Zoe Laverne OPENS UP About Connor & GETS CANCELLED!, Nessa Barrett & Olivia Ponton BACKLASH!

Nov 17, 2020
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Zoe Laverne OPENS UP About Connor & GETS CANCELLED!, Nessa Barrett & Olivia Ponton BACKLASH!
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  • she tries to look like loren gray......

    neema jaffuneema jaffu12 hours ago
  • Nessa didn’t even do or say anything wrong. Asking for privacy when your famous isn’t being rude I mean think about if you were her...

    Alayna YorkAlayna York13 hours ago
  • Zoe Laverne NEEDS to chill...Child you need help I can’t believe that I was a fan of her.

    Alayna YorkAlayna York13 hours ago
  • Nessa's fans are calling her out for going out to eat during a pandemic.. but like.. the fans were there too, bothering her while she's trying to eat?

    Kitty YangKitty Yang20 hours ago
  • So we got crazy fans breaking into influencers/celebrities houses and nobody cares about that. But when Nessa speaks up about fans not giving her privacy or space she gets cancelled for that. It’s not a need or a right to invade someone’s privacy. She didn’t tell her fans to come to the restaurant she’s eating at and take pictures with or of her or hug her or talk to her. Fans will call out other people for not respecting a celebrities privacy. But when it comes to a tiktoker or a influencer, their feelings don’t matter all of a sudden. They don’t deserve to have privacy, they’re not allowed to have privacy. Even if there was a pandemic I bet they will still keep the same energy. They’re the ones telling influencers not to go outside but aren’t they going outside too? Man people can be such hypocrites. I feel bad for Nessa on this one, y’all don’t take her feelings into consideration. You treat tiktokers like they aren’t real human beings and you bring them this drama every single day. And then all of a sudden you will switch up when Lil Huddy isn’t feeling very happy lately. Or when Nessa isn’t feeling very happy. Don’t be two faced guys.

    kuromiiikuromiii23 hours ago
  • Zoe: Loves Someone six yrs younger Tony L: COPYRIGHT

    Hello ThereHello ThereDay ago
  • Zoe desreves bettee She desrves better hate and shit

    Royal BucketRoyal BucketDay ago
  • both of them want it so both of them are wrong or someone tell me . just an opinion

    nur naziranur naziraDay ago
  • yall will never leave nessa alone huh. let the girl breathe

    Yesly ReyesYesly ReyesDay ago
  • how does zoe still have a fanbase & social media platform? 😭😭😭

    Yesly ReyesYesly ReyesDay ago
  • okay cut the rest of the tea let's cancel zoe now pls ‼️❣️

    boba princessboba princessDay ago
  • Can someone PUH-LEASE call the police on Zoe Laverne???? Like just stop!!!!

    LittleLunaLittleLunaDay ago
  • i feel like we need to notice when famous men that dated younger women as well like elvis Presley was 25 marrying a 14 year old, be luck she just had a kiss with him they got married then on top of that tyga dated kylie while she was 16 and he was 24. not saying what zoe did was right because thats just nasty but for these guys nobody even noticed witch is sad, everybody thought that there relationships were ok ,but theres are not

    The official CarlaThe official Carla2 days ago
  • Why are people calling Nessa out for going to dinner they were there too🤦‍♀️

    Lea NouraLea Noura2 days ago
  • It's like zoe WANTS to go to jail

    Spill the tea sisSpill the tea sis2 days ago
  • leave nessa tf aloneeeee she wasnt being mean she just wanted to chill and eat dinner yall wouldnt want ppl bonbarding u ever time u leave ur house. "respect the fans needs" respect her needs she human. "they might not see her again" so wat ?? seeing her is not a nescetity yall can live ur lives without see nessa berrat yall r sooo rude

    JuliaJulia2 days ago
  • Not me binge watching your vids and eating Cheetos

    Gali PlascenciaGali Plascencia2 days ago
  • Zoe needs to get out of dramma but she'll never get out

    Anne NsimbaAnne Nsimba2 days ago
  • Where is conors parents?

