Tony Lopez GETS CANCELLED & Nikita RESPONDS, Zoe Laverne RESPOND To Charli D'amelio, Nessa GETS HATE

Jul 13, 2020
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Tony Lopez GETS CANCELLED & Nikita RESPONDS, Zoe Laverne RESPONDS To Charli D'amelio, Nessa GETS HATE
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  • Yyyyyyyyyyyy

    ENB ReveRzeENB ReveRze17 minutes ago

    Joseph RomeroJoseph Romero11 hours ago

    Jennifer PomalesJennifer Pomales16 hours ago
  • I literally make sure I have snacks b4 watching these.

    Brian OgendoBrian Ogendo18 hours ago
  • When Heidi showed up from RuPauls drag race I was like, “Yasssss” lol

    Finola RandazzoFinola RandazzoDay ago
  • Nikita don’t you choose to be a new race like every 5 seconds? 😑

    Walters step sisterWalters step sisterDay ago
  • Nessa sharted all up on Jason’s face -Larray👑

    Walters step sisterWalters step sisterDay ago
  • Let me just say, she wasn’t 15 she was 18, you didn’t ask for the screenshots about the messages, you have no proof about this and the girl who “Tony hooked up” even said about this so like Anna your wrong, you should get cancelled not Tony you should. There is vids up saying that she was 18 not 15 so like Yh. It’s all on TikTok Anna and everyone. SO ITS NOT TONY THAT SHOULD BE CANCELLED ITS YOU

    portia jonesportia jonesDay ago
  • Didn't Zoe get cancelled in 2018?- Anybody else remember that?

    Hanna AbukarHanna Abukar3 days ago
  • Wtf tony OMG He really just wanna get cancel!!!!!

    Emilene AllerEmilene Aller3 days ago
  • You know that Zoe video was fake right-

    videostar_ tutorialsvideostar_ tutorials4 days ago
    • She addmited it was real and apologized

      Giselle AndradeGiselle Andrade2 days ago
  • Anna: this heckin, prObLamtiC!! Me: ooHHHooHooooooh!! This iS is GOnnA bE sOOOOOOOOO gOOd!!!

    lilspotslilspots4 days ago
  • Nessa deserves to be called out for her action 😤

    Maritza MartinezMaritza Martinez4 days ago
  • Ppl don’t like straight tik tok because they all problematic

    Rando oRando o5 days ago
  • wow 😃

    CuteCherriesCuteCherries5 days ago
  • nikita is a queen.

    Melina HeemeierMelina Heemeier5 days ago

    Mia ScotlandMia Scotland5 days ago
  • while this was happening i was being a lazy potato and watching youtube

    Sofia FelicianoSofia Feliciano5 days ago
  • This app was so less problematic before the hype shed- also I like ur vids but ur thumbnails are just not it-

    propxnqitypropxnqity5 days ago
  • she said respond lol

    Dark NightDark Night6 days ago
  • O

    Hahd HahshHahd Hahsh6 days ago
  • .... tony says the n word it’s okay everyone makes mistakes zoe DOES NOT EVEN SAY IT omg she said ahahhaha

    50k subs without no videos50k subs without no videos6 days ago
  • it never ends because you keep spreading it more

    skye labaskye laba6 days ago
  • I love how she's just sipping the tea lol

    Ro TropicalRo Tropical6 days ago
  • Low key tony spittin fax

    Kaneki KenKaneki Ken6 days ago
  • Me to Tony:🤜🏻👦

    Tammy HarrisonTammy Harrison7 days ago
  • I hate her voice

    Juelz SantamariaJuelz Santamaria7 days ago
  • *shoutout to annaoop for keeping up with straight tiktok for me while I watch subway surfer vids--*

    Savannah CorreiaSavannah Correia8 days ago
  • A lot of mess start from the Lopez

    Jill GreenJill Green8 days ago
  • Mess

    Jill GreenJill Green8 days ago
  • Cancel Culture be like... 👋 😝

    ShookeeShookee8 days ago
  • *Anna:* Does Nessa deserve to be called out for her actions? *Me:* hun. yes. she. does. 😉

    ShookeeShookee8 days ago
  • ✋🏿-HUMAN ✋🏾-HUMAN ✋🏼-HUMAN ✋🏻-HUMAN 👨‍👧-Tony....😏

    Ajak AdikdikAjak Adikdik8 days ago
  • Nessa really be sounding like a child... why is she having affairs' with Chase... who is 18?!

