The Criminal Story Of Lovely Peaches (Ft. Cora, Charli D'amelio, Malu Trevejo)

Aug 15, 2020
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  • Man I hate peaches!!!!🤮

    leilei shortleilei short2 days ago
  • Is this the 12th time I watch this mmmm ya have I bin able to sleep mmmm no

    Noor NasrawiNoor Nasrawi3 days ago
  • I feel so incredibly bad for Cora! Being r**ed is bad enough but having your own mom PAY someone to do that to you is so incredibly wrong. What the fuck Is wrong with peaches?!

    Evie MoonEvie Moon3 days ago
  • Ok I just can’t I HATE that peach thing so much like WHAT?! HOW DARE HER DO IT TO HER Own daughter?! WHAT?! Like... do she sale her daughter so the man and do things to her daughter?! WOWOWOWOWOWO WHAT A “GOOD” MOM u know what she is not even a mom?!

    •Nooby Cookie••Nooby Cookie•4 days ago
  • take birth control if u don't want to have kids

    angela cardangela card4 days ago
  • if u didn't want to take care of a lovely little girl

    angela cardangela card4 days ago
  • TBFH trump is kinda better than her

    •C x l i x n n x••C x l i x n n x•5 days ago
  • Cancel Anna opp

    Charlotte NationCharlotte Nation5 days ago
  • imagine the peaches moms reaction

    Hannah KouadioHannah Kouadio7 days ago
  • watching this video i realized how lucky i am to have a mom that moves me

    Hannah KouadioHannah Kouadio7 days ago
  • Tell you the honest truth i dont think this is the way she is i think that shes only doing it for only attention but it needs to be stop!

    Dangelo WilsonDangelo Wilson8 days ago
  • Someone call the po po! This gurl is cra cra in the head :[

    Juno SadlierJuno Sadlier8 days ago
  • I'm happy that she is gonna go to the FBI she doesn't seem like the a angle she seems like hell biss*

    dora lopezdora lopez8 days ago
  • God

    dora lopezdora lopez8 days ago
  • Omg this ruined my day

    S LS L9 days ago
  • cora is a BOOTIL GUrl i would take if i had da money aslo who wants to get a 3 year old preg thats how it starts PEACHES JAIL!!!!!!!!!!

    Rylei Drake-WhiteRylei Drake-White10 days ago
  • Imagine how much therapy they 3 year old must have she must be traumatized....I ship her with the electric chair i wish that 3 year old has a better home with better parents...

    Kaylie HoodKaylie Hood10 days ago
  • Why would peaches hurt her daughter like that!!! Ummmm.....👁👄👁. Is peaches okey?

    Izzy UnicornIzzy Unicorn10 days ago
  • She came back on TikTok I-

    Jamie GallowayJamie Galloway10 days ago
  • If you like my comment it means you want PEACHES TO GO TO JAIL I feel so bad for everyone

    Zainab MirZainab Mir11 days ago
  • i don't know if peaches is proud of herself for scarring 99% of the world for life


    Dream of Coco quinnDream of Coco quinn12 days ago
  • If i was older i would adopt her. i would give her the best treatment

    Emily ValleEmily Valle13 days ago
  • She is back on all her socia media... She is not in a prison, she is not even on a mental hospital, she come back.. At first I thought that she is doing great..But now is making again some disgusting things.. It will become worst..

    Maria SibiceanuMaria Sibiceanu14 days ago
  • We need to send the bombs, the demogorgans, the demons, the creepypastas, every psychopath, the mind slayer, the league of villans, fire, ANYTHING, to peaches house

    Anime Is cooler than your existenceAnime Is cooler than your existence14 days ago
  • Her lips are bigger than her baby’s head

    Anime Is cooler than your existenceAnime Is cooler than your existence14 days ago
  • This is the perfect example of a victim becoming the victimizer. I hope little Cora is able to break this cycle when she gets older. *Monsters are pros at creating other monsters.*

    Caitlyn ShepherdCaitlyn Shepherd15 days ago
  • Why do you wanna kill Charlie bruh she in space

    L plays GamesL plays Games16 days ago
  • It is said she is a threat to society

    Kinga is the illestKinga is the illest17 days ago
  • im heart broken

    ItsViibeItsViibe17 days ago
  • Ppl say that peaches killed her daughter and she's in jail but-Am juts scared because I fell bad for Cora but oh well D:

    Teady bearsTeady bears17 days ago
  • i am going to slap peaches so hard

    Alina GallegosAlina Gallegos17 days ago
  • Isn’t Cora bennet 9 or 10?