    iisimplylitiisimplylit2 days ago

    ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ʜᴏʀʀᴏʀ ғᴀɴᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ʜᴏʀʀᴏʀ ғᴀɴ3 days ago
  • Zoe👑🙄👑🤩 Vs 🦋nesslove🦋

    Naleya nieoIeNaleya nieoIe3 days ago
  • Bro it’s her opinion if she wants to go to that hair salon like leave her alone and it is not a law to where mask they own that Company so they can decide if masks have to be worn or not stop canceling her for a stupid reason

    Among UsAmong Us3 days ago
  • Roses are red violets are blue Zoey will go to jail soon

    Hydraz0_0Hydraz0_03 days ago
  • Or we can Mind our business and leave each other alone.

    AmaniAmani3 days ago
  • Age is just a number

    playz rose Bellaplayz rose Bella3 days ago
  • Imagine if this was a 👨he would’ve got Arrested straightaway😒

    john mbjohn mb3 days ago
  • The best tea spiller ☕️💃🏻💃🏻🤍🤍

    Haroka ChanHaroka Chan3 days ago
  • Nessa wasn’t being rude at ALL 1. Because she has the right to go outside and eat with family or friends it’s HER choice. 2. She was being completely nice people and haters just took it the wrong way. 3. If you were eating specially with friends I don’t think u would want people bothering you or asking to take pictures. She said there was nothing wrong with it and just wanted to eat which is completely fine

    Jada HowardJada Howard3 days ago
  • “Respect their needs” Jesus, the entitlement of some folks

    SozeyTozeySozeyTozey3 days ago
  • “Awe cute! I heard rona got her hair cut there too!” too good! lol! 😂🤣

    Kaliya RomeroKaliya Romero3 days ago
  • Connor is 15

    Star mondragonStar mondragon3 days ago
  • i dont understand, nessa just wanted privacy. i would totally respect that.

    Taylor j.Taylor j.3 days ago
  • umm does conner know zoe grooming him?????

    alyssa gambillalyssa gambill3 days ago
  • Is it just me or zoe laverne is in every thumbnail she is a big eared green witch that should be in jail she thinks she cute but shes ugly badd

    Javier JimenezJavier Jimenez3 days ago
  • People who want a face reveal --->

    Taylor omwegaTaylor omwega3 days ago
  • Are you ever gonna do a face reveal I want to see your beautiful face❤️

    Emily OrtegaEmily Ortega3 days ago
  • Can we just talk about how conners parents are allowing him to date zoe???

    Maddy MaddogMaddy Maddog3 days ago
  • I swear when I see zoe I will slap her shes an idiot she loved a boy hes age is 13 wtf I hope she go to jail ugh 🙄

    Ghinwa ObeidGhinwa Obeid4 days ago
  • I agree with you but with the hair salon they care about freedom

    Shay ??Shay ??4 days ago
  • Alright so I might seem disgusting, but like Connor kissed zoe, watch the video, I think she should have pushed away, but some best friends kiss eachother, so yall dont have the right to come at her like that, zoe had said she told him mother and she was understanding, even though she was not happy, the only person who should press charges is his mother not you! Yes it was wrong but you have to understand no one would wanna go through that, so if she's lying and what not yall need to give her time to own up to it because its not easy to face the truth, zoe is a person too and she is currently is therapy, no one wants to go through over thousands of people coming at them, at all. I think she should take a break because everyone turned their back on her, try being an influencer, because they get canceled for everything, they need to keep an image, its not right that they have to live in fear.

    Jessica RamcharanJessica Ramcharan4 days ago
  • Wow every comment that i see is something like "oh Zoe just made a mistake so i forgive her

    Sydney DicksonSydney Dickson4 days ago
  • First

    Luna FlintLuna Flint4 days ago
  • Is it not ok to keep a relationship for I’m the public i mean I wouldn’t blame Zoe for keeping her and Connor a secret

    Mackensie FeemsterMackensie Feemster4 days ago
  • Uhh y’all expect someone to stop doing what they r doing because they got hate

