Jan 9, 2021
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  • Who cares for who they go for

    Babyana VlogssBabyana Vlogss3 hours ago
  • Dixie doesn’t support trump. Even if she did she shouldn’t get canceled for her own political views

    katherinekatherine4 hours ago
  • the dixie damelio thing is so dumb cause that guy could've just used inspect 😭😭😭

    Angela GongAngela Gong7 hours ago
  • I hate living a world where supporting someone you have every right to support as an American holds the same weight as if you were a murderer, sad

    Camilas JaguarCamilas Jaguar7 hours ago

    Xxcookie_lolXx CookieXxcookie_lolXx Cookie8 hours ago
  • okay Tony lopez is still not idc what youse say

    Saraa RiyadSaraa Riyad15 hours ago
  • Yk what I noticed when she says but it’s like yelling Lmao

    Audrina HelsternAudrina Helstern16 hours ago
  • Wait so is having political opinions albeit wrong cancel worthy? I thought this was America huh

    Hdhdhjdjnd hdjjejsjjddHdhdhjdjnd hdjjejsjjdd19 hours ago
  • 😳 omg😟wow😬The person that started the HYPERHOUSE😅😟

    Meadow BrownMeadow Brown22 hours ago
  • He is the r Kelly of the TikTok

    Noah CakeNoah CakeDay ago
  • Dixie is not suporting trump she heave voted Biden at the elections

    Tazi RedouaneTazi RedouaneDay ago
  • I don't support Trump..

    Grace KingGrace KingDay ago
  • why do people care about charlis’ and dixie’s political views

    Megan HougeMegan HougeDay ago
  • Josh is STILL on that podcast?😃

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetDay ago
  • We do know that not all republicans voted for trump right?

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetDay ago
  • Uhh suing them isn’t doing anything... they’re rich 😃 let’s jail him

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midgetDay ago
  • The damelio family is getting soooooooooooo problematic

    Lily SaenzLily Saenz2 days ago
  • why dose it matter who they support? we all have our own opinions...

    Hailey TolliverHailey Tolliver2 days ago
  • they always say "go anna"... but they never ask "how is anna?"

    none of your Businessnone of your Business2 days ago
  • And why is Josh in the stupid podcast

    Leashia tuckerLeashia tucker2 days ago
  • People trying to get famous on the internet: Oh LeTs MAke DiXiE SoPPoRTTinG TrUmP

    Mía GarciaMía Garcia3 days ago
  • Who cares if Charlie and Dixie are trump supporters they can like who they want to like and tony it’s sad and he deserves to be suede but he still haves supporters so y’all need to not involve if thier lives

    Victoria ZubiranVictoria Zubiran3 days ago
  • Why do you guys care so much if someone voted for Trump... it’s honestly exhausting seeing hate on him all the time. He was a great president whether you wanna admit it or not. And even if you disagree with Trump keep it to yourself no one should be criticized for their political beliefs.

    Courtney SauntryCourtney Sauntry3 days ago
  • People do realize that just because you are a registered Republican doesn't mean you have to vote Republican OR support the Republican candidate right?

    Anneliese LeclefAnneliese Leclef3 days ago
  • Not gonna lie but Tony deserves that cause its not right to flirt with ppl younger then u Edit: wait them too 0_0

    llama Noorllama Noor3 days ago
  • That had to be the 🚁 helipcoter if u are kiddo tOnYy 👁👅👁

    Aldeir ChavezAldeir Chavez3 days ago
  • Umm Anna if that ur name do u know EVERY BODY has ( O P I N I O N S) a reminder only for anna :) well not for anna FOR YOU U HAVE A OPINION :)🙄😪🐭🐭🐭

    Aldeir ChavezAldeir Chavez3 days ago
  • That tea wasent ..

    Aldeir ChavezAldeir Chavez3 days ago
  • This is how many times she said BUT 👇🏽

    Abbi McGeeAbbi McGee3 days ago
  • Is anyone gonna talk about how pretty Anna's voice isss

    irb -̈irb -̈4 days ago
  • Charlie and Dixie are Trump supporters hm

    TC and MCTC and MC4 days ago
  • why are we shaming anyone for their political views freedom of speech gone freedom of thoughts ooinions fading

    lisa luxlisa lux4 days ago
  • Yayyyyyyy they got suedddddddddd

    Hi IdkHi Idk4 days ago
  • stAHp shouting bc this is..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAS MUCH as I can take.....ThANKYOU

    nvruonvruo4 days ago
  • Why is tony so immature and ondrez is not

    SlurpSlurp4 days ago
  • Yep

    Jodi PotterJodi Potter4 days ago
  • the ' BUT! ' is a great strategy to grab the viewers attention and made me deaf

