING NESSA!! She’s speaking FACTS! Someone make these Oompa Loompa “influencers” step down because we all know their the reason along with all the other selfish people out there that this pandemic has lasted this long.

    Izzy SwaggerIzzy Swagger5 days ago
  • How does Anna no go crazy with making videos I would have a Mental breakdown

    Nyasia RobinsonNyasia Robinson5 days ago

    River RiveraRiver Rivera6 days ago
    • lol btw you lost the game lol

      River RiveraRiver Rivera6 days ago
  • I dont like nessa with like a strong passion as well but shes right.

    Peachy- PeachPeachy- Peach6 days ago
  • oof. remember when ticktock was NOT toxic. good times.

    Xxisi_pandaxX XXxisi_pandaxX X6 days ago
  • ngl mattia deserved that HAHA

    ShrekShrek6 days ago
  • i mean... Trisha has a point for once

    ShrekShrek6 days ago
  • He’s telling us if we’ve never ever called a baby fat i- Hunny you said it in the most ignorant rude way as possible what do you expect ?? 🤩🥰🙄

    Nicole ManunNicole Manun6 days ago
  • *Nessa has been out of drama for awhile now omg*

    Miracle WestMiracle West6 days ago

    JadeJade7 days ago
  • Okay but Nessa spelling it simpathy 😭😂

    E m i l yE m i l y7 days ago
  • it's not the tiktowers fault they dying. let them be them. I hate people who say "social distance my grandpa is dying" like bitch tf it's not my fault I don't know your grandpa 😒😒

    Nacole BartoletNacole Bartolet7 days ago
  • yall- ariana grandes DOG hair is worth more than charli's worth

    Imma Potato and I know itImma Potato and I know it7 days ago
  • Isn't nessa partying in the sway house with josh

    Vlada WhiteVlada White7 days ago
  • 5:42 why she speaking up when she also went to a party during the pandemic...ish's gettin really hot in here. Y'all didn't remember josh and nessa CAUGHT going to Larray's party?? Or am i just seeing things

    •Rae_playz••Rae_playz•7 days ago
  • 400,000 people that died from covid and there still traveling-

    Choop gaterlingsChoop gaterlings7 days ago
  • Nessa spoke facts

    Sherlyn RosarioSherlyn Rosario7 days ago
  • 8:26 that info ain’t right lol.

    Loujaine NasrLoujaine Nasr7 days ago
  • Mattia we actually don’t call a baby fat ass.... every baby has rolls.

    Princess LeiaPrincess Leia7 days ago
  • Okay but you cannot bodyshame someone’s baby 🤧 don’t leak his stuff though

    Serendipity_ føxSerendipity_ føx8 days ago
  • Some of these Tik tokers are overrated not gonna lie but I love em

    Serendipity_ føxSerendipity_ føx8 days ago
  • Hunny if "normal" people can social distant you can too. Just go home bye-

    Caelyn UwUCaelyn UwU8 days ago
  • Wtf why you people giving Mattia a platform? 🙄🙄🤦‍♀️

    AlipalAlipal8 days ago
  • I love your videos but people just care so much about what they do it’s ridiculous but yeah byeeeee!

    Khamirra WallerKhamirra Waller8 days ago
  • Um why do people care SOOOO MUCH about what they do?? Like stop let them live they lives. I know that y’all are BIG fans of them but just stop, y’all don’t need to know everything or Control about what they do! Just stoop! Thank you 🙄😐

    Khamirra WallerKhamirra Waller8 days ago

    Grace ScalzoGrace Scalzo8 days ago
  • SHUT UP EVERYONE SHE DID NOTHING WRONG YOU STUPID PPL ARE GETTING MAD AT HER FOR STUPID REASONS They ARE taking the pandemic seriously!!! They can hang out with friends if they want. for example, I hang out with a group of friends every day, and no one is getting mad at me. Just because they are famous doesn't mean they aren't regular people and you can just get mad at them for stupid stuff like this. Are people not allowed to go on vacation with some really close friends? Like I've gone on many trips with friends and no one is canceling me. This is so stupid.

    Grace ScalzoGrace Scalzo8 days ago
  • people are dying Kim

    Noble PotatoNoble Potato8 days ago
  • i hate miss phaetas but DID SHE STUTTER yea she kinda did but spoke facts doe😃

    رابيع فاطمهرابيع فاطمه8 days ago
  • Oop some tea ☕️

    It’s AddyIt’s Addy9 days ago
  • 8:26 I beg to differ but I tho l directioners are the strongest lmao

    Kiera KeeneKiera Keene9 days ago
  • Nicki's baby is cute af💖💎

    Sophie DesenbergSophie Desenberg9 days ago
  • you should post the whole video of nessa she said she use to be one of the selfish fucks but now shes a change of person.bye

    Jenny LiJenny Li9 days ago
  • Mattia is CANCELED FOR ME!!

