Peaches’ DAUGHTER In DANGER After This?!, Nessa MAKES A Song & GETS HATE, Charli BACK With Chase?!

Jul 28, 2020
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Peaches’ Daughter IN DANGER After This?!, Nessa RELEASES Song & GETS HATE, Charli BACK With Chase?!
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  • I feel like it’s fine when a singer has TikTok but when a tiktokers goes into the singing career we’ll find it weird I mean aren’t diss tracks enough

    Hibah OmarHibah Omar3 hours ago
  • Aigh Who gonna kill peaches with a gun?????????Like i can't be the only one who wants her dead.

    strxwberii_ milkstrxwberii_ milk2 days ago
  • EXCUSE ME? do you know how peaches talked about her own daughter? why does she have her back?!

    Sara JerzakSara Jerzak10 days ago
  • No

    Laingam MeiteiLaingam Meitei11 days ago
  • peaches so rude she was being rude to charile is the best she dus not desver it

    wassi abbaswassi abbas13 days ago
  • Leave a like to make sure peaches daughter is safe i am scared for her ):

    Xx Aesthetic xXXx Aesthetic xX15 days ago
  • WAIT yall i get it now tik tok stars tryna be in a disney movie!!!!!♥♥♥ i wonder what its gonna be called

    Harpers AestheticHarpers Aesthetic19 days ago
  • Nessa's voice is beautiful

    Fida ShammaFida Shamma19 days ago
  • Yes

    lulzim anikjilulzim anikji24 days ago
  • Nooo

    lulzim anikjilulzim anikji24 days ago
  • I swear to goodness! Who let peaches have Cora

    Chloe JamisonChloe Jamison25 days ago
  • OMG 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 TC you are

    Kensley ArguetamartinezKensley ArguetamartinezMonth ago
  • I want to adopt Cora : (

    Song SSong SMonth ago
  • Love this channel! I can hear all the tea 😏

    Avril_ DavinaAvril_ DavinaMonth ago
  • I'm scared for peaches daughter cuz what if her mom is so mean just because she breaks and it too heavy did Mario's house or she might or is that person might like it so she can meet her like no girl

    Brooke SanchezBrooke SanchezMonth ago
  • Omg I love you sooo much I’m a girl and I love Charlie dixi all the hype house exspt chaes ok 👌 know that loves

    3. Xi3. XiMonth ago
  • Lovely peaches licked a toilet xD

    Miss idiotMiss idiotMonth ago
  • I'm watching dis in September but I like nessa song not hate please

    Nicole NewtonNicole NewtonMonth ago
  • I mean tbh all drama aside Nessa is a pretty good singer. Both she and Jaden suprised me with their music

    Rhea ShuklaRhea ShuklaMonth ago
  • Peaches is a psycho poor Cora :(

    Gaming with Cleo シGaming with Cleo シMonth ago
  • Caca💩shipperd would be like, =-O

    Cinthya RenteríaCinthya RenteríaMonth ago
  • I love how haters can’t even do better.

    YourDailyEmoYourDailyEmoMonth ago
  • Let’s just pray Peaches daughter doesn’t make the same mistake like her mom did.

    YourDailyEmoYourDailyEmoMonth ago
  • I can literally peaches three I don’t like that excuse me that’s why I hate pictures and I never want to see her face in my freaking life again she is just dumb I hate her that’s why I never wanna see her freaking face again her daughter should be adopted instead of pictures just taking care of her

    Lulu AminLulu AminMonth ago
  • 😭😭 Cora she's going to die cuz peaches

    Freddy NunesFreddy NunesMonth ago
  • Nooo

    Freddy NunesFreddy NunesMonth ago
  • anna oop 🌼 poor baby

    Freddy NunesFreddy NunesMonth ago
  • No

    Marienny RosarioMarienny RosarioMonth ago
  • Hi Nessa's new song is amazing Just listened to it and it has different vibes from Madison beer

    NEHA ChanNEHA ChanMonth ago
  • Not gunna lie i like willy wonka more better

    Bria KelleyBria KelleyMonth ago
  • Nessa a tiktoker can release a song to the world like Dixie did lmao

    Jane MadokJane MadokMonth ago
  • uGlY I tell you

    Génesis Orellana FajardoGénesis Orellana FajardoMonth ago
  • Peaches looks UgLy!!!!! Literally

    Génesis Orellana FajardoGénesis Orellana FajardoMonth ago
  • Soo on one of these vids I commented on how we should not send hate to peaches cause of her mental health will get worse. This is four months later and I didn’t know that peaches was THAT crazy. So I completely take back what I said cuz I can’t find the comment. I commented on another acount btw

    Emily SmithEmily SmithMonth ago

    •Magma••Magma•Month ago
  • I love her song !!

