Dixie D'amelio MOVING ON With Lil Mosey?!, Noah Beck CANCELLED For THIS?!, Nikita DRAGGING Ex-BF..

Sep 1, 2020
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Dixie D'amelio MOVING ON With Lil Mosey?!, Noah Beck CANCELLED For THIS?!, Nikita DRAGGING Ex-BF..
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  • She's dating a rapper the way she said that was kinda offensive

    SireSireDay ago
  • This was cuz they were recording be happy remix

    Deepshikha SharmaDeepshikha Sharma2 days ago
  • niggaa

    sandzzxsandzzx2 days ago
  • Nikita Dragun is a good person she is really good

    sanjeev Reddyarsanjeev Reddyar3 days ago
  • Dixie is now getting overrated

    Shek_PlayzAlldayShek_PlayzAllday8 days ago
  • Explaination: Be happy remix video

    Ujiro AkiriUjiro Akiri11 days ago
  • Literally watching this and doing my homework at the same time

    Nemadji BargeNemadji Barge14 days ago
  • Hi am I the newest comment or no

    Markhira NeckMarkhira Neck15 days ago
  • LMAO

    Jakee 27Jakee 2717 days ago

    ii.astxrism_ii.astxrism_18 days ago
  • Ok👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫

    Jocelyn FloresJocelyn Flores18 days ago

    Cleo EnevCleo Enev22 days ago
  • The person that said ily peaches well f u

    Simple TocaSimple Toca23 days ago
  • I can say the N-word will mostly because I’m black

    Konah UymahKonah Uymah23 days ago
  • Griffen always seems to be in this terrible tea. Like bruh, he seems to be messed up rn

    Abigail MunroAbigail Munro23 days ago
  • I ship Dixie and Noah not Dixie and Lil Mosey.

    recuaronrecuaron25 days ago
  • we need a face reveal

    Lila Jane DixonLila Jane Dixon26 days ago
  • Can't girls hang out with boys and it not be a "relationship," or the other way around? I mean like- common people. :p

    Lydia ReeveLydia Reeve26 days ago
  • I love the fact that you spill facts

    Xx_.Zahory._xXXx_.Zahory._xX27 days ago

    Keira NagleKeira Nagle27 days ago

    Tonya ETonya E27 days ago
  • Wtf he look like he's on drugs

    Vasile DuraVasile Dura27 days ago
  • You know who really belongs to the streets? I'm only gonna say: 🍑

    J SchwalbJ Schwalb27 days ago
  • wow ppl rly do think that when a girl hangs out with a guy they are automatically dating. what the heck!?

    Brooke LattinBrooke Lattin28 days ago
  • 0:59 1:00..did you see that kiss on his neck..

    Vania TsiteyVania Tsitey28 days ago
  • okay but im for lil mosey and dixie i think they would be cute

    Madison TapiaMadison Tapia28 days ago
  • 2:00 my favourite thing about this channel is the background music. It gives me life. Drama feeds my dead soul.

    Angelina JohnsonAngelina Johnson29 days ago
  • I ship with mosey

    Alma MartinezAlma Martinez29 days ago
  • When Noah started to RAP I passed out 20 minutes later I'm doing this

    Honey Boo0921Honey Boo092129 days ago
  • Dixie X Lil Mosey?!!?!?!! Ew no Pᴇʀɪᴏᴅ

    Aesthetic VibesAesthetic VibesMonth ago
  • so Dixie talks to 2 boys and all of a sudden she for the streets but what about other people with 4 people like that's for the streets but really she not even for the streets

    helen alvarezhelen alvarezMonth ago
  • I love ur vids don't ever stop

    Karishma MohamedKarishma MohamedMonth ago
  • Any influencer takes one picture with a dude then they get shipped smh

    •Trøøler•TrøølerMonth ago
  • •P ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄•

    Aileen Cortez mayoralAileen Cortez mayoralMonth ago
  • I would ship him with Dixie rather than noah ..cause I want him single

    pulin gogoipulin gogoiMonth ago
    • XD

      •Trøøler•TrøølerMonth ago
  • Bro it's like people can't be friends with anyone anymore without getting shipped

    Velez 137Velez 137Month ago
  • OOP we Have a................ SIMP!!!!!!!!!

    scarlett sorianoscarlett sorianoMonth ago
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhh OMG AM SO SHIPPING LiL Mosey and Dixie MAH SHIP NAME DOSEY OR MIXIE

    scarlett sorianoscarlett sorianoMonth ago
  • I don't understand how that video is against Noah shnapp if it's Noah beck? 3:25

    Keira WysslingKeira WysslingMonth ago
  • Calm down girulssssssss it was for a music video

    Jessica Ulin-DamianJessica Ulin-DamianMonth ago
  • WATCH, yall are gonna see a video about babyariel saying the n- word (which she did she admitted it) dont even be surprised.