    Banana LamaBanana Lama9 days ago
  • Congrats that Charlie your now known as the girl who doesn’t social distance🤪

    Evie bloxEvie blox10 days ago
  • Her baby is such an angel!! 🥰🥰🧚‍♀️😍🤗😇😇 All babies are a little chubby so that’s just dumb 😤

    Izzy LongIzzy Long11 days ago
  • Like no hate y'all some of these tik tokers think cause they famous they can talk trash bwt other ppl like they own everything

    Zo SamsonZo Samson11 days ago
  • I'm I the only one that saw the amount of views on the video thing ill timestamp it in the relpys luvsss

    Scarlett SmallwoodScarlett Smallwood11 days ago
    • 0:58 theres the stamp..........👀👀👁_👁

      Scarlett SmallwoodScarlett Smallwood11 days ago
  • so no one talking about that baby being dropped in the pool like that 😂😂

    thatgirlliaathatgirlliaa12 days ago
  • Char chaaar love GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER GIRL. we won’t be here foreverrrrrr

    Eden BlackwellEden Blackwell12 days ago
  • Can everyone stop ✋ stop like its not your business like come on you are just jealous stop hating like stop ✋

    Its. LinaIts. Lina12 days ago
  • nessa is literallt trying her best to learn from her mistakes and grow

    The ratsThe rats12 days ago
  • i love nessa tho

    The ratsThe rats12 days ago
  • ok but these tiktokers need to get back home rn because even if you dont have symptoms, you can still have the virus and spread it i stg

    The ratsThe rats12 days ago
  • trisha actually spoke facts like yesss

    The ratsThe rats12 days ago
  • i hate what people call celebrity fan bases.Barbs stans whatever it’s so annoying

    weewee woowooweewee woowoo12 days ago
  • Honestly you can’t say about someone’s baby unless you pushed it out yourself... just sayin-

    JuliaJulia13 days ago
  • ok imma say this idc about tiktok drama and i still watch it cause it’s entertaining ish but the fact that mattia has the audacity to body shame A LITERAL BABY he deserves every hate that he’s getting like he got a girl pregnant imagine if someone body shamed his own what does he have to say bout it...

    MeriamMeriam13 days ago

    maro baromaro baro13 days ago
  • if they apologise, yah, but what they gonna say charli's prolly gonna end up crying and being like "im only 16, it was a mistake" or they prolly gonna say stuff like it will never happen again

    Maya McNallyMaya McNally13 days ago
  • didn't trisha non essential travel-

    Addy FAddy F13 days ago
  • I’m a barb- but I didn’t know we go that far💀💀

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget14 days ago
  • They gon gtf of nickis baby🥺 he’s cute and chubby, a healthy baby💕 I was a chubby baby too- ion know how I’m so skinny now doe💀

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget14 days ago
  • madi, avani and anthony went too

    vanessavanessa14 days ago
  • OMG

    Ela StojkovEla Stojkov14 days ago
  • Next thing u know she gets COVID

    Estrella Cortez-CotomEstrella Cortez-Cotom14 days ago
  • Anna op get educated

    M NM N14 days ago
  • He says they musn't go off on his family when he did that to Nicki's family (her son) her son is gorgeous and all pretty babys start fat like duh but I'm not saying thin baby's aren't cute no.

    Crissy NyakondaCrissy Nyakonda14 days ago
  • as nessa should !!

    madisonmadison14 days ago
  • Mattia can’t say anything about a baby, he can’t even keep one alive

    JJ !JJ !15 days ago
  • Image nessa went to New York lol

    Charli SepulvedaCharli Sepulveda15 days ago
  • I been wishing hear peaches drama

    Charli SepulvedaCharli Sepulveda15 days ago

    Rachel CordelRachel Cordel15 days ago
  • Idk who tf Mattia is BUT HE DID NOT BODY SHAME THE FUCKIN BABY. 😂😂😂 idc what y’all said, he wasn’t body shaming. That baby was fat, chubby, plump, whatever the fuck you want to call it. He didn’t say anything negative about the babies body, just that it was fat and he honestly showed that he like the baby’s chubby ness by putting “😩” Like y’all deadass twist peoples fuckin words I’m not with that shit.

    百合Miyu百合Miyu15 days ago
  • Ngl Nicki's baby actually look better than Matia bc he look like sh!t😏

    baguettemultibaguettemulti15 days ago

    baguettemultibaguettemulti15 days ago
  • The Barbz not standing for this, sorry Mattia RIP!!

