The D'amelio Family CALLED OUT Because Of THIS?!, Tony HITS BACK At Charli?! Noah CANCELLED For This

Nov 11, 2020
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The D'amelio Family CALLED OUT Because Of THIS?!, Tony HITS BACK At Charli?! Noah CANCELLED For This
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  • Stop hating on the dmamilio family! Even if they like trump or not support they're 👏🏼choices👏🏼 they have rights so support them! Stop hating on them for no reason! Wtf-

    Official Squad GamingOfficial Squad Gaming4 hours ago
  • Also Noah 10k?????!!!!! The hell 💀💀💀👀

    avocado playesavocado playes13 hours ago
  • I'm speechless ┻┳|―-∩ ┳┻| ヽ ┻┳| ● | ┳┻|▼) _ノ ┻┳| ̄ ) ┳ミ( ̄ / ┻┳T ̄|

    avocado playesavocado playes13 hours ago
  • Tony Locked Up For Tryna Bag A Senorita🙈🙈

  • Hopefully Biden sticks to his promise of lifting the ban on Muslims entering America 😀

    Insyirah JeffriInsyirah JeffriDay ago
  • why does tony still have a platform? he literally deserves to be in prison wtf

    rxvrxvDay ago
  • Republican for LIFE

    Kyra WarrickKyra WarrickDay ago

    𝙈𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙙𝙙𝙮𝙈𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙙𝙙𝙮Day ago
  • Em 🥵

    GalaxySquadGalaxySquad2 days ago
  • Hiii I love your vids 🥰

    Kelly MKelly M2 days ago
  • Honestly I been living under a rock because I don't even know what hype house is or d'amelio family i knew all of them like almost 3 month ago

    Hazel SmithHazel Smith2 days ago
  • Gosh just LEAVE THEM ALONE! They are just people and its none of our business if they are democratic or republican. Also its neither our business about things people liked YEARS ago like... also this isn't just about the d'amelios any famous person IS STILL A PERSON! They have a right to privacy as well! I know you wouldn't like it if hundreds of people went through your liked stuff from years ago like... celebrities aren't objects... think before you hate ❤️

    ZJ3000ZJ30003 days ago
    • Disliked 🙃

      Jovane JosephJovane Joseph3 days ago
  • Why are we canceling people for their political preference? Can we make tik tok fun not toxic and political. Can we make tik tok fun not politcal?

    Ryūnosuke TanakaRyūnosuke Tanaka3 days ago
  • Yall let's be fr.... Kanye would've been a better president than Biden

    _kkxoxo__kkxoxo_3 days ago
  • not y'all coming for d'amelio family for having their own choices.

    Isabel SassIsabel Sass3 days ago
  • OH NO

    Memoree Garcia GarciaMemoree Garcia Garcia3 days ago
  • Why is it so bad if someone likes trump. Everyone has their opinions that’s why people vote!

    Jovi GattsJovi Gatts3 days ago
    • @Jovi Gatts It’s a dumb statement. please get educated child. it’s not about supporting trump; it’s what you are supporting when you vote for him.

      Angel JacksonAngel Jackson3 days ago
    • @Angel Jackson It’s not a question it’s a statement

      Jovi GattsJovi Gatts3 days ago
    • why is this a question 😭

      Angel JacksonAngel Jackson3 days ago
  • Why oh why why why oh why why is Tony Lopez not shut downnnn oh WHYYYYYY

    Virginie-Marie DiagneVirginie-Marie Diagne4 days ago
  • I wish everyone was just like NORMAL STOP JUDGING PEOPLE ON WHO THE SUPPORT

    Virginie-Marie DiagneVirginie-Marie Diagne4 days ago
  • I did not hear abt the ALUMINATIE since 5TH GRADE OR however u spell it

    Virginie-Marie DiagneVirginie-Marie Diagne4 days ago
  • Ok so when I have a bad day I watch Anna Oop and realise these people have it worse 🤦‍♀️

