Charli & Dixie GET CANCELLED After THIS?!, Bryce COMES FOR Billie Eilish?!, Zoe Laverne RETURNS!

Nov 19, 2020
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Charli & Dixie GET CANCELLED After THIS?!, Bryce COMES FOR Billie Eilish?!, Zoe Laverne RETURNS!
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  • billie is a real celeb bryce your just a hmmm a cele shader

    4SMILE JIMIN4SMILE JIMIN11 minutes ago

    Nileigh PhouthonephackdyNileigh Phouthonephackdy4 hours ago
  • “Zoe just give up nobody likes you” Preach

    MOCO RobloxMOCO Roblox7 hours ago
  • At this point I think we can all agree that all Bryce has done this year is chase clout,attention and drama.

    Alayna YorkAlayna York12 hours ago

    2 kids 1 channel2 kids 1 channel23 hours ago
  • That dinner video thing was the most cringe thing I’ve ever seen LMAOOOO

    Larissa PsalcLarissa PsalcDay ago
  • ppl do the craziest things on social media smh

    Cherry BearCherry BearDay ago
  • how are people not pressed about zoe , if this was reversed with a older guy and a younger girl*cough cough* tony lopez *cough cough* ya'll woulda called the cops and busted his ass but no when its women being predatory its okay and shoved under the rug

    Cassidy BrinkCassidy BrinkDay ago
  • bryce is toxic period!!!! zoe is disgusting and messed up period!!!!!

    Cassidy BrinkCassidy BrinkDay ago
  • Rich people problems am I right😂

    Sofia AstleySofia AstleyDay ago
  • people be too dramatic just because dixie threw up a snail 😬

    sxftapricot 7u7sxftapricot 7u7Day ago
  • I always wonder Don't Conners parents know about what's going on or what? 🤔

    Weebu KiarraWeebu KiarraDay ago
  • That messed up Bryce is coming for a CELEBRITY to say that he has more followers... Chill my problematic dude And for u zoe *Stop being a bitch*

    AddisonRae Sunrae Huge fanAddisonRae Sunrae Huge fanDay ago
  • I mean there's nothing wrong about throwing up on food for example if you do not like the food and you are it won't you throw up? like chill

    iihxzelxiihxzelxDay ago
  • Bruh how many times does Bryce needs shade celebrities like it doesn’t matter about followers hella childish 💀

    Steve_01Steve_01Day ago
  • Notice how Zoe is in like all Anna’s videos.😐

    Calista CapizziCalista CapizziDay ago
  • Just unfollow all of them 🥱

    Jackie RamirezJackie RamirezDay ago
  • Ok, im not hating but dixie should've atleast spit it in a napkin

    diana crossingdiana crossingDay ago
  • OMG GUYS!!!! GET THIS! We canceled Dixie for not liking snails!!! We’re so desperate for drama that we’re canceling someone over not liking snails! ISNT THAT COOL???!!!

    ItsJaelynItsJaelynDay ago
  • Bryce Hall is like an ant standing next to Billie eilish

    charlene penncharlene penn2 days ago
  • Billie elish is my queen

    Elianny GonzalezElianny Gonzalez2 days ago
  • First Bryce came for Ariana, now Billie?

    Xorin FranklinXorin Franklin2 days ago
  • charlie didn’t say that she wasn’t grateful for the 95 million FYI🙄

    aubrey carrollaubrey carroll2 days ago
  • Bruh people are doing too much towards Dixie about the snail thing

    Victoria MartinezVictoria Martinez2 days ago
  • Arent we all Sick and Tired of all this Drama and Toxic Stuff? Like im Sorry not Sorry but sometimes its the Fans🙄😃💀🤡✋🏻

    Elizabeth AftonElizabeth Afton2 days ago
  • Chile... AnYwAyS sO...

    Elise RichterElise Richter2 days ago
  • You don’t know how long it took that poor chef to cook that 😭

    Sunset CloudySunset Cloudy2 days ago
  • Bryce be like:" hi I'm Bryce I'm a clout chaser so thats why i get into tea almost EVERY TIME"

    • A N N E • G A C H A •• A N N E • G A C H A •2 days ago
  • Trust me, He isn't more famous than Billie Eillish

    akeemah kingakeemah king2 days ago
  • Who else is tired of the D'amelio's shit? Like stop!

    akeemah kingakeemah king2 days ago
  • Anna oop, I see you using an Oli London reference..

