Jun 25, 2020
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  • Wait that is why Avani's name sounds so familiar.... and that's not how you pronounce Avani, it's kinda like 'Avni'

    Ms AMs A7 days ago
  • Queen of spilling t...tttttttttt *TEA*

    Xxxsubxx XxsubxxXxxsubxx Xxsubxx7 days ago
  • No hate towards Lauren but she doesn't belong in the hype house love u anna

    Michelle HMichelle H9 days ago

  • Really, Loren joins hype house..lol no. NO

    eddah Kanjaeddah Kanja28 days ago
  • I wish tick tock didn’t exist

    Zara AfelumoZara AfelumoMonth ago
  • ummm sis avani is indian she is supposed to be black all indians are not black but fron my point of view she is BLACK INDIAN just FYI

  • Madison Beer ngl she is lying I mean think about it shes fast to respond to people telling her the truth.Also if it were true that she was getting the mole removed why didn’t she show the mole before and after.

    Rebecca FebronioRebecca FebronioMonth ago
  • anna oop: our quaranqueen 👑

    simplypiiscessimplypiiscesMonth ago
  • Me drinking tea and watching this video be like:👁👄👁

    Medina RrustemiMedina RrustemiMonth ago
  • You not sure if that avani why is she BLACK WTF

    Clara DíazClara DíazMonth ago
  • Anna oop sounds like the girl on tiktolk who caches cheaters ell me i am worng? (sub to my yt!)

    Lydia McLeanLydia McLeanMonth ago
  • Ughh why tho 😒 i wish lauren didnt join 🙄

    Peyton LyonsPeyton LyonsMonth ago
  • Just because mia khalifa shares her everything online does not mean other people are like that

    Fernanda GomezFernanda GomezMonth ago
  • I love it how Loren was taking bad about them 🤦‍♀️

    Maria MachicMaria MachicMonth ago
  • Ay, if Madison has the money, she can do whatever tf she wants to do with her face. It's her face at the end of the day. It's sad that people get SO jealous, that they start something.

    Apple BitzApple BitzMonth ago
  • Isn’t Avani already black and this coming from a black girl

    tyesha1798tyesha1798Month ago
    • she is mixed so no

      Janiya GowdyJaniya GowdyMonth ago
  • But I mean also if Madison was just getting a mole removed why didn’t she say that in the first place?

    Shelby BookoutShelby BookoutMonth ago
  • I don’t think that it is Mia or anyone else’s right to be up in Madison’s business. If she wants to share wants going on in HER life that’s her decision not anyone else’s.

    Shelby BookoutShelby BookoutMonth ago
  • Mia really got down hill and Madison got up the hill

    《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKE《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKEMonth ago
  • how avni got called out or black fishing even tho she is half black her dad is black

    Tamikia ThompsonTamikia ThompsonMonth ago
  • Ok I love Anna oop but she said that Mia snapend at her hate to Maddison but she that the hate wagon to Madison should stop? OMG chose girl

    Paola HermosilloPaola HermosilloMonth ago
  • but- she is from india (avani)

    SᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇsAʀᴍʏSᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇsAʀᴍʏMonth ago
  • avani is black .

    TeaTok with LayTeaTok with LayMonth ago
  • Oop-

    Jus that basic gamerJus that basic gamerMonth ago
  • Anna she not black fishing if she black

    adopt meloladopt melolMonth ago
  • im black and atp yall are REACHINGGGGGG damn someone gets a tan and they’re immediately blackfishing?

    FULL combosFULL combosMonth ago
  • hi luv

    FULL combosFULL combosMonth ago
  • Girl u don’t have enough energy like every time

    Amna AlobaidlyAmna AlobaidlyMonth ago
  • I hate Madison 😒

    Daisy cruzDaisy cruzMonth ago
  • Honey, in my opinion, I love that she's spilling the tea. 👑💅💅💅👁👄👁😍

    Nita BalaNita BalaMonth ago
  • loren really trying to get back out there like u expired

    Daja LiinaDaja LiinaMonth ago
  • and mia got her nose done?!- i cant-

    Melissa JohnstonMelissa JohnstonMonth ago
  • i hate mia khalifa lol

    Melissa JohnstonMelissa JohnstonMonth ago
  • Mia Khalifa is a really nice person and was screwed over on PHUB because she only got 12k dollars when her videos now have 100million views. She is also really nice and funny, she doesn't deserve hate.

    PejenisPejenisMonth ago
  • not trnyna be rude but like mia needs to chill cus if she wasnt famous id punch her for being problematic

    Darling Chai Soda PlayzDarling Chai Soda PlayzMonth ago
  • I m Indian, Australian and white

    addison Johnsonaddison JohnsonMonth ago
  • But see the thing is avani is black heard I think her dad's black and her mom's Indian or might be the other way around people are so f****** toxic it's ridiculous...