    Official_LeahOfficial_LeahMonth ago
  • lol i cannot

    Marsha MartinMarsha MartinMonth ago
  • Yes I hate shippers UGH can they stop if like my friend have a bf and its in private and someone shipped a boy wed her UGH SEE WHAT I MEAN

    Rossy BrichRossy BrichMonth ago
  • All fun and games until dixie and dizie and lil mousey shippers found out he is gay .-.

    Katelyn NguyenKatelyn NguyenMonth ago
  • I’m low key just to lazy to figure this out myself so I just watch your videos

    Sara and Karen C.Sara and Karen C.Month ago
  • I had to beg my mom to get me tik tok

    Maya BatzriMaya BatzriMonth ago

    Jay HaruhiJay HaruhiMonth ago
  • some of y'all need to first of all need to stop shipping people if they make a tiktok together or hanging out and second of all why say Dixie is for the streets for having/hanging out with her guy friends like i dont even understand

    Ini OgundimineghaIni OgundimineghaMonth ago
  • So people can’t have friends. 👁👄👁🤚🏼🤦‍♀️

    Emma RiveraEmma RiveraMonth ago
  • I thought it said "Dixie moving in with lil mosey............" .

    *Soft Bxby**Soft Bxby*Month ago
  • Just because a girl hangs out with a boy doesn’t mean their dating🤦🏽‍♀️ y’all always shipping tik tokers when they aren’t even dating 😂

    Sienna LaRAeSienna LaRAeMonth ago
  • Rember when dixie was not the person who would not get the drama

    Design Time!Design Time!Month ago
  • Omfg people telling dixie SHES in the wrong when she literally posts one tiktok with someone and everyone thinks she ‘leading them on‘ SMH

    Eva CluleyEva CluleyMonth ago
  • no offense but some people’s logic is stupid. a girl and a guy: *make a tiktok or whisper to each other* people: omg ur dating pls.

    ana reeseana reeseMonth ago
  • I miss the old times when no one was being dramatic 🥺

    Slime foreverSlime foreverMonth ago
  • im not transphobic or homophobic but the lgbtq people just do to much its been a year already leave it alone, micheal was prolly just in it for the money

    michellemichelleMonth ago
  • it's not okay to put comments like that about dixie !

    emtenan Akemtenan AkMonth ago
  • Idiots once you see a famous person hanging out with another one you assume and make up story’s they are dating 🤣🤣

    Lucy AdidasLucy AdidasMonth ago
  • And people called me crazy for deleting Tik tok 😁

    Lorï _%MalendosaLorï _%MalendosaMonth ago
  • just wanted to say this; if dixie is hanging out or hugging a guy that she knows, it does NOT mean that she likes them or is them. and saying she's for "the streets" like calm down. its not her fault she is getting shipped with EVERYONE she is hanging out with. don't be so possessive luv ❤

    ty lmaoty lmaoMonth ago
  • she really do be taking sides doe....

    Viena FalaholaViena FalaholaMonth ago
  • Dixie and Noah are cute together or idk......know how to spell there name 😂 but nooooo hate 🤝

    Jemika AnisJemika AnisMonth ago
  • Lil mosey really look if Bryce dosnt like Addison lil mosey is in the

    Club Cool BoysClub Cool BoysMonth ago
  • He cant like Dixie tf

    MixedGurrNataliaMixedGurrNataliaMonth ago
  • you cant throw shade on anyone they made your career-

    Charli EditsCharli EditsMonth ago
  • Lily mosey use ta be so cute ta me but now he for the 🌟tik tok🌟 girls now I don't like em sis👀

    TayaaTayaaMonth ago
  • that what griffin gets when he cheated

    Hazelle AlfantaHazelle AlfantaMonth ago
  • D-did i just see LIL MOSEY I- just wow

    Buff le phrogBuff le phrogMonth ago
  • I don’t understand how Dixie is shipped with lil mosey 🤔

  • Why can’t Dixie just be mates with guys and NOT be shipped smh.