    Katie KittenKatie Kitten17 days ago
  • Why is she so discusting and physco hurting her kid? And stripping I front of kids! KIDS? She's crazy!!! I'm actually so scared of her now😭😭🙄😩😩

    lynsey parsonslynsey parsons18 days ago
  • Y’all I went to Instagram and saw that lovey peaches haves lots of accounts

    Mochi CreamMochi Cream18 days ago
  • I-umm I am traumatised I started litterly crying poor Cora peaches:I don’t want her her dad don’t want her her dad loves her not you,you ugly bleep

    Carolien HattinghCarolien Hattingh19 days ago
  • Wtf peach’s you are a mother that dose not live there child I just turned 18 I can have here shit

    Leah BrownLeah Brown19 days ago
  • Why would she do this to her daughter

    Bubba LittleBubba Little19 days ago
  • Something is seriously wrong with her.

    Beauty And BrainsBeauty And Brains19 days ago
  • Peaches makes us black ladies look crazyyy

    AyeIt’zRae !AyeIt’zRae !20 days ago

    vxnilla_cloudzzvxnilla_cloudzz20 days ago
  • Is Cora ok? I HOPE Fbi came and Cora is ina good home now please please please

    Pranita BapatPranita Bapat21 day ago
  • Poor kid

    Yara JafarYara Jafar22 days ago
  • Ok biech that girl is going to die how can she treat her daughter like that

  • When I saw the news about the baby I am crying 😭 as so much

    It’s just annaIt’s just anna22 days ago
  • 🤬😤😷

    Nessy NessNessy Ness22 days ago

    Juliet RyanJuliet Ryan22 days ago
  • I actually want to adopt her tbh like corra baby, your loved

    Janelli SalazarJanelli Salazar22 days ago
  • There’s nothing wrong with Cora WTF

    Katie NewsomeKatie Newsome23 days ago
  • I feel so bad for Cora😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Izzy TomIzzy Tom23 days ago
  • Okay I don't like Charlie but I don't think she has to deal with this.

    Itz Reyna n CatelynnItz Reyna n Catelynn23 days ago
  • What the

    Roneisha SimpsonRoneisha Simpson24 days ago
  • Peaches is very metal I ship her and trump

    Mariecamboul MangaMariecamboul Manga24 days ago
  • Poor bby cora

    Daniela Perez CardenasDaniela Perez Cardenas24 days ago
  • 1:55 aww i want cora😖❤️

    Josie SmithJosie Smith24 days ago
  • Soooo fat

    Kevin RamtullaKevin Ramtulla25 days ago
  • She fat

    Kevin RamtullaKevin Ramtulla25 days ago
  • why she attacking disney stars?

    Mia YepezMia Yepez25 days ago
  • and why did she get the hype? come on guys you could have given anyone the hype but her? i cant even say her name, shes such a terrible person.

    E l l yE l l y26 days ago
  • Prolly Cora is mentally scarred now..I am sad for her ;-;

    Vampis ZoonisVampis Zoonis26 days ago
  • I hope her baby is in good hands because she is in jail now

    Charlie FisherCharlie Fisher26 days ago
  • If I could I would help her daughter my hearts broke

    Charlie FisherCharlie Fisher26 days ago
  • you cut out all the words like tf am i supposed to hearing it gets me mad af

    Warzone 6sweatWarzone 6sweat27 days ago
  • I think one day Cora will one day do great things

    The Universal DimerThe Universal Dimer27 days ago
  • Poor Cora. This beautiful child deserves a happy ending. And I personally don't care if this psycho is 'trolling' everyone, there need to be extreme consequences for everything she has done.