    Kayla CoyleKayla Coyle9 days ago
  • He should go to jail

    Sabrina CooksSabrina Cooks9 days ago
  • Ngl lie I dont like all the Chase Charlie and nessa drama like all this could have been avoided if Josh hadn't droped the diss track and handled the situation like and adult. And I also dont like how everyone including Anna disrespect chase like he made a common human mistake and got way too much hate for it and we all know if Charlie cheated on him it she would not have gotten hate like he did and it makes me upset that everyone hates on him but when others make the same mistakes they get easily forgiven

    bree breebree bree9 days ago
  • CUZ IM zOe LaVeRn😂😂

    Alexandra ZoeyAlexandra Zoey9 days ago
  • Tony doesnt need to be "cancled" he needs to be in JAIL

    rose the humanrose the human9 days ago
  • I literally died when she said go girl give us nun🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    glitterieshimme channelglitterieshimme channel10 days ago
  • not gonna lie tony's tweets for sure made someone cry they make me wanna poke out my eyes so tony, boy bye

    Sara JerzakSara Jerzak10 days ago
  • I might be a guy but this is too interesting to stop watching

    Joshua GutierrezJoshua Gutierrez10 days ago
  • I actually got a snack thanks queen for reminding me

    Brenda OcampoBrenda Ocampo10 days ago
  • yes yes andyes

    jan piwojan piwo11 days ago
  • Nevada did something she made a full on song for Charlie so I don't know what your talking about

    Jenasi AguilarJenasi Aguilar11 days ago
  • Da🥰pesson🤦‍♂️diggīń🔈into💕da👽mud👁here💸da👾mud🩲look😌very ✨Č R Ê Ã M Ÿ✨

    Water WolfyxXWater WolfyxX11 days ago
  • People: *Cancels Tony* Tony: 😱OH NO❌WAT🤔DA FAWK😱 Me tagging him in gay videos: 🙂

    Water WolfyxXWater WolfyxX11 days ago
    • @Lucifer Morningstar lol no, I meant that literally, I tagged tony Lopez in gay videos lmao

      Water WolfyxXWater WolfyxX9 days ago
    • Did u use gay as a offensive word respect bro

      Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar9 days ago
  • Me wondering where all this news from I wish this was a Netflix show

    Kaidynn AventKaidynn Avent11 days ago
    • Am i not enough for u u bloody humans

      Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar9 days ago
  • Zoe part when she was crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Oumie JaitehOumie Jaiteh13 days ago
  • The alt TikTok insult wasn't five years ago. What's he gonna say to that?!

    Nicholas CampbellNicholas Campbell14 days ago
  • I mean I don't support tony but attacking the straight tiktok is not funny and I've seen alt and straight and they are literally different ways of having fun 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Lea KLea K14 days ago
  • Ngl nessa be lookin like josh’s sister if you look close

    •V̇İḃi̇ṅ••V̇İḃi̇ṅ•15 days ago
  • Anna: spilling some hot tea Me: Oh YEah LeTS DaNCe

    rosie vlogsrosie vlogs17 days ago
  • Sis stop making videos it just causes more drama so stop

    marcella nmarcella n17 days ago
  • She from Texas cause yallllll

    rose for roserose for rose17 days ago

    Virginie-Marie DiagneVirginie-Marie Diagne17 days ago
  • No one gonna talk abt his speech saying uhhh yah black lives are not treated fairly I know it’s unfortunate but that’s how it is BRUUUUH

    Virginie-Marie DiagneVirginie-Marie Diagne17 days ago
  • Pfft- I’m so lost because I just heard this. Don’t judge me, I’m in Harry Potter tik tok 😂 idk what’s happening

    WeirdTingsWeirdTings17 days ago
  • I’m still mad at him and I don’t like how she sticks up for her when she most likely knows what he did

    Makayla VolpiMakayla Volpi18 days ago
  • AYE zoe did deserve the hate bc she said "stfu u like anime" bruv

    Hector CranchezHector Cranchez18 days ago
  • Cancel peaches and BRING TONY BACK

    Danya ArevaloDanya Arevalo18 days ago
  • omg tony is disgustng why would he do tht

    Kaelen PrendergastKaelen Prendergast19 days ago
  • Zoe totally deserves the hate no offense but no thank you honey

    Michelle HMichelle H19 days ago
  • Tony really Tony god Tony be responsible u are a adult🤨

    Michelle HMichelle H19 days ago
  • Omg..GIRL CAN WEAR WHAT THEY WANT TO it's annoying and rude that boys think they can tell us what to wear!?!??? discusting.😖🤢

    Jade BannJade Bann20 days ago
  • Anna oop I love your vids

    Bella KavendjiiBella Kavendjii21 day ago

    zxainzxain22 days ago
    • I pass u the ultimate reply the unblocked reply NO YOU

      Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar9 days ago
  • Wow..