    Muhammad SyaminMuhammad Syamin4 days ago
  • I mean idc because it shouldn't be our business anyways so I disagree with all hate going against Tony Lopez I mean I feel bad for him that this is happening

    Edeinalee LacenEdeinalee Lacen5 days ago
  • i’m sorry but can’t this podcast get cancels instead? tf

    pembypemby5 days ago
  • Hold up hold up hold up arent you always I. Other peoples business hmm......🤔🤔

    JJ KoechJJ Koech5 days ago
  • omg i never thought KYLE would get bin a drama video. i-...

    sofie playssofie plays5 days ago
  • -idk anymore I gave up ages ago😂☠️-

    Dis be My nameDis be My name5 days ago
  • Josh really wants to lose his friends don't he

    Jazzmine BenisaJazzmine Benisa5 days ago
  • Ok let's get this straight....from someone whos been sexually abused and harassed (at 14) i can tell you Tony didn't do that. Yes he hit on girls wayyyyy to young and yes he's in the wrong....but sexual abuse is rape. Sexual harassment is more like trying to get the girl/boy to have sex with you so your talking to them sexually or making them really uncomfortable.

    Olivia PavichOlivia Pavich5 days ago
  • Yes there people but not good ones :)

    Amaya ThomasAmaya Thomas5 days ago
  • Who here from Lerix

    Sal officialSal official5 days ago
  • Bruh ppl r trying way too much to cancel Dixie.

    6 K O Ü R T Ę Ø 66 K O Ü R T Ę Ø 66 days ago
  • “Tony Lopez was sued” God has listened to my prayers

    Carolina SilvaCarolina Silva6 days ago
    • you must be an angel

      panda expesspanda expess6 days ago
  • Just search tiktok stickers Tony Lopez😹

    Amira KátaiAmira Kátai6 days ago
  • Wow your voice is annoying

    Daniel HallDaniel Hall6 days ago
  • Ok but when will it be Zoe Laverne’s turn???. They belong in a jail cell together. Lmao i had to🤣🙌🏽🥰

    LulBhadKLulBhadK6 days ago
  • 1:47 Now i hate being 14

    Shanna Chaizhy De ChavezShanna Chaizhy De Chavez6 days ago
  • Idk how ondreaz feels abt tony

    • that_one_idiot_is_me• that_one_idiot_is_me6 days ago
  • nah this aint 2021 with is 2020 pt 2

    itshuntergleitshuntergle6 days ago
  • what's wrong with trump? btw I am trump 2020 but obviously that had to change today😢

    alexis Mooalexis Moo7 days ago
    • There is absolutely nothing. The commies just hate different opinions

      GalaxyPrincetteGalaxyPrincette3 days ago
  • What’s sue

    Chloe PlayzChloe Playz7 days ago
  • The fact people get canceled for a political OPINION. Is disgusting. If you are talking about gay rights and they shouldn’t get bashed, then Trump supporters shouldn’t get bashed for an OPINION. Let them live. Today’s generation is DISGUSTING. I have no words 🤢

    Jada TuhyJada Tuhy7 days ago
  • okay, can i just say that just cuz someone is a republican doesn’t mean they always vote for the rep. party!! MANY MANY MANY ppl did not vote trump this year and a lot of them are republicans 😌

    e l l ae l l a7 days ago
    • 😀

      Maureen ColleenMaureen ColleenDay ago
  • Y’all but why dose it matter if people support trump?? Like it’s there own opinions personally I don’t support trump but like?...

    Camila PleitezCamila Pleitez7 days ago
  • I respect those girls so much they are so brave !

    Paige MayoPaige Mayo7 days ago
  • Okay but Anna your editing is getting so good!!

    yachi’s noseyachi’s nose7 days ago
  • You know peaple can support who they want not everything goes your way, I don’t throw any hate saying this or any support to trump it’s just that what’s done is done, Biden won, anyway just forget it. I don’t even like trump but just stop bringing it up. 😐

    Mahek MemonMahek Memon7 days ago
  • didnt the girls agree to come? tf

    evieevie7 days ago
  • wow-

    roblox ASMRroblox ASMR7 days ago

    axailxaaxailxa7 days ago
  • This is how tiktok will be banned

    Cat QueenCat Queen7 days ago
  • What happens to Tony’s shit apology about “learning from his mistakes and not being taught right” like you know DANM WELL ITS WRONG, YOU PIECE OF SHIT

    Eden BlackwellEden Blackwell7 days ago
  • why do you guys get mad at someone supporting trump..... youll regret having biden who supports a cheater?

