Zoe Laverne CALLED OUT By These TikTokers?!, Madi CHEATED ON, Josh Richards DATING WHO?!

Nov 1, 2020
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Zoe Laverne CALLED OUT By These TikTokers?!, Madi CHEATED ON, Josh Richards DATING WHO?!
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  • The fact that she uses pics from tt room

    Black._.orchird 110Black._.orchird 1104 hours ago

    Chelsea StewartChelsea Stewart11 hours ago
  • Am the only one that is it or anna oop dosen't have eyes?

    Los del CampoLos del Campo14 hours ago
  • Please don’t hate, I do love Zoe but I wasn’t here for the drama and tbh I don’t care bc it’s just like idrc it’s there probably not are’s?? Just leave both them alone and let them figure things out by themselves without you guys hating on them and you could just be saying crap that are not true, if I was Zoe I would be doing the same but just know she been “almost” canceled about a million times and he figures out to get back up there, you to girl, again please don’t give me hate it’s just I don’t know anything yet so idc

    River MorrowRiver Morrow16 hours ago
  • Did yall know zoey is live rn I dont like zoey

    Davania BarnettDavania Barnett19 hours ago
  • You always have to start with Zoe. Ur honest so rude

    Miley RoseMiley RoseDay ago
  • Avani and Anthony

    Sali’s epic WorldSali’s epic WorldDay ago
  • My cousin is 13 I would die if I saw Zoe and I’m 10 tony Lopez peace

    Madeline HallMadeline HallDay ago
  • I was laughing so hard when she start crying in the live

    Yoshunda WhiteYoshunda WhiteDay ago
  • nobody: anna in this video: ⚫👄⚫

    Ella BlumElla BlumDay ago

    Jeon JungkookJeon JungkookDay ago
  • 7:01 kvour and Alex ( sorry if I spelt kvour wrong )

  • No

    Elise Hernandez7Elise Hernandez72 days ago
  • Omg he looks so young, yeah that’s very weird to wanna spend so much time with a child 😬

    channel namechannel name2 days ago
  • Hi

    Aiyana LopezAiyana Lopez2 days ago
  • Andre and gabby still go out !!!

    JJAMESS_JJAMESS_3 days ago
  • What abt Kouvr and Alex

    Joselyn MouaJoselyn Moua3 days ago
  • will try to stay calm.. I am 13 and I still support Zoe, her dessision was bad but it isn't her and his fault! Whats wrong with catching feelings for each other for heavens sake??! Yes she is 19 and he is 13 but all that matters right now is they realized it was wrong to do that. We need to stop harassing Zoe and Connor! No matter what, they are still people and they don't deserve to be treated like this! To everyone who made hurtful videos about them, especially Allysa, honestly, you aren't human! It's not your responsibility to get into there private situation! I'm sorry to say this but.. Alyssa doesn't deserve the popularity anymore! (To Alyssa, I am very sorry you are amazing but please stop doing what you know is wrong!) P.S. I dont want any hateful replies

    MaryMary3 days ago

    Landon MartinLandon Martin3 days ago
  • nessa watching this vid nessa why you gota tell my secrets man

    latifeh hosseinilatifeh hosseini3 days ago
  • but like why was it even recorded

    LeaxylxeafLeaxylxeaf3 days ago
  • zoe: MOM SAY WHAT I TOLD YOU 🔪 1:18

    pancakecantplaypancakecantplay3 days ago
  • why don’t u do a video on diego martir and desiree montana along with vincent

    aniya rainaniya rain3 days ago
  • a couple that was together for a long time was kouvr and Alex don't forget abt them

    Natalia’s texting story’sNatalia’s texting story’s3 days ago
  • Hey guys I’m probably going to get hate for this but I need to say it. Let’s not attack Zoe supporters please. Why, you ask? So I answer, most of them are 7-10 years old. People of that age should NOT be receiving death threats. That is plain wrong. So please don’t hate on them, as they are also very young minors. Most supporters support Zoe because she manipulates her fandom as they are very young , and shouldn’t be attacked for it. Instead, go for Zoe 😀

    Renu bhullarRenu bhullar3 days ago
  • Zoe shouldn’t get forgiven! She knew what she was doing, hanging out with a 13 year old person and then kissing him!?!?! She has to take full responsibility, yes he’s a victim, he’s probably forced to post all those video and everything!