    Celeste .-.Celeste .-.2 days ago
  • Bryce, hunnniiiiii... she's a celebrity, your a ✨tiktoker✨ stop throwing shade at her 😒✌🏼

    Sidra .xSidra .x2 days ago
  • Does Bryce realize he’s just famous on tik tok 💀 literally your fans are 12 year olds

    Billies Favorite fanBillies Favorite fan2 days ago
  • The chef of the Demilio family doesn’t even care he wanted her to react that way and in the Charlie situation she didn’t mean it that way they just got even more problems because of the video of Dixie dancing to Trisha saying the N-word if she should’ve just exposed her or that it would be OK but then dancing to it doesn’t feel good

    Abigail MartinAbigail Martin3 days ago
  • Stop ✋ with this team

    Kyson Landon LandonKyson Landon Landon3 days ago
  • What’s funny is how a 16 year old has 100 million followers and doesn’t know what to do and no one wants to eat a snail and the chef sneaked a snail a fucking snail into rice like wtf I’d be grossed out too

    Haley JaysonHaley Jayson3 days ago
  • When the only thing tiktokers have are folowers and drama

    Laetitia GerstnerLaetitia Gerstner3 days ago

    Jerell RushJerell Rush3 days ago
  • People consider them “influencers.” Says a lot about our society.

    Macy Plays RobloxMacy Plays Roblox3 days ago
  • Alright everybody is canceling Conor,?!?!?!?! LIKE BRO HES 13 WHEN I WAS abt 6 I HAD A cRUSH ON SOmEOnE WHO WAs 24!!! ZOE NEEDS TO BE In jAIL.

    Randomly Kim Or chicken nugget girlRandomly Kim Or chicken nugget girl3 days ago
  • Billie Eilish cancels me: Me: alright let me just delete my account

    Randomly Kim Or chicken nugget girlRandomly Kim Or chicken nugget girl3 days ago
  • I’m sorry but can’t she just spit it on the napkin, no need to overreact honey.

    Freckled Chik E nFreckled Chik E n3 days ago
  • I’m not being funny The people who know Bryce used to Stan the hype house and the sway boys If ppl didn’t follow/watch them I doubt they know who Bryce is meanwhile basically everyone knows who billie is Like..😂

    Robertta SabinRobertta Sabin3 days ago
  • anna: 7:50 me: *kpop stan mode: on*

    4YOU Entertainment4YOU Entertainment3 days ago
  • Bryce entitled asf 🙄

    Łił ĞhøsțŁił Ğhøsț3 days ago
  • There are ppl starving who can’t even EAT mushrooms. So ungrateful smh🤦🏾‍♀️

    Malia SankeyMalia Sankey3 days ago
  • the hands tho so cute!! oh and i am just getting started with this

    Laquana SweetingLaquana Sweeting3 days ago
  • Thank true

    Felisa VillaFelisa Villa3 days ago
  • Not griffin saying “ I want to do understand what goes through someone’s mind when they take the time to hurt others on purpose” When he literally ... you know what I don’t have to explain y’all already know 💀

    Andrea LopezAndrea Lopez3 days ago
  • how is nobody talking about how rude they were during the dinner umm

    bribri3 days ago
  • Eyyyy Claire and Chase madeeee itttt

    Cosmo&Wandas RobloxCosmo&Wandas Roblox3 days ago
  • dixie threw up a snail so let’s cancel her 😢😢😢😢 LIKE WHAT?

    Graci CraigGraci Craig3 days ago
  • literally in the video james said "what is everybody laughing at?" JAMES SAID THEY WERE LAUghing. 2020 is messed up.

    nedii kennedynedii kennedy3 days ago
  • The funny part is when she said Bryce hall was targeted by Ariana fans and there was a Ariana grande song for add

    SUnSet SuNSeTSUnSet SuNSeT3 days ago

    carly dixoncarly dixon3 days ago
  • I love zoe🙄✔💞🧸

    Rana Arab lebaneseRana Arab lebanese3 days ago
  • Just because their famous doesn’t mean they don’t have to make mistakes

    Roblox cloudyRoblox cloudy3 days ago
  • BRUCE HALL HUNNY.. REALLY ?! BILLIE EILISH?! SHE CAN LITTEARLY BUY YOU AND THE WHOLE TIKTOK COMMUNITY BYE Edit: ooh lmaoo commented before watching the whole thing

    Xx_Ali _xXXx_Ali _xX3 days ago
  • Where is Zoe’s mom like she needs to stop her

    Adey ShiferawAdey Shiferaw3 days ago

    Vina AragonVina Aragon3 days ago
  • Zoe Laverne is fun🥰

    Kiana Perry-WilsonKiana Perry-Wilson3 days ago
  • I love you Anna like alot but your voice is annoying duxhdh

    Evin The LoserEvin The Loser3 days ago
  • They were so humble before-

    IamedieIamedie3 days ago
  • 0:00 ANNA put a space helmet on!!!