    Zoe DaffnerZoe DaffnerMonth ago
  • sooooooooooooooo dixie and griffin was a thing and dixie and taylor was shipped andddddd taylor and griffin look the same

    Rafiul AlamRafiul AlamMonth ago

    Itz NaeNaeItz NaeNaeMonth ago
  • Plss Dont hate me but i HATE straight tik tok

    Esi ArmyEsi ArmyMonth ago
  • why is some much people probabmatic and the only no i know is ondreaz lopez 👁👅👁

    Mushtaaq AhmedMushtaaq AhmedMonth ago
  • Honestly i think all the Tic Tokers That are getting hate deserve it because they are the ones who are getting themselfs into it and y fighting with other people and honestly not all of them changed for the "better" lots of them think that since there "Faoumos" they have all the rights and can get in scandels honestly i think they all deserve the hate exsept Avani ♡︎

    Edits of peopleEdits of peopleMonth ago
  • Darkina Loren Gray Madison Beer Mia Khafiila Avani

    Elliott BeddowElliott BeddowMonth ago
  • Loren looks british and she doesnt fight

    Hvnny Blossoms!Hvnny Blossoms!Month ago
  • y’all- madison beer is why i’m insecure..

    xxash_ potatoxxash_ potato2 months ago

    Victoria EnglishVictoria English2 months ago
  • anna oop you are good at eidts

    EmelyEmely2 months ago
  • Yo Loren is better than the lot she’s an og

    Livy CurtisLivy Curtis2 months ago
  • nobody: anna oop: and guess what? they were NOT HAPPY

    Shrek The OgreShrek The Ogre2 months ago
  • Sis can I get some popcorn with my tea.

    Baby AngelBaby Angel2 months ago
  • My opinions: Ngl I really don’t want Loren in the hype house, but I seriously doubt she will join- she was probably just hanging with them 😑. I feel like people are just starting rumors To answer your question, she became problematic cause she joined TikTok- anyways I don’t know if she’s lying or not , but if she is lying she really should tell the truth- yes she got lip fillers probably but I’m pretty sure she admitted that, anyways wtf are y’all giving her death treats for getting plastic surgery, problematic much? *sighs* I’m pretty sure avani is legit part black- and a tan isn’t really black fishing

    Rhea ShuklaRhea Shukla2 months ago
  • how many times are the same people going to get canceled

    Olivia JessenOlivia Jessen2 months ago
  • Ugh maddison beer i srsy cannot cope 😒 help me oml 🙄 and srsly stop accusing pepole 😬

    Beth_gamesBeth_games2 months ago
  • I can’t even count how many people have been cancelled FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON

    ruby wruby w2 months ago
  • My recent emojis: 👁😼✌️😐🦟😉😔😌✨😸🦗🤭😭😿💕👏😚🥱💅💧😀😾😫🤤💫💀❄️😺🤮👄 I’m THAT type of girl

    ruby wruby w2 months ago
  • flashback to when they were all friends and worked together for fun just to entertain people and fans didn't care about their personal-for-a-reason lives👍

    Xanthi GonticaXanthi Gontica2 months ago
  • ᴺᴼᴼᴼ ᵂᵃʸᵎᵎ

    Bella girlBella girl2 months ago
  • So um, anyone notice how lately, tiktokers are called out for mocking other races but when someone does it to white people, it's not a problem? Like we are a race too! Idk probably shouldnt have said that but its frfr, making me wanna slap someone lol, and avani is Indian, and black, so shes not black fishing. She IS black smh ppl are literally just fishing for drama now and it's so overrated

    Lacey AhhhLacey Ahhh2 months ago
    • No one mocks white people tho

      Janiya GowdyJaniya Gowdy2 months ago
  • Wasn't Loren already in the hype house???😂😂😂💖

    Just an Arianator UwUJust an Arianator UwU2 months ago
  • I still dont get what's wrong whith blackfishing somebody explain

    amrita narisettiamrita narisetti2 months ago

    Caterina FerreroCaterina Ferrero2 months ago
  • The fact that Avani first said that she was Indian,south american and Korean then said indian,mongolian and African and now indian mongolian and black ...

    Vanessa TodorovaVanessa Todorova2 months ago
  • Just because loren has been at the hype house doesn't mean that she joined leave loren greg alone

    Camila MartinezCamila Martinez2 months ago
    • No❤️

      OOF ?OOF ?Month ago
    • She said "might" doesn't exactly mean that she is, but Id never be here for her joining the hype house!! -3-

      Nelly CollazoNelly Collazo2 months ago
  • I’m Mongolian

    Maple MapleMaple Maple2 months ago
  • Hi this account is my dad but I’m a big fan

    Chichi TrujillChichi Trujill2 months ago
  • anyone else feel like the hype house is turning into the Team 10 house.... like alll the best people left?

    Allison RansbottomAllison Ransbottom2 months ago
  • I laughed when she said Mia Khalifa

    Vera JeonIIIVera JeonIII2 months ago
  • I dont hate madison, but like its so obvious that she has had plastic surgery like botox and other stuff...and the fact of TRYING to hide it makes literally no semse

    hibbaa khaledhibbaa khaled2 months ago
  • my laugh for cancel culture will come in 1 - 2 business days.

    craft walkrcraft walkr2 months ago
  • some people apparently dont know avani is her name? SHES INDIAN

    pickles d’ameliopickles d’amelio2 months ago
  • But still, she shouldn’t be wearing bandanas as a top. Only Mexicans can do that, it’s cultural.