    Marisa MicaleMarisa MicaleMonth ago
  • One tter gets famouse all have to get famouse One tter sings a song all tters sing a song omfg can just one tiktok we do one thing without all doing it

    Kenia FloresKenia FloresMonth ago
  • Me while watching this: 👁👄👁 peachy got Cora back?! Who in the chicken butter let PEACHY GET CORA BACK?! Who ever let let peachy get Cora back is a MONSTER

    I’m not so normal TvTI’m not so normal TvTMonth ago
  • We don’t care about your kid

    Roblox GirlRoblox GirlMonth ago
  • Peaches you are my hater now one like you any more after boiling charli If you hate charli we hate you peaches

    Roblox GirlRoblox GirlMonth ago
  • Why dose evryone evryone blure cores face out?!?!

    Animals only ClubAnimals only ClubMonth ago
  • Are you a cha cha shipper

    Gustav HjältGustav HjältMonth ago
  • Lets talk about how many charli gives chase chances she change for a boy

    Ailanny LopezAilanny LopezMonth ago

    Sophie Thin EllSophie Thin EllMonth ago
  • am i the only one who wants to giver peaches daughter a hug

    Valentini GamingValentini GamingMonth ago
  • Omg was that peaches kissing her daughter at the end of the video? ON THE LIPS???? OMG CALL CHILD SERVICES FAST!!!!! GET THIS WOMAN YO JAIL!

    Simply Pink QueenSimply Pink QueenMonth ago
  • Dear god, I pray for Cora and I hope that nothing bad happens to her and peaches will feel her pain and have mercy on Cora. Can’t wait till peaches goes to jail

    • T Ø X Î Ç • Ć R Å Ç K Ë R •• T Ø X Î Ç • Ć R Å Ç K Ë R •Month ago
  • um nope. horrible mother doesn't deserve to have a daughter.

    Minsu ChangMinsu ChangMonth ago
  • I hope Cora okay like gurl I wanna be coras sis U_U💅🏾

    xThe FBI agent xxThe FBI agent xMonth ago
  • do la po po even care about peches

    Hafsa AbdirahmanHafsa AbdirahmanMonth ago

    Don’t tell jokes just lieee Happy?Don’t tell jokes just lieee Happy?Month ago
  • Wtf take Cora away from Peaches!!

    Niang LunNiang LunMonth ago
  • Why is peaches is like lizzo? ℍ𝕒𝕙𝕒😂

    iMysarahiMysarahMonth ago
  • "Ahahahaha gross" LMAOAOAAAOAOAOAOQOQ

    Gacha Ashley :3Gacha Ashley :3Month ago
  • And who likes peaches like peaches says

  • tf is peaches doinu looking like strawberry shortcake 😺🔫

    Kpop OpinionsKpop OpinionsMonth ago
  • I feel bad for cora and his ex boyfriend

    Sweta AgarwalSweta AgarwalMonth ago
  • I am glad Charlie and chase are gf and bf

    Danie BooysenDanie Booysen2 months ago
  • Peaches said she didnt want her daughter so why in the world did she get HER BACK.

    Aesthetic SimmerAesthetic Simmer2 months ago
  • i personally don’t like nessa, but i think ppl thinking that she’s copying madison is a little too far

    Gia ZapantaGia Zapanta2 months ago
  • Anna: and thats the tea for today y'all Me: thank u for that wonderful tea Anna *sips tea* Back to u patricia 😀

    Anabel HernandezAnabel Hernandez2 months ago
  • Im so scard to see what peaches is going to do with her kid

    Luna JimenezLuna Jimenez2 months ago
  • Most people: I’m so glad Charlie and Chase are friends again🤗. Me: Whyyyyy are you fr😒

    Thandiwe SkosanaThandiwe Skosana2 months ago
  • the "you GaUysss" hits different LMAO LUV U QUEEN

    txxhyungiexoxo__txxhyungiexoxo__2 months ago
  • Diego is Like 10 and peaches is 40 wtff

    random presonrandom preson2 months ago
  • Mean sorry

    Olivia BurkeOlivia Burke2 months ago
  • I mane Cora

    Olivia BurkeOlivia Burke2 months ago
  • I am so worried about Cota like bruh I would be terrified!