    Andrea DuranAndrea Duran4 days ago
  • Alisa looks like dove cameron

    Richard RabbitRichard Rabbit4 days ago
  • leilani and reed are still dating

    Jessica RamcharanJessica Ramcharan4 days ago
  • the only tiktok couple that are going strong: Hannah & Elmo, Avani & Anthony, Larray & Brady, Kouvr & Alex

    Lillian RiveraLillian Rivera4 days ago
  • Zoe should be in jail right now

    Cxmp GreensCxmp Greens4 days ago

    LiL_duck_ ELiL_duck_ E4 days ago
  • Imagine being the dude who was mistaken for josh 😂😂

    Hannah MiranderHannah Mirander4 days ago
  • First of all madi does NOT deserve getting cheated on she is so nice and calm , like really out of everyone !

    Oduware OsagieOduware Osagie4 days ago
  • I have one Alex and kouver😁

    Ava NAva N5 days ago
  • 7:00 alex and kouvr !? X

    Esmé ChildEsmé Child5 days ago
  • It is so weird for me because in my country people are all okay and normal with people having 6 age difference and even more-

    YAGMUR IZYAGMUR IZ5 days ago
  • Ok lol im so sorry but can we PLEASE talk abt the 8 year old lip accounts- like....those are worse than tony lopez luv

    Kenli BrownKenli Brown5 days ago
  • Why is she doing that?

    Naima’s._editing ChanelNaima’s._editing Chanel5 days ago
  • Cynthia and quintyn

    Liliana DesantiagoLiliana Desantiago5 days ago
  • How does Zoe even have supporters still like she LITERALLY groomed a child, Yall do realize that’s illegal right? Like... and her mom is saying it love SIS GROOMED A CHILD SHE LITERALLY KISSED CONNER HES 13 SHES 19. Zonuts should quit ngl!

    Lissa VibessLissa Vibess5 days ago
  • Tik tokers that have stayed strong all year: Connor and Liana Mirah and bill Alex Warren and kovur And probs more

    Toni-Ann SharplesToni-Ann Sharples5 days ago
  • ok ok Tony never touched a minor but ZOE crossed the f*cking line

    nishinoyas wh0renishinoyas wh0re5 days ago
  • Umm ur eyes

    Paytin ColePaytin Cole5 days ago
  • Me trying to catch up

    Alondra GarciaAlondra Garcia5 days ago
  • Stop starting drama please!

    tia kinardtia kinard6 days ago
  • Zoe literally KISSED A CHILD. A CHILD These toxic zonuts literally needs to stop and they need to see what zoe did like its ILLEGAL

    Baka shimaBaka shima6 days ago
  • i really thought mads and chris would last and get married ngl im really sad madi deserves the best

    Baka shimaBaka shima6 days ago
  • Ngl, out of all these tiktok couples I didn't expect for Avani and Anthony to be the ones who lasted

    Mia BlasMia Blas6 days ago
  • Can we just say that one couple has stayed together Alex and kovur

    Ashleigh QuickAshleigh Quick6 days ago
  • The 2 TikTok couples that have been fine all year- Mia and Thomas, Alex and Kouver

    Adri DiazAdri Diaz6 days ago
  • name one tiktok couple that has bee going strong? ANTHONY AND AVANI DUH THEY STILL CUTE AND TOGETHER

    Michelle RadnaasambuuMichelle Radnaasambuu6 days ago
  • It grosssss👁👄👁

    Joel BalquinJoel Balquin6 days ago
  • So... we not gunna talk about the black eyes for Halloween? Love it.

