Zoe Laverne CALLS Charli D'amelio TOXIC?!, Sway Boys MADE FUN OF?!, Jenny's Mom CAUGHT STEALING?

Nov 14, 2020
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Zoe Laverne CALLS Charli D'amelio's Fandom TOXIC?!, Sway MADE FUN OF?!, Jenny's Mom CAUGHT STEALING?
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  • oh no not zoe again😬💀

    Sarah AbdulazizSarah Abdulaziz2 hours ago
  • lsn its not cool to go on someones age like if it was a man none of that would matter we would just be concentrating on what he did

    Kamakshi ThakurKamakshi Thakur13 hours ago
  • On Trisha’s new Tik Tok a comment said forward to Anna oop

    Rainbow StudiosRainbow Studios20 hours ago

    xXmeemooXx :PxXmeemooXx :P22 hours ago
  • I would rather be toxic that a child groomer

  • God is coming, repent of all your sins for the Kingdom of God is near spread the truth which is God :) for judgment will come for all(repent/repentance is asking forgiveness of all your sins and having a desire not to repeat them we all are humans sometimes we will fall and sin thats why we need to tell God that we had sinned and ask him to forgive u and he will. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord! And for you shall be saved) God bless you brothers and sisters and dont forget you do not need luck u need God's blessings. And mean it with ur heart when u repent! And that wearing makeup Jewelery etc are sins and wearing fake nails or putting on nailpolish or tattoos. And bethel or hillsong music is not good

    Lowkey AruellaLowkey AruellaDay ago
  • How was she sexualizing them tho ugh nothing she said was sexual just roast? 🤨

    lexitaffy_ yaslexitaffy_ yasDay ago
  • The only think I can to say zoe need to delete social media 😃

    Elli GkoumaElli GkoumaDay ago
  • Zoe just annoying and disturbing now 🤢

    Niyah’s LifeNiyah’s LifeDay ago
  • Zoe pls stop you are a hater

    Toca WorldToca WorldDay ago
  • i saw kt 😏

    scpheliascpheliaDay ago
  • Zoe is just annoying

    iansa79iansa79Day ago
  • ok look miss know it all leave zoe out of this ppl make mistakes and if u didnt know that get a life

    xzoe laverneqtxzoe laverneqtDay ago
  • Nobody should get canceled for vaping

    Ryleigh ArmijoRyleigh ArmijoDay ago
  • i cant believe zonuts still exist.. yall the ones making it worse by hyping her up

    Yesly ReyesYesly ReyesDay ago
  • No one is surprised about the Zoe thing why can’t Zoe just stop for once

    Kaylie SamameKaylie SamameDay ago

    defne nil gülekimdefne nil gülekim2 days ago
  • Zoe yk yo zonuts are ONE of the most toxic fandoms

    The Royalty FamilyThe Royalty Family2 days ago
  • Me watches Anna oop:👁️👄👁️ A few days later Me finishes all the new vids Anna oop made:reeeeeee I want mooorrreee

    Giannefreyah AlingayaoGiannefreyah Alingayao2 days ago
  • zoe lavgroomer..

    Makayla GoodeMakayla Goode2 days ago
  • mk make up ur mind zoe... hate her or love her

    c a t h yc a t h y2 days ago
  • What app was the one that you used for your video’s?

    Wh atWh at2 days ago
  • i forgot i was following zoe i doubled checked and than unfollowed the most stupidest unforgivable dumb behind jealous girl zoe lavern (aka the meanest girl on the planet)

    EmmyGachaEmmyGacha2 days ago
  • Zoe is 🤢🤮

    Kaitlyn BaileyKaitlyn Bailey2 days ago
    • No hate

      Kaitlyn BaileyKaitlyn Bailey2 days ago
  • Hey Ann opp do more videos

    Alayah’s LifeAlayah’s Life2 days ago
  • OMG 🤦🏻‍♀️ my had 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😒😒

    Lupita MartinezLupita Martinez3 days ago
  • i dont even know who Alexandra Cooper is, like..................

    janessa thompsonjanessa thompson3 days ago
  • Does the sway fucking boys know what the fuck is a shirt I'm🔪umcomfortable🔪

    YoU KnOw BtS ?!YoU KnOw BtS ?!3 days ago
  • Thx for all of the aaaaaa tik tok problems luv u❤️

    M 10M 103 days ago
  • People need to stop body shaming. Because beauty comes in all shape and sizes. All of are beautiful in our on whys.

    popcorn and chipspopcorn and chips3 days ago
  • O.O This is why i don’t wanna be famous.