    Olivia BurkeOlivia Burke2 months ago
  • Yes exactly

    Olivia BurkeOlivia Burke2 months ago
  • Hopefully they are just friends

    Scarlett SloanScarlett Sloan2 months ago
  • Why did you remind me of peaches at the end 😭😭

    Darkbeast_ YTDarkbeast_ YT2 months ago
  • Everyone gets cancelled this is a whole Netflix show

    sxmplyanglessxmplyangles2 months ago
  • Also please shoutout your my idol ,my Queen!!!!

    • H•O•N•E•Y•C•O•M•B•• H•O•N•E•Y•C•O•M•B•2 months ago

    • H•O•N•E•Y•C•O•M•B•• H•O•N•E•Y•C•O•M•B•2 months ago
  • There gOes AnothEr MISTAKE by ”DCFS” Until kid is dead or is sexually abused or physically abused Pretty much just dcfs should read and see everything peaches has done what actually goes on behind close doors that we ppl don’t see. What she said about her daughter seducing her bf wtf who actually says that??? Just a crazy psycho biatch like her. Hellz yeh I’m worried about her daughter she has a unfit mother. God only knows what truly goes on with her kid Nd her bfs. Set her daughter free to adoption home she’s better off with a family not a zoo full of toxic waste like peaches. 💥

    annie04 Alanisannie04 Alanis2 months ago
  • No

    Alexy and Jovanas Adventures life ChasparAlexy and Jovanas Adventures life Chaspar2 months ago
  • I feel....... bad for Cora......Cora is not safe....

    RAINA LOWERAINA LOWE2 months ago
  • I have my toast and TEAAAAAA readout UwU

    ZoneOutZoneOut2 months ago
  • This is how many ppl hate peaches | |

    Tobi Shear-SmithTobi Shear-Smith2 months ago
  • Nessa had a choice she was friends with a queen

    Janaya HallumsJanaya Hallums2 months ago
  • Call 991

    Foodsquard 27Foodsquard 272 months ago
  • 1: we should save peaches daughter 2: nessa doesn’t deserve hate about her song 3: YAY CHASE AND CHARLIE ARE BACKKK

    HogwartsismyhomeHogwartsismyhome2 months ago
  • Why can’t Cora just go to her dads house

    CiaraGrace McRaeCiaraGrace McRae2 months ago
  • Who is peaches thanking??

    Josue SayJosue Say2 months ago
  • Im sorry. I dont have TikTok. can someone plz tell me Charli's and Chase's ship name???????????????????

    Ivy GonzalesIvy Gonzales2 months ago
  • 0:44 0:45

    jae's worldyjae's worldy2 months ago
  • Okay imma be honest with y'all: L E T. N E S S A B R E A T H Yall can't keep hating on her for one mistake She's human too ya know

    SailorbxnnySailorbxnny2 months ago
  • Am I the only person irritated with the Diego person. Whenever there is drama he reacts just to get views. I mean I get it's good for him but he just rubs me the wrong way

    Abigail OAbigail O2 months ago
  • I love how her youtube name is anna oop

    Medina RrustemiMedina Rrustemi2 months ago
  • peaches pretended to kill cora like im worried

    Miya GreatMiya Great2 months ago
  • bruh...why are they all going on nessa for making a SONG like oml they need to frikin chill 🙄

    Beth_gamesBeth_games2 months ago
  • I’m really confused... it’s wrong when nessa has a song but when Dixie has one there is no issue? Can somebody explain this to me

    Abigail A.Abigail A.2 months ago
  • Somebody take Cora away for peaches

    Val TaylorVal Taylor2 months ago
  • I feel so sorry for Cora

    The fire Squad YaThe fire Squad Ya2 months ago
  • I’m glad Charli and chase IS friendsssss

    Ashley HamptonAshley Hampton2 months ago
  • Oh no hell no~~

    Bella girlBella girl2 months ago
  • Anna oop omg

    Priscila Vargas CortesPriscila Vargas Cortes2 months ago
  • Why doesn’t anyone do something about this like THERES A CHILD IN DANGER? Like tf?

    Suga is everything :3Suga is everything :32 months ago
  • Nessa’s singing is beautiful,im proud for charli getting her friend back,peaches should go in jail

    HaileyxHaileyx2 months ago
  • Nessa doesn't need hate

    《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKE《Georgie the pineapple duck》 DO NOT SMOKE2 months ago