    Ralley AlleyRalley AlleyMonth ago
  • What would anna do if she got cancelled She would probably make a vid of herself

    Gabby_4_life_ 101Gabby_4_life_ 101Month ago
  • This video is so awesome

    obama himselfobama himselfMonth ago
    • Who are you

      obama himselfobama himselfMonth ago
    • Tanks for me ml bluke

      obama himselfobama himselfMonth ago
    • Thanks for the like

      obama himselfobama himselfMonth ago
    • Thanks for the like

      obama himselfobama himselfMonth ago
  • Okay but i lowkey ship- i-

    It's Kaii TiimeIt's Kaii TiimeMonth ago
  • Dixie: *hugs and hangs out with boys* Shippers: *OmG I ShIp ThEm!!!!!*

    crystalz x maricrystalz x mariMonth ago
  • omg guys ik it’s been a week but have u seen dixie’s new collab with blackbear and lil mosey👀

    Elizabeth TanElizabeth TanMonth ago
  • Why are all these people on TikTok acting like 3rd graders saying “sHe LooVEs hiM” after they literally just hugged

    sanam madihasanam madihaMonth ago
  • this person has good news but the way she gives it to us is cringe

    lost frostyylost frostyyMonth ago
  • Nikita using the “they hate cause I’m trans” excuse AGAIN

    **MIKAYLA****MIKAYLA**Month ago
  • paparazzi be coming everywhere and it gets annoying like let them liveeee

    emmanuel ohanaemmanuel ohanaMonth ago
  • To much tea ☕️🤦🏽‍♀️ my lil head can’t handle any of this🥺💀

    Lucy Rangel-Romero-HurtadoLucy Rangel-Romero-HurtadoMonth ago
  • srsly dixie can’t even take a picture with a person without getting shipped with someone

    OofOofMonth ago
  • Okay but ngl they would be cute together

    Gabbie FriarGabbie FriarMonth ago
  • I litteraly had too make sure i hpinched myself to know if lil mosey actually said that bout dixie i was like WAITTTTTTTT

    •V̇İḃi̇ṅ••V̇İḃi̇ṅ•Month ago
  • Dixie is not for no streets

    Samantha JaneSamantha JaneMonth ago
  • To me I think that dixie and lil mosey look more cute together more like a couple

    leema Sainleema SainMonth ago
  • Funny how all this tea gets out into 1 6 minute video

    Amyma RanaAmyma RanaMonth ago
  • lil mosey and dixie dont go together just speaking facts lol

    Janice YapJanice YapMonth ago
  • If Nikita Dragun said he cheated he might have.. I've been with guys who are nothing but freakin liars.

    Miss Catty PlayzMiss Catty PlayzMonth ago
  • Let a girl and a boy hangout bruv y'all doing the most

    Queen LyricxsQueen LyricxsMonth ago
  • I ship lil mosey with her :>

    Gavin KlareGavin KlareMonth ago
  • Dixie: sits next to a boy Everyone: ShIP Guys she is not for the streets for having guy friends

    Doug SmithDoug SmithMonth ago
  • Ain’t nobody allowed to have any guy friends without people shipping

    Umee MartinUmee MartinMonth ago
  • dixie and mosey period

    Ziyonna GarrettZiyonna GarrettMonth ago
  • everyone: talking about how dixie can jsut be friend with someone without dating them and how people need to chill me: stuck on that one commenter "charliedamlioisover" 6:27

  • tbh- why are we talking about people we don’t even know-

    SunshinePlaysSunshinePlaysMonth ago
  • Noah Beck has been cancelled for 2 months straight everyday.. idk why ppl hype him smh.

    Medi xSTARMedi xSTARMonth ago
  • Your better than TMZ ngl

    ihasmickeyihasmickeyMonth ago
  • first addison now dixie who's next avani? charli? just this tik tok ones huh.

    jayla thomasjayla thomasMonth ago
  • You know who needs to be canceled.... all these preschool kids writing in the comment section I mean they should really put people real age next to the comment after they type them 🤣

    HeyellijahHeyellijahMonth ago
  • Omggg lil mosey and Dixie would be soooo cuteee

    RayvenSkye CampbellRayvenSkye CampbellMonth ago