    ꂦꏳꏂꍏꈤシꂦꏳꏂꍏꈤシ3 days ago
  • What does being cancelled on Social Media mean? I don’t have Social Media, so Idk! Lol. Can someone plzzz tell me?! 😃😃😄

    Hailey DeSaroHailey DeSaro3 days ago
  • Zoe just leave that girl alone it's been what a year?bye.

    Dyziah ProctorDyziah Proctor3 days ago
  • I hate Zoe she might be pretty but she is mean she scammed me in adopt me and she pretend to be a fan that is my tea its true

    Adela OjedaAdela Ojeda3 days ago
  • If she was my mom I would kill myself 😂😂😂

    Ali PhillipsAli Phillips3 days ago

    Ali PhillipsAli Phillips3 days ago
  • LOL🤣🤣

    Memoree Garcia GarciaMemoree Garcia Garcia3 days ago
  • Zoe wanted to be Charlie 😭😂😂

    𝙈𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙙𝙙𝙮𝙈𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙙𝙙𝙮4 days ago
  • i never liked zoe

    Jada’s LifeJada’s Life4 days ago
  • Alexandra's fault

    mimi ilymimi ily4 days ago
  • honestly the sway boys suck but no one deserves to be sexualized. what the person on the podcast did was NOT right. she should apologize.

    hana sanibelhana sanibel4 days ago
  • Me not even having tic tok LMAO😂😂

    Adi Abi RobloxAdi Abi Roblox4 days ago
  • Me when I saw Paige from charmed 🤩🤩🤗🤗😶

    Justin MartinJustin Martin4 days ago
  • does anyone notice her vids are getting longer

    Kings Island ROBLOXKings Island ROBLOX4 days ago
  • Zoe is the biggest shit in the world

    Ami YzeirajAmi Yzeiraj4 days ago
    • @hana sanibel thx but u should have a prize

      Ami YzeirajAmi Yzeiraj3 days ago
    • give this girl a prize

      hana sanibelhana sanibel4 days ago
  • Ummm That podcast was so disrespectful Like POP OFF BRYCE and he should be doing that because that was not okay to do that...

    Lainey MoffittLainey Moffitt5 days ago
  • I’m with the sway boys as well because degrading boys appearances is SO normalized and that’s not ok. When it’s the other way around people go cancel mode on the tik toker that did it, but when it’s the boys that are being called ugly, it’s ok? Like no- this needs to stop

    Stacey CareyStacey Carey5 days ago
  • Zoe really thinks she's a celebrity... last time I checked u weren't the one with 100M

    Da Ofru'sDa Ofru's5 days ago
  • im a simple girl I see more tea I click

    little cyber babey シlittle cyber babey シ5 days ago
  • Zoe js needs to throw her phone away

    Big daddy SanchezBig daddy Sanchez5 days ago
  • wtf zoey needs help my god

    LaZyShAdOwWLaZyShAdOwW5 days ago
  • Dunkins are actually morrrre toxic than you think the only untoxic fandom is Sunraes

    Olivia GibsonOlivia Gibson5 days ago
  • Zoe's fans didn't deserve any of the death threats🥺

    Kiana Perry-WilsonKiana Perry-Wilson5 days ago
  • at 8:10 it sounds like you're speaking w food in your mouth 😂😂😂😂😂

    cole matthewscole matthews5 days ago
  • Ok but if u are surprised that zoe is in anna oops videos GURLL u have been lost

    Nana MartinezNana Martinez5 days ago
  • I don’t support the sway boys but it’s not okay to body shame anyone this 30 year old woman needs to shut her mouth nobody knows her

    Jocelynne XiongJocelynne Xiong6 days ago
  • Sway boys had the right to clap back 🙈

    Adriana White buffaloAdriana White buffalo6 days ago
  • Y’all zonuts are blind...SHE KISSED A CHILD?! CANT YOU SEE?

    •Brittany• ••Brittany• •6 days ago
  • Why are u posing slot u keep recommending like u dint have the right to talk abt them if u want views to something else /not Hate btw

    Maryam AlmalikMaryam Almalik6 days ago
  • if ur a zonut please stay away from me and never interact with me EVER

    evetteevette6 days ago
  • girl and boy =

    Addie CoolAddie Cool6 days ago
  • it sucks so much that there is so much body shaming boy and girls sad.......

    Addie CoolAddie Cool6 days ago
  • I guess TikTokers wont ever stop making drama..🙄

    c a s s yc a s s y6 days ago
  • Charlis 16 didn't even turn 16 that long ago, Zoe is 19! Stop messing with a minor!!!

