Dixie D'amelio EXPOSED For Being A CHEATER?!, Addison ENDS Bryce Hall's Haters, Vinne's GF DRAGGED

Nov 20, 2020
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    anna oopanna oop6 days ago
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      •mini white crewmate••mini white crewmate•8 hours ago
    • hi 😊

      Keira ThomasKeira Thomas9 hours ago
    • ur fake kmt

      chezzanne binghamchezzanne bingham3 days ago
    • I love filmora I been using the app since 2017 and the quality works great for iOS and Android.

      Ur mom _Ur mom _3 days ago
    • heh

      lauralaura3 days ago
  • *Dixie was The Imposter*

  • I used the app its so easy especially when using a computer its really easy to use 🤠

    Therese BuchholzTherese Buchholz6 hours ago
  • i already use that editing app

    rachelleL LEBLANCrachelleL LEBLANC8 hours ago
  • i simp for Vinnie okay but like you shouldnt be mad that someone is happy w someone you dont want them to be happy with. even if they arent dating.

    madisonmadison8 hours ago
  • Influencers I find annoying: Quen idk her last name (she just wants drama and negativity) Vinne hacker (idek why he’s just annoying) Tony Lopez (I think everyone knows why) Ondreaz Lopez (cringy) Gilmher croes (cringy) Jayden croes (cringy) Anthony reeeves(he hated on one direction) Lovely peaches(Cora) Trisha paytus (idek why)

    WatermelonHibah 101WatermelonHibah 1019 hours ago
  • You know,this would be a hate comment for quen but if I write it,people would come @ me for saying I only hate her cuz she’s black but I generally find her annoying especially after the braddison thing

    WatermelonHibah 101WatermelonHibah 1019 hours ago
  • How does she get sad and crying pictures of tiktokers

    WatermelonHibah 101WatermelonHibah 10110 hours ago
  • I feel like everyone big tiktoker always gets hated on 😐

    Latisha WilliamsLatisha Williams14 hours ago
  • Can't people understand it?! They have theyre own life, let them live! Why can't people just respect relationships i mean it's not like its theirs.

    Cherii_BeriiCherii_Berii16 hours ago
  • Wait griffin who cheated on Dixie first is complaining how she supposely "Cheated"

    Isabel RiveraIsabel Rivera16 hours ago
    • @Dulce Asmr Soo Griffin is the one who cheated on her....But then says that she "Cheated" Isnt he being clingy and a hyprocite Dixie has moved on and hes still talking about her

      Isabel RiveraIsabel Rivera4 hours ago
    • Cuz she did and that's on period

      Dulce AsmrDulce Asmr12 hours ago
  • Nobody: Literally No one: Just me waiting for a face reveal.👉🏼👈🏼

    Misti FloresMisti Flores17 hours ago
  • Why do people even care about other people’s relationships like bruh it’s their life not yours.

    vanillavanilla18 hours ago
  • Honestly I feel like no one should be judged or canceled just because they like someone or vote for someone. Just because your a trump supporter you shouldn’t be judged at all. I think that’s stupid how people get cancelled or bullied just by supporting or voting for someone.

    SimplyyyZoeSimplyyyZoe19 hours ago
  • I think the both just did not like each other in that way and it was forced 🤷‍♀️

  • Why is no one talking about the editing app

    It’s ArxillaIt’s Arxilla22 hours ago
  • Is Dixie cheated on griffin for Noah then why are Noah and griffin still friends and act like nothing happened?

    Xxcherry BlossomXxXxcherry BlossomXx22 hours ago
  • If anyone wants her to face review please click on this on the like button

    #GamingCeline 10#GamingCeline 1023 hours ago
  • Fake fake fake

    broncocalifornia officialbroncocalifornia official23 hours ago
  • It’s like people are obsessed with Bryce like come on.....

    Billie EilishfanBillie EilishfanDay ago
  • i am a fan of vinnie, and i even think that some fans are overprotective and toxic. Real fans are just happy for him and dont attack the girl, where did girls support girls went? even if they are dating its not our business and if he doesnt wanna say it yet to his fans we need to respect his decision, he still has a private life.