    X.molly.yt_ XX.molly.yt_ X4 days ago
  • ur so full of shit, 'hidden truths' girl what, just bc they're famous doesn't mean they need to put everything online oh my god

    haya hhaya h4 days ago
    • and for charli's meet and greet, it was literally said on the website that all the proceeds were going to charities she didn't decide to donate it after she 'got cancelled'

      haya hhaya h4 days ago
  • Tony it's a good thing they dropped you and I hope they dropped you fast because you rest deserve it, truly you do

    Retha MokoneRetha Mokone4 days ago
  • Who gives a f*** if they trump supporters he lost anyways

    GOOD _VIBESGOOD _VIBES4 days ago
  • ok uh- I am not a trump surporter but people should respect eachother opinions -_-

    warm blushwarm blush4 days ago
  • Ok who cares if they support Donald Trump that's their sister I'm not saying I support Donald Trump but just leave them alone because if they support were you going to do it are they are you going to ruin their lives or let them be which one 😑🙄

    Belladonna LopezBelladonna Lopez4 days ago
  • ▫👄▫

    makaykay Makaykaymakaykay Makaykay5 days ago
  • I’m so happy that I don’t know what’s going on on TikTok unless I’m here... because baby this is toxic af. Like I need to go back to my safe TikTok ...

    Adinah LoganAdinah Logan5 days ago
  • The fact that there is drama because of tiktokers every day.

    FallingxSnow RobloxFallingxSnow Roblox5 days ago
  • Noah is so ridiculous Jesus. How do people still support him.

    aurellosaurellos5 days ago
  • if they support trump, let them!

    Edward HarrisEdward Harris5 days ago

    Naomi MasarikNaomi Masarik5 days ago
  • 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    Its VaedaIts Vaeda5 days ago
  • if they like trump whatever 🤷🏻‍♀️its their business. and we shouldn’t just like...stop supporting that because they like trump. The nonsense about them selling their souls...they were already pretty rich to begin with,and were always infront of the camera since day 1. quit coming at these tiktokers and their ignorant parents. -from a biden supporter 😐 Who cares if Char charged 100$ thats not even alot. She most likely payed the studio and other hidden fees to have that meet and greet. chill. Tony doesnt deserve a platform.also we are still on the “15 year old thing” because its pedophilia 😐we r not gonna forget the poor victim. He deserves being dropped, he deserves jail 😐

    Its VaedaIts Vaeda5 days ago
  • Am I the only one who heard “cheating on his TikTok friends” ?

    gaming wit leahgaming wit leah5 days ago

    Liqza HearttLiqza Heartt6 days ago
  • Who cares if they do or don't support trump honestly it's their parents not them and if they do then oh well not everyone is the same ✋🏻 y'all loved them until they didn't agree with you?

    boomer boomerboomer boomer6 days ago
  • When I hear Charlie’s dad was a trump supporter: ..... leave now shoo.. okay let’s throw the whole Charlie family..

    hinatas hairhinatas hair6 days ago
  • D’amelio are canceled for me

    Crusty Toe nailsCrusty Toe nails6 days ago

    Jamar jJamar j6 days ago
  • Ya I saw the vid of the duet

    Jasmine ChawotaJasmine Chawota6 days ago
  • Oop- honestly I think that everyone should just let people have their own opinions! We need to be more positive and not negative!

    Leela JaneLeela Jane6 days ago
  • ✨S H A M E L E S S✨

    Doireann McCartinDoireann McCartin7 days ago
  • Man can y’all believe all this drama happened in 2019-2020 and NOW going into 2021

    Taylor RobinsonTaylor Robinson7 days ago
  • I'm not a trump supporter but, even if the D'amelio family it's their opinion not yours. They don't deserve hate for their thoughts and opion.😡 But I love your videos. Props to you for keeping up with all the tiktok drama

    Kyra RichardsonKyra Richardson7 days ago
  • Why y’all in their business like that? If they don’t put it on social media then it’s not our business🤦🏽‍♀️.

    Gabby BellGabby Bell7 days ago
  • Listen true talk they really do not care on the real and tik tok should banned them and USworlds should block them because all eyes can see and hustling for views it’s just number to them not people drop them all and Zoe aswell but also jail time I’m out

    KraZZy wolffKraZZy wolff7 days ago
  • I love how this USworlds makes you feel like crap just for liking trump 🙄

    Allena WayAllena Way7 days ago
  • Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no no.