    avocado_pickleavocado_pickle8 days ago
  • I hate Dixie and Charlie OMG so she is for Biden omg I can’t believe it so she is ok if a women that is pregnant if that lady does not want that newborn the doctor has to kill that baby meaning suffocate,choke, or hole it’s noes till it is dead that is how horrible that man is I how he dies as soon as he walks in that place and he will go to hell I’m upset with the world after everything that Trump did for us without him we did the dead the world would’ve already and it would probably be all all of us would probably be slaves for other countries without him raise right people God you should be ashamed of yourself and I can’t believe Charlie and Dixie so disappointed can’t believe it Who all of you voted trump I salute you and you will go to heaven no doubt If Charlie or Dixie see this y’all were my biggest fans now I’m just upset u can renegade yourself to hell I’m sorry can’t believe it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 raise rights love you Donald Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸bye bye

    Joesi BolerJoesi Boler8 days ago
    • I’m so upsettt

      Joesi BolerJoesi Boler8 days ago

    Chacha MochaChacha Mocha8 days ago
  • Tony’s actions are tiring me 😪😪😪

    LEAH Luvs robloxLEAH Luvs roblox8 days ago
  • me when it said t0nys FINALLYYY getting sued: YESSSSSSSSS ... me when it said chase and thomas are ALSO getting sued:...WOT DA FOK

    jonah reynajonah reyna8 days ago
  • tiktokers: getting cancelled me: thinking theres now some free space for me in the hypehouse But seriously I feel like chase and Thomas should not be sued sure they should have spoken up but I'm sure they didn't want to cause drama on social media

    Bad gurl StarBad gurl Star8 days ago
  • chase and thomas dont deserve to get sued, i mean they were prolly close to t0ny and so it mustve been hard to tell opinion;)

    jonah reynajonah reyna8 days ago
  • I support trump and There is no problem with that

    Samara ToonenSamara Toonen8 days ago
  • You don't have to be Republican and vote from Trump 💀

    Brenden anonymousBrenden anonymous8 days ago
  • Hiw Many times The podcaster has been on Anna OoP

    •Itz_Lyńń••Itz_Lyńń•8 days ago
  • Toe I mean tony stop it yall like w t f why would you do that luv it’s just a no❤️✋😒

    Sisters MeighanSisters Meighan8 days ago
  • Y’all there’s no proof-

    lydia Chivlydia Chiv8 days ago
  • Are you the dr phil girl?

    adw4891adw48918 days ago
  • Why does it even matter that people have their own opinions like supporting trump. It's their choice it's not being exposed, it's a preference.

    Henry WalkerHenry Walker8 days ago
  • Can u address the Maddison and BLM if u haven’t already? Dats some hot tea there 👀

    bl0hsh xxbl0hsh xx8 days ago
  • Lol when is Biden is getting sued ?

    meeekoo jinmeeekoo jin9 days ago

    -Official_Kokichi Ouma--Official_Kokichi Ouma-9 days ago
  • That podcast or does need need to stop why is a 50-year-old man in pre-adults business it’s weird

    Harry HouseHarry House9 days ago
  • I wach her vids ever day😌💅🏼

    ButtercupButtercup9 days ago
  • Y'all do to much they only do this cause they have money

    Hannah VarelaHannah Varela9 days ago
  • “tony lopez caught a case” - larray btw i know this comment is late but i was listening to that song and remembered this video and just had to comment lolz. 💛

    janellejanelle9 days ago
  • ... so we just not gonna address how everyone bashing tony for bringing ppl to the hype house but there’s no evidence of sexual assault nor have the “victims” haven’t said anything abt them being touched and first of they the main ones going in that man dms flirting and shit and I’m not saying he should’ve responded or kept any contact with them.. but y’all needa admit THEY NEEDA STOP GOING IN GROWN MANS DMS .. MAYBE THIS WILL BE PREVENTED IF THEY WOULDNT GO IN THE MAN DMS EVERYDAMN TIME IF THEY KNOW HOW HE IS

    T J NATIONT J NATION9 days ago
  • In 2019: tony was being gross with like 13 year old girls. In 2021: Tony is getting sued by gurls YASSSS.

    Jahzia costosoJahzia costoso9 days ago
  • Who cares if they support trump i do too i dont care about the hate but whatever

    Hope PlaysHope Plays9 days ago
  • Am i the only one having my hear busted because she scream too much

    so neso ne9 days ago

    so neso ne9 days ago
  • No why

  • Am waiting for Josh Richards to get canceled

    Marie-Lisa NarteyMarie-Lisa Nartey9 days ago
  • "victim' hahha

    jayda brewerjayda brewer9 days ago
  • Trump is good

    RG BlazikenRG Blaziken9 days ago
  • Gurl all you do is lie

    Sophia PelayoSophia Pelayo9 days ago
  • I honestly don’t see why someone being a republican is an issue, respect other opinions.

    Grace RamadanGrace Ramadan10 days ago
    • Ikr like wtf

      lydia Chivlydia Chiv8 days ago
  • No I do not

    Olivia BohlOlivia Bohl10 days ago