    TessaTessaDay ago
  • no fucking wonder he didn't want to tell his fans, and I thought the chavs of east london were psycho. look it's no one's business who someone is in a relationship with, get a life

    Lily RawlingLily RawlingDay ago
  • arent Zoe laverne and Tony lopez the most hated tiktokers

    Familie MullerFamilie MullerDay ago
  • why were his fans upset about him hiding his relationship if they were judging them in the first place.

    anna colinanna colinDay ago
  • Your soooo annoying 😹

    Yannah BrionesYannah BrionesDay ago
  • use this as your "have anna do a face reveal" ticket

    Cassidy BrinkCassidy BrinkDay ago
  • Yall be like ‘what damelio privilege’ and then this happen 💀

    Kirsten WhiteKirsten WhiteDay ago
  • i mean griffin's right tho they just broke up and dixie already got a bf like ik he cheated but didn't she loved him ordndjnsis

    blank space hsjsjeygrhrblank space hsjsjeygrhrDay ago
  • I don’t know really how to edit because I’m kind of new and I want to start making USworlds videos but like I don’t know how to edit🤔🖤😊

    Aleah FarnumAleah FarnumDay ago
  • What da fawkkkkkkkk

  • Dixie: U dont think this is their live they know what they need everyone is saying dixie cheat on griffin johnson she doesn't cheat in him she know what she need she thinks that shes more happy with noah and she is happy with noah and they are happy more after break up like.if u dont like someone but people force u to be with him can u be with him tell me

    Faiza TaiamorFaiza TaiamorDay ago
  • 8:50 it’s his life he doesn’t need to let everybody know who he’s dating like what the hell are fans getting upset cause he was hiding is reaction like what

    JasmineJasmineDay ago
  • Bryce and Addison are so real they don’t act fake they won’t pretend like they don’t care about hate and that they don’t wanna respond just like tiktokrooml said at 6:26 “y’all say sh*t about influencers and actually not expect them to clap back” like come on you throw hands except hand to be thrown back at you

    JasmineJasmineDay ago
  • 🔥☕ MaGiC

    Aesthetic ArianneAesthetic ArianneDay ago
  • "idc if you green" JAJASAAKHJALAGHFGAHK

    anele's galaxyanele's galaxyDay ago
  • Vinnie's fanbase is highkey pathetic, like they literally think they own vinnie and it's so annoying.

    YashfaYashfaDay ago
  • addison: i’ll date my boyfriend anna: SHE WENT OfFFfFfFfFfFfF ON THE TIKTOKER!!!!

    indie denbroughindie denbroughDay ago
  • Vinnie is only famous for showing his abs or whatever. Y’all never give somebody fake for a REASON

    BreadJinnieBreadJinnieDay ago
  • Thank you for the editing app!!! I was looking for one. I LOVE U

    ValeriarrsValeriarrsDay ago
  • I think Dixie and griffin bs needs to stop the relationship is over get Over it. Let Noah and Dixie be. Let griffin be. It doesn’t matter enough love

    Ninja GirlNinja GirlDay ago
  • 2:05 where the _REAL_ video *starts* 💋

    Ambrielle BushAmbrielle BushDay ago
  • Who else finds it funny asf that’s she is making money off of others drama😝🤚🏻🤚🏻

    Mia MorrowMia MorrowDay ago
  • A bunch of these people that simp over vinnie that get mad when he finds a girl doesn’t have a chance they act like he can’t date anyone like what?! Let him live his own life yall get mad because he isn’t gonna fall in love with you? Stuff like this really confusing. It’s like you are famous and you have a bunch of girls and guys simping over you and you finally find a good girlfriend/boyfriend and over 1000 people attack you because of it like what?! That stuff just makes me ticked

    Hopperbobopper _007Hopperbobopper _007Day ago
  • How can you be mad Bc someone doesn’t wanna share their personal relationship with you!? Even if they were dating, what tf does that have to do with anything, Vinnie isn’t ENTITLED to tell his “fans” wtf he’s doing with HIS life.