    Kylani GamesKylani Games6 days ago
  • 1 tik tik couple going amazing - Andre and Gabby

    BaRbZ fLBaRbZ fL6 days ago
  • WTF? connor is in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Why TF is he kissing an adult?? Why is SHE KISSING HIM?? Why do PEOPLE SUPPORT IT?? Not to add but that kid also looks like 10 yrs old, like wth??

    Nessa PNessa P7 days ago
  • Ok I know Zoe is like a bad person but like I am actually surprised how she tweeted like as if she was an actual adult, but either way she needs to be in jail lol

    Luna TorresLuna Torres7 days ago
  • lmao i never wanna an influencer

    ErinSinceErinSince7 days ago
    • Same lol

      Queen BeeQueen Bee6 days ago
  • avani gregg and anthony reeves he only couple that stayed strong

  • ZoNuTs iTs a Mistake everyone MAKES MISTAKES... zOnUTS AgAin Mistake......

    oof oofoof oof7 days ago
  • Mkay.. , I’ m rooting for Avani and Anothny :)).

    Donetta CravensDonetta Cravens7 days ago
  • She got no eye balls

    Ashley CortesAshley Cortes7 days ago
  • i luv these Halloween edits bro

    hanin elzainhanin elzain7 days ago
  • anytime i see a fanpage for zoe im like "bruh an 8 year old made this". And its hard to believe she has fans like smh bro.... smh. (Oh and avani and Anthony are like the CUTEST COUPLE EVERRRR. And Muslim Lives Matter)

    hanin elzainhanin elzain7 days ago
  • how tf you catch feelings with a 13 yr old they're really immature like wtf

    Ah GotchaAh Gotcha7 days ago
  • Girl needs to be in jail

    Annie RoseAnnie Rose7 days ago
  • Why Would you kiss a 13 year old girl omg what is Wrong with you I hate Zoe but l love you so much

    Boogie boeBoogie boe7 days ago
    • It is sooooooooo Illegal girl like get a life girl like wth is Wrong with you Zoe Geez

      Boogie boeBoogie boe7 days ago

    Bella FontesBella Fontes7 days ago
  • Zoe's mom:they can be your very best friend it's okay if u kiss them. Me:not If the friend is a minor. 👁👄👁

    Hannahmarie2008love StephensHannahmarie2008love Stephens7 days ago
  • If Zoe dosnt wanna keep getting canceled why she keep recording every thing she dose💀✋😭

    Hamere SeyoumHamere Seyoum7 days ago
  • Notice how she says " we both, me and connor, we did" like no zoe you are the adult and you are supposed to realize it was wrong at that time not later on when you get called out. Also she could've stopped it then and there but no , you didn't. Btw yes they kissed but they also dated so please don't say " it's just a kiss" NO she dated him as well.

    Jeniveve SnyderJeniveve Snyder7 days ago
  • I don’t get it, how are people making relationships? It’s COVID! Not saying you can’t do it but if you just met someone then don’t make a relationship with them. Btw I’m not talking about the tik tokers like nessa because they have been friends for a long time

    Jimmys MomJimmys Mom7 days ago
  • she should be canceled. and by canceled i mean stop being supported by people on the internet. she should be deplatformed, and by deplatformed i mean that her account should be taken down. she should be arrested and by arrested i mean in jail for a lot of years. just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean she cannot be a pedophile. she is. she is grooming him, whether she thinks that or not.

    bruv. orange juice pulp.bruv. orange juice pulp.8 days ago
  • I don’t care about tictock, I don’t care about these people and yet I keep clicking on her Videos cause she makes them sound so interesting lmao

    Sysha KeswaniSysha Keswani8 days ago
  • is this like a danielle cohn drama but like gender switch? lmaoao

    Vio LetVio Let8 days ago
  • Ok but honestly, the paparazzi really took a picture of another couple- 🌝

    •SuNsHiNe StRaWbEwWy••SuNsHiNe StRaWbEwWy•8 days ago
  • It’s so ovi she ain’t go to jail cause she white. Cause If it was a black female she would’ve went to jail by now🙁

    BadestBxch 2.0BadestBxch 2.08 days ago
    • Exactly

      no reasonno reason7 days ago
  • I am really scared for her young followers that could get the wrong idea that all of this is okay and just a minor issu. She meeds to leave that platform. She doesnt deserve fame. It'll gonna be all so wrong.

