Dixie & Noah GET CANCELLED For THIS?!, Zoe Laverne Speaks Out On Adoption, Addison BODYSHAMED By Zoe

Jul 30, 2020
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Dixie & Noah GET CANCELLED For THIS?!, Zoe Laverne Speaks Out On Adoption, Addison BODYSHAMED By Zoe
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  • Yea and when will you get canceled.

    SaltysugaSaltysugaDay ago
  • like addi is not fat soooo

    annabelle robinson!annabelle robinson!2 days ago
  • zoe is a bleep though

    annabelle robinson!annabelle robinson!2 days ago
  • Dixie I love you

    lauren erbelauren erbe6 days ago

    Aloha CGDAloha CGD11 days ago
  • You ppl are shading dixie and noah for not knowing the audio they used,but they just let ryland slip and slide out of here?

    shna hasanshna hasan19 days ago
  • I am Christian and that audio was disrespectful to God and the Christian community

    Kalengay MbuyiKalengay Mbuyi25 days ago
  • This is not how a dog breathes when it’s out of breath She is imitating a human ( maybe Addison)

    Neptune Solar systemNeptune Solar systemMonth ago
  • OMG the audio that makes me SAD! (im a chrtistian)

    Allie WrightAllie WrightMonth ago
  • I absolutely hate zoe but what they did is just rude -_-

    kirmit the frogs ibfkirmit the frogs ibfMonth ago
  • she gives me a vibe that i like. lets be friend anna oop-

    alxyahalxyahMonth ago
  • Her dog is a boy and she said she in the video so she did

    Millie BMillie BMonth ago
  • Oh my gosh, i also heard addison rea was using blm for fame and blackfacing.. also zoe said the n-word

    Ari’s FamAri’s FamMonth ago
  • Omg when Zoe said that stuff about adoption she sounded adorable

    Travis VisionTravis VisionMonth ago
  • zoe and addison are actually best friends so i dont think she was talking abt addi

    Shelby RallsShelby RallsMonth ago
  • Why did I see abortion

    JJ Sim 110JJ Sim 110Month ago
  • Who else thinks she would do fanpage drama🤣

    Star._. GachaStar._. GachaMonth ago
  • I don't really like zoe her adoption story made me sad and feel sooo bad for her 🥺

    Taylor McCrayTaylor McCrayMonth ago
  • I'm confused how can you body shame Addison? Like what is there to shame😂

    Gmc's. WrldGmc's. WrldMonth ago
  • I LoVe ThIs YeArS TeA GuRl

    Misael SalasMisael SalasMonth ago
  • As a Christian, whoever put that audio on TikTok... *for Jesus can I box them?* (this is a joke)

    Flower CloudsFlower CloudsMonth ago
  • Zoe never body shamed Addison you just wanna start more drama!🥱

    Allison GonzalezAllison GonzalezMonth ago
  • Zoe: murduring someone Zonuts : ya ya your just being childish she didn’t do enything wrong stop the hate on zoe

    Toca VlogsToca VlogsMonth ago
  • Why not blame the person who made that song/audio

    euniceeuniceMonth ago
  • first off WHY IN THE HELL would they be putting an inappropriate audio in tiktok if ya'll gone "cancel" them??? like who is putting these weird inappropriate audios in tiktok bruh!?!?

    Ruby RuizRuby RuizMonth ago
  • Bro Addison ray does not deserve this. she is beautiful just the way she is.

    Rose PRose PMonth ago

    vsx charvsx charMonth ago
  • the song was about zeus NOT god :)

    soggy tortillasoggy tortillaMonth ago
  • The audio is also an offense for Muslims and I got really offended…

    Ola ElbaradeiOla ElbaradeiMonth ago
  • Zoe’s mom didn’t raise her that good though bc Zoe is an awful person

    Notgonnalie Fancy faceNotgonnalie Fancy faceMonth ago
  • im sorry but the hole dixi and noah thing is kinda dumb im sorry BUT ITS A JOKE!!!!! ITS JUST A SOUND! like i'm friends with so many christians and even they are ok with the sound like I MYSELF AM CHRISTIAN! 2020 is just the year where we cancel everyone and no one can change me mind 🙄

    Crystal_is_gayCrystal_is_gayMonth ago
  • 😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧

    《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKE《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKEMonth ago
  • Whyyyyy dixie whyyyyy

    《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKE《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKEMonth ago
  • Zoe never said addison...