    LaysPotatoChipsLaysPotatoChipsDay ago
  • its good vid but do not screm plz

    Reece EvansReece EvansDay ago
  • im a HUGE fan of vinnie hacker and im just sayin, everyone knew that his gf was gonna get dragged. im not saying that’s ok because, it’s not. and i think it’s disrespectful the fact that people are judging a girl just because 1)she’s dating vinnie and 2) because she supports trump. like WHAT?! that’s not fair to vinnie, or his girlfriend because im sorry but all the bit*hes hating rn are fu*king JEALOUS. (sorry just felt like a time to rant) 🙂

    chiara lmaochiara lmaoDay ago
  • This is so stupid

    Analise CruzAnalise CruzDay ago
  • It’s gonna get weird when Anna cancels people then she get canceled 😔😐

    Calista CapizziCalista CapizziDay ago
  • Face reveal ?😊😊✌🏾✌🏾

    Dena OmarDena OmarDay ago
  • Okay with Dixie she probably didn't cheat, but like didn't they break up in August like come on they all need to grow up...

    Abi HastingsAbi HastingsDay ago
  • Man the demilos

    EliEliDay ago
  • The fact that she posts everyday proves not how toxic TIKTOK is but how toxic PEOPLE are. TIKTOK IS STILL TOXIC THO

    Ingrid OlsonIngrid OlsonDay ago
  • Hiiiii

    Kristina MatosKristina MatosDay ago
  • Let Vinnie BREATHE!!!! oh my gosh HE CAN'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!😒😔😪

    Heartz MSPHeartz MSPDay ago
  • Vine haker his a hacker 😑

    Godzilla FortniteGodzilla FortniteDay ago

    Carat SeungkwanCarat SeungkwanDay ago

    Carat SeungkwanCarat SeungkwanDay ago
  • UM dixie didnt cheat. Dixie and Noah's anniversary is almost here so dont say they cheated

    Charpoo GamingCharpoo GamingDay ago
  • face reveal????

    Kayla Mora (Student)Kayla Mora (Student)Day ago
  • I’m am happy with Bryce and Addison Rae but I want to date Addison

    rainbowdustbunnyrainbowdustbunnyDay ago
  • i wouldn't be surprised if vinnie tried hiding his relationship from his 'fans' bc they're all toxic bro tf

    Nimra MendesNimra MendesDay ago
    • Ikr?! The people on this app plus the toxic influencers can be so disgusting. I actually wish they banned the app right now. His fans are almost as bad as SOME kpop armies. They need to understand it’s not them in this relationship and therefore, shouldn’t have an opinion. This is why I’d never want to be famous.

      XxGacha JaguarxXXxGacha JaguarxX23 hours ago
  • I still think that Griffin cheated because he had no proof and Dixie did

    Tunde OlahovaTunde OlahovaDay ago
  • i always luved filmora!!!!!!!

    Kmari ThompsonKmari ThompsonDay ago
  • I hate the internet. They want Addison and Bryce to be together, but right when they say there official, they get hate. Smh

    diana crossingdiana crossingDay ago
  • Can u just shut up

    petala oliveirapetala oliveiraDay ago
  • I don't hate griffin because he is a cheater I hate him because he is alive 😁😁😁😁😒

    lillyy zoelillyy zoe2 days ago
  • ✨✨✨✨

    alexandre ramosalexandre ramos2 days ago
  • Anna oop 2021

    The real RiceThe real Rice2 days ago
  • Ngl that is sus that Noah and Dixie got together so fast so I believe Dixie liked Noah and cheated on griffin I been believe griffin too

    Anonymous GirlAnonymous Girl2 days ago
  • I don’t know what y’all see in vinnie he’s not even attractive-

    KellyyyKellyyy2 days ago
  • Clearly you are very guilible because you believe everything you can find

    Danysha LopezDanysha Lopez2 days ago
  • Oh good boah is all good! Lol

    Olivia ZornOlivia Zorn2 days ago

    It’sMe BraydennnIt’sMe Braydennn2 days ago
  • Shut the hell up and tell me the damn tea😌

    King DudeKing Dude2 days ago
  • When your a vinnie fan but also not the type that's in love with him: 👁️👄👁️

    summert 12summert 122 days ago
  • omg leave them alone! let them live their life and be happy without having to get called a cheater or get hate!