    WomanButterCornWomanButterCorn2 months ago
    • But I am Arabian and I do that and I’ve seen Asians do it as well 😛

      夜2 months ago
  • You wanna tell me someone dont know Avani is darker? Lmaooo like she isnt blackfishing she have gorgeous skinnnn without any blackfishing 👉🏻👈🏻

    wtf xdwtf xd2 months ago
  • funny how madison suddenly changed her reason why she was there. firstly she said that she was there because of her friend and now she said she was there because she got a mole removed? its also funny how she used pics of herself where you CAN´T see the name of the building. of course she didn´t hide anymore because she wasn´t in front of the building. the clownery lmao

    pjmpjm2 months ago
  • Y'all always forget that Avani is half Indian

    all about bts jamsall about bts jams2 months ago
    • Ikr

      Ya GirlYa Girl2 months ago
  • Avani is an INDIAN that why she is meant to be tanned 😒

    Crunchy GamingzCrunchy Gamingz2 months ago
    • Exactly

      Ya GirlYa Girl2 months ago
  • I love watchimg Anna!

    Anamaria ŠaracAnamaria Šarac2 months ago
  • Technically if one TikToker hangs out with the hype house they are in the hype house?

    May PedrazaMay Pedraza2 months ago
  • Let’s be honest Anna oop should be on gossip girl dame you are a queen

    Corey FollinsCorey Follins2 months ago
  • Black

    AnsumanAnsuman2 months ago
  • Why can’t TikTokers stay out of problems like it’s ANNOYING it’s not a trend

    Gaming with HoneyGaming with Honey2 months ago
    • frrr

      basicgurlbasicgurl2 months ago
  • Yea but who's actually is Anna oop girl we wanna know you

    Little ButterflyLittle Butterfly2 months ago
  • correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t avani half black of sumthing?-

    ANGEL シANGEL シ2 months ago
    • I think she’s like 1/4 black

      Rhea ShuklaRhea Shukla2 months ago
    • Nelly Obiora she’s not- she’s part black and mongolian

      Rhea ShuklaRhea Shukla2 months ago
    • She's full Indian.

      Nelly ObioraNelly Obiora2 months ago
  • This Mia girl dosen't have a life like why do u think it is ok coming fo MADDISON BEER it is maddisons body . I heat Mia.

    Aldi and AdenaAldi and Adena2 months ago
  • Reply if u like Maddison like if u like Addison :) lol XD

    Freya GodkinFreya Godkin2 months ago
  • i dont get why people have to cancel madisdon for getting plastic surgery

    thatonegirlyoualwaysseecommentingon depressedvideosthatonegirlyoualwaysseecommentingon depressedvideos2 months ago
  • I think Loren should join..she deserves it

    hxoney beezhxoney beez2 months ago
  • "im not the same person, ive changed and educated myself" NOW HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD THAT HMMM?

    Lindelwa IsabelleLindelwa Isabelle2 months ago
  • If she does not want to admit she did plastic surgery its her bussines like mind YOU'RE Own BUSSINES

    Alondra Mariel Vazquez TorresAlondra Mariel Vazquez Torres2 months ago
  • Ok i have been binge watching Anna oop and I had like 7 cups of tea during this episode. I have had a LOT of tea during my binge watch session and anna the memes are ON POINT

    Sarah NewhouseSarah Newhouse2 months ago
  • Honay dont tach avani she is my!!!!!!!!!only!!!!

    Keso KubaneishviliKeso Kubaneishvili2 months ago
  • Do you get hate

    Melanie JichaMelanie Jicha2 months ago
  • Just admit this is the only hot tea that make sense

    super stylesuper style2 months ago
  • Loren isn't hanging out with the hypehouse members anymore because their problematic skill is 1000% 😂😂

    ImaniImani2 months ago
  • She is ashly not black she just said it to get out of that drama if you search you can see she is Indian only

    Amanda TorrezAmanda Torrez2 months ago
  • omg, y’all avani is originally tan. Stop with the hate bc the haters are just literal clowns. If your going to try to get someone in trouble, AT LEAST know what your doing. Gosh.

    Aesthetic YuriAesthetic Yuri2 months ago
  • I also think that Tayler or however you spell it and Loren are flirting

    Mollie-Mai EllmerMollie-Mai Ellmer2 months ago
  • Why are people mad at Madison it’s not other peoples choice what they to do it’s there body no one can choose what they do to it if you got plastic surgery she wanted it for a reason and she may be more happy with herself now

    TwinkiesTwinkies2 months ago
  • Are all Tiktokers dumbasses except Charli ofc like seriously🙄

    Lollipop_bunnyLollipop_bunny2 months ago
  • If they want to be in the hype house let them in their life is not episodes yall

    Jheorge SamsinJheorge Samsin2 months ago