    Kalisha KoulibalyKalisha KoulibalyMonth ago
  • the thing is, why can’t they attack the creator of the audio. tiktok shouldn’t allow offensive sounds in the first place. kinda makes me mad, people are so quick to attack the successful people.

    simply.alexiasimply.alexiaMonth ago
  • Why is disrespecting religions alive, may I ask?

    Haya MareerHaya MareerMonth ago
  • ( If she was shaming asthma ) I got asthma. 😐 I take offense to that.😒 So ignorant.🙄 It's not something u control i was born with it that's if she was shaming it.

    Yanae WilliamsYanae WilliamsMonth ago
  • All I care about is Dixie and Noah

    Danielle FreedmanDanielle FreedmanMonth ago
  • Is it me or did anna voice change throughout the years?

    joe cruzjoe cruzMonth ago
    • I haven't been here throughout the "years"

      Shania DesaiShania DesaiMonth ago

    Tanya MonteagudoTanya MonteagudoMonth ago
    • Tanya Monteagudo Ur just another toxic zonut like ur mad she said something addison

      Tionia CooperTionia CooperMonth ago
  • I don’t understand that Zoe is very problematic and she is barely even in the tea ☕️ and Charlie in the other hand is not problematic and she is in almost in all of the tea ☕️

    Adelphis ButenAdelphis ButenMonth ago
  • That song isn't offensive to Christianity because it says if there was a god like IF there was a god it doesn't say I would make Christ eat my f****** 😸 gods exist in all religions

    mariamariaMonth ago
  • ji

    Layla SeiterLayla SeiterMonth ago
  • But they said God so it could be any religion every religion has a God soo yee

    AirHead CuteKitty :3AirHead CuteKitty :3Month ago

    Haylie IsbisterHaylie IsbisterMonth ago
  • The song is abt Zeus, not god. Chill out.

    Em and JJEm and JJ2 months ago
  • Me being a fp of Zoe: I.dont.care.i.stan.my.queen

    Chqrs. HogwartsChqrs. Hogwarts2 months ago
  • the song is about a Greek God known for having sex. I’m a Christian, and I’m not offended. Please do your research😹🧃

    spilt teasespilt tease2 months ago
  • zoe didn’t body shame addison, show the whole video coz iv seen it babes xoxo

    Kieran MonksKieran Monks2 months ago
  • Too much drama my cup is full

    PinapleyPinapley2 months ago
  • when i read that zoe bodyshamed adi im mind blown

    PinapleyPinapley2 months ago
  • bro how do yall know she was shaming addison. THERES NO PROOF OML

    BrexieBrexie2 months ago
  • i’d mad at noah and ryland. ryland picked the song and noah was smiling and dancing to it while dixie literally looked confused.

    BrexieBrexie2 months ago
  • yall hating on anna but if she wasnt here where would u get your tea?

    Wholesome DoggoWholesome Doggo2 months ago
  • Oh god

    Mel's BarMel's Bar2 months ago
  • And this is why I deleted tiktok 😂

    Riri xoxoRiri xoxo2 months ago

    NessaNessa2 months ago
  • ik it was like a joke but why would she be put it jail for leaking it, like if she actually meant it

    Allison's MustardAllison's Mustard2 months ago
  • Is it some kind of trend disrespecting religions on Tik Tok? First Islam then Catholicism and now Christianity. We Jews gotta keep our eyes open cause it’s our turn being disrespected ✌️

    ht17 sharasht17 sharas2 months ago
  • Sooo... we not gonna talk about how that song is literally about god as a concept and not a person and most likely about Zeus. Chills anyway soo.

    FlimsyEnthusiasmFlimsyEnthusiasm2 months ago
  • no proof what zoe said was about addison, she didn’t even say her name in the video..

    carlixrosecarlixrose2 months ago
  • Dixie looked like😕

    XxMangle_dollyxxX -*XxMangle_dollyxxX -*2 months ago
  • lmao not christians acting oppressed in the comments. THE SONG IS NOT ABOUT YOUR GOD. and i understand that also muslims and other people are mad about this. BUT THE SONG IS ABOUT THE ZEUS WHO IS KNOWN FOR HAVING SEX WITH PEOPLE!

    ZannaZanna2 months ago
  • So y’all out here body shaming Addison? And then try to get Zoey? **DEEP BREATH** I hate it here...

    X Hayden XX Hayden X2 months ago
  • Issy Cullen? The gossip girl of this channel? 😊

    Sara Al JaberiSara Al Jaberi2 months ago
  • Dixie didn’t sing or look like she enjoyed the song. Noah danced and Ryland sang it.