    Kennedy ChevallierKennedy Chevallier3 days ago

    ANaBeLLe FaBBoANaBeLLe FaBBo3 days ago
  • I don’t care if Bryce does something wrong he grew up without a dad and lost his best friend

    YT LzYT Lz4 days ago
  • seriously tik tokers need to realize that they aren't all that in a bag of chips and that not every single person in the world loves them and wants to be like them.

    Sydney DicksonSydney Dickson4 days ago
  • You use the worst pictures you can find for your thumbnails

    PeachymorgiePeachymorgie4 days ago
  • fyi alot of these clips were taken out of context

    Blakeanne PriceBlakeanne Price4 days ago
  • The snail was planned by the chef.......

    VentiixchvrliiVentiixchvrlii4 days ago
  • At this point like I swear why does she have a platform and fans like she’s a 19 YEAR OLD AND KISSED A 13 YEAR OLD get your head out of your butt and wake up it’s disgusting and tik tok still gives her a platform like oh my god

    CupxftaeCupxftae4 days ago
  • It's not fair to Dixie it was Snails for God sakes y'all would have done the same exact thing if it was you on the situation! Wake up people!!!!!!!!

    brynn keatingbrynn keating4 days ago
  • And then they ask why we Make fun of straight tiktok they are all soo problematic ✌

  • PERIODTTTTT CLAIRE (& chase ig)

    KhairinKhairin4 days ago
  • the amount of ads u put in is ridiculous

    Susarah MüllerSusarah Müller4 days ago
  • Oli London does NOT belong here. Just saying and not spilling hate.

    Kim Y\NKim Y\N4 days ago
  • i hope zoe just posts but nobody cares and just don't give a like on it lol

  • tiktokers really thinking they’re a-list celebs 🥴

    chloe nicolechloe nicole4 days ago
  • Bruh

    It’s AyushaIt’s Ayusha4 days ago
  • I know this isn’t in the video. But why she had to put that picture of Dixie in the thumb nail

    Minhkha PhanMinhkha Phan4 days ago
  • bruh.... tiktokers are gonna get unsweetened if they shade celebrity's

    Emerie GonzalezEmerie Gonzalez4 days ago
  • Sillp the tea rude

    Felisa VillaFelisa Villa4 days ago
  • yall tell me why she used oli london as a meme LMAO fellow armys would know T_T

    layna leelayna lee4 days ago
  • I hate Billie Eilish

    JustLila 21JustLila 214 days ago
  • Why do tikToKer act like there fu**ing celebrities that's so dumb

    Leslie UmanaLeslie Umana4 days ago
  • zoe is playing a tony lopez

    Gigi MarieGigi Marie4 days ago
  • it’s not that dixies being dramatic! it’s because she’s being ungrateful towards a chef standing RIGHT THERE!!

    meiimeii4 days ago
  • I live under a rock so, *what’s tiktok?* is it some social media with music or dancing or smth

    Jandwe JandweJandwe Jandwe4 days ago

    Violetthebunny7Violetthebunny74 days ago
  • This is how many people that are using this format ⬇️

    Ingrid OlsonIngrid Olson4 days ago
  • Soo no one is gonna talk about the 13 Year old but Zoe gets the hate and not saying I dont agree but TW. If he was her best friend thn he would-be staying awaying from her BECUASE WHAT 13YEAROLD WILL WANT TO DATE SOMEONE 19

    Mohammad ShamiMohammad Shami4 days ago
  • Well looks like cancelled=timeout🤠

    Ruth KRuth K4 days ago
  • Dixie literally did nothing wrong. Sometimes you don't like a food regardless of who cooks it. If someone gave me a snail to eat, i would have acted like that too. It's the food.. not the chef Y'all are too sensitive. :/

    Tadeana BurfordTadeana Burford4 days ago
  • Sometimes i just wanna slap Bryce so bad

    Its me Chancevie NzenzeIts me Chancevie Nzenze4 days ago
  • Ok guys I dont what to be rude but she is a brat

    Maggie KengeMaggie Kenge4 days ago
  • Everyone saying hse is rude and dosent have manors to dixie they would do the same thing if they didnt like snail and if there mom made a meal and they didnt like it

    snipefoolsshowsnipefoolsshow4 days ago
  • I dont like zoe at all I mean she is crazy bc she is dating a 13 year old boy and she is ONLY 19 i mean WHAT THA HACK

    Maggie KengeMaggie Kenge4 days ago
  • Griffin is a hypocrite though. He broke Dixies heart on purpose. He used her for clout and followers. He needs to grow the f*ck up.

    Jennifer LollarJennifer Lollar4 days ago
  • i dont support zoe but i stand for age is just a number but ill say it zoe is ridiculous

    Gabriella StGabriella St4 days ago
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    joshuajoshua5 days ago