    Catherine GalarneauCatherine Galarneau2 days ago
  • Tiktok is lowkey making people problematic bruh😔😔

    Nokukhanya MapalalaNokukhanya Mapalala2 days ago
  • bryce acting like somebody want him. death threats or whatever are NEVER okay but BRYCE LOOKS SO MUSTY AND HES SO PROBLEMATIC (no im not justifying hate or anything cause it isnt ok) im just saying he looks dirty edit - vinnie is literal evidence of blowing up just for looks. (no hate btw) plus why are they IN VINNIES BUSINESS..HE ISNT THEIR KID LMAOO HIS FANS ARE LIKE 13 LIKE- Edit 2 - im not against faith but shes like "ive dated nonwhite people I aint racist "

    a totally random chick on the interneta totally random chick on the internet2 days ago

    Evan KirbyEvan Kirby2 days ago
  • hi I love you I been trying to find you but other vids come up plz comment back ok I Kamilla

    Kami's MomKami's Mom2 days ago
  • Is it me but I was deff wondering why Ken and dearra drama wasnt here

    its _breannnaaaits _breannnaaa2 days ago
  • Is it just me or did you think Dixie and noah were dating not her and griffin

    Emily ToupinEmily Toupin2 days ago
  • Funny how griffin also made a song “exposing” Dixie and now you can’t have friends huh oh I forgot it the internet we girls can’t be friends with guys .

    Vivian MoralesVivian Morales2 days ago
  • Congrats on the brand deal!! I have been watching your vids forever you really deserve it.😍😍😍

    Rahil FazlyRahil Fazly2 days ago
  • imagine being soo low that u would hate and make fun of ppl for loving each other?!?!?!

    JuliaJulia2 days ago
  • i wanna belive dixie but for sum reason wanna belive griff too...? one question doe... y would griff wait to say this now??

    JuliaJulia2 days ago
  • its always straight tik tok, y'all are messy

    samantha abarcasamantha abarca2 days ago
  • Oh my god, luv, I haven't gotten updated in a minute! The tik tok community is going off!!! In a bad way!!!!

    BobTheDuckBobTheDuck2 days ago
  • Pffft not y’all siding with griffin while sending him death wishes and telling him to kill himself

    Jenny BugJenny Bug2 days ago
  • Sooo I get that Dixie might have cheated but I don’t think it is true bc I go on trips with my friend group which has guys in it and my bc doesn’t care even though it seems weird griffin is just being over dramatic

    Soccer PlayerSoccer Player2 days ago
  • Y’all make the drama bigger than it needs to be like tf?

    Jaki GonzalezJaki Gonzalez2 days ago
  • No hate all luv but Addison said one sentence she didn’t go off🤍

    Lexi McCartyLexi McCarty2 days ago
  • Hhhhhhhhi

    America RoblesAmerica Robles2 days ago
  • I mean Dixie might have not we don’t have no proof but if she did then we’re still not forgiving griffin

    Taylor TurtleTaylor Turtle2 days ago
  • L0VE your videos anna

    Alexita FraustoAlexita Frausto2 days ago
  • wait when did braddison become official again??

    Melissa HollandMelissa Holland2 days ago
  • Bruh most ppl can't even remember a time when tiktok wasn't problemati

    iiDavidiiDavid2 days ago
  • lol tiktok drama is idiotic

    EireGGEireGG2 days ago
  • grow up please

    Lyna Cora DemeLyna Cora Deme2 days ago
  • pleaseee it’s been one week i’ve logged out of tik tok and why tf people are still trying to cancel other people for living their lives 💀

    Lyna Cora DemeLyna Cora Deme2 days ago