The D'amelio Family CALLED OUT Because Of THIS?!, Tony HITS BACK At Charli?! Noah CANCELLED For This

Nov 11, 2020
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The D'amelio Family CALLED OUT Because Of THIS?!, Tony HITS BACK At Charli?! Noah CANCELLED For This
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  • Noah reserves hate for no reasons at all wow

    Emily BennettEmily Bennett2 days ago
  • these tiktokers cant be clam like small tiktokers like sometimes its stupid

    Gaming with SamathaGaming with Samatha5 days ago
  • Honestly I think the internet has gone mad when tiktoker's became famous. It's always drama this drama that. I also hate the tiktok fandom and haters. They keep accusing the tiktokers like their correct at least have some proof that they did that. I have been too silent with my thoughts I can't keep these anymore it just make me mad that they keep accusing idols like they did something wrong then when it turns out to be false everyone just goes 360 and apologize. I also think that don't hate on tiktokers like you gave them fame they didn't ask for it. This isn't hate if you think this is rude sorry. I really love your vids keep posting!

    Ayesha Kyle BalichaAyesha Kyle Balicha21 day ago
  • Noah beck, what the heck why do u charge us to duet

    Goda DovyGoda DovyMonth ago
  • No way noah is cancelled

    Danny HuntDanny HuntMonth ago
  • The second I got Harry styles off my fucking minddddd UGHHHHH

    Sexy StylesSexy Styles2 months ago
  • I love you 😭🤚🏼

    Daisy GonzalezDaisy Gonzalez2 months ago
  • Omg in early praise me

    Daisy GonzalezDaisy Gonzalez2 months ago
  • Marc definitely is a trump supporter, he just doesn't wanna loose the fame/money.

    mikumiku3 months ago
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    emmanuela Appiahemmanuela Appiah3 months ago
  • if we just ignore these people, they won’t be heard in our lives

    KCSMKRKCSMKR3 months ago
  • This made me hate the Damelio‘s a little more

    Ashley WatsonAshley Watson3 months ago
  • Not to be rude people always cancel people other people out on there political beliefs and its really mean.

    Sofia /*Sofia /*3 months ago
  • Whats so bad about supporting trump? are they not allowed to have their own opinion?

    Yumi FitzpatrickYumi Fitzpatrick3 months ago
  • this girl is just making all these drama more attention

    clueless zac ツclueless zac ツ3 months ago
  • I honestly forgot tony lopez 😂😂😂

  • Bruh Tony needs to realise what he did is really disgusting and nobody would wanna be his friends wanna be near him...

    _vintagebishh_vintagebishh3 months ago
  • Ok people i do not get what was soo bad about Trump where I live most people like him and I know he didn't win the election I support but other people say but this is just my opinion

    HaileyHailey3 months ago

    Xxbrillanty softiexXXxbrillanty softiexX3 months ago
  • What is the problem with The D’Amelio family supporting Trump does nothing with it they can support whoever they want

    Avani 1Avani 13 months ago
  • Jesus is coming soon, get ready for his return.

    Kristine CharlieKristine Charlie3 months ago
  • did this bishes drag the whole country palestine which is far away from america life tf bro palestine is like in middle eastern like wtf

    xo. afrinxo. afrin3 months ago
  • 1:37 but he's right

    Reaper Of MemesReaper Of Memes3 months ago
  • Noah beck really do be acting like a celebrity like no dude only teen girls in america and maybe canada know your name 💀

    KukgurokiKukguroki4 months ago
  • Here’s what I think about the Trump rumors: being/labeling yourself as a republican doesn’t automatically make you a Trump supporter. For example, I’m someone who voted for Biden and I don’t support him, both Trump and Biden have their faults and bad things they’ve done. I’m not a fan of Marc or the family as a whole but, people are always not going to like your views. I don’t care to much especially since I’m not a fan.🤷🏽‍♀️

    LunaLuna4 months ago
  • Tony thinks they left him. but they left him bc what he did what if they did it he wouldn’t want to be near them too

    dnkindnkin4 months ago
  • If the D’Amelio’s were Trump supporters do they not know Trump doesn’t respect women rights-

    BaechuBaechu4 months ago
  • Also not everything a celebrity say is wrong sometimes theys say random things so they get away with it

    megan johnsonmegan johnson4 months ago
  • Even if there trump supporters they can be wha tg they want and it is nobod tg Elsa's business

    megan johnsonmegan johnson4 months ago
  • Even if they are trump supporters its ther opion

    megan johnsonmegan johnson4 months ago
  • So are people not allowed to be republicans like...

    Danielle ClaireDanielle Claire4 months ago
  • My dad is a trump supporter 😂

    LeslyLesly4 months ago
  • why is anna my favourite person bye- 🏃🏽‍♀️

    missyxangelsmissyxangels4 months ago
  • The fact that its a PROBLEM to vote for Trump is unreal. Even if you dont support him, its peoples OPINION. not everyone has the same opinion as you.. -_-

    •Bella ••Bella •4 months ago

    roblox loverroblox lover4 months ago
  • is tony really so oblivious, like none of them are fake for unfollowing you Youre literally a p*dophile, of course they are going to distance themselves.