    Ammika HarrisAmmika Harris6 days ago
  • Zoe is shading charlie also that charlie is ungratful about her 95MIL like its ONLY THAT MUCH girl its a lot

    Andrean QuirozAndrean Quiroz6 days ago
  • Hey zonuts! I think child grooming, vaping, saying the n-word, cheating, and sending death threats isn’t “mistakes”

    Coconut CandyCoconut Candy6 days ago
  • Zoe just looking for clout. I’m like not the one to hate an influencer but Zoe is just nahhh

    Nicole SoucyNicole Soucy6 days ago
  • this is why i left f*ckin tiktok :)

    Life With AddyLife With Addy6 days ago
  • Jenny- stop ur mom 💀

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget6 days ago
  • Zoe- Wdf 👁👄👁

    Keithani The midgetKeithani The midget6 days ago
  • Alexandria never body shamed anymore, and in all honesty she gave her opinion on TikTok boys.

    hamburger and spritehamburger and sprite6 days ago
  • Girl you manage to edit, research, post, etc a vid props to u

    Ariana SaliuAriana Saliu6 days ago
  • Who tf is alexandra cooper

    NinaNina7 days ago
  • Anna deserves more subscribers like if you agree 👇🏻

    ToaibaFaqiry_GamesToaibaFaqiry_Games7 days ago
  • hahahaha.....

    Carmen ilesCarmen iles7 days ago
  • just stop Zoe! omg

    rose clarkrose clark7 days ago
  • This "jenny mom" is lowkey a nightmare as an adult and a parent. Like wtf, aren't u in jail?

    Lou RLou R7 days ago
  • Ugh, what ru doing TIKTOK? They were the best gang known.. (Backlashing, body shaming etc; aside) WE MISS THE OLD TIKTOK 😭

    Vibha PDVibha PD7 days ago
  • Zoe more tu do in jell

    jana mitovskajana mitovska7 days ago
    • Zoe 's mom nids tu dalit her's akaonds end Zoe nids tu rest

      jana mitovskajana mitovska7 days ago
  • No one deserves death threats but zoë is sorta annoying

    Izzy LongIzzy Long7 days ago
  • how can people support her when she LITERALLY kissed/dated a CHILD. she disgusts me on so many levels.

    Lyla CLyla C7 days ago
  • and I used to support Zoe.

    alourellaalourella7 days ago
  • the fact that everyone knows a forty-year-old woman as "jenny's mom"

    windy kwindy k7 days ago
  • mkk but wuts with this zoe gurl ?

    leahsxgarleahsxgar7 days ago
  • zoe trying to be the star of charli's lifeee gurl get a life btw love your voice anna

    Princess Johnette AngPrincess Johnette Ang7 days ago
  • I swear Zoe does too much 🙄🙄🙄

    Kalista AsuamahKalista Asuamah7 days ago
  • SHOULD I UNFOLLOW ZOE?????????????????????

    Tyvarn TitanTyvarn Titan7 days ago

    Iconic_queenIconic_queen7 days ago
  • ngl the sway boys are pretty problematic but they shouldn’t be sexualized or called out for their appearance. they should be called out for their actions instead and get educated... does that make sense?

    angelika grandeangelika grande7 days ago
  • ngl the sway boys are pretty problematic but they shouldn’t be sexualized or called out for their appearance. they should be called out for their actions instead and get educated... does that make sense?

    angelika grandeangelika grande7 days ago
  • Dear queen(Anna oop) Please Do A Face reveal Please Queen

    YourRobloxvlogsYourRobloxvlogs7 days ago
  • honestly i feel bad for noah, LMAO i might sound stupid saying this, but he gets body shamed often too..

    samanthasamantha7 days ago
  • wHo wHoUld eVeR tHiNk tHaT “stealing” and “jennys mom” iN tHe SaMe TiTlE??? 👇

    pastel asmrpastel asmr7 days ago
  • this did not age well

    Caylin SandovalCaylin Sandoval7 days ago

    theerealkyiaatheerealkyiaa7 days ago

    lexi lopezlexi lopez7 days ago
  • Tbh Alexandra has NO rights to judge sway boys i'm NOT a fan of them but that's so disgusting like bruh men can be insecure too yk not only girls.

    Fatima Khamis Salim Ali Al DarmakiFatima Khamis Salim Ali Al Darmaki7 days ago
  • Can you make a video about how trish is being so rude to Dixie 😤😤😤🥺🥺

    alyssa flugrathalyssa flugrath8 days ago
  • wait is that really Danielle Cohns mom? uh i’m sure it’s not..

    Galaxy RoseGalaxy Rose8 days ago
  • tbh nobody should get death threats no matter what they did unless it was murder or the other thing..

    Officially IzzyOfficially Izzy8 days ago