    Mackensie FeemsterMackensie Feemster4 days ago
  • I dont understand why ppl come at nessa she rlly didnt do anything

    ochako urarakaochako uraraka4 days ago
  • Zoe is just like peaches 🥱

    ochako urarakaochako uraraka4 days ago
  • The fact she post these everyday

    ochako urarakaochako uraraka4 days ago
  • Ok so Zoe should get canceled BUT me and my best friend have bond bracelet and we’re only friends they don’t only have to be for couples

    Victoria WilsonVictoria Wilson4 days ago
  • Zoey is dumb she should go to jail

    Azaya HowardAzaya Howard4 days ago
  • Hi

    Gisselle GutiérrezGisselle Gutiérrez4 days ago
  • Not zoe getting cancelled AGAIN

    Natalie ZeidersNatalie Zeiders4 days ago
  • Can someone please just make a police report 💀💀

    Dereon WashingtonDereon Washington4 days ago
  • Zoe and her fans need to stop with this either way it’s no ok and at the ILLEGAL zoe what’s next “zoe starts dating a 9 year old it’s not only bad it’s also disturbing

    AestheticRobloxRosesAestheticRobloxRoses4 days ago
  • is it just me or when she said grab a drink in the starting of the video... i litrally grabbed a drink the second she said that without even knowing she said that...😂😂😂

    RL AskinRL Askin4 days ago
  • The prank call thing is fake ok? The clips are from when Cody or someone promised to go to Disney with her and They left her..

    Its Sam OfcIts Sam Ofc4 days ago
  • That hair salon Kouvr was in it and she had a mask on at the start but it disappeared at the end 💀

    Taylor BrennanTaylor Brennan4 days ago
  • The people that say ‘don’t be a influencer’ to people who get hate are the people who say that if POC don’t want to be killed they shouldn’t be shady💀💀

    Ruth KRuth K4 days ago
  • at this point yall are being extra by being mean to nessa.

    lovely mimilovely mimi5 days ago
  • My friend recommended me this Chanel I love it thx

    Claire WalshClaire Walsh5 days ago
  • Tbh I don't think Nessa deserved all the hate because that's what happens when ur an influencer. Shes just asking for a lil privacy

    Elisee DokiElisee Doki5 days ago
  • Mental can init

    Bea Buzz FactoryBea Buzz Factory5 days ago
  • The shade to Zoe Anna you need to chill!!!!!!! 😂

    Lil UnicornLil Unicorn5 days ago
  • Nah I still feel bad for Nessa she should be allowed to go out to eat and have privacy instead of being forced to stay home and order food.

    Chloe xChloe x5 days ago
  • Stop hating nessa for everything dude she just said she wanted privacy while EATING she did say you can catch her outside she wasn’t even rude yall are too sensitive no offence Ps I stan kio for being unproblematic

    fleuriellafleuriella5 days ago
  • Nessa's drama is so dumb i mean she wants privacy so leave her alone

    Jam PimentelJam Pimentel5 days ago
  • I’m not a zoey fan but in the uk it isn’t illegal to date minor but I’m confused.

    Amelia HinsleyAmelia Hinsley5 days ago
  • Zoe is very pretty but a total idiot

    Louis GrangerLouis Granger5 days ago
  • How old is zoe

    Xzavier CannedyXzavier Cannedy5 days ago
  • ok but like. the nessa thing is so stupid i- literally all of the other tiktokers go to dinner at a restaurant but they dont get called out for it like what?

    Shelly KentShelly Kent5 days ago
  • followers don't have needs from an influencer, would you want someone interrupting you when you're trying to eat food.

    Alyse LynchAlyse Lynch5 days ago
  • 5th grade me made a edit of zoe😆. help i cant log into my old acc pls help send a hacker 😔😔😔

    ok stylesok styles5 days ago
  • There is no such thing as a under age friend, BUT there is a such thing as a under age boy friend. Zoe just stop. If you are just friends with someone younger than you thats ok....but NOTTTT I REPEAT NOTTTT A UM YEAH JUST STOP. ILLEGAL 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    Jessa SimpsonJessa Simpson5 days ago
  • Zoe doesn't even know what's right or wrong like what is she doing this is disgusting it not a crime to kiss somebody but it's a crime to kiss a 13-year-old literally this guy still going throw puberty.