    Isabelle KeelingIsabelle Keeling4 months ago
  • There is nothing bad about supporting trump

    Kelley GravesKelley Graves4 months ago
  • I support trump

    Kelley GravesKelley Graves4 months ago
  • Lmao why are ppl shading the damelios for “supporting”trump they can support who they want!(im not saying who I support or that the damelios support him)

    •cre8tive fr0g ••cre8tive fr0g •4 months ago
  • Im just dead lol

    chaliegamerchaliegamer4 months ago
  • I dont understand why cant people just do things with positive comments this is not what tiktok is for...

    AnxliaAnxlia4 months ago
  • Tiktokers don’t have to go any where they have a nice place to live and they can talk to their friends on the phone and stuff so it will much more safe. And wear mask 😷 .

    Xialee QuindeXialee Quinde4 months ago
  • I don’t care what y’all say I hate Tony. Like the comment he made “when they need you” like who would need you for anything after begin such a bi*ch like no. Anyways regarding that I hope you all have an amazing day😙

    Ava GarciaAva Garcia4 months ago
  • Wait, so if Trump had won, then Marc would have congratulated him, huh

    Lily BLily B4 months ago
  • What’s wrong with being a Trump supporter

    Tyler MorganTyler Morgan4 months ago
  • People who watches her for hours -->

    Lily ShadLily Shad4 months ago
  • omg anna ur toxic IT IS THERE opinion duhh u cant make them vote for biden

    Addy Marie PlayzAddy Marie Playz4 months ago
  • Anna's voice on "my fans are the best"😭😂😂😂😂

    Aluko DemiladeAluko Demilade4 months ago
  • Wth y do people care if the damelios suport trump theres nothing wrong with that :\

    Esther PinedaEsther Pineda4 months ago
  • dude but like just bc the d'amelios a trump storrpers that dosent mean they dont got to be cancelled

    miaplays hernandezmiaplays hernandez4 months ago
  • I am glad they are Trump people

    Skilar MooreSkilar Moore4 months ago
  • whats wrong with people supporting trump

    Hannah MorganHannah Morgan5 months ago
  • U

    Jia ChifenJia Chifen5 months ago
  • Can they say Charlie don't support Trump...

    jxidenYTjxidenYT5 months ago
  • Ummmmmmmmmmm are your videos going to be about Trump ?

    marie cruzmarie cruz5 months ago
  • You’re a dollars and not getting the blame you are I think you’re acting really weird I don’t think anybody deserves it

    Arapeta Morgan-HorsfallArapeta Morgan-Horsfall5 months ago
  • who cares if they support trump, let them live there life

    Aubree CooksAubree Cooks5 months ago
  • Thought TRUMP was outa here-

    Sophie RadfordSophie Radford5 months ago
  • Oooo

    Estrella AlvaresEstrella Alvares5 months ago
  • I'm so confused why people care about who they want to vote for it gets annoying even kids say who they want to vote well I am kid but I don't want to vote for anyone and I don't like both of them either way lol 😂

    Renee ReederRenee Reeder5 months ago
  • Noah love you

    mia whitingmia whiting5 months ago
  • Tony is dumb

    mia whitingmia whiting5 months ago
  • There is nothing wrong with supporting trump it's an opinion

    Dar3leaderDar3leader5 months ago
  • Damn twitter really is the liberal hive mind...yikes 😬 circus shitttttttt

    Zz ZZz Z5 months ago
  • If they support trump, what’s so wrong about that? Like what the fuck? But I think they are part of the Illuminati tho

    Zz ZZz Z5 months ago
  • Dang I see Charlie every we’re like dangggggggg I see she mess up on this on that like Bruhh sometimes people need to stop being in people business also just drop some problems like dang y’all really did gave them clout and you giving them more just realize that

    Queenthe SeventhQueenthe Seventh5 months ago
  • Tbh so what if they support trump it’s their opinion like people needa stop we vote because people have opinions like what?

    Maddie MkMaddie Mk5 months ago
  • I get how people support trump I hate trump but don’t bully them for who they support it is their chose you can’t control what people do

    Phoebe ChancellorPhoebe Chancellor5 months ago
  • Omg girl I hate u 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    محمد الكعبيمحمد الكعبي5 months ago
  • Can we talk about the comment below me is so true and that @02 is soooo not knowing that about most of Anna’s followers are going to defend her and she is not a « whale » she is pretty I just know it. So mind ur business and find somthin better to do than TRYING to body shame Anna. And thxs to @02 for taking the time to writing this hurtful comment and thinking about Anna . Luv u so much Anna ur vids are the best hope u r happy 😘🥰 PERIODT

    Ba Welhore NousraBa Welhore Nousra5 months ago
  • Who cares is the Damelio family can support trump that’s there options

    Emma VillescasEmma Villescas5 months ago
  • Lil Wayne just released no ceilings 3 I recommend you listen to it cause it is really good