    CC8 days ago
  • Her mother died that’s not her real mom she had to get adopted and her real dad chose drugs and her mom got shot in front of Zoe so get your facts right before you say stuff

    Haylee ClarkeHaylee Clarke8 days ago
  • Anna, I know you may not see this but please put a trigger warning before talking about sexual assault, this is a very triggering subject for some people. Some people may be victims and we all need to be aware of that. I hope you see this. Thank you.

    Natalia MNatalia M8 days ago
  • Someone report Zoe to the police-

    Melanie SMelanie S8 days ago
  • Sienna and jack are the most unproblematic couple ever

    Harley WalkerHarley Walker8 days ago
  • wait Anna why is your eyes black?

    Julissa MorenoJulissa Moreno8 days ago
  • 6:54 LMFAOOO + Zoe may as well just quit on social media honestly she’s just making it worser for herself 💀

    x Raven Roblox xx Raven Roblox x9 days ago
  • Why are ut eyes black 😂

    Princess LivvyPrincess Livvy9 days ago
  • name someone more problematic than zoe... im waiting

    trumpshoulddieperiodt loltrumpshoulddieperiodt lol9 days ago
  • rn juss cancel everybody there making tiktok worse the people they make famous is not who y'all think they are

    Casandras VannCasandras Vann9 days ago
  • I’m not hating on Zoe but that was disgusting you can’t be kissing a 13 year old boy he’s like your lil brother Zoe grow up baby girl just saying Girl 😒

    Abima MsambyaAbima Msambya9 days ago
  • To ANYONE who like Zoe Laverne, you need some help and stop giving her love and standing up for her,she literally DATED a CHILD not hate but,Zoe needs to be locked up

    Christina ChandlerChristina Chandler9 days ago
  • ZOE NEEDS TOO GO!!! PEROID oh and why is your mom having to take up for her......... bruh josh is allowed to MOVE ON nessa I love you but get over him he’s on his on dang like get over him he’s but no joke josh can do whatever...... oh and one more thing DONT CHEAT ON PEOPLE

    Katelynn ButlerKatelynn Butler9 days ago
  • Melissa montrano...

    Norah RosembertNorah Rosembert10 days ago
  • Tbh I love Nessa she is very pretty. For some reason, I feel like she shouldn't be with Josh but that's her happiness. I hope Nessa opens her eyes.

    Riya GeorgeRiya George10 days ago
  • I feel like Noah and Dixie will be together for a long time tho. U can obviously tell that they’re a genuine couple❤️❤️❤️

    Idil Su AltintasIdil Su Altintas10 days ago
  • face revel?

    that gurl vuthat gurl vu10 days ago
  • When your name is Zoe 👁️👄👁️

    Milkshake , Read descriptionMilkshake , Read description10 days ago
  • Madi has some horrible bags under her eyes. This isn't a hate comment towards her or anything but I really hope she's actually okay and not just faking it for the media.

    Destiny DelewareDestiny Deleware10 days ago
  • i have supported zoe and felt empathy for her like when cody abused her or when she revealed she was adopted but this is too much

    chillerbelieberchillerbelieber10 days ago
  • Anna we know the cover is from pics art🖐🏽😭

    TocabunnyTocabunny10 days ago
  • girly what’s with the black eyes-

    ava huntava hunt10 days ago
  • When Zoe's mom said it's ok I said "CHILE WHY YOU LYIN"

    JaxSimJaxSim10 days ago
  • omg ew zoe, and he looks so fricken young!

    Johnny 23Johnny 2311 days ago