    Azathegirl azaAzathegirl aza5 days ago
  • now if benoftheweek is calling zoe out she knows she did wrong smh she needs to stop

    Stoopid BriiStoopid Brii5 days ago
  • Ness a wasent being rude she just said they could come after or before

    Tristi SharmaTristi Sharma5 days ago
  • I love the dramatic intro to the topic about "zoe laverne back with Connor"

    Guadalupe SalazarGuadalupe Salazar5 days ago
  • Y’all nessa just wants some privacy and she said in her tweet “ catch me on my way out if you want” nessa never asked to be an a influencer so yea. The internet can be so toxic sometimes 😔

    Jose AburtoJose Aburto5 days ago
  • If I was zoe I wouldn’t do these dumb things

    Charli SepulvedaCharli Sepulveda5 days ago
  • what are connors parents doing about this, NOTHING. its ridiculous

    LaZyShAdOwWLaZyShAdOwW5 days ago
  • zoe need to go somewhere else she is in every one of annas vids

    That girl anastasiaThat girl anastasia5 days ago
  • ohhh and she went to the hair solan bc they can do hair good but wear a mask its not that hard

    Madison FlorczykMadison Florczyk5 days ago
  • remeber conner wanted to date her to so zoe its the only victim corner is to and HE kissed HER FIRST and why be mean to nessa you guys eat out to I bet and she wasn't trying to be mean

    Madison FlorczykMadison Florczyk5 days ago
  • Not ZOE GOING BACK AT IT AGAIN-- Honestly, hasn't she learned enough? Like baby girl, that's a 13 year old. There better and 20- 23 year old boys for you! Your desperate. And her getting CANCELLED is not enough at all, where the cops at? This PROBLEMATIC girl NEEDS to go to JAIL!

    kay laiikay laii5 days ago
  • I think people should be able to do their own thing without getting hated on

    Kathryn HayKathryn Hay5 days ago
  • Ok , i dont like nessa but i dont see why they are mad at her ? Everyone needs privacy like y'all are mad at her for having dinner while we are in a deadly pand ,but other peeps that are not famous do it like ik that she should be a model for her young fans but i really dont see why all this drama for

    princess Lauwyneprincess Lauwyne6 days ago
  • At this point the Zoe Laverne “drama” is just boring

    Kiki RileyKiki Riley6 days ago
  • So I wasn’t the only one that noticed them wearing those bracelets

    Life with BooLife with Boo6 days ago
  • Nessa just wants to eat in peace. Why is everyone getting mad at her for asking her followers POLITELY to meet her on the way out. Wow some people just want to cause drama these days.

    Zeina SalehZeina Saleh6 days ago
  • Everyone else: OMG shes dating a MINOR me: who the hell says "dar" ( not that I think it's okay for her to be dating a minor )

    Helena KhatibHelena Khatib6 days ago
  • ISN'T HE LIKE 10 OR 12-

    Dana MckenzieDana Mckenzie6 days ago
  • if a guy did what zoe did he would be in jail by now

    Amina M.Amina M.6 days ago

    ict Studentict Student6 days ago
  • 4:29 she rlly said "Catch me oustide how bout' that" AHAHAHAH I LIVE

    poop dodopoop dodo6 days ago
  • why isnt connor cancelled bc he kissed zoe first

    ashley gottfredsenashley gottfredsen6 days ago
  • Its absolutely disgusting that Zoe and tony still hasn’t gone to jail

    Valentina DiazValentina Diaz6 days ago
  • Honestly Zoe should just quit smh she is so WEIR LIke girll he’s 13 🙄

    Norma KlineNorma Kline6 days ago

    Coloring SunkinColoring Sunkin6 days ago
  • The first time Anna oop can take a joke (no hate love you)

    Coloring SunkinColoring Sunkin6 days ago
  • I was drinking tea no cap

    haya hanzlahaya hanzla6 days ago
  • "am I right zoe??" That had me dead...the shade thrown tho😎

    Queen AlexiaQueen Alexia6 days ago