    Jason GenoveseJason Genovese5 months ago
  • wait what new tiktok update is this??? u can charge for a duet???

    osazemen belloosazemen bello5 months ago
  • 6:44 the fact that they have the NERVE to say it was a "thing"

    so fiso fi5 months ago
  • Someone needs to send the police to Tony’s house

    M’s art and stuff :]M’s art and stuff :]5 months ago
  • Why do people hate on them for supporting Trump smh who cares

    Ryleigh ArmijoRyleigh Armijo5 months ago
  • First of all it dont mater if he is a trump supporter second of all its his choice for who to vote for and third of all even if he is a trump supporter it is supposed to be kept a secret

    Godwin OkonkwoGodwin Okonkwo5 months ago
  • And being a trump supporter is bad Bc why Like I’m not very political so I don’t know anything about the political matters but I’m not a Biden or Trump supporter because I don’t I just don’t like political matters

    Lila RayLila Ray5 months ago
  • what ____philia? idk what that is pls tell me i rlly wanna know

    tuazon mikaelaeliztuazon mikaelaeliz5 months ago
  • i feel like everyones opinion HAS to be respected, what you support is private and no matter if you're famous OR NOT, people have to stop touching their noses and being NOSEY.

    Layla GuadronLayla Guadron5 months ago
  • I'm black and my best friends like trump but idk because I love her she is so nice

    kay vlogskay vlogs5 months ago
  • Like idc who supports trump he’s still a human being but it’s not necessary to be homophobic sorry trump😬

    HS BHS B5 months ago
  • literally, why does it even matter if you support trump? like bro everyone has a right to their own opinion and people should not be verbally or physically harassed for it. we need to stop "cancelling" people for their political beliefs! stop assuming that all "rich" or "famous" people are democrats!

    Coral TerryCoral Terry5 months ago
  • why is noah being canceled he’s literally the least problematic tiktoker ever

    Madeline NyeMadeline Nye5 months ago
    • IKR it's tiktoks job to make ppl problematic.....its so sad....

      fluffy kittenfluffy kitten3 months ago
  • Omg let him like or love trump that is there opinion NOT other people I like Biden but that is my opinion

    Emily DoddsEmily Dodds5 months ago
  • They can like trump you big dump

    Emily DoddsEmily Dodds5 months ago
  • omg

    Hannah TrustyHannah Trusty5 months ago
  • i dont understand tony you really think ppl were just gonna not unfollow uu or support uu after what uu did...ummm chile anyway 💀

    imzeyaimzeya5 months ago
  • I thought tony would be in jail and not making tik tok's........

    aegyo jungkookaegyo jungkook5 months ago
  • Do u realise ur destroying peoples lives

    Jazmin SmithJazmin Smith5 months ago
    • @Jazmin Smith no she isn't. they're ruining their own careers with the stupid stuff they do. it's not anyone's fault if someone has an opinion on what they do.

      Kaliyah CraigKaliyah Craig5 months ago
    • @Kaliyah Craig she's ruining their careers

      Jazmin SmithJazmin Smith5 months ago
    • what? how?... it's a simple tea page. she's not hurting, harming, or killing anyone.

      Kaliyah CraigKaliyah Craig5 months ago
  • So what if they support trump, that is there opinion. That’s ridiculous

    Emily DawsonEmily Dawson5 months ago
  • Dixie supports biden

    Mollie RaheriaMollie Raheria5 months ago
    • It’s trueeeeee

      Mollie RaheriaMollie Raheria5 months ago
  • I’m sorry......I’m a trump supporter......not sorry 👀

    Payton RobloxPayton Roblox5 months ago
    • god for you! but no one asked :(

      Kaliyah CraigKaliyah Craig5 months ago
  • Stop hating on the dmamilio family! Even if they like trump or not support they're 👏🏼choices👏🏼 they have rights so support them! Stop hating on them for no reason! Wtf-

    Official Squad GamingOfficial Squad Gaming5 months ago
    • it's clearly not for any reason it because they support trump, which is a reason.

      Kaliyah CraigKaliyah Craig5 months ago
  • Also Noah 10k?????!!!!! The hell 💀💀💀👀

    convts violetconvts violet5 months ago
  • I'm speechless ┻┳|―-∩ ┳┻| ヽ ┻┳| ● | ┳┻|▼) _ノ ┻┳| ̄ ) ┳ミ( ̄ / ┻┳T ̄|

    convts violetconvts violet5 months ago
  • Tony Locked Up For Tryna Bag A Senorita🙈🙈


      Jadah WiseJadah Wise5 months ago
  • Hopefully Biden sticks to his promise of lifting the ban on Muslims entering America 😀

    Insyirah JeffriInsyirah Jeffri5 months ago
  • why does tony still have a platform? he literally deserves to be in prison wtf

    rxvrxv5 months ago
    • we need to be friends

      ian clarkeian clarke5 months ago
  • Republican for LIFE

    Kyra WarrickKyra Warrick5 months ago