    Halima BaazabHalima Baazab22 days ago
  • She's making a joke out of her mistake

    Minsu ChangMinsu Chang23 days ago
  • This is why I will never be Tictok famous because I know some people are going to be mean to me and that I know that I am going to get myself in a lot of drama and I am going to get hate for it like these guys

    azeez arowoloazeez arowolo23 days ago
  • This is why the internet is dangerous everyone is just getting hate omg pls i want all thus hate to stop omg I want everyone to be happy not some sad some happy some in the middle

    azeez arowoloazeez arowolo23 days ago
  • Why is everyone is getting cancelled this year i-

    Samra MoreySamra Morey23 days ago
  • 2020 should get cancelled too i-

    Samra MoreySamra Morey23 days ago
  • I love you too❤️

    Sidra HeshamSidra Hesham23 days ago
  • Does everyone realize that they can’t cancel someone

    *!CUPCAKE_CØP!**!CUPCAKE_CØP!*24 days ago
  • I have a question... WHO SHIPPED TONY AND NIKITA??

    menglengmengleng24 days ago
  • He is sexist Tony Lopez

  • Now Nikita has real proof, We all know that she is friends with James Charles and the Lopez twins have made a video with James and have hung out many times y’all just looking for attention smh

    Dude Wtf am I doing here?Dude Wtf am I doing here?25 days ago
  • We dress up and stuff for ourselves then when we do we get told we’re doing to much and if we don’t do anything we get told to do more like wtf is he even talking ab?!

    ibxbblyyi :pibxbblyyi :p26 days ago
  • I All ready have a snake lol

    Araya BlackwellAraya Blackwell26 days ago
  • one of them is fake the boys are storonger thing do you see a blue check mark

    grace face animatons miotgrace face animatons miot26 days ago
  • Yes zoe has made mistakes but I think she shouldn't get hate

    Taya Fairley-SmithTaya Fairley-Smith27 days ago
  • You should make “You guys....” hoodie or merch ✨

    Dana RashidovaDana Rashidova27 days ago
  • Bruh like the part what you said about us girls is DISRESPECTFUL

    ●BlueyBlooms●●BlueyBlooms●28 days ago
  • Mexican isn't a race😒

    Paris choiParis choi28 days ago
  • I know he has disappointed his fans.

    marjessaromarjessaro28 days ago
  • Yall Tony's tweets and real tweets it bûllshìt

    Mochi isaMochi isa28 days ago
  • why

    • yall better stop

  • Ummm i support Tony and he is my idol. He isnt a pedo and its not nice to spread the hate just stop.

    Andrea CetkovicAndrea Cetkovic29 days ago
  • I’m pissed off like tony is a stupid idiot

    Nora ElbannaNora Elbanna29 days ago

    ubiubiMonth ago
  • Wtf

    shyanna butlershyanna butlerMonth ago
  • I will still love tony come at me

    RIP RexRIP RexMonth ago
  • Girl

    Leonel RamirezLeonel RamirezMonth ago
  • yall rlly forgot cody hit zoe

    goddammitnoahgoddammitnoahMonth ago
  • Um Chile anyways sooo

    Sha_VuSha_VuMonth ago
  • ceo of: you guysss- fake thumbnails, yalllllll, iTs Ur GuRl BaCk At It AgAiN, and also, SsssSsssSssssSssSssSssSsSSsssss

    Terry HernandezTerry HernandezMonth ago
  • Nessa is so mean I. Mean dud

    Zaina BorhanZaina BorhanMonth ago
  • We can always come to you Anna for all le tea

    Myli SchellMyli SchellMonth ago
  • And I’m a girl

    Shasha Rose NMShasha Rose NMMonth ago
  • Hi I your biggest fan and that I love tee and and I’m gonna go make tea

    Shasha Rose NMShasha Rose NMMonth ago