    Lielle ShawLielle Shaw2 months ago
  • I’m from Cyprus and this is very disrespectful to are culture!!!!

    Athina PoyiatziAthina Poyiatzi2 months ago
  • Did anyone else notice that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE COMMENT when Zoe was crying on live was by ppl that’s account names were “zoenut1234” or “zoe4life”

    Danielle FlemingDanielle Fleming2 months ago

    E_kidE_kid2 months ago
    • And Jewish

      ht17 sharasht17 sharas2 months ago
  • Bigkliit made that song NOT BOUT YALL CHRISTIAN GOD. Omg y’all stfu

    GabiiGabii2 months ago
  • Did you see dixi face she did not know what was going on

    Sabrina MartindaleSabrina Martindale2 months ago
  • The people that are trying to cancel Dixie and Noah over a song literally don’t even know what the songs about- the songs about the Greek god, Zeus. (Who was well known for having sexual intercourse with people.) And the word “god” doesn’t belong to Christianity. So please, stfu and make sure your educated before trying to cancel people who didn’t do anything wrong. 🤠✨

    charlieッcharlieッ2 months ago
  • We want face reveal

    king Dylanking Dylan2 months ago
  • 2:10 she’s so right-

    sxnsetpeachsxnsetpeach2 months ago
  • breh why are yall tryna cancel dixie when she didnt even lipsync the song istg yall get mad over nothing...

    im coolim cool2 months ago
  • Ryland was the one who said it why is everyone going after dixie and noah?

    Xxhoneyxx 19Xxhoneyxx 192 months ago
  • Zoey should be quite Zoe is a daram queen

    Meena Dose thingsMeena Dose things2 months ago
  • Tik tok tea is like news

    Meena Dose thingsMeena Dose things2 months ago
  • I saw Zoe’s live I feel bad she said she got addicted to nicotine and can’t stop vaping

    Little LunaLittle Luna2 months ago

    Valerie PlayzValerie Playz2 months ago
  • I'm with Zoe on this one

    Jordan CaptainJordan Captain2 months ago
  • Why don't you spill tea on brent rivera and the team

    Soma MitraSoma Mitra2 months ago
  • Addison should also be on my 'tiktokers I hate' list because I'm pretty sure you've all heard the sentence 'lil shawty a bad BLEEP umm addi rae' notice how she always covers the swear words she says but she always lip synces the n word

    Hi Kids •100 years agoHi Kids •100 years ago2 months ago
  • As someone who believes in god I honestly don't care that they used the audio , it was like they were dancing to it or it isnt like they made the song smh

    Rebecca HoggardRebecca Hoggard2 months ago
  • most religions have this one thing in common that we believe in god okay and so im christain and i think i speak for all those religions that believe with me that dixie should know better and noah...idk what to say i cant with tiktok bruh😭

    Kadynn PickettKadynn Pickett2 months ago
  • i used to be a zonut on tik tok but switched bc shes WAY to problematic so i switched to charli

    i love dogs doggogirli love dogs doggogirl2 months ago
  • I Dont get it.. when small tiktokers use inappropriate sounds nothing happens, but when big TikTok eras use it they get cancelled? Like.. they’re human being too! It’s not they’re fault they’re famous!?

    Fijes VerdenFijes Verden2 months ago
  • and lol

    Buy Me SadieBuy Me Sadie2 months ago
  • i love zoe :(

    Buy Me SadieBuy Me Sadie2 months ago
  • They shouldn’t get canceled so many people used this and right as someone “famous” used it makes it okay

    Savannah DayeSavannah Daye2 months ago
  • correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the song about zeus? please correct me if i’m wrong!

    elliott quinnelliott quinn2 months ago
  • You just liking making money off drama but I LOVE IT

    Epic_ Reactor24Epic_ Reactor242 months ago
  • All I have to say is zonuts are mean

    EliisxaEliisxa2 months ago
  • im christian

    Rocio CovarrubiasRocio Covarrubias2 months ago
  • Can you do one about Zoe making her own fan sound?

    Sophia WillisSophia Willis2 months ago
  • There isn’t only one god this song is about Zeus

    Lucie DesprezLucie Desprez2 months ago
  • okay but at this point , charli is the only one actually being mature 😂

    LillyLilly2 months ago

    iconicmultiiconicmulti2 months ago
  • the fact she can post tea about tiktok almost everyday is crazy

    Suilma BetancourthSuilma Betancourth2 months ago
  • zoesoveparty leaked it-

    jedisdcrsjedisdcrs2 months ago