    ꧁ Monii ꧂꧁ Monii ꧂7 days ago
  • Okay, tony has no right to throw shade ... after everything he has done-

    Donetta CravensDonetta Cravens7 days ago
  • the fact that these bleeps are dumb to think that the d amelios family is a trump supporter

    Abigail AlfaroAbigail Alfaro7 days ago
  • sooo there Trump supporters no one needs to be canceled

    tana drawztana drawz7 days ago
  • What is going on with this generation 😭

    Aaliyah GarciaAaliyah Garcia7 days ago
  • why are u getting into peoples buisness

    dalila Garciadalila Garcia7 days ago
  • Like for real I don't get it like when people find out somebody else's political party and if they're famous they throw shade at them but it wasn't a big deal before when they didn't know about their political party like I don't understand just let people have their opinions and leave it there

    Grace gamesGrace games7 days ago
  • She lost more than 1 MILLION followers! wow

    Karla Cardoza AdameKarla Cardoza Adame7 days ago
  • Lol Where's Addison through this im so proud of her she's so unproblematic

    Viva MandellaViva Mandella7 days ago
  • Why does it matter if the Trump supporters or not

    Rayleigh LandryRayleigh Landry8 days ago
  • i forgot tony existed. i just separated from him and his fans-

    It's BaileyIt's Bailey8 days ago
  • Did ya hear Anna’s voice when she said about tony my friends are the best

    Veronica and Valencia’s WayVeronica and Valencia’s Way8 days ago
  • People stupid if you fan of tony honey deer away from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jhardine NassonJhardine Nasson8 days ago
  • At least Adison still safe

    Jhardine NassonJhardine Nasson8 days ago
  • Bruh can people just stop getting into the Damelios business like LEAVE THEM ALONE

    Keyra RosarioKeyra Rosario8 days ago
  • I hate Noah beck

    Kali BassKali Bass8 days ago
  • Imagine thinking his allegations are going away- pedoism isnt a joke ;-; If you support him your just as disgusting as him

    K o r i iさんK o r i iさん8 days ago
  • The fact that fan or ppl can control ppl if they support trump that there life not youre heheh no hate love u❤

    Maria Victoria F. DulaMaria Victoria F. Dula8 days ago
  • Honestly why can't people have their own opinions?

    Sarah GrotbergSarah Grotberg8 days ago
  • I thought this family was the most unproblematic one. Everyone has skeletons in their closet I guess

    Jane TanJane Tan8 days ago
  • What’s so wrong with being a Republican

    Michelina AndraeMichelina Andrae8 days ago
  • Did I just hear Tic-Tac friends???? 7:30

    Red SkyeRed Skye8 days ago
  • I ship Tony and Zoe.

    Frappuccino IdkFrappuccino Idk9 days ago
  • Hold on white ppl don’t get to decide what’s racist it isn’t always white ppl racist I have met racist black ppl don’t everrrrr say that cause everyone can be racist no matter who u r!!!

    Annabelle YouTubesAnnabelle YouTubes9 days ago
  • Mark D’Amelio was arrested Jan. 11, 2014, on South Main Street for driving drunk with his then 9-year-old daughter in the car in the front seat and three strangers whom he had picked up at a bodega in the back seat. He allegedly told officers he was driving around South Norwalk, handing out his winnings from Mohegan Sun casino, to teach his daughter a lesson on helping the less fortunate.

    Jennie BJennie B9 days ago
  • If u google marks it’s not hard to find out he was arrested for drinking and driving with Charlie in the car.... But pop off and can make them famous.

    Jennie BJennie B9 days ago
    • Mark literally ran for Senate of Connecticut as a Republican.

      Jennie BJennie B9 days ago
  • Why cant people be Trump supporters? Whsts the matter with that?!