    brynlee gibbsbrynlee gibbs15 days ago
  • ok i’m sorry but i completely disagree with everyone getting mad with other people going on holiday and all that! it is absolutely up to them because it’s their lives and they can decide what they want to do with it. i live in australia and we have no more covid and we can do what ever we want now because their are no cases where i live and you wanna know why, it’s because we closed our borders and went into lockdown and most restaurants and all that were closed. if you want people to stay social distance and not go out during lockdown! THEN SHUT YOUR BORDERS AND SHUT YOUR RESTAURANTS! ITS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. i’m not blaming these people because it’s honestly up to them if they want to travel and it’s not their fault that they are getting hate it’s the fact that you haven’t done anything to stop the virus. YOU NEED TO CLOSE DOWN AND SHUT BORDERS SO NO ONE CAN GET OUT OR IN AND THEN THE VIRUS WILL START TO SLOW DOWN. yous aren’t doing anything but get mad when people live their lives. YOU CANT JUST SAY YOUR IN LOCKDOWN AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO STAY INSIDE AND NOT GO OUT YOU HAVE TO SHUT DOWN AND CLOSE EVERYTHING ITS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. PERIODT thank you sorry not sorry

    Tahlia Joy xTahlia Joy x15 days ago
  • Imagine being so pathetic that you bodyshame a baby, AN ACTUAL BABY😭

    Gummy BearGummy Bear15 days ago
  • I stan nessa

    -Bvba-Bvba15 days ago
  • The sync got on this omg yay

    Brea Lynn MarshallBrea Lynn Marshall16 days ago
  • Ness can call them out but no need to call them selfish fcks

    Grace El BayehGrace El Bayeh16 days ago
  • She’s not losing no fans lol

    Kimani BoddingtonKimani Boddington16 days ago
  • Im lowkey scared of the barbs...

    Melanie ToledoMelanie Toledo16 days ago
  • 3:25 Welcome to the cap store 🧢 Unfortunately the cap store is closed due to too many facts being said I hope you understand

    KaliponfA123KaliponfA12316 days ago
  • Nah nikkis fans is crazy fr fr 😭he’s a shit person n I don’t support him but no one deserves to get doxxed

    sauceyfeetsauceyfeet16 days ago
  • lmaoo i can’t wait for the “ trisha needs to stop HARASSING a minor” comments

    Kelly RomeroKelly Romero16 days ago
  • Nessa💕

    Marty ByrdeMarty Byrde16 days ago
  • yasss go barbs let them know not to mess with nikki

    Stefanie SalvatoreStefanie Salvatore16 days ago
  • Um did no one else laugh at when one of the hate comments towards mattia said “ with its finas and ferb self* lol I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

    Maryela GalindoMaryela Galindo16 days ago
  • How low does someone have to go to call a BABY fat like wtf

    MAVI BUNNMAVI BUNN16 days ago
  • Why is it a problem if they are protecting themselves yall are just reaching smh

    Tiktok TheaterTiktok Theater16 days ago
  • Imagine body shaming a damn baby. Like.. Who would do that?

    Satya Wirasena JaputraSatya Wirasena Japutra16 days ago
  • Mattia went to FAR!Babys are cute chubby and skinny so sthu

    Isabella AtilanoIsabella Atilano17 days ago
    • Fr he was chubby too as a kid 💀💀

      NatalieNatalie16 days ago
  • When she fucked up they all supported her..

    Marilia RebouskouMarilia Rebouskou17 days ago
  • Nessa is like a younger version of Maddison beer but a bit more problematic.

    Princess NyanziraPrincess Nyanzira17 days ago
  • lets all be honest Anna is the best tea teller

    siimplyisasiimplyisa17 days ago
  • Now everyone don't give me wrong I love Nessa but she cracks me up selfish fucks lmaoo a honesty Queennnnnnnnnn give her her crown 👑👧

    journey monroejourney monroe17 days ago
  • Is it nessa the one who kissed lil huddy during the pandemic that's how you get Corona

  • those tiktokers are such hypocrites, they don’t deserve their platforms

    trinity lortrinity lor17 days ago
  • Is Anna's editing getting better everyday

    susan Jideoforsusan Jideofor17 days ago
  • Nessa i love you

    Tiffany Sanchez FloresTiffany Sanchez Flores17 days ago
  • Here's my opinion on the mattia situation, I dont think he meant to call papa bear fat in that way like in a body shaming way , but he should've never called nicki a bitch . And all babies are chunky and chubby , I think he could've said the baby was chubby and not fat . Also dont come for his family cause they didn't do anything , espically his little brother . That's all tbh

    Morgan WebbMorgan Webb17 days ago
  • omg can you stop and you dont now if this is trun are not you so you are lieing to your fan and if you are trying to get fam this is not the way sis

    Mervelyn LarmondMervelyn Larmond17 days ago
  • i hate trisha so much but she's right this time

    a raina rain17 days ago
  • And here i am living in the bahamas CONFUSED why our cases are going up...damn not only influencers but people need to stop traveling smt

    Lu NaLu Na17 days ago
  • Okay what natea did to nikis baby did wasnt okay but doxing him and spreading nudes. Y'all asses could go to jail TO.JAIL and THIS IS FOR POSTING CHILDPOROGRAPHY!!!!! Omfg I hope y'all catch cases I BE LAUGHIN OML

    Baby PurkisBaby Purkis17 days ago