    Lily MLily M27 days ago
  • Peaches doesn't deserve anything in life I swear if I find Cora then she is going to see you in court I don't care what you're going to do to me if you see this lovely peaches but bring it on because I'm not going to let you do anything to anybody again lovely peaches you will not win against me

    Neko HimeNeko Hime27 days ago
  • Peaches:*talks about F******** her OWN daughter Me: *crying outta anger and sadness for her daugther*

    itz_ally hereitz_ally here27 days ago
  • She needs help

    Rudaba SubhaRudaba Subha28 days ago
  • This break my heart slot I hope Cora is okay 😭😭😭👌💗💗💓💓

    Mandy RavenellMandy Ravenell28 days ago
  • the thumbnail scares me i-

    jazzie monetjazzie monet28 days ago
  • Wtf

    shyanna butlershyanna butler28 days ago
  • guys peaches made a new tik tok account theres about to be more drama

    Abigail SheppardAbigail Sheppard29 days ago
  • 1:57 How can mother hate her own fauther like...?

    Alice RaeAlice Rae29 days ago

    Danica KehlerDanica Kehler29 days ago
  • The baby bit made me cry

    Chrispina OmoniruvbeChrispina OmoniruvbeMonth ago
  • dang noone gonna question about her teeth? she needs braces for an lifetime ;-; because yes since everybody does it and annoys the crap out me ;-;

    yesyesMonth ago
  • So i just came here from tiktok AND I WISH I NEVER SAW THIS someone told me to search up anna oop lovely peaches and i did- I hate what i just watched

    mohammad alhamadmohammad alhamadMonth ago
  • You follow her..?

    Snack MackSnack MackMonth ago
  • SHES BACK RN she liked my best friends comment

    Juicy LucyJuicy LucyMonth ago
  • Peaches doesn't deserve aa child

    Baylee GundersonBaylee GundersonMonth ago
  • Its discusting

  • Peaches is a BAD personer like she is a mom Help cora😬

    Taina VähäkuopusTaina VähäkuopusMonth ago
  • Justice for cora

    cupcake lordrobloxcupcake lordrobloxMonth ago
  • Girl stop get some help right now 😑😡🤮

    Nayahs BabyDoll NurseryNayahs BabyDoll NurseryMonth ago
  • Dang she as to go see a doctor like now she's crazy!!!

    Khristina ChambersKhristina ChambersMonth ago
  • Please peaches stop

    Shanon JohnsonShanon JohnsonMonth ago
  • It's a trigger warning and a gag warning-

    Olivia CadyOlivia CadyMonth ago
  • She needs to be put in a padded Cell bc that’s how crazy she is

    Katelynn PerryKatelynn PerryMonth ago
  • Idk what to say about peaches...

    Vyna GonzalesVyna GonzalesMonth ago

    Queen MeaghanafriQueen MeaghanafriMonth ago

    XxLovely RaeXXXxLovely RaeXXMonth ago
  • Peaches: ima steal these people’s items Fbi and haters of peaches: ima end this girl’s life

    Aedh Paulhen CasisonAedh Paulhen CasisonMonth ago
  • All these Man had a chance to kill her and didnt take it

  • OMG

    Idelia Martinez IBMSSIdelia Martinez IBMSSMonth ago
  • When that one time you wished something was click bait. But it’s not

    Zarah MansoorZarah MansoorMonth ago
  • its not that i dont like peaches she just needa get her lfetogetha

    Kamilia AlfredKamilia AlfredMonth ago
  • She never went to jail

    Elena MaradonnaElena MaradonnaMonth ago
  • I hate her but I love you not peaches

    Christopher GarciaChristopher GarciaMonth ago
  • Basically I’m a minor so umm yeah I would leave peaches alone

    Munchakin Logo histories and vlogs,makeupMunchakin Logo histories and vlogs,makeupMonth ago
  • dont call "peaches," peaches .... its disrespectful to the fruit

    SophiaPlaysRobloxSophiaPlaysRobloxMonth ago