    GracieGracie9 days ago
  • Tony hunnnnnnnnnny luv i don't see no fans

    Larsa LazarLarsa Lazar9 days ago
  • Ok let’s get things straight if he likes trump and that family they can u can’t control them so shut up bout it because Ik a lot of people who is famous people who like trump....... also trump has done the most for the black community in the last 4 years!!!!....... Noah can DO WHAT HE WANTS........ tony is like zoe they need to GO! He acts like he’s better than everybody he don’t have that many followers like BRO! Tony is the reason there’s drama between other TikTokers 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Katelynn ButlerKatelynn Butler9 days ago
  • Dude whats up with Tony? I was rly wrong bout this boy super wrong😠😒

    Malika isaacsMalika isaacs9 days ago
  • I am so shocked

    Micky MouseMicky Mouse9 days ago
  • even Noah i cant with this

    ana lomicana lomic9 days ago
  • How does she know how they feel ? 👀😳😂🥸😯

    Sophia ChehadeSophia Chehade9 days ago
  • It looks that tony and sarah-jade bleau got an reation ship I am mad at it he stole my idol

    Jamie-lee JongeneelJamie-lee Jongeneel9 days ago
  • I’m sorry how does Tony have FANPAGES? like a literal fandom “copters” what is this

    leahleah9 days ago
    • Its a creative cute name

      666 666666 6668 days ago
  • Yeet

    Annie AdlerAnnie Adler9 days ago
  • well i like trump bc he doesnt care about the other country byt... he's a racist and taht's the problem about trump but biden is the one that most hate bc he always want other country and always go take other's country PERIOD.

    its me sherlaits me sherla9 days ago
  • “This ain’t a race Tony Lopez caught a case” -Larray 2020

    Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis9 days ago
  • I feel like the Damelio family can never get a break and always get accused for things that are not true

    Weird RatWeird Rat9 days ago
  • wha is so bad liking donald trump i don no like him but a christian famili can dowha thei can do their not ur dolls

    Coconut AprxlCoconut Aprxl9 days ago
  • Since when do your political opinions make you a bad person. I’m sorry but this whole thing about the D’amelio family is ridiculous. You can’t shouldn’t get mad at people for being republicans.

    A BA B9 days ago
  • OK politics are about having your own opinion if you guys cannot see that it’s your own opinion then just stop because the D’Amelio‘s have the right to be Trump supporters and if they aren’t then somewhat but if they are are they gonna lose followers no!

    Xx_Maddy101 Roblox channelXx_Maddy101 Roblox channel9 days ago
  • I don’t have 10,000 to spare

    Valeria GarciaValeria Garcia9 days ago
  • I've never really liked the demelios, and The tea is HOTTTT

    Jillian ChavisJillian Chavis9 days ago
  • V.I.P for an ariana concert is 650$ so uhm if noah would've charged that much i-

    Matilda Krantz SilfverbergMatilda Krantz Silfverberg9 days ago
  • Trumpie are 🤡

    Isla ConorIsla Conor9 days ago
  • Trump is the best

    10 Friends10 Friends9 days ago
  • If the damelio is a trump supporter that's their own opinion stop judging people I might not like trump but that's their opinion

    Durico ColebyDurico Coleby10 days ago
    • You are only saying that because it’s the Armadillo or whatever family. If it was someone else you wouldn’t say this. If they supported trump then they don’t want human rights, they want to poc snd lgbtq+ to get killed. They are racist if they supported trump.

      JustDaniellaJustDaniella8 days ago
    • I don’t think all of them are but if they are then there is no point of that BLM pfp and if they are good for them ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

      D A Z A I ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ CUTIED A Z A I ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ CUTIE8 days ago
    • exactly! thank you.

      MiaMia9 days ago
  • I watched her since she was less than 100k subscribers A- IM OBSESSED

    שירה בלנקשירה בלנק10 days ago
  • wait so people cant have a opinion?!

    Maegan KMaegan K10 days ago
  • How many adds did anna put!?

    Itsme AliceItsme Alice10 days ago
  • okay but so what if they support trump. it pisses me off to see that people get torn to pieces based on their beliefs and opinions. this country and world has lost respect. if you support trump, we can be friends, if you support biden, we can be friends. but if youre gonna scoff at the fact a person has different stances and values as you then thats just screwed up. we are all human and no matter what color, race, the president you support, we should all at least repect eachother. hate is such a bad and corrupt thing, love your enemies.

    Therese CoxTherese Cox10 days ago
    • EXACTLY couldn't have said it better

      solene cociosolene cocio9 days ago